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  1. I’ve been waiting for this. Just have to wait until boxes get unpacked in the new house at the end of the week to find my mozzie for the ANZAC build and see what emerges from packing boxes first; PR Spitfire or Lysander to determine my entry for this build (an unscientific method but I’ll use it!)
  2. Nothing done yet unfortunately. I remain optimistic of getting/making time to work on it and getting it done between work, toddlers, moving house and studying before the GB ends (it has been promised to a gentleman from NZ after all once finished)
  3. Just arrived today. Hopefully these are of use. Looks very nice at first glance
  4. Was “in stock” at frontline hobbies here in Australia last night . I ordered two last night and now it’s showing them as “sold out” on the webpage. Curious to see if they get sent and turn up this week or if I get a refund...
  5. My January order from dear Uncle Hannants has arrived (at long last!). I finally have the bits I’ve been waiting on that will add a little extra to this build.
  6. ^ I too will be doing this. When it (eventually arrives) will be better to beg forgiveness then have asked permission for the purchase...
  7. Please sign me up. There’s options aplenty for something from ww2 from one of the RCAF 4xx squadrons
  8. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing it done
  9. Thank you. May need to sign up for a blitz build to see if I can replicate the crazy last few days. Luckily it’s the weekend and I think I’ll sleep well tonight (if I’m allowed to get to!) A few errors made in haste in this build, but still pleased with the end result (even if the wheels and a few bits look a bit odd!). I have a soft spot for the Met Squadrons/flights and have wanted to build a met gladiator for a while so thanks to the groupbuild I finally have one on the shelf!
  10. My take on the Gloster Gladiator. a rush job but got there in the end. im going to have nightmares about getting that top wing on and a bit silly to have put the undercarriage legs around the wrong way. Bugger. Still it looks like a Gladiator. Subject is N3209 of 1401 Met Flight. apart from that wing went together well and started and done in 24 and a bit hours. Thanks everyone.
  11. Calling her done only issue put the undercarriage around the wrong way got there in the end! Ah well looks like a gladiator that’s the main thing. Still a lovely little kit to build. Thanks to the mods for the groupbuild for the trip (sprint!) down memory lane and thanks for sticking with me. Pictures for the gallery to go then time for bed (230am here!)
  12. time for a stiff drink then onto the decals
  13. hmm I think I overestimated how quickly glue dries... will see just how quickly I can do this tomorrow evening (once the kids and wife are asleep so I can work)
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