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  1. sign me up. I have few in the stash and this seems like a good excuse to build one!
  2. Getting started on the camouflage. The rest of the pattern and a few layers to go yet!
  3. building up the silver underside layers (hataka and Ak interactive aluminium)
  4. Canopy on. Decided to go with the flat canopy and two blade prop just because.. going to see how the Mr masking sol works when I spray the dark earth. This could work ok or go horribly wrong…
  5. 1/72 Arma Hobby Sea Hurricane IB backdated to a Sea Hurricane IA of the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit (MSFU). Model has been brush painted and built mostly out of the box except for the addition of an etched harness in the cockpit. The aircraft made represents Hurricane V7070 which, flown by FLGOFF Norman Taylor DFM on 01 November 1942, was launched from Empire Heath with an FW200 from KG40 ‘F8+DS‘ shot down with the loss of its crew. Norman Taylor was rescued after bailing out of V7070 and survived the war. Tragically he did not survive the peace and died in a peacetime air accident in a Harvard in 1948. He was 27.
  6. And finished. Not a perfect build and not a shake and bake kit by any means but lovely to get a 1/72 MSFU Hurricane added to my collection. Thank you to the hosts and to everyone who has browsed and commented. Hopefully will be able to get a cradle made to be able to revisit this theme in future and will come back to this theme in a few months with a Fleet Air Arm cousin.
  7. Serial number is on and just waiting for the clear coat to dry and she’s done.
  8. Some quick decalling before work. Just serials to go and a clear coat to seal them in. The decals seem quite thick, hopefully they’ll settle with some decal solution on them.
  9. All good thoughts and some learning done during this build that will help when I revisit it again. Still keen to get a scale hurricane on a catapult one day! faded roundels are a good idea next time given faded chipped and weathered camouflage..
  10. Yes. Next step is a clear coat then on with the decals!
  11. Assembly finished. Don’t look too closely! Some dry brushing and streaking to get a worn and weathered look and just need to wait for it all to dry before putting on a clear coat.
  12. Maybe got a bit carried away with the drybrush. Not sure where I went wrong but the landing lights have been a right pain to get in and had to hack and cut just to get them to fit. Lots of kristal Klear being used just to get them looking hopefully ok…
  13. Flaps down (shame about the inner flaps)
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