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  1. I realise in all my years of modelling I have not built a P-47. Count me in for an RAF SEAC 1/72 Thunderbolt. Despite my appalling completion rate I’m always keen to sign on and attempt to hopefully get something built…
  2. I’m in. So many good options to choose from!
  3. The KP 1/72 Spitfire PR.XI will be my build. This particular one will wear the markings of PM142 of 400 Squadron in 1945. 400 Squadron, 09 May 1945, Supermarine Spitfire PR.XI PM 142 Pilot: Lawrence McMillan RCAF DFC AM (US) On 09 May 1945, F/Lt P.G. Wigle (No.1) and F/Lt Lawrence McMillan RCAF (No.2) were on a shipping recce over the Danish waters. The Spitfires were heading south when they at 16:56 hrs observed a convoy of four German ships in the Langelandsbælt 1 mile off Spodsbjerg on the island of Langeland. F/Lt Wigle led the two Spitfires down to sea level and passed within 100 yards of the ships on the port side. All four ships were flying the Nazi flag and three of the ships were loaded with troops. Wigle noticed the name “Ubena” on the second ship in line. The Spitfires continued around to the starboard side of the ships still flying at about 50 feet. At 17:00 hrs Wigle saw his No. 2 (McMillan) explode in mid-air in a large sheet of flames and plunge into the sea. At the same time Wigle observed machine gun strikes in the sea. He climbed to 4500 feet and circled the position but could not observe any debris whatsoever. Only an oil slick could be seen on the water. Danish fishermen sailed to the site but all that could be seen was an oil slick on the surface. The German version of events was “After (the convoy) entered Langelands Bælt at 17:00 hrs two Spitfires were seen flying around the convoy at very low level. Suddenly one Spitfire touched the water and exploded while the other immediately started climbing and disappeared. The incident was reported to the bridge who in turn reported to the Naval command via radio. At the same time light flak was manned just in case the other Spitfire pilot might believe that his comrade had been shot down.” (1) The Squadron circumstantial report stated that “Due to the sudden nature of the attack it is in my opinion that F/Lt McMillan was killed outright and in any event, because of the low height, would be unable to get out of his aircraft before it plunged into the sea/” (2) Neither the aircraft nor Pilot F/Lt Lawrence McMillan has ever been found. McMillan is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Burial details: J/10231 Flight Lieutenant Lawrence McMillan. Aged 23. Son of Frederick and Mary Alice McMillan, of Miami, Manitoba. Runnymede Memorial Panel 278 (3) Sources as quoted below: 1. Spitfire XI PM142 crashed in Langelandsbælt 9/5 1945 (flensted.eu.com) 2. Circumstantial Report on https://www.veterans.gc.ca 3. Commonwealth War Graves Commission, www.cwgc.org 4. RAFWEB, RAF Casualties Index 1940-1949, www.Rafweb.org This aircraft and its pilot has been in my head as a build for years ever since I first read the details of the incident.
  4. I can probably help you out I have two of the new stirling IIIs coming so can spare you the radome of one if you want. Just send me a PM if you want and we’ll sort it out. Alex
  5. Up for this. A chance to right some wrongs (from GBs of yesteryear) and build desert Maryland or Hurricane.
  6. And she’s done. Just finishing her as an anonymous Beau using some spare decals (not game to tempt Fate with the ancient kit decals!) Its been fun to get one done finally and reconnect with the nostalgia of building one of the kits I have fond memories of from childhood. Stickinh it all together with tube glue and painting with humbrol pot paints over a lazy Summer weekend (the roundel I stuck on the wall on a whim gave me much amusement when it was still there 15 years later when we were packing the place up after it was sold). Thank you for letting me be a part of this. It’s been a blast!
  7. Rockets on and satin coat done (badly should have got some new satin cote/varnish…) ready for decals!
  8. Quick update. Almost done. Wheels, final bits and decals to go…
  9. A little more work tonight getting the first layers of EDSG down before an enforced pause for a week and bit visiting family. I don’t think I’d get away with packing my kit and paints…
  10. So did I. Limited my choice of markings a bit but sticking with the sky and dark grey scheme for the memories and because well I like the two colour scheme… First layers down. One or two more to go. Not being too too worried about seams as I’m just enjoying to matchbox trenches and remembering summer days 20 years ago on the back verandah getting to grips with this kit the first time I made one.
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