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  1. And she’s done. Just finishing her as an anonymous Beau using some spare decals (not game to tempt Fate with the ancient kit decals!) Its been fun to get one done finally and reconnect with the nostalgia of building one of the kits I have fond memories of from childhood. Stickinh it all together with tube glue and painting with humbrol pot paints over a lazy Summer weekend (the roundel I stuck on the wall on a whim gave me much amusement when it was still there 15 years later when we were packing the place up after it was sold). Thank you for letting me be a part of this. It’s been a blast!
  2. Rockets on and satin coat done (badly should have got some new satin cote/varnish…) ready for decals!
  3. Quick update. Almost done. Wheels, final bits and decals to go…
  4. A little more work tonight getting the first layers of EDSG down before an enforced pause for a week and bit visiting family. I don’t think I’d get away with packing my kit and paints…
  5. So did I. Limited my choice of markings a bit but sticking with the sky and dark grey scheme for the memories and because well I like the two colour scheme… First layers down. One or two more to go. Not being too too worried about seams as I’m just enjoying to matchbox trenches and remembering summer days 20 years ago on the back verandah getting to grips with this kit the first time I made one.
  6. Haha no fear of that, My progress is glacial in between work and family. I'm pleased as punch that there's another Beaufighter in the Group build... Last night My 3 year old was very enthused about model aeroplanes and paints and 'assisted' me to sand some seams and get the engines on (with some help he even go them on the right way around and got them to stay on)... Hopefully photos of progress to follow tonight in between toddler wrangling. Very pleased I have to say that he has decided (this week anyway) that he likes aeroplanes with propellers...
  7. Finally able to get some work done. Including a frantic hunt for props to replace a missing prop from the kit
  8. I’m home safe and I’ve finally been able to dig the box out and now my hobby area is set up I’ll be able to get building. Progress Pics to follow in the next few days!
  9. This is my thread for my build of PK-103 Bristol Beaufighter. This is a Place Holder atm, as I am still a few weeks from returning home from deployment and being in a position to start my build.
  10. I’m game. I’ll take any chance given to build something with wings and paint it PRU blue!
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