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  1. A package arrived today from the kindly folk at Hannants and with a day off work, the kids at school and the wife at work, I’m not going to waste this opportunity!
  2. Between this kit and the DDay GB I’m hoping to get some mojo back. The original defiant kit has a special place in my heart as it was one of my earliest builds as a young modeller. I’m looking forward to doing this OOB and getting it done.
  3. I’m 0/2 for group builds this year. Hopefully between this and my Airfix GB defiant I’ll get some hobby mojo back. Not 100% settled on which aircraft yet but hopefully will get started soon as I’m waiting for some aftermarket bits to arrive from Mr Hannants.
  4. Thanks. I’m looking forward to getting caught up and into when I get back from holidays.
  5. I’m in. I have a hornet (de havilland not McDonnell Douglas) that’s perfect to go with this build. Would be an ideal follow on to my ww2 mosquito (once work, kids and the wife give me time to get to it in the ww2 twins GB)…
  6. Priming success! Quick shot of the plastic before I get started:
  7. High velocity into the bin. My attempt to salvage and strip the enamel primer resulted in the kit plastic melting and warping. I think I made the potion too potent!
  8. Due to an unfortunate primer incident The aircraft will now be built using the Tamiya p-51D 1/72 kit as the base model. Luckily I have one in The stash. Just annoyed at myself for ruining a kit with primer applied on too hot or humid a summer morning… bugger.
  9. Placeholder for my build which will be a 1/72 P-51D built as Mustang IVa CV- <> KH677 of 3 sqn RAAF in 1945.
  10. Research reading and building. The best parts of the hobby! I’m sure yours will turn out great😊
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