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  1. Very nice finish, Frank, that's how I remember them in service. I managed to get my dad to drive us to Lochty to see her 'in captivity' after withdrawal. I'm glad it's been saved. Don
  2. Just seen a bit of pre war Ark Royal flying off action in an old film, 'Neutral Port', with some dodgy model flying later.
  3. An RAF C17 heading for EMA after some pootling, good word that!
  4. Watching this great build, I recall from my 1920s Wonder Book of Aircraft that there are a few pictures of what may be the moth prototype? It's causing me to wonder whether the early Moths were delivered in a dark coloured fuselage with silver wings? I note your disappointment at not putting a loo in the Norseman, you won't be adding a bucket in these ones, but if you are up for a challenge, there is a pic in there of a young lady pilot loading a golf bag and clubs into the plane.... I can't find my copy, I suspect it's been tidied away to the loft, but as it has plenty civil aircraft illustrated, you may already have a copy. Don
  5. Very nicely done, must finish mine when I decide wheels up or down. If I recall correctly, building this back in the early 60s the plastic was white. Don
  6. A C17 about an hour ago, now flying circuits round EMA as far as I can work out from ADSB Exchange
  7. Not over the house, but looking at https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/ just now there is a bit of typhoon activity over Lincs and RAF transports bimblung about. Also a Hunter belting across South Yorkshire, PP-XHH.
  8. Good start. After years of Airfix and Frog, I splashed out on the P51b and the Bearcat and was just amazed at the detail, real wheel detail, not buttons! Managed to pick these up again at a show, must have been original moulds, they are quite sharp still after 50 years. Need motivated to start them though.
  9. Thanks again, that looks interesting and works on the ipad
  10. @Creepy Pete thanks for that, definitely the pattern it flew round here. What app are you using? Don
  11. A King Air, just now, grey below, white on top, no obvious markings, but a cheatline going up the tail like the RAF ones, did a couple of circuits then went westwards. Not showing on FR
  12. Good spot. Can't help on the planes. I like those Don Coffey videos, I'm old enough to remember sitting up the front of DMUs and the Glasgow Blue Trains where you could see over the driver's shoulders, unless he was a grump and dropped the blinds! Don
  13. According to FR there was a BA London - Edinburgh flight over this morning, one of the very few contrails seen, does that not count? Some very noisy military flying, couldn't see what it was though Don
  14. Just had a fairly low flying A400 heading Lincolnwards. Funny noise made me go out and look and it didn't seem to be in the landing pattern for EMA, but following the Trent.
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