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  1. Sounds like the inside of a propelling pencil.... with the drill replacing the lead? Don
  2. Careful sanding with very fine abrasives? What a shame that happened st the end of a fine build. Don
  3. Teuchter

    From Failure to Failure

    Nice work, it's got a pugnacious look about it, and a shiny finish suits it. Good luck with the teething! Don
  4. Teuchter

    Is the identity of this RNZAF Harvard known?

    Alan, thanks for that. I think I've seen elsewhere a small superscript 2 on a duplicate code which wouldn't show up at that range on your pic. Cheers Don
  5. Teuchter

    Is the identity of this RNZAF Harvard known?

    Looking at the line up posted by LDSModeller, there appears to be both a Harvard and a P40 coded FE-A. Is this usual in OTUs? Don
  6. Teuchter

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    At work, 3 Apaches heading over Keyworth towards Nottingham just now
  7. Teuchter

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A rather loud Jet Provost, from Tollerton a couple of times after lunch
  8. Teuchter

    From Failure to Failure

    Great work on the Bisley, as usual. For a bit of British history that folks overlook, you might take a look at this account of the Scottish/English border conflicts https://www.abebooks.co.uk/Steel-Bonnets-Story-Anglo-Scottish-Border-Reivers/22535119352/bd?cm_mmc=gmc-_-used-_-PLA-_-v01&product=COUK9780330238571USED He writes well, and you should look at his Flashman Stories and his autobiography about the 14th Army in Burma. Don
  9. Teuchter

    Mirror Models 1/35 Holmes Wrecker

    Nice work on this. I remember a similar, possibly SWB, vehicle mouldering away on the farm. Possibly ex RN, as I recall very worn thin blue paint over white. We were near Rosyth and various supply depots. Not the sort of thing kids took pictures of in those days. Don
  10. Teuchter

    Bv P170 - Coming to the end

    Definitely the B&V!
  11. Teuchter

    Britmodellers' X Files

    I have a couple of spooky tales, being Scottish. My father and I were in a car crash and this was thought to have been seen in the tea leaves by one of our old cousins... she had seen uniforms and white pillars. Those were the days when ambulance crews wore peaked caps. There were large white fence posts at the scene, as well as pillars at the hospital..... My father was groundcrew with 101 Sqn at Holme and Ludford Magna, funnily enough, a Lancaster was the only big Airfix I was never bought, painful memories? After his funeral, on a miserable grey day, we were driving back down the A1 on that long section through North Yorkshire when I happened to look up and see that we were being overflown by the BBMF Lancaster, certainly made the hairs rise on my neck.
  12. Teuchter

    So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/recent_events/20180217142554.html#page=summary still not too late to post your effects, it all adds to the knowledge base. Several years ago I was taking my daughter back from a football match near Melton and as we stood in the clubhouse car park, it was like the wind from a heavy lorry rushing past, got home to find there had been a quake, got everyone out in the street. The next week, we were told we just missed the earthquake 'all the bottles behind the bar were rattling!' Some time later my son has just come in from late shift at the pub and was crashing around the kitchen, just waking me up when there was a noise like a tile coming off the roof, then like the roof coming off, wife sits up and says 'it's an earthquake' son rushes upstairs 'someone's trying to get in the back door' off go the men to defend the house, 'it's an earthquake' she says again.... it was the plastic door rattling. Don
  13. If you felt the quake, please record it here http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/recent_events/20180217142554.html#page=summary sorry for drift!
  14. Hi, CC, if you search the site for 'Inpact', the original mould of the Lindbergh, you will find several threads talking about comparisons between the Furies.
  15. I like the pics of the belly landed Bucc in 71Chally's link, really makes it look like a beached dolphin! Thanks for sharing Don