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  1. Grob Tutor, as some days on Flight Radar it’s the most numerous RAF aircraft flying… Only slightly tongue in cheek, it would be nice to have modern kits of the current Air Force, as well as the recently out of service.
  2. Very nice, hope your planned diorama will be kitten/cat proof! Don
  3. Excellent modelling of little known subjects that deserve a bit more prominence.
  4. To return this thread to its title, well, nearly, I arrived in the south of Bavaria to be greeted by - https://das-festspielhaus.de/en/programm/zeppelin-das-musical/ Has the writer been making notes on this thread? Don
  5. Hendie, lots of intricate work there, I know how time consuming that sort of thing is in 2-D CAD. I am afraid those blade roots in the final image jumped out at me, I hope they do look ok once printed, but there seems to be too much of a kink in them for a wood carving. I am confident you will get it right in the end. Don
  6. Re Milk Machine stickers, is that a young @perdu choosing his favourite? Mine was the strawberry. Sandals and brownie camera too! I had that fashion once Don
  7. Coastguard Sikorsky S92 just flown round, from Humberside, via Lincoln, according to ADS-B, now heading southeast.
  8. Mark I was more concerned with sorting out the Quarries than the buildings, but I'm sure you will sort them. Regards Don
  9. Just caught up with this, great work on the quayside stones. Nice to see a reference to a publication that I was involved with, I'll let Historic England know a builder is using the data in his work Don
  10. Belgian AF A400 heading northwest just now above the murk. Distinctive noise.
  11. Sad to hear this news. I wonder how many others found this site through the Dalek thread? Don
  12. Saw a bit of this 1950s film this morning, good images of Hellcat drone targets and Loon missiles as Glen Ford tries to make a diy missile submarine behind the Admiral's back. Lots of jeeps charging about as well. Don
  13. Cargo 747 causing wingtip contrails to form as it did a sharp turn to line up for EMA this afternoon. Clear blue sky, but I was driving so no pics or ID.
  14. Alexey Warplanes of the Second World War - Flying Boats https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=31005163657&searchurl=an%3Dgreen%26sortby%3D17%26tn%3Dflying%2Bboats&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title2 One of the few sets of references to be had back in the 1960s. I meant the view the pilots would have for landing. Don
  15. Great work. I remember looking at these beasts in the old William Green book and wondering what sort of view the pilots had in that nose. Don
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