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  1. Teuchter

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Re Hurricane, I had thought it was something to do with an Italian film involving a captured Hurricane, but now I see it's a fairly random mixture of aircraft. Hercules and Skyhawk with the Betty? Don
  2. Glad to know, I guess there will be beer to dull the pain of physio? Best wishes for full recovery Don
  3. Hi, CC, hope you are on the mend and getting the nurses to hoover up the sanding dust. Are you allowed a nice beer afterwards? I am looking forward to the next instalment. Don
  4. No one else notice that the princess is smuggling Cumberland sausages....? Good work on the intakes, btw Don
  5. Teuchter

    Listening to the Solstice

    The erk isn't RAF - his cap isn't sitting on his ear, held on by brylcream....
  6. Teuchter

    The African Queen

    I wondered what Humphrey and Katherine were doing in this forum... now a WWF wrestler called Vixen? Squeezing in at the back with a beer to watch this epic... Don
  7. Teuchter

    Revell Handley Page Halifax Mk.III

    Roger, he was in ZA-D of 10 Sqdn., baled out, 10 August 1944 with two broken arms, hidden by locals till the army got to that bit of France. I never knew this till after he died, he never mentioned it to me and my wife was told never to ask him when she was growing up. Don
  8. Teuchter

    Revell Handley Page Halifax Mk.III

    Hi, I'll follow, if I may. My late father-in-law was flight engineer on Halifaxes and shot down over France. Unless Airfix get a new one out, this will be the only way to build his plane. Don
  9. Given the number of onlookers, maybe trials to see if various types fitted the lift? The Barra looks a bit tight...
  10. Teuchter

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    Isn't it the Cosford Twin Pin? If so, all 3 now available in styrene!
  11. Keep going with the Hawker theme, but a simple jet, Sea Hawk or Hunter, might be restful? Don
  12. Teuchter

    1/72 Chipmunk T.10 kits

    Always seemed to be a Chipmunk droning around back in the sixties. Nice finish to these two.
  13. Teuchter

    World war two, movies and tv-series...

    Hi, yes, that's right, all sorts of old films on there.