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  1. Beautiful work, getting this worn out faded paint work is surely a lengthy task. Danish F-104 are my favourite and your model does them justice, congratulations!
  2. Ohh, this is a very well painted and balanced model. The weathering is very realistic to my eye. Those undersides stains have a very nice tone, how do you do them if I may ask? Congratulations on your work
  3. Not sure if this will be of much help, but the only photo I know of this Junkers is this one The legend mentions that the camouflage are German colours - green/ grey/ brown. Perhaps the shades we see in other export machines? I’m thinking Hungarian, Yugoslavia and such countries that also got export versions of several Luftwaffe planes. I recall reading somewhere that there was in fact a brown paint meant only for foreign buyers... Anyway if you need help translating Portuguese to English let me know
  4. That’s true Larry, there is nothing unnatural about having those camera ports open. I’m still considering if mine will be on a stand, giving an inflight pose, or just parked in some runway. However scratch building 3 cameras is a bit too much for me, so I’ll probably just leave the ports shut. Wonder if those Tigers carried bombs like the box art suggests?? Doesn’t seem logical, but then war isn’t always a logical affair either
  5. You are doing some fine work indeed, very nice approach to small details that make a big difference when we look at the finished model, and a solid work with masks and paint. Looking forward to see the end result. Fo you think DW Berta to be the best available model right now to build a 1/48 model of this version?
  6. Tailspin, what you just added is exactly what I was looking for, and more. The detail of the periscope, both externally and the pilots view is just fantastic, and I’ll surely try to scratch build those too. As a side note it’s worth noting that the rivets we see aren’t flushed, something I wasn’t aware. A big thank you!
  7. Thanks Finn, that’s the full pilots manual, great stuff! Besides the cockpits images and diagrams, those comics are a blast
  8. Thanks a lot mate! Look forward if you can send me those cheers!
  9. Thank you Tailspin Turtle really helpful drawings I’ll do just that Troy, thanks!!
  10. Thank you all for the great response. That’s some good information I didn’t have so far. Seems the box art obviously doesn’t portrait a -3 P version. Besides the weapon array, there is no R/O cockpit to be seen. As for all all those books you guys advise, I have none. If you could post, or send in pm, some images or diagrams of those camera hatches that would be most helpful! Cheers!
  11. I have recently bought Italeri Tigercat kit in 1/48, which is as you all know this kit is the AMT reboxed by Italeri. Since I want to build a Koran war machine the one in the box art caught my eye, however some sources claim that this plane, from MAG-33, was in fact a photo-reconnaissance. I can’t find any photo or diagram of such photo camera installation. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  12. I also use Gunze acrylics for the day fighter scheme for ages. I noticed a slight change in the 74 hue when I purchased my batch of that colour, early 2019 I believe. It now has a slight greenish hue, similar (but not that much greener) to the same color made by MRP. My old jars painted a much more dark grey.
  13. Very nice and interesting model, your perspective of “265” camouflage is also interesting. Nice work
  14. Beautifully made. That camouflage is very eye catching. I got the MFM box in a swap sometime ago and though I’m not a jet builder the mean look of the MIG-21 really makes me want to start it soon
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