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  1. Awesome model! Funny I don’t see many of these kits build, but your model can be a showcase
  2. Real nice work, the whole paintwork blends beautifully. I wonder if the canopy is OOB? Asking myself this question because I’ve build some years ago the E-1/3 box and the canopy was a crude caricature of the real thing, but the one you use here is much more credible
  3. A trip down memory lane… had great time building and “flying” this kit against their Halifax model, sometime around 83/84. Thanks for posting!
  4. Very sad to read such bad news. AIMS has been one of the few AM brands that often releases stuff that made sense for my own projects. I wish you all the best in getting quality life and pain relieve. Must be hard to cope with the shock of knowing you have an irreversible disease… On a side, and somewhat egoistic, note If AIMS products could be sold by some other company in the future that would be great also all the best
  5. Excellent model. Hope they can upscale it somewhere in the future. May I ask what was your mix for the top brown?
  6. Their quality is top notch, both the decal itself as the whole presentation in it. Anyone interested in building well researched, and often rare subjects, should at least consider this brand. And thank you for the feedback!
  7. Hi everyone, Being a fan of Exito decals for quite awhile and having a thing for building Focke-Wulfs, their latest offer was like a siren song to me, irresistible. Of the 3 options I’ll build 2 for sure. This one is the first, later on the Dora 9 will follow Eduard A-5 plastic OOB using MRP (upper colours and yellow) and Mr.Hobby for the blue 76, sprayed free hand. I suspect that being one of Kapitan “Sepp” Wurmheller machines it should be well kept by the ground crews, I didn’t go mad with weathering. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Indeed they are and I can’t explain why this happened. Guess the photo host site is working differently from how it worked the last time I posted something using their services. Anyway theskits62 says, just click on the image and you can see it expanded. Thanks for t(e feedback
  9. Hi everyone, Finished this wonderful kit from Eduard last weekend. Painted with mixed AK Real Colours, and also painted marking numbers and then the kits own decals for the remaining insignias. Hope you like it, I sure had lots of fun doing this Ace’s mount
  10. As much as Uschi decals are good, nothing beats wood effects made with oils in my humble opinion. Your work with this medium is excellent. Like all the good folks above, I too think it’s too bad if you quit the hobby, you have such great skills. Perhaps a sabbatical period?? I did one a few years ago and come back to the hobby with renewed interest
  11. Very nice indeed. Believe it’s the first Do.27 SH model I see completed and it makes full justice to the real plane. Thanks for sharing, it’s highly inspirational
  12. Awesome work, including that weathered whitewash. You could fool us saying it was airbrushed
  13. Very very nice outcome Jean! Exquisite camouflage and weathering. All those additions you made considerably raised the whole realism of the model.
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