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  1. Marvellous work Luiz! Does the kit include the figures?
  2. Very eye catching, looks like a sweet kit
  3. Looks fantastic! I too had the impression I had read wrong about the scale, it just looks bigger. The fact that you made a one of a kind 109 just makes this build truly remarkable. May I ask what color you used for the fuselage? I really like it P.S. never mind the question, just read your WIP thread... great work indeed
  4. Having built all three brands in the last 2 years I disagree with some of the opinions expressed so far. Zvezda kit seems accurate in proportions but has some soft details including an odd upper side vs lower side of the elevators...the detail is good when you look at the upper view and non existent in the lower. But the real weak point is that the dihedral angle of the wings is too shallow, and this is visible in a photo posted on a previous comment in this thread. Eduard looks equally accurate to me, and has the best details OOB. I prefer them above others Tamiya offers the easiest to build kit, with accurate proportions and good detail. It’s also the most expensive of the lot. basically all 3 are splendid kits and only personal preference (or wallet size) can make one choose which is better
  5. Beautiful work undoubtedly. The attention to details is evident and the finish model looks very realistic. Congratulations, perhaps the best tandem 262 I’ve seen in quite awhile
  6. Unusual but very attractive camouflage. Was it painted with pens?
  7. Well worn but still balanced in it’s wear ‘n tear. The worn and faded OD is brilliant.
  8. What’s wrong with having a closer look? It looks very good, as good as from afar. It’s a great vignette!
  9. Hard to say which I like best...perhaps by the fact that it’s seldom seen made, the U-2...the finish is just gorgeous
  10. Got the royal class box as a Xmas Gift, and if I needed any incentive to plunge on building both Ponys in the box then your model is the right thing to it. Looks very good, and the paint work is spot on
  11. Thanks! I try my best with seats ad belts because it’s the first thing I pick at when looking at cockpits, so glad you liked it
  12. Thank you for the kind feedback Harry, but the fact is this has been of of the quickest models I’ve built in years, including the paint scheme since it went ok in every step, hardly any retouches.
  13. Getting such fine results from a short-run kit is astonishing. I especially like the cockpit Luiz. óptimo trabalho, a construção está impecável bem como a pintura
  14. This was my last model of 2019, finished right before Christmas. Eduard’s latest 190, the A-8 version, vastly superior to the “old” moulds from 2010 or so, is a pleasure to build and should provide a rewarding experience to all kind of modelers. the model tries to depict Rudy Artner JG.5 plane. It’s my own interpretation from the few B&W photos coupled with some educated guessing. Painted with Mr. Hobby 74/75/76, MRP 04 and Real Colors late 81 for the green stripes. decals came from Sky models and Xtradecals for insignias. Besides the box contents I used Bregun wheels and Aber brass guns and Pitot tube. Hope you enjoy, wishing all a splendid 2020!
  15. Wow, I am wondering how hard it must have been doing that wullenmuster onthe fuselage. Lovely work overall but especially with the airbrush ( and/or brush if applied)
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