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  1. Quite stunning actually, that first photo is awesome and inspirational! What’s the plastic Hobby 2000 used here? Hasegawa?
  2. Brilliant model and very inspirational! I too have this kit at the shelf of doom for years now. gorgeous airbrush skill there mate! thumbs up
  3. Well done! That’s a fine looking Hurricane, and the colours look perfect. The tank buster is my favourite Hurri version, so thanks for posting it
  4. Thanks for sharing! First time I see this clip. Noteworthy is the apparent heavy oil leaking on the undersurface of the power egg, as so much that the 04 ring gets tainted. I assume these airframes, perhaps rebuilt machines, were still pretty new when it comes to service life as an F-8. A nice unique 74/75 wing pattern scheme and the yellow warning stencil below the cockpit (for the canopy unlock button I think) are also noteworthy imo
  5. One effective way to mend those slightly oversized 109 F/G exhausts is to get a Quickboost replacement meant for the Hasegawa kits, these are much more well proportioned and you don’t need much fuss to get them installed after you finished painting the whole model first
  6. Biased opinion here, but to me their post 2018 Profipack box kits are all the best value for money. Now, even considering they do massive AM stuff for their own kits, with a few honourable exceptions, you can get the best results from the plastic alone.
  7. Besides Hasegawa’s Herman Graf 190s boxes (1/48), Eduard also provides air intakes but with filter (used on A-3/4 over Tunisia) meant for their own kits. I believe my spare box has some left overs from one of those Hasegawa kits. Let me know if If you’re interested. about those 2 photos of your Grand Father Wurger- a big thank you for sharing them here! First time I see a JG.2 machine using those high altitude intakes. As a personal viewer opinion, the first photo is most likely an A-3 or A-4 given the “short” engine panels. As for that second pis, almost a profile, it sports the typical mottling used in the squadrons A-4 machines. Perhaps both are the same one machine?
  8. Beautiful model, I can only echo gents above. I do confess my ignorance regarding the Tempest, so can you tell me what are the major differences between this version and a Mk.V? Thanks
  9. Every detail is perfect, what else can I say? gotta get that decals sheet someday
  10. Awesome model! Funny I don’t see many of these kits build, but your model can be a showcase
  11. Real nice work, the whole paintwork blends beautifully. I wonder if the canopy is OOB? Asking myself this question because I’ve build some years ago the E-1/3 box and the canopy was a crude caricature of the real thing, but the one you use here is much more credible
  12. A trip down memory lane… had great time building and “flying” this kit against their Halifax model, sometime around 83/84. Thanks for posting!
  13. Very sad to read such bad news. AIMS has been one of the few AM brands that often releases stuff that made sense for my own projects. I wish you all the best in getting quality life and pain relieve. Must be hard to cope with the shock of knowing you have an irreversible disease… On a side, and somewhat egoistic, note If AIMS products could be sold by some other company in the future that would be great also all the best
  14. Excellent model. Hope they can upscale it somewhere in the future. May I ask what was your mix for the top brown?
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