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  1. The bomb in the trolley car looks to be an SD 500, though I cannot see any red stripes applied to the tail section. The large bomb on the ground next is almost surely an SC 500 with the yellow stripes clearly visible.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Lanmi. Yes, all fuselage camo was painted freehand in layers. First came the 74 and 75, then 02 and finally some 71 dark green blotches
  3. Good and solid progress thus far. I like your building thinking & method plus your build journal is very comprehensive. As for your your L shape foot step observation, I tend to agree with you since many, if not the majority, of the photos I have in a couple of books devoted to the D/G versions of the Stuka seem to have it only on the starboard side, even considering that many are not cristal clear shots obviously. Thanks for bringing this up, it was a detail which I was oblivious to
  4. Bertie, must say that’s the finest compliment I’ve read, and I mean to any airplane model in the web
  5. My second 190 this year, and as the previous one this canvas is also Eduards new kit, the F-8 version. Using Exito decal sheet devoted to Luftwaffe ground attackers, I was only awaiting the kit arriving to market to build their first option - Major Theo Nordamm, Kommandeur of II.SG3 in the summering 1944, in the baltics. The other 2 options of the decal sheet are also on the workbench. Painted with Mr.Hobby, oils and weathering pencils. Managed to wipe the two UC warning red rods while handling the model during the photo session hope you enjoy, I sure did so
  6. I really like the weathering you achieve over the NMF. That’s what kept my dual build Ponies in the SoD since last year. This one is a showcase model IMO
  7. A very inspiring model, beautiful work overall
  8. You made the best of this “old” mould. Beautiful and very realistic impression, one of the best I can recall seeing
  9. Lots of goodies there, and your work imoroving the sidewalls of the cockpit is very nice indeed. Funny seeing that the kit pilot seat is as bad as it’s 1/48 brother. Following with interest
  10. I share your opinion about the kit, am building one for the past few days and indeed it builds very well, all parts fit tight, almost no filler so far. I should look for those exhaust replacements too! Although the poorest parts of the kit are the seat and propellers shapes, easily replaced for some AM stuff. Looking forward to see your model completed
  11. Very appealing P-38. Your OD fading is unlike any other I can recall seeing so far, and it looks convincing
  12. Exactly, and this is what you fail to understand behind your own interpretations of politeness and self-improvement. I only comment models, not other people remarks.
  13. Well, unnecessary was your opinion about my own opinion...unless you are the author of the model. Each one here as is own perspective of the presented model works, as the saying goes your mileage may vary
  14. What a guru hein? Can you precise the moment “your work” is worthy of affection? Some gold medal in a contest perhaps
  15. A bit hard with yourself... looks a fine P-47 model from here
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