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  1. Thank you so much for revealing your method. I tend to use free hand airbrushing as a first option, exclusion being hard demarcation lines. My only experience with Patafix was tedious and a bit shady in the results. Looking at your finish, it was my mistake, not Patafix
  2. One of the best Spits I’ve seen in any scale. The weathering is quite good, down to replicating some lines wich I suppose are not in the kit itself (probably some rivet sink lines). But what impresses me most is the demarcation lines of the camouflage scheme. It’s not hard edged as often seen in models but very subtly soft edge, wich in my opinion is accurate. Now, may I ask how you made them? Thanks for sharing this beauty with us
  3. Always a pleasure seeing a completed model of the 111, especially the Monogram/Revell kit, wich is still very good. A Mediterranean based 111 is an all time favourite and yours does full justice. Very nice work overall. Just one small niggle, the location of the swastika is normally mid tail, below the rudder hinge... but I never saw a photo of this particular machine and exceptions do exist
  4. Now this looks nice! And the cockpit seems to have a proper sized pilot’s seat, unlike their Do.17/215, and the tail boom also looks the part. I’ll just echo and say I have my fingers crossed for an M version as well. Two thumbs up for ICM
  5. No argue about that, for an average price range between 25-30€, Eduard’s Profipack are indeed great value. The thing is, for the Wurger or the 109, I do have quite a substancial stash of decals and masks, plus some PE seatbelts set (I pass the remaining PE parts, since the basic plastic is very good) from Eduard also. So for an average 15€ their Weekend range is also quite nice, and obviously more affordable...and I think ther marketing target for this label are indeed modellers like myself, people with some stash backup, and as a second option complement for the initial Profipack box, since you have decals left for at least 3 to 4 planes more. Now you can also fit their Overtrees, but these are no longer my option, simply because you can only get them from Eduard online store, and the shipping costs became prohibitive some time ago, eroding the price discount completely.
  6. Thanks for posting some photos, it seems another good kit, much like their earlier version. I’ve built the A-5, am currently working on the A-4 and couldn’t be happier with them. Might get one of these when the weekend version comes along, or maybe 2, since like you said we can easily turn it into an A-6 or A-7
  7. “didn´t know if what I was looking at was a dirty airframe or a mottled one” looking at the photo that pops up in Google (sorry I can’t go for books since I’m away from home at the moment), Wolf’s 109 has an overspray that pushes way up the fuselage, and gives that feeling of a light and sparse mottling. This is a personal interpretation of course. Eduards F/G fam8ly are great kits aren’t they?
  8. Holzhamer

    FHC FW190A-5 colors

    I painted mine 70/71 and a mixed 79 that is considerably paler. All are Gunze. In my workbench I’m refurbishing the Hasegawa A-5 as to use a new decal option from Exito decals, and they call for a 71/63 greens on the upper side camo. Who can dispute whatever shades you use?
  9. This is a great looking Bearcat, a lot of detail in it, superbly painted and weathered. Those exhaust stains look like the real thing, how did you achieve it Serge?
  10. Splendid work Remi! I’m building this model in between other projects but came to the point of how to manage the upper camouflage... may I ask how you did yours?
  11. Great looking Defiant. I can see you refined the tail wheel... god is in the details right? Like it a lot
  12. I’ll just echoe all above and say fantastic build and excellent photographs. I would like to ask you what method you used on the weathering? Thanks
  13. Being myself a 109aholic I can see you must be one too, since the attention to details and to the paint work tells the tale. Outstanding work all round. I would love to learn how to do a base like yours, can you give some hints on materials & techniques used?
  14. There is at least one photo from where the drawing above was inspired. The pilot on the cockpit is identified as Rudorffer, and the plane is definitly a Fw 190 A-4 with the outboard MG FF and a late production type of cooling slats.
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