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  1. Beautiful work, nice attention to detail everywhere and the weathering is just the icing on top of the cake
  2. Since I often fly in this same aircraft, what’s not to like? Beautiful work! Wonder if there are decals for the whale painted Airbus??
  3. Using parts from 3 sources I managed to complete the propellers along with the full part of the engine and whell bays, that will rest later inside the wing structure a bit of work around the spent ammo sleeves and the A-stand turret is also almost completed, thou it will only be added after the full completion if the airframe and paint the factory applied camouflagebof 72/73 over 65 is also seen in both glazings, inter frontal eye I added some thin plastic strips to replicate the ballon cable cutter
  4. That’s a sad end for a lot of models I’m currently building this same kit, have a WIP published on the section. I don’t have the CMK resin to add, instead I had bought (back in 2001 when I purchased the kit) the Verlinden set. Trust me CMK is far better for sure very nice 217, I think I saw this model somewhere in the web, and found it one of the best made.
  5. More work around the cockpit section. Now only thing to add are ammo belts and spent cartridges sleeves Finished the undercarriage, that will only be added when the whole fuselage is prep and painted Forgot to include the tail wheel on this photo, but she’s done also
  6. Ah yes! Forgot about that famous debut mission of the 219 that ended in a bad landing. Excepcional work indeed. Wonder what material do you use for those torn and bent fuselage areas! I never ventured doing anything damaged, but your work is inspirational. Thanks!
  7. Almost a shame to break that 110 or the Uhu apart Just amazing work, full with very realistic details. The Uhu remind me a well known photo of a Ju88 G broken in half, perhaps that was the source of inspiration
  8. I would be proud of this Spitfire had I build it, but then again I hear you...I’m my own worst critic also when the model is wrapped up. No expert in RAF Colors but I can’t say they look off, quite the opposite, your model is spectacular. i would like to ask you if the patina on the upper Colors were made with oil dot and what did you use to replicate those long black stains on the lower surface? Thanks and congrats on your Spitfire
  9. Couldn’t agree with more. Monogram gone, Revell just re-issued it. I think we can expect ICM bringing the 217 E and the later K/M versions some time soon. But the level of detail in this kit is still up to today’s standards. I just added some extras that make it more like what we see on period photos.
  10. You are going to town with this one! The engine bay is one of the best I’ve seen, though the chipping is a bit excessive to my personal taste. The paint work and the patina are top notch also
  11. During the past few weeks I’ve rescued a long ago shelved kit, Revell/Monogram Do.217 E in 1/48 scale. The initial work I had made in the kit focused the cockpit, since I had replaced and added a few radio and comms devices using resin parts. Also moved some areas of plastic, added ammo boxes and other miscellaneous parts. A base coat of RLM 66 was also applied. Inside the box also came resin flaps and a very bad Verlinden set for this kit. Only two things Were to use from this one- the elevators, simply because I wanted them slightly dropped, and the rudder pedals. So b
  12. I must say you pulled the paint scheme tremendously well, it’s very true to life even in some weathering details. Bravo! Makes me want to try one someday
  13. Impressive model. It looks like having accurate shape. Great looking model !
  14. Thanks Mike! I also like the cannon armed airframe, and trust me it is easier to get it right that the MG131 armed, but the plane I’m looking to model definitely has no forward cannon, fixed or handheld. I’ll make sure to post the finished model here within a few weeks. @brewerjerry A big thank you for sending me those maintenance manuals issued by the RLM, they have the best images of most parts of the plane I have ever seen. Now I have little to no excuse in getting this model right
  15. Got some images where the MG15 used on the side window where replaced by the MG81. However you are right Mike by pointing out that the turret, underbelly and frontal stand had the MG131 (though an MGFF 20mm cannon was also an option for the frontal). As far as I can tell, the MG151 was only used on a fixed forward position. Doesn’t the 215 use only MG15? Cheers?
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