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  1. The white distemper is just the cherry on top of the cake. The whole model is beautifully made. I would like to replicate the horizontal scratches that you skillfully made in this Lagg. Any hints? thanks!!
  2. Beautiful work, kitchen foil? It looks painted NMF. Despite being a rather obsolete kit you made a fantastic model out of it. A great introduction here if you ask me
  3. RVery realistic painting and weathering. It’s probably one of the best renditions of an early Pacific war American planes I’ve seen, your attention to all details is outstanding. Just for curiosity sake, what paints did you used here? Thanks!
  4. Thank you very much gentlemen! it really doesn’t take much to get that kit built into a fine representation of the real thing
  5. Not a poor interpretation at all, it’s a splendid diorama, full of details and beautifully painted. Great work!
  6. Hard to believe it’s the same kit, you certainly have very good refurbishing skills. The sentimental journey is a nice background, who wouldn’t like to save his/her first model, right?
  7. Thanks everyone! And Franky, go ahead and build that kit, it just begs to be made M erry Christmas to all
  8. Always wanted to build a checkerboard cowl Fw 190, and since I very much enjoy building the newer versions from Eduard, I jumped at this box as soon as it came out. A month ago I started building it and had the personal challenge to paint the black & white squares and the wing walk demarcation lines, 2 things I had not tried until this one. All from the box with the exception of some resin wheels and Master guns. Hope you chaps like it!
  9. Splendid work! I also have my eye on their next release, the Mediterranean Blenheim, and your model sure is inspirational for it
  10. Beautiful finish! Your Hein captures the look of that machine really well. Top notch work!
  11. I know my comment is a mere echo from others above, but the model (and photography) looks very much like the real thing, you did capture the nuances of the Tiffy remarkable well. Congratulations and thanks for sharing, really inspirational
  12. The Fokker camouflage looks fantastic, just spot on, bravo! Did you used the kit decals? I’m cruising along my build of Richthofen’s version but the decals look somewhat thick. Wonder if you could send me a simple diagram regarding the cables, because that really is lacking in the instructions booklet and I’m no expert of the DR.1. Much appreciated
  13. Outstanding is the proper adjective to describe your work around an old mould like this one. I really enjoy the faded OD, looks so realistic
  14. Beautiful work, getting this worn out faded paint work is surely a lengthy task. Danish F-104 are my favourite and your model does them justice, congratulations!
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