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  1. Holzhamer

    MiG-25RBT ICM 1:48

    Awesome, it’s a copycat miniaturised of the original one. Bravo!
  2. Greg, I will be happy just seeing it made Reckon scratching the bomb bay is a too heavy chorus to an already frozen project, but yes, this plane would look stunning with both bomb bays opened
  3. Wonderful, just wonderful. Your 217 looks exactly as you described how your imagination captured this plane. I wish we could see this model more often made. God knows I have one partially made for years, perhaps my oldest hangar queen, all because of some crappy Verlinden flap PE. Your model is a boost to get the mojo back on track
  4. Holzhamer

    Bf110G info needed: kanoenvogel conversion

    Too bad I made by G-2/R1 some 3 years ago using Eduards kit. Despite researching a bit before building it I had no idea about the use (and location) of that tank. Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll probably won’t build another kit of that version, but knowledge takes no room. Just a word of caution, recently the port side landing gear of my model collapsed. I think the cause is both the flimsy kit parts and the weight of the resin and metal barrel used for the 3,7 BK, not a happy combination
  5. Holzhamer

    B-25 Mitchell Italieri 1:48

    I like it a lot! The OD fade is quite good. this is the Accurate Miniatures mould right?
  6. Holzhamer

    Matchbox nostalgie

    Memory lane trip...recall having several of those during my childhood and early teens. The Havoc, the Me 410, and the Tempest. All fun memories. Thanks !
  7. Holzhamer

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    I guess you saved around 10€ from the certain futures AM spinners bound to arrive sooner than later. i am impressed by your skill, not sure if I would take the time and motivation plunging into that sort of thing. Funny how Eduard keeps missing some parts in their new kits... and to be fair their kits are to me the best value/quality around these days.
  8. Great models! Unusual the fact that your E model uses the British style of control grip
  9. Holzhamer

    wishes for aircraft kits

    How about a Fiat G-91 1/48 to finally replace the old Esci moulds??? People mention the C-130 Hercules in 1/72 but I’ll toss the 1/48 version also. Either scale it would be a winner ( I mean there are people with firm intentions of purchasing not 1 but 2 Lancaster in 1/32, so space and money should not be an issue to good sales performance of the Hercules...lot more interesting if you ask me, from a modeling point of view)
  10. It’s a very elegant plane, and that livery makes it very eye catching, I’d say it’s a 9 in a 10 scale, just beautifuly made
  11. Holzhamer

    Quick question regarding Eduard's WWII aircraft

    I’ve built 3 Eduard 109 Gs and am still building an F-4 and never had any trouble at all getting the fuselage perfectly aligned. It’s just a matter of do some dry run testing and then apply some glue at the extremities, join them and use liquid glue along the joint lines to further strengthen the bond. Easy and effective, at least to me.
  12. Holzhamer

    Bf 109G-10 "Erla" Revell

    I like it very much, it looks terrific, and despite some bad mouth about that kit (read it in several blogs) it looks a darn good 109. just a small feedback based on the last photo- the weathered look that the model shows on the lower fuselage and wings just isn’t a match for the pristine look of the wheels and U/c doors. I’m guessing you took that photo before some weathering on those parts.
  13. Fantastic! I am a big fan of multicolour camouflages, and your work with this MIG is just stunning. Great paint work, I assume free hand(?), with the correct weathering in my opinion. Your model is a masterpiece
  14. Your Emil is a beauty! I dare saying one of the best “air superiority” phase 109 E I’ve seen in that scale. The weathering is perfect to my eye, and the whole model looks fantastic and very realistic. the only thing that looks strange is the UC angle viewed from head on. To me they look a bit straight, perhaps a few mm too straight. Could be a photo illusion or my tired eyes
  15. Holzhamer

    Fw 190A-5 Eduard 1/72

    Getting a full engine of a Fw190 in 1/72 is a daunting task no matter how slim or fat your fingers are i like it a lot, the small mishaps are not relevant giving the 9verall quality of your build. I have some decals in the stash to build that same plane in 1/48, love the gull. Thumbs up,