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  1. I’ll sure try Doc! First thing was some black marbling over the bare plastic. Then some aluminium was sprayed all over the forward fuselage and top side of the wings. Before applying IJN green, I’ve used a chipping solution. The green then had some random thin spray with a mix of the green with yellow, ration 4-1 in those colours. Using an old toothbrush I gently scrubbed around the areas I wanted that more or less restrained chipping of the paint to be visible. After a gloss varnish some oil washes over the top surfaces and a AK grey wash for the lower surfaces. Using a matt thinner I applied some more oils on the floaters to simulate the sea effect. Then Matt varnish to seal it off and some retouches sing a silver crayon around the worn out areas. Some other product was used for oil leaks on the underside of the fuselage and chalk powder to simulate the exhaust stains...and that is basically it
  2. Hi everyone This is my second “COVID Season” build, the venerable Tamiya Aichi Seiran, a kit I had in the stash for some 23 years. I had great fun building it, even more since I had not build a plane in clogs for a looong time, so it was kinda out of my comfort zone. This is a OOB build, where all markings were painted, the exception being the small manufacturer stencil below the horizontal spar, which came from the kit decals. Did some more or less spurious riveting and added a few scratch items, mostly inside the cockpit. Used Eduard seatbelts. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and inside the cockpit I used AK real colours but with some mixes, to create the green and grey shades I was looking for. All is purely my “artistic view” of the thing. The dolly was painted with oils for the wood effects and Hull Red for the body frame. A great fun build all in all, hope you like it!
  3. I can’t see any reason for you to be afraid of doing some mottling on a 109, you clearly master your airbrush. Getting such a fine wullenmuster is not an easy task. I like the way you weathered the tires, can you give me a hint how? Cheers
  4. Splendid model, and indeed the exhaust stacks are just perfect. A proud work no doubt
  5. Very nicely made, it looks very realistic indeed
  6. Just pre-ordered the standard edition for little over 50€. Disclaimer says it will be available in September
  7. It looks like a well researched work made into a splendid model. The camouflage paint job and the careful weathering are spot on
  8. Wow, that’s some airbrush work, really tight and solid. Great looking 262. I still two reboxes of the original Trimaster kit, one from Dragon and the other from Revell. Still worth building them obviously
  9. After a long hiatus and a first time airbrushing you present us this beautiful Spit? Can’t wait to see one of those big brothers of him here soon beautiful work, no one would tell it’s your first with a AB.
  10. Thank you Andreas! I’ll seek a good 0.4 mm rivet wheel. Any chance in sharing where you got the info about the rivet lines of the real plane? (Assuming it’s online available) Gracias! Or like we say on the western side of Iberia Obrigado
  11. Very realistic indeed, the paint work and weathering are spot on. I have the kit semi started (the Portuguese AF box), but 1/72 is really not my scale so I had not consider adding rivet lines on the little Aviocar. However after seeing how good it looks I might just go at it... Might need a smaller rivet tool
  12. Brilliant work, a real stunner!! The weathering is very very convincing
  13. You bring the best out of this model, looks incredibly realistic, well done!
  14. Your Hurri got me thinking about getting my hands on that Airfix kit, that’s how good it is. You raise a very valid point about absent rivets. Eduard and some newer companies are at the forefront of that but still not everyone likes them. I began riveting last year, and it’s getting more enjoyable each build. Looking at your model the riveting looks oob, great work!
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