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  1. Very good WIP on a kit I found pleasing but somewhat over engineered, not to mention the engine nacelles awful fitting. Curiously I’m revisiting the C version at the moment, building a all black NF, which was something I wanted to build for ages, and most (if not all) of the vices you present here are the ones I again revisited. I absolutely like your way to get the rear gunner seat made, looks way bette than the PE I used back on mine. Thumbs up! Btw here’s a pic of mine, the cockpit area
  2. Luiz, I like the whole squad! Fantastic work indeed, parabéns!
  3. Yeah, all markings has wash, but some are more visible than others, perhaps those needed a second wash
  4. Lovely work, all details are there and the weathering looks appropriate
  5. Those Hellcat look good! I am no fan of stressed skin just because, but there are planes and ships where this effect is noticeable even in B&W photos. It probably is easy to overdo in smaller scales (up to 48 scale) but looks very realistic in larger size models IMO. I think you pulled the trick just right in this model, looks the part! Now, calling your build as OOB as possible is an over statement with all those added parts don’t you think?
  6. Dave, that’s a fair question but to be honest there is no special method, just a steady hand, the right dilution ration (MRP 74 was a 60% paint-40% thinner), patient work always looking to see if all is heading the right direction and some inevitable retouches along the way. I didn’t use (but initially thought about using) pencil draw lines upon witch to paint over, or some sort of masks, since I did all freehand. One thing I can advise, try on paper and/or some plastic first. Good luck!
  7. Adam, the plane is painted Real Color RLM 76 early, Gunze RLM 75 and MRP RLM 74. Cockpit is a mix from Gunze and Valejo. Thanks!
  8. With the exception of the inner gear door swing arms, I call this one finished. Kit is Eduard’s weekend box OOB with the seat belts exception and the swastika decal that came from spares. Hope you enjoy cheers
  9. Just a few retouches plus inner landing gear doors and arena cables to call him done
  10. Thank you! The rivets are not exactly painted but merely toned by a light oil wash. They are in fact more noticeable in the photos than by naked eye
  11. Thank you for the compliments, it was a challenge getting those cross lines right, both spraying and getting them aligned properly...but I can’t resist challenges here”s another’s pic I forgot to post earlier
  12. Hi folks, almost completing my third model model in this year, the weekend box of Eduards 190 A-4, a fast build but a not so fast paintwork
  13. I love the wullenmuster you present here, just the right density, scale and effect. I don’t think I could achieve such perfection, so more than envy I am mesmerized by it
  14. What an amazing Betty, the most well balanced model of this plane I can recall seeing. Splendid work overall
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