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  1. Ordered today...can't wait.. Marc
  2. I don't have an accurate way to give a precise measurement, but if you have the kit, wouldn't it be beter to take the measurement on the kit's fin itself (or the straight extension included in the kit ) , to be sure you'll end up with a precisely-fitting part...? MB
  3. Well...both are correct Spanish 104's were painted in FS.36595 with white wing tops....except TF-104G CE.8-3 which remained natural metal (also with white wing tops) ! I also recommend the Series Espanolas decals. HTH MB
  4. I have several sets for the Cutlass, they look nice but I haven't used any yet MB
  5. Hello Hans, If you don't mind using resin sets, CAT4 makes several conversion sets for the Hasegawa E/F https://the48ers.com/resins/?features_hash=1-11557_4-12460 HTH Marc
  6. Thanks for the info John, really helpful. I'll keep an eye out for the new book Marc
  7. Thank you. There is a photo in the book by Delve, Green & Clemons (p.34) and on the same page another photo of WH649, with the gear retracting, which indeed shows very dark wells. It looks like the inner side of the doors were also painted black ? Black it will be then. MB
  8. John, I'll most probably be B.2 WH640 of No 109 Sqn, Hemswell Feb.1953, in the Hich Altitude Day Bomber scheme. MB
  9. Hello, Been looking lately to find a colour scheme for my Classic Airframe Canberra B.2, and found the decals and intructions of the Aeroclub kit. I was surprised to see that the wheel wells inside colour should be black ! The Airfix kits also ask for colour 33 ( I assume it's Humbrol 33 which is...black ! ) Now, I don't want to question John Adams' knowledge about the RAF Canberras , but could anybody confirm that black colour ? Or was it only during the early years (photos on the web show mainly LG or green wells) ? Thank you Marc
  10. Hello Daniel, I did the same test a couple of weeks ago and, using the Mk.1 Eyeball only, it appeared that the Paragon parts wouldn't match the HK parts. I tried the Lincoln conversion and it looks like the HK fuselage is slimmer than the Tamiya one. So I'll proceed with my initial plan and chop the Tamiya kit rather than the finer and nicer HK kit. Perhaps the Manchester conversion could be more easily persuaded to fit the HK kit. Marc
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