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  1. Reskit does several sets for the H-53 https://reskit-models.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=1%2F48 ch-53 Cutting Edge did a nice cockpit set but is probably difficult to find now. MB
  2. Hello, Red 32 from Grossenhain at one time had the white eagle on a Russian flag Marc
  3. Strange...if you go to the shop, select an "available" kit (say the 1/32 T-6), you can view the different components of the kit (sprues, decals, PE) using the drop-down menu and you then get a price for the selected item : 50 Yuans for the decal sheet, 20 for the PE, 40 for each sprue... ??? MB
  4. I've had that problem (glue residues from Tamiya tape) just ONCE ! And when I read the story about that on a forum for the first time (some months ago) I rushed to take back a model that had been masked months earlier; I began removing the tape carefully...guess what ? no glue residues, no alteration to the metallic finish...go figure. But it's a fact that the Tamiya tape sticks very strongly to any Xtreme Metal finish. M
  5. AK Xtreme Metal are now my go-to paint for metal finishes...ready to use, no clogging, smooth operation. I use these on Mr Surface 1200 only (grey, white, black...whatever), and after a slight rubbing with a paper towel or a soft brush to get a nice eggshell finish. You can also mix AK Xtreme Metal with Mr Surfacer to get all sorts of different finishes of the base colours (more gray, darker, more white)...very useful. So for the Badger you could use straight Aluminium, with different panels in variyng finishes by mixing Aluminium with Mr Surfacer. MB
  6. Received my order today (ordered on July 16th) Nicely printed parts, quite complete conversion : engine nacelles with detailed radiator face and hollow interior, six propeller blades, spinners, very delicate exhausts en other parts. Vacuformed nose turret and dorsal gun position with sharp frames detail. No instructions or decals. Well worth it. M
  7. According to the color profiles and some photos in "Lancaster , Lancastrian and Lincoln - Serie Fuerza Aerea #17 by Fernando C. Benedetto (Padin Editor)" , Argentinians Lancasters (and also most Lincolns) were initially operated in DG/DE/Bk scheme. HTH MB
  8. but the box-art says Il-76MF not MD...
  9. Hello, In 1994 I was fortunate to spend a whole day taking measurements and pictures of the Elkans that were training the Chilean pilots. The result was a nice article in IPMS Belgium's magazine KIT (#97). The article included some pictures (a little small but...) of the rear cockpit of a two-seater If you are interested I could scan parts of this article ? Let me know Marc
  10. I recently bought the reissue and noticed that the clear parts are very thin, compared to the original kit I built.....50 years ago ? 🙄 I clearly remember the original parts were ill-fitting and quite thick. No idea if the new ones will fit beter. HTH M
  11. Lovely pics Steve, thank you for sharing these MB
  12. Some impressive designs....thanks for sharing those very nice pics. MB
  13. No Northeast yellow bird ?? 😬 MarcB (of course I just purchased Authentic Airliners' beautiful kit...)
  14. Hello, Some look like parts made by Click2Detail and sold through Shapeways (Exhausts, MiG-25BM conversion). Other candidate could the Fru-Fru Models https://frummodel.webnode.cz/products/a48-011-correct-noce-mig-25bm-1-48-186-kc-price-in-euros-and-dollars-is-based-on-the-current-bank-rate-/ HTH MarcB
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