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  1. Hi Colin, Lovely Spitfire...however (if you haven’t noticed already), I think you still need to remove the masking on the rear section of the canopy? Cheers, Mark
  2. Hi Daniel, I have attached a link to a rather excellent build of a 747 in Landor scheme by fellow BM member Deanflyer back in 2014. I believe on page two the thread, Dean confirms he used Gunze Sangyo H326 for the blue which looks like a perfect match. Build thread is also here:- Hope this helps. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi Julien, Yeah, we usually charge £40.00 for commercial importers and £75.00 for personal importers due to the extra hassle involved...if you know what I mean...
  4. Hi Nigel, As previously stated, they are providing a service to you by making a declaration to HM Customs & Excise to clear your goods into free circulation which is (and should be) chargeable. Declaration to HM Customs & Excise is required by law if value of goods exceed £15.00. Having worked in the airfreight industry since the early 90’s, I can assure you that these declarations are not easy at the best of times. Therefore I am quite happy in paying an “administration charge” of £8 - £15 when I order from overseas. Take care and be safe. Cheers, Mark
  5. Hi Paul, Can I ask how much you think is a fair price for a Courier Company / Royal Mail to make a declaration to HM Customs & Excise on your behalf which is required by law if value of your goods is over the £15.00 threshold?
  6. You mentioned you were charged an additional service fee of £15.00 in your original post? Admin/service fee whether cost is £15.00, £12.00 or £8.00 is basically customs clearance charge. As Julien has stated, it much cheaper than commercial imports - my company would charge you £75.00 to customs clear a personal/private import.
  7. Hi Nigel, Bit late to the party, but thought I would reply anyway. I think this has been covered before on previous threads, but £15.00 is the clearance charge. Unfortunately a declaration has to be made to HM Customs & Excise before goods can be released into free circulation. In essence, you are paying for the courier company to provide this service (declaration to HMRC) on your behalf as importer of goods. Only alternative I can think of is personally travelling to HM Customs & Excise National Clearance Hub in Salford, Manchester and arrange clearance of shipment yourself. I think travelling costs alone would cost more than £15.00 from West Sussex. So given a choice, which would you prefer? Cheers, Mark (who would charge you a standard rate of £75.00 for a personal import clearance at my greedy grabbing place of work).
  8. On Games Workshop website (temporarily closed), £4.75 per 24ml bottle. Hence reason why I spat out my coffee and nearly fell off my chair when I logged into Ebay at lunchtime.
  9. Was going to take a punt at these 4 used Citadel Shades on Ebay to try them out, then nearly fell off my chair when I logged on this afternoon to place a bid (decided not too....). Link:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Games-Workshop-Warhammer-Citadel-Shade-Paints-Mixed-Earth-Tones-/223968142778?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=DmaHZ9eDQEBohEmCWmRIVwz8dBg%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc I assume this must be down to availability in these unprecedented times or just plain old bidding war blindness? Whichever way, I’m sure the seller must be laughing. Cheers, Mark
  10. Now that I am on Furlough until further notice, I am making a start on an old tool Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire. Actually aiming to complete a model since returning to modelling 15 years ago (before kids came along).
  11. Unfortunately due to weather conditions and time constraints, I’ve made the decision not to attend tomorrow. Really disappointed as I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while now. Oh well, always next year!
  12. Yep, was so disappointed with this series. Last episode I thought Johnny Rico was going to make an appearance any minute! Oh well, let’s hope A Christmas Carol adaptation makes up for it...
  13. First time at the show and had a very enjoyable morning. Will be back next year!
  14. Do my eyes deceive me on their Facebook page this morning? October 19 release by the looks of it....
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