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  1. They really look the part Jim! I appreciate the muted tones you've used - all too easy to make Zouaves look like circus clowns but you've done them justice.
  2. Yes, all too easy to forget how young those old blokes were when they fought and died. This particular 50-something is humbled by them. And thank you Fred.
  3. There's more imagination and creativity in this one project than I could muster in a lifetime.
  4. Thanks gents! Any figure sculpted by Mike Good is going to look at least half decent when painted - he provides such a superb canvas and I have to say he's my favourite sculptor. I didn't know this was now oop - it's been sitting in my stash for years and I always felt it was too good to let go, and I'm now very glad I didn't!
  5. I'm currently going through my stash of older figures and giving some attention to long neglected pieces. This is a figure from Pegaso sculpted by Mike Good of British WW1 Pilot Lanoe Hawker VC. Painted in Vallejo acrylics with the use of some inks to aid the leather effects of the rather fetching baggy trousers.
  6. Thank you very much Geoff & Jim! You know, the more advice I listen to and the harder I try to take decent photos the more inconsistent my results are - but thanks again for your words, I'll bear them in mind next time around. Jon.
  7. Well I'll be! Yes, very local to me - about 6 miles actually.
  8. Thanks Giorgio. I had nothing else to do all weekend and, after all, it is only 1/35 I'm with you; I prefer the darker ones. Jon.
  9. This is an older figure pulled from my stash and painted last weekend. Uncharacteristically for Hornet this one had quite a bit of pitting in the the metal casting (particularly over the trousers) but that didn't take long to address and it didn't detract from the appeal or the quality of the bare figure. I replaced the kit's metal PPSh with a plastic one from Miniart as the latter was rather more crisply defined - even if it is about 1mm longer overall. The sling is made from paper, and getting it made and attached to appear as though it is bearing the weight of the gun pushed me to my limit - I feel I've got better things to be bothering with at this stage in my life! Everything painted with Vallejo acrylics. For the life of me I still can't take photographs that please me.....
  10. Lovely work Andy, a reat treat. Thanks for sharing. And thanks also for opening my eyes to Mierce Miniatures!
  11. Thank you Brian. I don't mean to be facile but it really was quick & simple - aided by it being a somewhat comical figure not needing the accuracies and subtlties of a historic figure. I don't want to shirk my responsibilities as a forum member so I am happy to share but, in all honesty, there's nothing I've done with this figure (or any other figure I paint) that hasn't been done previously, and explained previously. Having said that, please do ask questions should you think I could offer anything in return! The problem with tutorials is that my photography is poo! I need to take about 100 pics to get 1 passable image Jon.
  12. Thank you, most kind. I'd like to keep it up but problem is there are just too many other things to be be doing too: planes, tanks, cars, half tracks, helicopters - all of which occupy space on my shelves! The figures in my stash have to join the queue
  13. Thanks all! Well, I've figured out the posting of photos thanks to the tutorial pinned elswhere on this site, all I need to do now is take consistently satisfactory photogrpahs. Been trying for years, been failing for years...
  14. Thanks gents. Yes, he's different but he's an irresitible little blighter, isn't he?
  15. I bought this little fellow from Mr Lee's Minis at SMW Telford and couldn't delay painting him. He's 'The Passionate Ringmaster', part 1 of the 'Strange Love' duo. I think the title has lost something is translation because, whatever he resembles, he doesn't remind me of a traditional ringmaster. It matters not; he's fun to paint. He stands 54mm tall but his head is more like 75mm. Painted in Vallejo acylics, a quick and simple exercise in painting directional light & shade. I have something in mind for the groundwork, maybe I'll complete it at a later date....
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