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  2. longshanks

    An Ugly Frog Prince

    Good to see your steady progress . . . Maintaining the standard Kev
  3. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Kettenkrad SdKfz 2 (Finished)

    Softscience - The flora is a mix of home made and commercial products. If you want to know how I made them let me know which ones and I'll do my best to explain. I pushed through and finished this today. I think it came out okay. I sure had fun building it and got to try out a whole lot of new things. Some of them even worked . Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. Today
  5. Yetifan

    Trumpeter Panther G

    Just watched the unboxing video, OMG that looks crazy! Will definately want to follow a WIP on one of these
  6. Panther II

    StuG IV

    I'm now looking at putting it in a diorama. It would be in the mud possible stuck. If anyone would have any good pictures, it would be most helpful.
  7. First time building any model kit. This is Trumpeter’s E 75 kit. I have lots of work to do on it, but I asked people in this forum for parts or tips for this first timer so I thought it would be rude to not post my build progress. As a first timer, I do not plan to post much, as there is a lot of learning still going on. - My goodness the PE parts were quite the challenge to build and remain workable....!!! - I put on the Panther G exhausts to meet World of Tanks design, - The barrel is the 128mm from a Jadgtiger I think? (I forgot, Tamiya sent me the barrel as a spare part) - Fruit tracks, and drive sprocket and alliance model german tool clamps - I switched out the big door on the back of the turret with Tamiya’s version of it, as it had more detail. - I cut the center hub from a Tamiya Tiger II kit’s road wheels and adapted them to the road wheels on this kit, I feel like it gave it more depth... Lastly, please let me know if there’s anything I should keep in mind when I go to paint the black (dark grey) portion of the black and white modulation??... I am not cofident in my model building vernacular just yet. So I apologize for any incorrect use of any terminology.
  8. Plasto

    British Olive Drab No15

    Troy to be fair Mike Starmers comment you quote is 8 years old in terms of the forum and recounts an event some time prior to that.... IIRC Tiger 131 was repainted in 2012 which is 12 months after that comment was posted.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Kiwidave4

    Gas Turbine Conqueror

    Steady progress has been made on the engine decks. I opted to make a 'base layer' from 30 thou styrene, then plank it with 10 thou. This made it easier to fit the mesh, and also meant that the thicker material would provide strength, while the thinner stuff made for easier cutting and shaping of the apertures. Then the postman brought a small parcel from Peters Spares - some model railway carriage door handles which despite being to 00 gauge are close enough to represent the engine deck catches in 1/35th. I did not fancy scratching 38 of these, and once again railway parts have saved the day for me. Only problem is they are potential carpet monster fodder! The handles allowed me to finish off the transmission deck, and the engine decks are now also ready for the handles - just need to get in the mood to wrestle with them!
  11. This is my first build thread and also my first military vehicle kit for decades: so I’ll be fumbling may way along! This is the kit….. I have had a lot of fun so far with it, trying out different ideas to see how they worked out - and finding ways to patch up mistakes when it didn’t go as planned! Some things went well, others did not. I’m not sure I can take the end result seriously as a stand-alone model (see for yourselves later!), but it will probably be okay if lost somewhere in a diorama. I built the kit up into a number of sub-assemblies for painting. The only change I made was to the tank filling necks, replacing them with longer ones fashioned from plastic rod which was swaged over with the blade of a heated screwdriver to create the filling caps. The mudguards benefited from thinning down along the edges. Airfix give a number of options in their kit for the cab and the body. I selected an early version with an open, canvas cab finished in a camouflage pattern of Humbrol 30 matt dark green over a base of 86 light olive (which I take to be Airfix’s selection for dark green No 4 over khaki green No 3). You can also build a version with an enclosed cab that was in production from 1943. I found this guide essential reading: http://www.mafva.net/other pages/Starmer camo.htm Options for early and later versions are included in the kit: The sub-assemblies were undercoated in khaki green G3, based on Mike Starmer’s recipe in post 17 of (but using brown Humbrol 160 as I do not have H10), which was then made darker and sprayed over the parts to provide a dark undercoat to work from. Once the enamel paint had dried, it was given a couple of brush coats of Klear diluted 50% with water and tinted with some burnt umber acrylic to provide a glaze/wash, see http://barracudacals.blogspot.com/. However, I don’t think I made the colour strong enough so the wash effect was not really apparent, so I followed up with AK Interactive enamel wash AK075 for NATO vehicles and this worked nicely, despite it being my very first time of using it. I found it best to use as a pin-wash (rather than slapping it on all over) and then tidy up smudges with a brush moistened with thinners. The kit has a decent level of detail under the bonnet and the option is offered to have one bonnet half propped open so you can view it. There is also a separate hatch in the floor of the rear body to access the rear axle, so you could easily model the vehicle undergoing maintenance if you wished. I fitted the various engine parts into place and painted them up before they were lost from sight forever once the closed bonnet and side panels were glued into place. I found it necessary to trim back the top corners of the fire wall to get the rear of the bonnet to sit down fully: The bonnet side panels could also be omitted should you want to model your truck in a desert environment….. It was a test of dexterity to get the radiator front, bonnet top and sides lined up and without any problem gaps. I glued the bottom of the radiator piece to the chassis and then, before the glue had set, fitted the bonnet top into place. Once all this was firm, I popped in the side panels so they abutted the bonnet and glued them into position. It left a small gap between the sides and the wheel arches, but not enough to concern me. If you follow the instructions - which have you glue the sides to the wheel arches before the bonnet - the gap would have been far more noticeable being between the sides and bonnet top. Next came the cargo body. I elected to go for the covered version, but parts are also offered for you to leave it open. This was even more challenging to assemble, but everything worked out fine. Some filling and sanding was needed to lose the join lines. The front of the cargo body is also the rear of the cab, and it was not obvious to me from the instructions how it was to be positioned. However, all became clear once I tried assembling the cargo body onto the chassis. In fact, everything just clipped into place, which was ideal for the painting and weathering steps. I ground a relief into the ends to the rolled-up tarp. The dimples were painted dark earth before the part was glued into place: Some pre-shading was done by brush before the canvas parts were placed in position for airbrushing (sorry for the wobbly photo): The cab was masked using moistened kitchen roll. Some diluted PVA glue was applied over the outside to stiffen the covering. Some water was dripped on and allowed to soften the paper when the time came to remove it once painting was done: That's it for now - I don't want to bore the pants off you. I'll post how painting progressed shortly. Cheers, Pat
  12. Smashing job steve
  13. Hamden

    Trumpeter Challenger 2 Desert

    Things have moved forward at a much slower pace this week. Both tracks have been built up as you see I have primed the tracks and main gun barrel. The barrel has been fitted to the turret and the extra fuel barrels have been added to the rear of the hull. No pics: though I'm afraid. Have to find out why the the drive sprockets don't sit correctly on the final drives before I can fit the tracks. Thanks for dropping by your interest is very much appreciated Roger
  14. BadKarma75

    Tamiya 1:35 chieftain

    It’s looking good, have one of these in the stash along with too many others
  15. Israel

    Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    Indeed, looking very good!
  16. Niall

    Argentinian Artillery Pieces

    The Argentinian 155mm gun was a local design, called Model 77. This was the gun from the French F3 self propelled gun on a locally designed carriage. The 105 is the Italian Model 56(1956 in some sources). I've no idea on kit availability.
  17. jvazquez7777

    LVT-4 "Water Buffalo"

    Exquisite work!!
  18. Great diorama! Do you know that Special Hobby announced 1/72 Skoda 30,5 cm mortar? In resin. More about this kit on the Special Hobby website.
  19. Last week
  20. prowler0000

    1/35 Trumpeter 4k51 Rubezh on its way

    Great reference pix, MagMan! & thanks to Julien, I'm now gonna have to buy the Gun, If only for completeness.... It's a great kit to put together, But the etch is like battleship armour! (ironic or what?!?)
  21. Das Abteilung

    1/35 ICM German Rheinmetall „Leichttraktor“

    An interesting and brave choice to be sure. And not a Papier Panzer or Big Cat either, bucking the curent German trends. The NbFz kits didn't seem to attract much interest: you hardly ever see them on forums such as this, and they did see service. But then they're just Big Grey Things. With this baby you probably do have the option of Buntfarbenanstrich as the catalogue art shows.
  22. phildagreek

    Tiger Models Nagmachon (Late)

    Looks good!
  23. Das Abteilung

    ICM 2019 1/35 News

    ICM have some new stuff for 2019 in 1/35. Can't see anything new in 1/72. Liberty B truck Series 2 Liberty B with US infantry (unknown if figures are new) FWD B truck Ford T Touring 1917 US WW1 drvers ANZAC WW1 drivers British WW1 tank crew French WW1 Zouaves German WW1 MG08 team (MG08 available separately) German WW2 MG08 team German WW2 Command Vehicle crew Leichte Traktor !! Pz Spw 204(f) with CDM turret SdKfz 251/6 Ausf A with command crew Renault AHN with German drivers Ford WOT 6 (we already know about, with wrong body) Ford WOT 8 Mercedes Type 320 with German staff figures Pkw Typ 1 re-release Pkw Typ 2 (re-release?) Opel Kadett K38 cabrio Moskvitch 401-420A car ZIL-131 KShM truck with drivers For those who like their larger figures there are 2 SEAL figures in 1/24, IDF dog handler, Delta Force, Roman Centurion and Met Police office with MP5 figures in 1/16.
  24. Farmersboy

    1/35 Hobby Boss Tiger II

    They are an absolute pain to put together. Fiddly connecting pieces between each link, and no template to set them out on. I have a pet hate with individual links in kits, as they are either nigh-on impossible to put together, or they don't articulate. What's the point? And when you're done you've still got to paint them. Save on the cost of the kit by just having vinyl tracks, making it more economical to buy aftermarket tracks like Friul, which are easier to assemble, are fully articulated and sag properly, and can be easily burnished instead of painting them. Some kits you have to glue the track link horns on, which is technically known as taking the piddle. Sorry, rant over.
  25. second track done no Tamiya engineering but worked out ok DSC_0006 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr if you wanna leave the hatches open, the gun is more or less fully there DSC_0008 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  26. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Fahrgestell munitionsshlepper

    WOW !! ... That is a very well done, knackered Panzer IV type !
  27. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    M4 Sherman Tamiya 1/35

    Well done Sherman
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