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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've got some decent results using Vallejo Model Colour 70.733. It's not perfect as win't take much handling but under a few coats of clear I think I have a solution.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for some tips for painting flourescent orange I'm using Zero Paints' flourescent orange on a 1/12 Mazda 787. It's a perfect match for the colour, but terrible to work with. It chips easily and I've also worn down the white primer when polishing it. It's impossible to touch in with the paint itself, and spraying it back in a again is impossible. Does anyone know of a good product for touching in flourescent orange? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  3. Thanks for the generous comments everyone.
  4. Hi, thanks for the ideas. They are pretty simple shapes so should be simple recreate. I just like a short cut!
  5. Hi kids, Here's my latest completion. This is Italeri's 1/48 Wessex HAS.3, in the markings of 'Humphrey' used during the abortive SAS mission to retake South Georgia, and the subsequent rescue from Fortuna Glacier on 21st May 1982. As far as I can tell this is how the aircraft appeared over these few days, confirmed by a conversation with Chris Parry (radar operator on the said flights). He is hoping to get 'Humphrey' restored in time for the 40th anniversary in 2022 and has invited me to the FAA museum to participate. Hopefully I can get down there for a weekend. Many thanks to Scaley for the gift of the GPMG for the rear window. I assumed the 'Humphrey' motif on the nose had been obliterated in the repaint on the way South, but when I spoke to Chris he confirmed that it was present at the time of the Fortuna Glacier operations. So out with the decal sheet and some Klear and I managed to get it to 'take' on the flat coat. Thanks for looking, Gareth
  6. Hi Gang, I'm working on a 54mm Gurkha, which I think is about 1/32 scale. Does anyone know of any British pattern mess tins or cooking equipment (hexi burner would be great) appropriate for the early 80s? I'm guessing 1/35 wouldn't be too far out if that's available. I've searched and searched but can't find anything. Cheers, Gareth
  7. Thank you for all the extra information. I wasn't aware that Humphrey has been largely untouched at the FAA museum so was discounting that as modellers do with restored examples. Look at that pic of the aircraft airborne I can see that the Royal Navy title has been done in black. I think the scheme was evolving so quickly at the time I might have to abandon my attepmt to tie it down to one moment in time. Thanks again, Gareth
  8. Thanks for that Pappy. I'm hoping to show the helicopter as it was on the morning of the rescue. I've corresponded briefly with Chris Parry (radar operator on the day) and he says it had been repainted, most stencils overpainted in black and the Antrim crest 'toned down'. Not sure whether this means totally blacked out, so I'll have to go back to him if I can't find out.
  9. Thanks Bo. It's been a while but if I remember correctly I used Xtracolour enamels for the camouflage. I think I found a source for closely matching FS numbers. Sorry, not much help!
  10. Marvellous, thanks David.
  11. I get that, but WHAT gun is it? Manufactrer and model. I'm trying to find one in 1/48 scale and the choice is baffling. Not all, if any, have GPMG as part of the description.
  12. Thanks Trevor, but I'm trying to tie it down to which GPMG it was.
  13. Hi All, I'm starting the Italeri HAS.3 built as Humphrey on the morning of the SAS rescue from South Georgia. Italeri's decals are crap / inaccurate - is there a third party sheet, or at least an Antrim crest on a sheet somewhere? Knowing the square root of nothing about guns, what, exactly, is a GPMG that was fitted in the starboard window? Is there a 1/48 product available? Many thanks, Gareth
  14. Hi Everyone, I hope you're all well, staying safe, and not being too affected by the current situation. I'm so glad to have modelling as a hobby at the moment. On Facebook I am a member of the Model Factory Hiro build group, and one of my fellow members posts fantastic photos of his WIP with a 1/12 pallet, and a reconstruction of the disitinctive boxes MFH kits come in. I wanted to do something similar, and went trawling the doll's house pages. (1/12 is apparently a popular scale.) I bought a wooden workbench kit, and a photo-etched brass toolbox and tools. I had the idea to paint the box as if it belonged to a 787B enthusiast. Here are the first shots with it, showing the front cooling assembly, and the brake disc rotors. (I have enhanced these with silvers of plastic with the ventilation grooves cut in on my plotter cutter as MFH provide them as flat discs. This may be accurate for the original spec but I'm building from a reference book of the 2011 restoration, and sticking to that for consistency.) Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  15. Oh crikey, don't let Sarah read this, we've only got a small garden!
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