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  1. Thanks very much Nick. PM on the way.
  2. Hi All, I am building 1/24 GR.3, which I'm slowly narrowing down to being XZ988 in which Sqn Ldr Iveson was shot down. The mission was an urgent request for air support (if I remember correctly) and I know two cluster bombs were carried. However, would the centre line recon pod be carred for such a mission? Ie, would the pods be taken off if not needed, and if so would the centrer line pylon remain on the aircraft? (I've seen some mention in a forum (could be here) that the pylon was a PITA to fit / remove so was left on even if not needed, but I can't find it again. I'd like to confirm as I don't have a 1/24 recce pod. Thanks for any help, Gareth
  3. Thanks both. That's a very good idea Cameron, I've got a silhouette cutter and some vinyl squirrelled away. Cheers, Gareth
  4. Hi All, Has anyone built the 1/24 GR.3 with the Flightpath windscreen frame? I was wondering if it was best to remove the frame from the plastic part before fitting. I'm not sure I can get a replacement if it goes wrong. Cheers, Gareth
  5. Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately I've only got some old low res digital photos to go on. I think it's correc that it's been manipulated, bu I ws hoping if I could get a close enough font I could modify it to match. Thanks again, Gareth
  6. Hi Gang, I'm building a replica of a friend's Escort MK.II rally car. I need to make some custon decals, including this over the rear whee. Does anyone have any clues as to what font it might be. I've tried some pages that try to identify fonts but I think it's too far off being 'square'. Thanks for any help, Gareth
  7. I built the cup noodle last year. I had to have one as I became a huge fan of Nissin noodles when in Japan in 2015. As with every Bandai kit I’ve built it’s a masterpiece of moulding and design. One of the side panels is removable so you can see the noodle ‘plug’ in situ, demonstrating the innovative manufacturing process of the real noodles detailed in a side panel of the instructions. Absolutely flawless fit, and it looks great on the bookshelf with our favourite souvenirs from that holiday. (You even get a self-adhesive lid that can be removed and replaced as many times as you like.)
  8. Thanks Sebastian, I will check that out. Cheers, Gareth
  9. Hi All, I'm currently covnerting Hasegawa's /48 Lear Jet in to a FAA photo recon machine in this scheme. I think the stripes are standard factory applied markings, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any decals available? (Even if they are the wrong colour - I can use them to make masks.) Thanks for any help, Gareth
  10. I built the Aconcagua 1/48 resin kit a few years ago and corresponded with Juan Carlos Herida who designed it. He was very insistent that I leave the control surfaces natural metal (in a nice way. I suspect seeing models with painted control surfaces drives him bonkers!) https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/topic/1010-aconcagua-148-ia-58-pucara/?tab=comments#comment-7928
  11. Thanks all. Looks like I'l have to get the masking tape out!
  12. Hi Gang, I'm making a start on the Revell 1/700 HMS Invincible. It's a lovely kit (Dragon originally I believe) but I really don't like the raised detail on the flight deck. Does anyone know of any decals to replace them, or have any tips for a 1/700 ship novice for putting the markings on? Cheers, Gareth
  13. Really looking forward to this. I hate to be that person, but the Falklands scheme needs a correction. All the aircraft that were repainted in theatre were original natural metal, and the horizontal control surfaces were not painted in order to preserve their mass balance. References show that many simply had the 'Fuerza Area Argentina' below the cockpit masked over before painting and so should have a natural metal rectangle around them.
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