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  1. goon

    Argentinian Artillery Pieces

    Hi All, I've just finished Tom Martin's 'Falklands Gunner' and have been inspired to add to my collection of models from this was. I'm trying to find some kits that match the photos in the book. There are some shots labelled '155mm Field Howitzer' which I think matches the Trumpeter M198 Early Version. Could someone with more than my (extremely) rudimentary knowledge of artillery confirm this? Also, if anyone knows of a kit I could use to represent a '105mm Pack Howitzer' (apparently previously owned by 7 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery I'd be very grateful. Cheers, Gareth
  2. I've had mine for a few months. One of the best purchases I've ever made. Top quality.
  3. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Thanks again everyone, and thanks for that link Armando - very interesting.
  4. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Is this set the same tank? The parts look identical from the screenshot. 1300L Tanks.
  5. Thanks chaps. Google told me woolly ragwort grows on the Falklands, with a yellow flower, Whether it flowers in June I don't know. (I doubt it, but a little bit of artistic licence allowed a splash colour.)
  6. goon

    WNW Sopwith Pup

    Thanks for the comments everyone. @EpeemanI was aware of the potential of the rear wing to be a problem from my research, but mine went in with no issues, other than being a bit of a 'click' fit.
  7. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    I will look in to that. Thanks Joseph.
  8. Hi All, Here is my build of Takom's 1/35 Panhard AML-90 in a simple diorama with some Blackdog figures, showing a scene outside Port Stanley in 1982. The base is from an off the shelf mat cut and shaped to give some contour and a few grasses and flowers added. I used Crossdelta DPM decals for the Marines - painstaking but with my painting skills they were essential! I'm only just getting in to figure painting so I'm really pleased with these. I'm aware my AFV weathering skills leave room for improvement as well, but I really enjoyed doing this one. (And I have spotted the way too clean wheel arches this afternoon, plus the fact that the mirrors need some 'spatter' adding.) Thanks for looking, Gareth
  9. I got some shots of my Pup taken this afternoon. Here are some to show the completed model. Here you can see the split axle method of adding to some 'suspension' to the undercarriage. There would normally be some bungee cord over the top of the axle and under the faired strut below, pulling the wheel down. I stupidly forgot to add these parts and it proved impossible to rectify. Happy New Year everyone!
  10. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Thanks Armando - that's very useful information. I have the Antarki BRP-250 bombs, which don't state whether they are retarded or 'slick'. Wingman only supply two of the 1300 tanks (with the tail surfaces) which I might have to source another one to get three under it. As far as I can tell there are no rear wing root pylons either. Thanks again everyone, Gareth
  11. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    In Falklands Air War by Chris Hobson / Andrw Noble the authors state that Raton flight was picked up by Brilliant's radar and the Harrier CAP vectored to intercept North of Mount Maria. Maybe I've made an assumption too far, but I was working on the aircraft attacking the troops / ships in San Carlos Water. Brilliant was certainly attacked by an earlier flight, and several crew wounded. I'm not an expert but the nature of San Carlos Water's geography and the extreme low level attack make me think that the pilots would have attacked whatever ship was in front of them as they cleared the hills and cleared off as fast as they could. It's certainly what I would have done!
  12. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Really useful stuff. Thanks both.
  13. goon

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Thanks Giorgio. Does it mention which pylons? (I'm assuming the outer ones with the 1300 litre tanks.)
  14. Hi All, I'm putting together research for my build of Wingman Models Dagger. I'm building C407, shot down by Sharkey Ward on 21st May. As the flight this aircraft was in was targetting the landing British forces, I assume it was armed with air to ground weapons. As far as I know the Daggers used Expal 250's but some references are contradictory. Can anyone confirm this, and say whether 2 or 4 were the more usual quantity? Many thanks, Gareth
  15. goon

    SBS - Falklands 1982

    Very nice!