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  1. All the photos show the probe still in place so I assume that if anything actually broke off it was jus the tip.
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone, glad you all like it,
  3. Hi All, Here are some shots of a model I finished a while ago. It's Great Wall Hobby's 1/144 Vulcan, shown after it's emergency diversion to Rio at the end of Black Buck 6. I'm sure you'll be aware that the Black Buck missions were flown against Argentinian forces occupying Port Stanley in 1982. The recovery to Rio was an outstanding piece of airmanship, that you can read about HERE. It's posed on a simple base, with Preiser 1/144 NATO figures to represent the crew. There's a full build log in the 'Completed Models' page of my blog - www.latibuliser.com Thanks for looking in, Gareth
  4. Signing up to follow this one. I rode the Tozan in 2015 and will look forward to seeing it in miniature.
  5. Lovely! I’ve got one of these in the stash and it might come out to build next after seeing yours. It’s been 30 years since my PPL lapsed and I’d love to get back in to it.
  6. goon

    Vulcan XM597 in Rio

    Thanks for the further replies. It really is an amazing story, and a close shave!
  7. goon

    Vulcan XM597 in Rio

    Thanks both. That's much clearer version of that photo than the one I have seen. It does look like the outer of the two misiles is the problem one. Cheers, Gareth
  8. Hi gang, I'm building XM597 as she was after diverting to Rio on Black Buck 6. Does anyone know which Shrike hung up? I know the two starboard ones were fired, but I don't know which was still aboard as the aircraft landed. I could also do with ascertaining where the IFR probe broke. It looks intact on the few photos of the plane on the ground at Rio, so was it just the tip missing or perhaps it was just damaged rather than actually snapped. Thanks for any help, Gareth
  9. Very kind of you Iain, I'll drop you a PM. Gareth
  10. Hi Gang, I'm building the Daco 1/144 Simpsons 737. Can any one recommend a match for Thrifty Blue? I can't get hold of the Daco colour and Xtracolor X317 is out of stock everywhere. I'm hopeless at mixing colours, so could do with something easily available. Cheers, Gareth
  11. By Jingo, that's exactly the sound mine made just before it went off @Tzulscha
  12. Hahah You're reaction emoji sums it up perfectly! It certainly made my eyes water. (It went quite a way up, and I'd just breathed out. I couldn't 'snort' it out without taking a breath, dragging it further up my nose. Thirty years ago and I can still smell the singed hair and burned snot!)
  13. I'll have to look for one of those bags when I'm feeling brave enough to try these batteries again - thanks @Tzulscha The burn is not too bad @Corsairfoxfouruncle I've certainly had worse. (The incident of the cherry red hot swarf that went came off a lathe and went up a nostril springs to mind!)
  14. Hello everyone A short post to highlight an incident i had in the shed last night, which came very close to burning it down. Whilst charging a LiPo battery it failed catastrophically and burst, and I mean 'burst' in to flames. I was this >< far from losing everything down here. As it is I consider myself lucky to have got away with a minor burn to my arm and no damage except a hole in my lawn. (There's more detail at my blog - latibuliser.com) If you've got one of these chargers or batteries, bin it! Cheers, Gareth
  15. Hi Gang, I'm building the Tamiya Mazda787B. There are some areas of the green decals that neat touching in / neatening up. Has anyone got a tip for an off the shelf paint match for this colour? (I'm trying to modify the ZeroPaints colour I have, but colour matching is not a skill I possess! I should have masked and painted, but laziness won, and has come back to bite me on the bottom...) Thanks for any help, Gareth
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