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  1. The kit is old, needs some work. I will invest in tracks. Standard ones are not too good.
  2. It was sitting on my shelf for quite a while and whispering to me, saying, "Finish me, finish me, please." I'm hoping that this time it will happen. Please cheer me up in this task. I want to build a Merlin version of P 40. Therefore I manage to get a resin aftermarket front fuselage for it. To make it more interesting also I will add open PE flaps. Nice decals from Kits world. It is challenging, but what we are living fore, eh. I managed to fit in a resin nouse of the plain. All panel lines were redone to match the rest of the fuselage. It went easier than I expected. I made rivets on
  3. Revell is going to release MK I in 1/48 scale soon. Hasegawa it is the right choice too. Differences between MK I and MK VI aren't that big.
  4. I don't mind all your comments at all. We are maniacs hire, and we know the historical background of the models we are making. I do a lot of research about the kit I'm about to build. But, sometimes I want to try new weathering techniques. Thanks for your comments.
  5. Thanks every one for comments, I promise, next model will be more to actual historical state. She looks lovely when she is dirty.
  6. I exaggerate it a bit. I couldn't resist. Honestly, most fighters were much cleaner in that period. You are right to point it out.
  7. Gorgeous !!!!! Gorgeous !!!!! I'm about to start working on my P 38. Lovely kit it is. Thank you Tamiya
  8. I want to present my newest plastic creation. I build it on " IN the navy GB," but due to lack of time, I wasn't able to finish it on time. Tamiya 1/48 I hope that you will like it
  9. I did some interior. I know that spartan look and minimalist design was standard these days. No control stick, no rudder pedal was too much. Therefore I had to add it. Also, to make it more realistic I added longerons made by Plastruct inside the fuselage. It looks like I had a missing part, top of the fuselage. I had to buy the same kit again.
  10. Small update. It is time to apply decals. Unfortunately, one decal was destroyed during the process. The Print Scale decals don't like decal fluid they are very thin. Lesson learned for next time use just water. Right now I'm waiting for a new one. To paint insignia I had used Montex masks, it came quite good.
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