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  1. Wow nice research on the topic, looks like SP didn't do their homework on this subject. I have Italeri kit, and I'm wondering how it is done compare to the real thing.
  2. Echchch.., short run kits. It is a challenge to put it together and fun at the same time. Nice work, keep going.
  3. Hi Johnv, Interesting kit you are putting together hire, engine looks quite good. Any pic from interior?
  4. Hi, wow niece project. I will be watching this build. This pilot/service manual book really astonishing piece of history. I don't know which kit (SH or Italeri) is better, SH is probably a short run low pressure inject kit. Do you plan to add any aftermarket parts?
  5. Wow, I'm building this kit right now. If you need any advise let me know. It is very nice. Nice interior details, watch for manual. It has couple mistakes in interior section. Machine gun is a piece of..... useless. looks like sausage.
  6. Hi, I have built it last year. Nice kit, Matchbox rules. Mind the struts, they are very fragile. I had problems with it, and also floats' struts.
  7. Welcome!! Nice choice, french strange flying machine. I will be watching this build, good luck.
  8. I have it too. But i will chose for this GB something else I'm glad that you going to build it . Good luck, will be watching.
  9. Because my nice decals are for F version, I have to swap it out for another one. Yeah life is cruel.
  10. Hi, check a Aviaelogy company for RCAF beau https://www.aviaeology.com/store/p125/AOD72021.html#/
  11. hmmm, nice choice. Kit is a short run, so it won't be a easy one. Which scheme you are planing to do?
  12. Fighter from RCAF make my hard beats faster. Hi, RCAF get this fighters form RAF. THE British Purchasing Commission requested only one change to the fighters they bought, replacing main guns for 7.7 Browning. Everything ales was the same as in US fighters, that means the interior color was US standard. Only French Purchasing Commission has requested different instruments, guns. The did paint their planes in France just after reassembly.
  13. Welcome LDSModeller, it will be a nice build. You had chosen an interesting painting for your kit. Good luck mate.
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