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  1. The 1:48 one? Others are saying end of May! Rails' website saying on order - does that mean in stock? Just looked at the Pocketbond/Bachmann website (UK Importer) and they still say awaiting too
  2. Apparently Revell prices are going up across the board again on 1st August, so RRP for this going up to £90! Not sure whether pre orders will be honoured at lower rates so maybe worth checking. Blaming freight prices and material costs/availability.
  3. UK RRP is £84.99, I'll collect mine from Models2U when it arrives, they're offering for just over £76 (free UK delivery). Still not quite worked out where I'm going to put it! https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p15646_SR-71_A_Blackbird.html
  4. I've got the Richthofen figure in the stash. Keep toying with the idea of getting the Artesania 1:16 wooden kit to go with it but keep chickening out! (And it's £300+)
  5. For what it's worth, I've spoken to a couple of contacts in model shop retail, in the UK, who both stock a lot of Revell products (including all the paints etc). They haven't heard anything from their reps about anything like this and are probably two of the bigger UK accounts.
  6. Wow, Gee Bee in 1/144? Will be about 37mm long?!
  7. Picture says 1/48...
  8. Can't imagine Hannants being happy then. Presumably that will be a few thousand pounds revenue lost? Just don't get it - biggest model shop in the world doesn't get what they ordered (guessing on announcement, several hundred kits?). Especially as they wholesale too, so could now be many more shops unable to supply/meet pre orders
  9. Any whispers on when these might be arriving at the Big H? Got some other bits I need from them but wanted to wait for this one to arrive!
  10. It's a surprise that they've not looked at the F-4 EJ with the retirement of the last ones in JASDF. Plenty of interesting schemes to choose from too!
  11. Plenty of nice schemes for 757! Would love to see the Icelandair Hekla Aurora included
  12. Here, on the Tamiya USA website. Though I heard about it from someone who rep's for the UK Importer (Hobby Co.) https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/148-aircraft/f-4-phantom-ii-decal-set-a/
  13. They did Camo Decals for the 1/72 Hien kit but as far as I know , this is a first for their aircraft range
  14. Looks like Tamiya will be selling an alternative Decal Set for this one "12692 F-4 Phantom II Decals Set A". Unclear what aircraft are included yet
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