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  1. Big change for me since the early 2021 price rises was the paints, they've always been cheaper than Humbrol - but now they've gone miles past - now £2.19 for Humbrol vs £2.60+ for Revell. Was always billed as a great value alternative, but probably not so now!
  2. From what I hear from one vendor, Revell have circulated advice to retailers that prices are to increase again in 2022 (think from February onwards), by average of about 10% so may be good to get at the lower prices while you can!
  3. Now listed at Hannants so hopefully the confusion about only being available in SA is unfounded! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/K48081?result-token=AtLtm
  4. Just after some advice - been offered a few part used sets of the Blue Line (optimised for brush) by an ex-colleague. Are they any good? Much of the chat on the thread seems to be re Airbrushing (which I don't generally do). About a 90 minute round trip to collect so probably best to know whether it's worth bothering!
  5. Better be good, Hannants listing UK RRP as £99.99! To be fair that is £10 less than the forthcoming Hase edition.
  6. Guessing the CH-47 is the RoG one? Though can't see Academy tooling the different bits for the F/J variants so may just be different Decals?
  7. I did hear rumours of Henschel Hs 129 in 1/48 from them, so maybe this is the year. Criminally under-represented! (Not seen the Hase one for a long time!)
  8. Found it up for sale here already, £40ish with discount, so a bit more than the AFV Club one (£38 at Hannants) https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p16696_M18-Hellcat.html
  9. Just spotted this on the Tamiya UK Importer's page! Seems to read as a new tooling? Assuming it's not the Academy or AFV Club one. http://www.hobbyco.net/Hobby-Ecom-Live/releases/docs/35376.htm I've got the Academy in the stash but might move it on with a new game in town..
  10. Wow, that looks good! Built the Revell S100 about 15 years back, but this looks another level. Now for a M.A.S. !!!
  11. Spotted these on Hannants a few months back - don't know anything more. Interesting knock-off Tamiya logo they're using on some of the kits!
  12. Big H now offering this one for sale at £75. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MMTS-051?result-token=AtLtm Probably a no for me on that basis, but will wait and see what the inevitable comparisons to the Takom kit say.
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