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  1. It's a Series 11 kit, the others are Series 12. Though I think S11 RRP was £34.99 when first released so a decent jump over the years!
  2. Wonder if the M40 is the AFV Club one? Same box art, out of production for a while. Think it may be local market only as no number.
  3. Can imagine a few UK retailers getting a bit nervous. One has had a number of cancellations because people can already get them from Europe with not much price differential. PS apparently the latest arrival date from the Hobby Company has now shifted to next week.
  4. Not seen this announced elsewhere. Due October, this is the landmark 100th kit in the 1/48 MM Range: https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p16573_Sd.Kfz.-164-Nashorn.html Maybe a bit disappointing for some who had ideas that the 100th kit in the range might be a bit more exotic! (I'm happy enough as I like the Nashorn...)
  5. Apparently the UK Importer is now saying it's arriving w/c 20th July, so a little way to go yet. They had been saying it was due this week, but seems to have been some hold-up.
  6. Didn't we see the engine shots a few months ago? Feel like I saw them before. Would add that the UK RRP will be going up by £5 (Revell prices across the board by 5-10% from 1st August) by the time it arrives.
  7. Normally with HB, when Hannants give prices, they're not far off. I've heard Creative are supposed to be getting them on the 24th.
  8. The A now listed at Hannants- RRP £72.99: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HB81772 About £20 more than the Italeri F/HC.2 I got at the tail end of last year.
  9. Nice livery! Like the colours of Icelandair!
  10. May have been under-delivered from Revell but Big H already sold out of the Sea Vixen!
  11. Agreed, but for a European manufacturer, clearly European prices cheaper. Plenty of European vendors to choose from too!
  12. I was speaking to a UK retailer about this - they said that Amarang (sp?) killed the sales of Hasegawa in the UK by adding more and more markup every year. UK retailers couldn't compete with the Far East without heavily discounting and making 0 profit. Customers kept coming to them saying "but I can get it from HLJ for far less even with shipping". Hearing similar stories about Trumpeter from elsewhere.
  13. Thanks, very interesting. Still have hopes that Eduard might do one at some point, have a few of their Dr. I, and always liked them.
  14. UK RRP is £8.50, here reduced to £7.65. Couple of quid more than the "Easy Assembly" Hurri from Hobby Boss, and about a third less than the Arma one (£12.99 basic boxing). https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p16081_Hawker-Hurricane-Mk.-IIc.html
  15. Has anyone built one of these? Got the old Revell one about 5/6 years ago when re-released but ended up nose-diving into the bin (really flimsy kit).
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