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  1. Here, on the Tamiya USA website. Though I heard about it from someone who rep's for the UK Importer (Hobby Co.) https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/148-aircraft/f-4-phantom-ii-decal-set-a/
  2. They did Camo Decals for the 1/72 Hien kit but as far as I know , this is a first for their aircraft range
  3. Looks like Tamiya will be selling an alternative Decal Set for this one "12692 F-4 Phantom II Decals Set A". Unclear what aircraft are included yet
  4. March will be when it is available in HK. It seems like UK lag right now is ca. 3-4 months, so "Summer" is about right. In any case, I've ordered mine with John at Models2U - and as I'm fairly local, will be collecting (though its freepost anyway)
  5. UK RRP £120, here discounted for £108. Tamiya RRP was around £95 last time I saw, so quite reasonable? https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p16312_Avro-Lancaster-B.I.html
  6. I'm told that the UK Importer lists that is expected in UK in last week of June. Of course to buy from Far East will be sooner (maybe 4-6 weeks before that?)
  7. Still happening according to them, from 2 weeks ago: "yes we spend years of effort in it. We hold the project at the moment as we evaluate the major market is in US but we are very weak in US distribution, so we are working hard to re establish our network in US by our own subsidiary Kinetic North America - to enforce the network before we putting a step into it"
  8. I got that boxing. It's the 1/48 that hasn't been released after several years in catalogue.
  9. Here is the link for the announcement on Monday (4pm Japan time): https://tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html
  10. Full list not available yet - these are some new additions I found. I hope to see full list soon, but I don't imagine many new kits as a lot are still waiting
  11. Noticed some new Italeri kits coming soon from Bologna, but nothing else for 2021 yet!! 1448 F-4 E/F Phantom (guessing old Esci) 1449 Eurofighter Typhoon RAF 2811 FJ2/3 Fury (I suspect old ESCI, so not new) 4643 Cagiva 750 Elefant (old Protar) 7084 PzKpfw 35T (old ESCI) Very happy to see Cagiva Elefant back, that kit was always well displayed in my father's shelves ( he was big Paris-Dakar fan), so may buy for sentiment reason! Outside this, nothing for me. The kit preview catalogue only shows some Scania truck, so no more clues for 2021.
  12. I just heard from Hannants - "the price on the official Airfix pricelist is £19.99 - so it's a bit strange they're listing £22.99 on their own website!!"
  13. I noticed this also - Series 4 price is normally GBP19.99 RRP, but Mosquito is higher. Hannants have listed as GBP19.99 reduced to GBP17.99 for a pre order.
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