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  1. BSA A65 Lightning, quite a surprise! It had the angular tank and tank badge from the A65 Lightning Scrambler, not correct for the bike but it looked good. Nice to see it on the road.
  2. Jolly good indeed, the body is a daunting job. The mockup is great, ride height looks spot on. Such a simple thing, but so hard to get right!
  3. Love it, I'd be very happy to produce a model that looks half as good. The fact that it's a beer truck has not influenced my opinion at all, honestly... To me, the metal surfaces have a realistic appearance that is very difficult to achieve.
  4. What a lovely model! You've really done an outstanding job- from experience I know they aren't all the easiest kits to build... I've very seldom seen a Guillows kit built as a display model but a lot of them were designed as such and were never really intended to fly. At one point the instructions suggested displaying them uncovered (perhaps they still do?). Some of the more complex ones like the P-38 and B-29 certainly look impressive as bare bones. As it happens I have the West Wings Puss Moth and Dumas DH 89 in the stash and always intended them to fly, but seeing the Camel I think the DH 89 might be better done as a static model. It's quite complex and really a bit small to fly in a convincing manner with R/C.
  5. Taking my Mum to her weekly patchwork group today (a middle-aged task, if you aren't doing this sort of thing maybe you will in the future!) I happened to see this Nuffield. It's a diesel, a 10/60 I think but I would be pleased to be corrected on that if I'm wrong. Looks to be in very good condition. I know very little about the later Nuffields but I do recognise the front weights from a 1970s Ford!
  6. Dodge Viper outside the local cafe on Tuesday. Must be a RHD conversion so that would be a VERY expensive individual import. Also, seen in a rural location, a Blitz truck, which would be more correctly known as a Chevrolet CMP in the rest of the Commonwealth. Up on axle stands and looking like yard art but substantially complete.
  7. Thanks for the photo, it's a beautiful car.
  8. Two Lancia Aprilias! I rather like the red Austin 7 with the Brooklands screens too.
  9. Nice work on the kit, it's good but I have also found that the fitting of the engines is not easy. You can see what they were trying to do but in reality, it doesn't quite work out. Still, we got an injected 748 with good decals so I'm not complaining! As for the colour scheme, wow! One slightly uneven spacing with the masking would be a disaster. You can be very proud of that one...
  10. Beautiful models, that's a nice colour scheme on the MR2. Subtle weathering and exhaust stains, and you can tell from the exterior that the interior is immaculate!
  11. Outstanding, I would have guessed 1/48 at least... Nice tinting on the canopy.
  12. Those seats are looking great! Also the windscreen, which is a lot better than any injected windscreen I've even seen in a kit...
  13. What a great model, nicely done and the subject is very cool! I like the idea of taking something like this as far as it can go, or maybe just a little bit too far...
  14. Thanks for making that clear, I have the civilian version but have never opened the box...
  15. Yes, I think you can build an AA V-1A from that kit. A number of the V-1As used in Spain were converted from American Airlines aircraft. The large hole for the gun position in the upper fuselage would have to be filled but otherwise, just leave off the military bits.
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