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  1. The sergeant sitting 3rd from the right is off the dial good. He's waiting patiently for the next insane order from Captain Cadaver with the invisible swagger stick! Brilliant figures!
  2. I'm genuinely sad to hear that Wilko has left us. A true original, in a class of his own.
  3. Identified back on page 1 of this thread- it's a '71 Lincoln Continental. The 1971 models are a bit hard to sort out as some of the 2-doors had different front quarter panels and headlights IIRC.
  4. Wow from me also! Beautiful paint and weathering.
  5. Very interesting, it looks like a WWI USN Remington flare gun. If you're really into the fine detail painting, the grips are wood and the frame is brass.
  6. Saw a Triumph Spitfire Mark I parked outside the local pub yesterday. Bright yellow, Minilites, and a large bonnet bulge. Management was driving and she doesn't like it when I ogle other cars (she has a 2004 Mini with full race suspension and exhaust, and some other questionably legal bits) so we didn't stop to take a photo!
  7. 1971 Lincoln Continental I think...
  8. 'Tis a Sentinel steam wagon I think. I don't know enough about them to give a year. Lovely Fordsons too. Dextas aren't that common here, plenty of Fordson Majors though. The industrial version was very popular.
  9. That looks magnificent! Contrail kits are great but they still require a large amount of those elusive "modelling skills" that I've been unable to buy online... Outstanding work. I love the box top, and after the 1/48 Anson surely a Hudson is the obvious next RAF twin for Airfix...???
  10. What a nice model! Occasionally I see a Mk2 on the road- it has flared wheel arches and wide wire wheels and the the stance of the model looks spot-on.
  11. What a spot! Looks like a 1958 Thunderbird that got shrunk in the wash, with the roofline of a '58 Lincoln. I'm not a huge Ford fan but I do like the way Ford in the UK used the rear-raked rear window (or pillars- I think the Consul Classic has vertical rear glass...?), especially on the Anglia. OK, OK, I'm going now... no need to throw things...
  12. Wow, what a beautifully built and painted model. I mainly do civilian models myself and it's hard to view an artillery piece as beautiful but- when presented like this, it is!
  13. I'm just catching up too, the wheel wells look fantastic and they were definitely worth the effort! I don't know about resin copies but I'll be using this thread as an instruction manual when I do my Firefly!
  14. Wow, simply amazing! By my calculation the span is 60mm. One could go on and on but... just brilliant...!
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