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  1. Correct. The bulges (and larger tires) came with the G-4.
  2. Don’t know if I can find them now, but I have color slides of it when it was initially shown at W-PAFB in 1968, even had a chance to sit in it before it went on display. Hard to remember but I’m thinking it was at least two colors on the upper surfaces. I was stationed at Wright-Pat at the time and don’t think it was on display before then
  3. If you end up using a vac canopy that requires cutting I would also suggest (in addition to what Rolls-Royce suggested) you use a new blade for cutting and use several repeated passes rather than trying to do it one go. Alternatively a sharp pair of small scissors will also work. What ever cutting tool you choose, you can also use tape on other side of the proposed cut to help guide the cut and protect the clear parts.
  4. The Airfix H-6 kit adds Sprue frame F that has the wider chord props, spinners, and all the engine parts for the Jumo engined H series. The narrow chord props from the P-2 kit are also in the H-6 kit, but the spinners are on the same frame (E) as are the DB engine parts that the H-6 kits omits. I haven’t checked to see if the H spinners will fit the narrow chord P props. Unless you really want an early H series He 111, I would simply opt to build the Airfix P-2 kit since that version was still in widespread use during the BoB, if you must have the H, see if you can the just the correct P Sprue from Airfix...
  5. There are pictures floating about, I may have one on my computer on my desktop machine that does absolutely no good now since it will be a couple of weeks before I’m there again. If you look on the underside of a B-24, you will see an access hatch on the belly, near the tail. There was a .50 mg that could be swung down and the hatch swung open to provide some underside protective fire. https://www.google.com/search?q=B-24D rear underside guns&tbm=isch&hl=en-US&hl=en-US&tbs=rimg%3ACRJvF3RPeY_1zIqABd0yU41A8XhrusClduQq1HV-EyrEX7GmstFwVuVNibZPone44TM1v8j8qQ-zFIbeYNNnKF0ErOxA4-NfYrOTUKlo4b_1QvqLbeT2GhBV7eq1kavMqOy31b1wF122ABIDbTJw8xRDATXPVuD6ZtQX_1aNj6bem1rlip4Xqp4TslOB49ejg6q7jnHEG5JId6TEjLOqMgjjtKraMYEQeJUW8a6ayoSCXdMlONQPF4aEUjXdTZ1te-IKhIJ7rApXbkKtR0RSNd1NnW174gqEglfhMqxF-xprBGbVbFCfToJ5yoSCbRcFblTYm2TEUjXdTZ1te-IKhIJ6J3uOEzNb_1IRLjsTeMhap9sqEgk_1KkPsxSG3mBFI13U2dbXviCoSCTTZyhdBKzsQEUjXdTZ1te-IKhIJOPjX2Kzk1CoRGoUr2NrE53MqEglaOG_10L6i23hFI13U2dbXviCoSCU9hoQVe3qtZEWBDPbauFVKwKhIJGrzKjst9W9cRJD_12Pu-Oo6IqEgkBddtgASA20xFTXEfEwLXtNioSCScPMUQwE1z1EUjXdTZ1te-IKhIJbg-mbUF_12jYRtxEWAt6_1dOIqEgk-m3pta5YqeBFgoML90uUBbioSCV6qeE7JTgePEUjXdTZ1te-IKhIJXo4Oqu45xxARoacZwogfwykqEgluSSHekxIyzhEkP_1Y-746joioSCajII47Sq2jGEUjXdTZ1te-IKhIJBEHiVFvGumsR-MYCySWFAQo&rlz=1C9BKJA_enUS829US830&ved=0CCoQuIIBahcKEwiYnfS38c7lAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQDw&biw=1024&bih=648#imgrc=kPTNtwP4XUAC-M
  6. Chuck1945

    I hate photo etch

    Lately I have experimented with flexible CA. It really isn’t what we would call flexible, but it is slower setting and results in a less brittle (less prone to shear breakage) join - more time to set up, allows small adjustments before it completely hardens.
  7. Way back when I built the old Airfix IV, then after Frog’s I was released I grafted another Airfix nose onto what I thought was a better Frog offering. Years later did an MPM I and then started the new Airfix but never finished it. There is a MPM V still waiting
  8. Yup, the Tamiya parts fit the ICM kit better than the ICM parts!
  9. Just checked, I used the 1/72 ICM Bf 109E-7 boxing and the clear parts were there for both the E-4 and E-3 style canopies. Quite a bit of flash but once cleaned up the ICM canopy parts fit the Airfix 1/72 kit
  10. I have both kits in the stash, the Airfix one is immediately accessible, not sure where the ICM kits are, but if handy I can compare them for you (the ICM is virtually a clone of the Tamiya kit if that helps any)
  11. While I have most of the RS Do 17 variants, the only one I have built was the Airfix kit 45 (+-) years ago when it was a new release. Not read much about the RS kits from a building perspective but I would expect the usual caveats regarding short run kits. edit - added just realized you asked about early German bombers in general as well as the Do 17 specifically. Italeri did the Ju 86 in a couple of versions, 1970ish vintage. I think those have been selectively re- released over the years. They (Italeri) also did the Ju 52 in several guises including the bomber version and I think there were also after market parts for the bomber as well. Unicraft did a Do 19 in resin c.2013 and as you observed Roden did all the early He 111 variants but they have an evil reputation with regards to build ability; definitely requiring modeling skills and patience.
  12. CDL was a material more than a color so it can become a case of what looks right. When I was working on a Be2c several years ago, I ended up using a bottle of Tamiya Flat White and adding just enough Flat Yellow to barely tint the white.
  13. A6M2 model 21 Zero D3A1 for Val you are correct regarding the ‘Kate’
  14. Sky band and spinner was 11/40, leading edge stripe came with the DFS, 8/41
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