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  1. Chuck1945

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    You can really see the lighting on the Stuka wing where the different wing angles combined with sunlight makes the inboard downward sloping part look light green and the outboard dihedral part look dark green
  2. Chuck1945

    Paul Lucas color conundrums

    Goes back earlier than 2015 I think. I stopped buying the magazine after I started subscribing to AMW around 2012 and I recall articles on Fortress I colors and another on what color was used on RAF late model B-25s after the USAAF had gone to unpainted exteriors
  3. Chuck1945

    1939 roundel colours on a silver Sunderland

    Me too. I learned the roundels as A, A1, B, etc, it is easier to just keep using those designations. While not officially correct I suspect a big majority of WWII era RAF model builders will understand Type 'B' or 'C' while having to scramble for reference if Type I or II is used. "Old dogs and new tricks" comes to mind, especially in my case
  4. Chuck1945

    Airfix Heinkel He 111 H6 colour scheme

    Not with those names perhaps, but if Sherwin_Williams is any example, I bet something close to colors RLM 65, 70, and 71 are available with fancier names, a la Antique Green or Sunshine Blue Our previous house was reasonably close to overall MSG with OG trim. My wife balked at the upper floor exterior in DG/OG even if the color names were different
  5. Chuck1945

    Why car-doors?

    Perhaps the front hinged doors were designed to be completely released in an emergency (don't know enough about P-39/P-63 designs) but I would think opening that front hinged door against the slipstream would be virtually impossible.
  6. Chuck1945

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Totally OT but tied to Graham's comment about a USN blue. Dana Bell commented on Hyperscale in a thread about his latest monograph on USAC/USAAF Olive Drab 41 that his next booklet is planned to cover USN blue-gray and light grey camouflage including "...The Blue Gray book is getting more interesting with the discovery of additional information on the use of Dark Blue (aka Deck Blue), but we'll just have to wait to see when we can release everything."
  7. Chuck1945

    ICM Ju 88A-4 and He 111H-6, cockpit color?

    66 is appropriate for the Ju 88, and both 66 and 02 for the He 111. 66 in the forward area (cockpit proper under the clear parts and 02 in the fuselage aft of the cockpit.
  8. Chuck1945

    Academy B-24 Nose Wheel Weight?? Any suggestions?

    FWIW, Hasegawa recommends 90g in their B-24 kit. I plan to use a plasticard crate under the skid on mine
  9. Yup the 'fighter' sprue with the gun packs for both the If and IVf (and decal choice) is the only difference
  10. Chuck1945

    Rlm 22

    Personally I would go for overall NATO Black (XF-69) as you plan but then rather than specific panels in another shade (how likely is a specific panel (or panels) going to be a different color when the entire original air frame was painted black?) mist on variations both lighter and darker. This will avoid a patchwork appearance while breaking up a solid overall color.
  11. The Airfix kit is the only 1/72 Ju 87 offering with the downward clear vision panel for the pilot
  12. Chuck1945

    Tamiya 1/48 BF-109G question

    Their 1/72 Corsair isn't too shabby either
  13. Chuck1945

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    I agree with Graham and in 1/72: How small can I work with - etch parts How small do I usually choose - not very I usually am attempting to portray a particular aircraft and am more interested in the paint scheme and markings than how tiny I can get with details that will never be seen by anyone but me.
  14. Chuck1945

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    FWIW, I was able to get a new copy of the JaPo book last Fall from Roll Models The website indicates it has been reprinted
  15. Chuck1945

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    While not pertinent to some of the RAF Liberators, the Eduard sprues A ans B also have the parts to represent the Consolidated A6A tail turret. This is the turret used on the B-24D. Hasegawa used the Consolidated A6B turret for all their Liberator kits so the Eduard parts are also relevant on any USAAF B-24D. Also the Eduard sprue has the earlier narrow chord props appropriate for B-24Ds, whether in USAAF or RAF service. However, by 1944 or even late '43 many of these earlier aircraft had been refitted with the wider chord props that Hasegawa supplies. A picture, as usual, is your best reference