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  1. Chuck1945

    Question about US green seat harnesses

    Take a look here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/ww2-us-seat-belt-colour-t501456.html
  2. If you already have the kit it would take you about 5 minutes to cut out some simple letter shapes and try them on the fuselage to see how they look regarding size. Then use the one that looks ‘right’ to determine what scale decal size you need. For instance if a test letter 3/4” high looks best, then in 1/48 that would be a 36” letter
  3. Why not just make scale 30, 36” circles and see how they fit on the fuselage? Same with letters, make a scale “I” and see how different sizes fit
  4. Chuck1945

    spitfire yellow propellor tips

    I paint the yellow first, using a light color such as a light grey as a primer. 1.5mm tape is close to a scale 4” in 1/72 so I use that to mask the tip then paint the rest of propeller, usually with Tamiya NATO Black. I used to paint the blades first, then mask just exposing the tip but for me spraying yellow over a dark surface is tough hence reversing the order
  5. Chuck1945

    Aviaelogy Coastal Command 333 Sqn PDF instructions

    Try sales@aviaeology.com.
  6. Chuck1945

    Which paint?

    Max, there is a MRP source in the US and he does a pretty good job keeping it in stock. While my experiences with MRP have been good , it isn’t the best ever because at least for me, it is very difficult to brush paint any small details that can’t be airbrushed.
  7. Chuck1945

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    Presumably the RS kit of the P-38F
  8. Chuck1945

    Which paint?

    Do try your existing stock of Xtracolor before getting replacements. I no longer use enamels, but as said above if they were stored properly, they are probably still good. I have used 30 year old Gunze aqueous paints with no problems
  9. Chuck1945

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    Airfix also did an earlier P-38, F I think. Fit was ok, festooned with raised rivets and representative of the detail levels at that time - early 70s or so. I’ve built the Hasegawa and Airfix kits, have the RS and Academy kits. I have never heard a good word about the RS kit’s buildability
  10. Chuck1945

    Rareplane Breda 65

    I built that Rareplanes kit about 30 years ago. At the time it was the only option I think. Your comment about getting the the cowl opening right jogged my memory; oh the horror! It did turn out ok in the end though
  11. Chuck1945

    Frog vs Italeri vs Matchbox b-25

    Depending on your desired level accuracy, you might want to address the Hasegawa nose glass goof where the bomb aimer’s escape hatch ie erroneously molded on each side instead of just the port side
  12. Chuck1945

    Frog vs Italeri vs Matchbox b-25

    Caution. I got an aftermarket resin radar nose to make a PBJ with the Hasegawa kit. It was sized to fit the Italeri kit and too narrow to fit Hasegawa
  13. Chuck1945

    Frog vs Italeri vs Matchbox b-25

    Are you just asking for overall kit comparisons or hoping to use parts from one of those kits on your Airfix effort? I built all three of those over the years, would never choose the Frog one again. Matchbox is typical Matchbox, and Italeri would be my choice of the three; although still a poor choice given the new Airfix offering. From a part swapping perspective there is good chance that kit fuselage dimensions vary enough between those three that swapping may become problematic.
  14. Chuck1945

    Mosquito NF XXX NT362 HB-S of No.239 Sqn photos

    PM sent
  15. Chuck1945

    1:72 Airfix Hawker Hurricane (New Tool)

    Looks nice!