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  1. Curiouser and curiouser Thanks SD
  2. Thanks, those pictures are quite helpful. Appears then that the recess in the belly on the DML kits is in error, and it should be an attachment point for an ETC rack.
  3. Not an expert by any means, I also noticed those on my kit’s instructions as well and also saw it done on a couple of WIP topics. I just assumed those were replacement panels in the MSG night fighter scheme that hadn’t yet been repainted in OG
  4. Thanks again for the replies. It was the topic Troy linked that inspired me, and I didn’t remember quite correctly insofar as operational use was concerned. I have the Hobby2000 boxing H2K72050 with WNr decals for three Ar 234C aircraft. I do have the 1993 Monogram publication but is not readily accessible.
  5. Thanks RainerHooker (always liked Rainer’s ‘running of the wild Rainers’ ad) and Chris. I figured some sort of fairing, need to check my Ar 234B kit to see if the tank is included. I started the Frog Ar 234C kit years ago but it didn’t survive the move from Dallas to Pittsburgh in ‘93. At least my 234B kit made it all the way to Cheney. Just got the Hobby2000 edition of the ‘C’ model.
  6. The Arado 234C DML/Hobby2000 kit has a cut-out on the underside to fit a bomb or other device. What little reference I have for the aircraft isn’t at hand and since I hope to model one of the very few documented recce aircraft, I won’t be fitting any of the under hung ordinance. I suspect the real thing didn’t have a permanent oval cut-out, but I also have no idea how it looked if not carrying anything centerline. Any suggestions or information?
  7. Mine arrived two days ago so I’ll be watching this project. Not sure which version I’ll actually start first though (Ia/Ic, Coastal, or II)
  8. Yes, the Freightdog set corrects this as well as the external bumps on the bomb bay doors.
  9. Two things to consider, 1) while there was a standard for Olive Drab 41, in production and use there quite a bit of variability and 2) while ANA 613, was supposed to be the ‘new’ OD, the USAAF Material Command pretty much ignored that and told everyone to keep using 41, supposedly even to the point of re-labeling cans of 41 to 613 if someone insisted on using 613. See Dana Bell’s monograph on Olive Drab.
  10. Assuming it is a typo, but the Val was an IJN aircraft, not IJA
  11. I’m away from my references, but if you can track down the instruction sheet from the initial “Hornchurch vs the Luftwaffe” decal sheet from around 2010, the was information regarding at least two of the Kiwi labeled aircraft. I used it when building a model of Deere’s Kiwi in which he was attempting to scramble when shot down on take-off
  12. Back in the late 60s a booklet was published with supposed actual chips,Neutral Gray was very dark, think in terms of the British Extra Dark Sea Grey. Not claiming EDSG was a match, just using it as a reference point for ‘dark’. Especially early war (for the US) aircraft photos give an indication of this. For whatever reason, most later time period photos show a much lighter color.
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