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  1. Is mid 1944 the actual time period for the original photo? No sign of underwing invasion stripes that I can see and the GIs are all wearing coats or jackets...
  2. Chuck1945

    Best RLM 02?

    While I have followed this topic from the beginning, I have not gone back to reread all the posts. What just struck me is the possibility of a sort of scale effect; if you go to paint store and pick up some chips for a potential wall or room repaint, it is sometimes easy to forget that the 1” square sample will not look the same when it is an entire wall that color. Are we possibly seeing the same thing here, a sample appearing darker than what is observed in photos of aircraft, presumably painted in a similar color, but viewed, via photos, from a distance?
  3. Agree with both of Ray_W’s thoughts. Gunze’s part looks right, the Tamiya mix is way off and hard to tell on the Vallejo. But a couple of days ago in a different topic here I commented on a color that looked black when viewing it on my iPhone, was compared by the poster to a FS595 dark green; always hard to tell for sure with screen reproductions.
  4. Doggy, in Antti’s post the blue color is AMT-7. On my phone’s screen the other looks almost black, if so, AMT-6
  5. It really doesn’t matter who manufactured the kit, the actual colors used on the originals is the important part, then finding a model paint you are comfortable using that has the best matches for those colors. In 1943 the Soviet Air Force (VVS) changed the color scheme for fighters to a dark grey (AMT 12), lighter, but still not light, grey (AMT 11) and blue undersides (AMT 7). Before that fighters had black (AMT-6), dark green (AMT-4) uppers and again AMT-7 undersides. Early MiG-3s could have had A II light blue. Interiors were generally a neutral grey color.
  6. Just being picky, but the correct fighter group is the 332 FG, not 322.
  7. Unless you have photo showing bombs and triple bazooka, recommend going with one or the other, not both
  8. I have both painted spirals and used decals. In both cases I would assemble the spinner and backplate, attaching the back plate with PVA so it will easily pop back off and then paint the assembly. If using a decal, the paint would be in the base color, if a painted spiral, the I start with the spiral color. The spiral would then be masked using a narrow strip of Tamiya (or similar) tape, and the the remaining color sprayed. If a decal was used, the decal is applied onto the spinner and cutouts made if necessary where it goes over a prop opening. Then either way the base plate can be popped off, the prop fitted, and the back plate reapplied. If you are careful in the initial fitting of the spinner and back plate, ensuring a good fit, there ought to be no problem subsequently taking it apart and then back together. This is all in 1/72 scale
  9. Several articles on both kits over on 72nd ScaleAircraft Forum https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/la-5-clear-prop-a-pair-or-is-that-a-gaggle-t11354.html. CP -5 https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/la-5fn-kp-kit-t11330.html KP -5FN https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/la-5fn-t11353.html KP -5FN https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/kovozavody-prostejov-lavochkin-la-5-t11324.html KP -5
  10. What stays with me even today, 61 years after watching the ‘Strawberry Bitch’ land and taxi out at Wright -Pat was thinking, after seeing aircraft like the C-124, B-52, B-36, and C-133, how small she looked, how impressive it was watching her after all the newsreel footage of 8AF bombers on 1950s TV, and thinking ‘can they really display that name in public?’
  11. I was a 14 year old standing in the crowd back in 1959 when the ‘Strawberry Bitch’ landed at W-PAFB during the Armed Forces Day open house. I am stalled at the moment working on a Hasegawa B-24D w/Eduard upgrades from their CC edition, to be finished as ‘The Sandman’. This is the aircraft pictured emerging from a black background of smoke and flames in what, to me at least, is perhaps the iconic photo of the Tidal Wave mission. For some reason I find it much easier to build single engine fighters than heavy bombers
  12. The SB did not participate in Tidal Wave. It arrived in theater afterwards. It may have participated in the subsequent high altitude attacks on Ploesti
  13. No photos that I have, but the SB was built with the ventral ball turret. I most recently saw her about 18 years ago so no clue if she now has a turret. Her original ball turret was used in a B-17 restoration.
  14. Part of the answer depends upon which version and what timeframe. Late war Coastal Command TF X Beaufighter often had the exhaust collector painted a heat resistant black. There is an excellent rendition here on BM of a heat stained exhaust collector on a, I believe, a Blenheim model, six ago or so using a blending of colors
  15. I’ve built three SH P-40 kits and am working on a fourth. The only problem I’ve encountered, and it has been true with all three, is getting the gunsight, instrument panel and covering shroud to fit properly with the windscreen fit.
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