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  1. Hi, I would try to get in touch with Corsair Armada directly, if you have no luck with Corsair Armada Niko produce a 1/700 scale of USS Boise plus a number of other Brooklyn class cruisers. This route may be easier as Phoenix was extensively modified during the war,the other kits may be nearer to Phoenix’s post war condition.
  2. Hi Corsair Armada produce a resin 1/700 scale USS Phoenix I’ve the kit although dating from the mid nineties It’s a good kit.
  3. Mal


    Yes they did produce the Corona,.it used to be the model in their range above the Corolla at least that was the case in the early eighties.
  4. Thanks Dave, I’d thought along the lines of a painted yellow decal disc but as you say the thickness of the paint may show through. I’ve checked the usual suspects Hannants etc. but no one seems to produce a decal of that particular roundel.Victory Models Commonwealth Spitfire aces sheet includes an example, but even then I am unsure if it would be the correct size plus buying a rather expensive sheet for just a set of roundels is rather beyond the pale! Thanks again, Malcolm
  5. Hi I am looking to build a 1/48 Defiant operated by 264 Sqn. wearing modified A1 roundels (the roundels with the narrow yellow ring) any suggestions on where I might find a source of suitable decals? Thanks in advance, Malcolm
  6. Mal

    My Modelling days.....

    I’ve had ET for around ten years, won’t bore you with the details but I ended up seeing a neurologist, I was put on propanol,the effect was amazing went from being unable to write,spilling drinks etc, to now were I’ve fairly normal hand control and coordination,not perfect but I am now once again able to model.
  7. Academy did release the AccMin P-51B in a "Blue Nose" boxing. Malcolm
  8. I think you mean Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) you can buy caustic soda but I will say it needs to be handled very carefully. Malcolm
  9. I've seen a number of the sets of the actual figures (I've seen them in the flesh) they are amazing, I placed the link in my original post to help Woodstock find Starling Models. Malcolm
  10. Starling Models from sunny North Wales, stock both l'Arsenal and North Star 1/350 figures (personally having seen both I prefer North Star) Link below........ http://starling-models.co.uk/index.php?id_product=310&controller=product&id_lang=2 Malcolm I should of said North Star produce figures for a number of navies.
  11. Mal

    DRAW decals question

    I've used Draw decals in the past,obviously each individual marking has to be cutout from the sheet.You have to use very very hot water to remove the decal from the sheet,press the decal down onto the surface of the model with a hot cloth (a cloth dampened in hot water) The decals do seem to be impervious to decal setting solutions and yes initially I did try using setting solutions,if you follow their instructions they do give a very good result. Malcolm
  12. I should of said that I use Micro Mesh clothes for polishing canopies,starting at 2400 then 4000,6000 and finally12000,by going down to 12000 I find I can avoid the need to use polishing compounds. Malcolm
  13. I assume the Flory polishing pads are similar to MicroMesh? If thats the case you should sand in straight lines (not in a circular motion) each grade being used with a motion at right angles to the last grade.having started with the coarsest grade,you should end up with a nice sparkling canopy with no scratch marks. Malcolm
  14. Sorry I didn't make myself clear I was refering to the 1912 KGV class,KGV,Audacious,Centurion and Ajax. Malcolm
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