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  1. Hi Paul You probably have these already but some of the interior pics I used for reference plus a hydraulics diagram Judging by the lower cushion position I would guess it just pulled out
  2. Nicely detailed build. Just completed an OOB build on this myself so interested on how the aftermarket PE and your excellently rendered scratch additions improve the stock kit I have this pic of what I guess Zvezda used as a ref for the tyres. Odd looking but they did exist at some time or another I have accumulated quite a few ref pics, but the majority of close-up colour pics are post war so no guarantee they are original
  3. Recent Mercedes L400 aftermarket wheel discussion here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/mercedes-l4500-aftermarket-wheel-recommendation-t327453.html
  4. Dont forget the top mounted coolant pipe
  5. Work continues blending in darker oil mixes to give the vehicle a well used and worn in appearance. Subtle shadows and highlights were added to the the metal work areas and the wooden components treated to more of a 'wash' to bring out the wood grain in the panels. Next up is to work on those massive metal wheels
  6. Cheers Vaoinas I agree on the track sag. Unfortunately neither the idler or drive sprocket is adjustable so deleting just one link each side makes attaching them a difficult task. I intend to look at another solution to remedy soon
  7. A little more progress Cracks covered up. Adjoining walls tidied up, damaged roof material and debris added and PVA used as a primer on all outer stonework. Currently still working on composition on a few vehicle and figure options then I can get some base colours down
  8. Cheers Filippo. Indeed. Hopefully will look OK when completed. One small hatch is workable Thanks H and cheers
  9. Thanks Ed Some WIKI history of the Radschlepper It was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1941 and produced by Škoda in Mladá Boleslav. Around 206 vehicles were produced between the years 1942–1944. The idea of a heavy multipurpose tractor, intended for the prepared invasion of the Soviet Union supposedly came from Adolf Hitler. In 1941 Ferdinand Porsche prepared a design of a four-wheel drive tractor, distinguished by its large diameter - 1.50 m (4 ft 11 in) - steel cleated wheels. The vehicle was powered by Porsche's own design air-cooled, inline-four petrol
  10. Another one getting attention on the bench this month is Riich Models excellent Skoda RSO Radschlepper. These look increasingly difficult to get hold of these days, at least from my tinterweb searching abilities from the UK, and I wish I had purchased another. It is beautifully moulded with sharp detail and a real snap together Tamiya-esq fit. This monster metal wheeled goliath comes with a complete engine, two load-bed options and a fret of PE to replicate the more delicately sized parts. Care is needed drilling multiple holes in the wheels and the only fit issues I fou
  11. Cheers for the kind words Stef N. I seem to remember reading this review http://www.missing-lynx.com/reviews/german/dml6465reviewcs_1.html so I did lucky with this choice
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