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  1. Thanks Dennis. Yes, the Spad is this one: The Jug is: a good idea about the pylons but I fear the Voodoo pylon was larger. I will take a look, though. Martin
  2. RidgeRunner

    Any idea what this test vehicle is on F-101A 53-2438?

    Yes, Nikolay, the F-101A still exists in a US museum. Martin What do you mean, Nikolay?
  3. Hi all, I started decalling the Voodoo today. My intention was to use a visually-excellent Microscale set, from which I'd use the national insignia, U.S.AIR FORCE, USAF, etc. So, armed with warm water, brushes, setting agents, etc I set off earlier today only to find that the decals crumbled when being applied! :(. So, I've slowed up and no used some Xtradecal national insignia and a few kit stencils as a starter. I've then printed the decals that have failed me s well as taking the airbrush to the Microscale sheet with a dusting or two of Glosscote. I'm hoping that will let me at least use the stencils as they are far more comprehensive that the kit sheet. I've also added a Glosscote dusting to the Thud, ready for decalling after the Voodoo. As you can also see here from the cramped shelf that is my build line, I have started the next Voodoo. I have also started the Starfighter but that is out of shot. Simply, I need more space. I've agreed with Mrs RidgeRunner that I can swap my current office/workshop for one of our double bedrooms :). I just need time to get things shifted. Then I can build a display case, probably employing one of Ikea's Billy bookcases :). I probably wont post much more on the three above (apart from RFI). Although I think I might post when I build the central pylon on the next Voodoo. You chaps may be able to guide me through that process. Until then...... Martin
  4. RidgeRunner

    1/72 YF-105A Thunderchief Conversion

    Hi Ed, MMP Book's Yellow series edition on the Thud has drawings of the YF-105A. I'm having trouble with my scanner but will get you a copy if I can kick this thing in to action! Martin
  5. RidgeRunner

    US Coast Guard HUS-1G (later H-34G) Fuel Tank

    I dont know about the holder but the tank is standard and can be got from many kits, such as the f4U. Martin
  6. RidgeRunner

    Any idea what this test vehicle is on F-101A 53-2438?

    It looks like a makeshift sight? Maybe related to the drone?
  7. Hola Moa! My superlative pot is drying up and you've selfishly used up most of it ......... Another superb and intriguing build! Martin
  8. RidgeRunner

    Any idea what this test vehicle is on F-101A 53-2438?

    Ah ha, I hadn't seen those. They don't appear to be in the first image that I posted. so, any ideas about those, anyone? Martin
  9. I hope so, Nikolay. I need to clear space for the next two builds Martin Thanks Ed
  10. RidgeRunner

    1/72 YF-105A Thunderchief Conversion

    Well, I'm watching Martin
  11. Hi all! Finally, after being laid up for a while with flu - some time to get the Thud moving along. Today she has had the 27002 Metalcote applied, following earlier masking and the fin stripe added. She now needs to cure for a few days before I get to repair a few bleeds, add the canopy lining, and then buffing ;). So far, so good ....... Martin