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  1. Very nice, mate. This year I have had Poplar, Privet and Elephant HMs. A couple of nights ago I got a very pretty Yellow Shell :). https://www.sussexmothgroup.org.uk/site/latestSightings.php This year certainly isn’t as good as 2020, when there was an abundance of many species.
  2. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, Adrian. I hope the banter on BM, together with the usual great builds, will see you though it ;). All my best. Martin
  3. She is starting to. One together, Craig. I, too, like the Vaseline idea. I wonder if it works as well on enamels?i also like the light sanding idea on dayglo. I’ve thought about it in the past but never tried it. I use Testors Dayglo, both Red and Orange. It works for me but your Revell stuff looks the ticket too! Martin
  4. My reference is the "Italian Aviation Series: F-84F Thunderstreak - RF-84F Thunderflash" Aviation Collectables Company. Page 21
  5. Very nice, Rob. I checked my photo references for these machines and it shows them to be AN-M64 500lb bombs with the conical high speed tail.
  6. Thanks mate. Yes, I have those. I am particularly asking about Italian F-84Fs. There were the same era as the Dutch that Rob has mentioned. The colour photo particularly shows a machine late in its career at Larissa. I now know they should be AN-M56s :). The HVARs, of course, we’re the same :). Martin
  7. Thanks Rob. Yes, the Airfix F-84F has bombs but they are not great. I wonder if they are in any of the Hasegawa weapon sets?
  8. Thanks Rob. It looks like I need AN M65s with the conical tail. I can only find them at HPH. Do you know of any other suppliers in 1/72? Martin
  9. A great idea, Bob. I’ve never been brave enough to try that Martin
  10. A fantastic choice, Alan. The QF-104As were great and I have one planned for the future ;). Good luck with it! Martin
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