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  1. Well, that is exactly the kind of model I love! Great aircraft, a different and unusual colour scheme and well built :). Well done! Martin
  2. Another gorgeous build, Dragan Martin
  3. Nice, Dragan. I remember seeing lots of these and Galebs at the Belgrade museum Martin
  4. The best person to answer you, James, in my view, is Giorgio @Giorgio N
  5. And, of course, here too: https://www.i-f-s.nl. of course, if you want a good weapons configuration you should be going for Norwegian with Rockeyes Good luck with the build Martin
  6. Heaps of well deserved praise! A great model of a great machine Martin
  7. That is a fantastic model, Bjorn! Your wife’s First attempt at modelling is a triumph! Martin
  8. It is a real time saver and also helps to protect detail when applying the filler and sanding (apart from PPP which washes off easily). I use tape whenever I want to protect things during sanding Martin
  9. I’d love to think so but there is still a number of things to do before any comprehensive painting starts. I now have to get the exhaust positions decided and cut out. Then the engines need painting together with the firewall areas. Because of the way that Airfix have designed the cowlings they have to be fitted in two parts each. Therefore once the engines are painted I need to cement the cowlings on the model and add the dorsal intake, which I have yet to consider. Probably it will be made up using a small drop tank from another kit. Once that is all done and I have tidied the vari
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