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  1. Email,Obscureco now, Andre. I Have him on email,at this moment! Martin
  2. I hope so. If not I will need to adapt some from othertanks (F-82/P-61,etc)
  3. Yes, sad, as I need some 110gal tanks from him for some of my Mustangs........ Martin
  4. Obscureco are nice but maiking contact isn't easy. I've got three emails in to Chris at the moment and no replies Martin
  5. Hi all, I'm sure you AFV modellers will have a source! I'm looking for white star 1mm decals. I previously used Mehusla (YK-88-1) but they seem to have gone out of production. CAn anyone out there guide me to a source? I need 14 but 20 would cover casualties! Thank you. Martin PS: @72modeler Hi Mike, maybe a research project for you?
  6. @Jordi no,not at all. It is just that they are very familiar, mostly exercise marks. I agree, it looks like a good set. Go for it!
  7. For anyone with a copy of the 1970s Koku Fan F-104 book they are all very familiar :). As @Red Dot says, none are different in decal terms. It is just the variation in paint scheme. Attractive nonetheless. Martin
  8. Fuad, do you have a magic wand to bless each model?! Your consistent high quality is amazing! Martin
  9. Hi all! I've not done a GB before and now I'm tempted as it could be coincident with my current multi-Mustang build line. Having thought it through I rreckon I can save one for the kick-off of this GB. The others will be done before that - I hope! So, count me in! @Andre B Thanks, Martin
  10. I'd love too, Andre, but I can't ever be sure of meeting deadlines with my modelling. I do it around everything else. I've avoided GBs for this reason. My Mustangs are going to be Bolivian (1 x NMF current and 1 x camo to be started next), Guatemalan (x3 camo, display team and NMF), Uruguayan (x1 NMF) and El Salvadorean (x1 camo). The Airfix forward canopy has fit issues. I had it with all three of my previous builds. I will drop a few of my Tamiya kit's flaps for effect. If you look at photos they can be eiyther when parked. They do look great with everything down, though. I'll be honest, I didn't notice the undercarriage issues. The Tamiya is a beauty :). Martin
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