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  1. The most cost effective way is to use the Vespa set for the rear and a nose from a Mistercraft Su-20M2. All the Mistercraft Su-17/20Ms have it on the sprue.
  2. Which Peruvian machine do you want to build, Claudio. I am building the Su-22M2K, known as the Su-22A in Peru. If you want a later version, the “pretty” one, you need the Vespa conversion and the 72047. That is all you need. Martin
  3. The two Rafales came a bit later. THey are two from Mont de Marsan and are playing with Typhoons over the North Sea
  4. If you missed them, Stu, they are due to return home this afternoon
  5. Sorry Stu @PhantomBigStu, I had trouble with BM! A330 tanker now heading yor way and Rafales coming along too
  6. We just had a French E-3 over us at FL320 heading NNE and looks like going to the North Sea
  7. Given the timeline and my glacial speed with builds I might not make this GB with the Invader :(. Let me think of something else; something quicker!
  8. and topically, how about The Pogues, A Fairytale for New York?
  9. Now you're talking! Delicate, intricate, complex, challenging, cerebral music that delivers something more than pop drivel. Its the thinking man's music, the Belgian beer or Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter as opposed to a lager! . How's that for controversial? Each to their own, though Martin
  10. Neither did I! I’m still a Fitter novice. Soon I will start cutting plastic and it will look like a build rather than a scattering of ideas.
  11. Well, I guess I do! If I can get the bits together I’ll enter the Invader! I may start but not finish it in time but I’ll try Martin
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