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  1. Thanks Wez. I may have some tanks from another modeller. I will keep your offer safe, though. By the way, this isn't the subject of my project ;). M
  2. Thanks Wez. You've been quiet recently, or maybe just not on threads that I've frequented? Martin
  3. Away from this forum it has been suggested that these were fletcher tanks sans fins. Would that make sense?
  4. Hi Dennis, @Corsairfoxfouruncle Look here ..... http://www.gonavy.jp/bbs2-b47f.html M
  5. Hi all, I'm off on my usual distracted way..... Do any of you know, or can suggest, how to get these tanks in 1/72? Thanks, Martin
  6. Hi Bill! You are making excellent progress here! Wonderful stuff! Martin
  7. Very nice, Ringo. Keep up the good work. You've started very well Martin
  8. Oooo.... that takes me back ... to the kit, which I built in my ham-fisted way - and to Sunday evenings on the viewing terraces at Gatwick above the south and north fingers :). A very nice build Martin
  9. Very nice, Pat. An unusual type for the forum. Martin
  10. Very nice, Libor. A refreshing change from the red, white and blue . Nice! Martin
  11. @TheRealMrEd Thats a neat job, Ed. I like it, a lot! What I admire about your work is that you tackle the unusual, using all of your considerable modelling skill and knowledge to get results such as this. It would be more of a modelling desert without your like inspiring us. Martin That is very nice, too, John @John R . Like Ed, I love your interest in these prototypes and experimentals. My sentIments above apply equally.
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