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  1. Remember Stu that with the Daco sets you need all three sets. There is one for numbers and letters etc, one for unit colours and one for all the basics. Two of those are OOP as far as I know.
  2. My fancy is to build the Greenham Common 1974 Dane - G-222 - but when in Turkish service ;). I will need to get to grips with salt treatment first!
  3. Painting has started but not really enough to photograph, upload and post. So far it is the background grey of the engines plus the Interior Green wheel wells. Nothing too exciting! I will get more done on the engines soon and then on to metallic areas that I will treat with either salt or maskol before applying the white. These areas were very worn and showed clearly in photos. I've never used either technique before, though!!! 🤞
  4. There is another post around about F-84F weaponry. My view: dont phaff around with some mysterious but publicly never seen and abhorant nuke, or "shape". Explore the wealth of weaponry and practice weaponry that the type used. It was extremely wide ranging, from practice rounds of rockets and bombs through to large weight bombs in many shapes. Add to that the numerous tank confirations and you've got variety enough to keep this subject running and running! Each to their own , of course, but I think diversity is the key for a machine that served NATO and others so widely. Martin
  5. Thanks Notet also that different air arms used different weaponry. For example, Italy generally used HVARs as singles while also employing WW2-type bombs from old stock. Remember that the finances of some nations in the 1950s/60s were not good. Those shown above on the Greek machine at a families day at Larissa was for show. The F-84Fs in Greek service by the that photo was taken were recency supplement airframes to keep RF-84F pilots current.
  6. Just a small update. I have been surveying her for blemishes etc. PPP has come to my rescue for most, together with sanding sticks. the edges along the main and rear cockpits were/are troublesome, as was the underside of the rear fuselage. If all goes well - and there is currently potential for it not - I hope to get the first paint on her tomorrow 🤞 Martin
  7. Ware you sure you didn’t pick up a 1/48 kit to build that? It is absolutely superb! I just do t have the patience or skill like that, sadly.... Martin
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