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  1. Really? I converted a Trumper D To a B and another to an early D without any issues. Just care is needed but that shouldn’t be a reason to mark the Monogram over the Trumper. From what I’ve seen they both have faults. The Monogram windscreen area is suspect for sure, as an example. Martin
  2. I went with Trumpeter for my three builds. I got heaps of praise from Dennis Wills, a Thud driver, and so I am happy. Certainly there are issues but what doesn’t have them! The so-called riveting is the biggest challenge but nowadays PPP can remedy that. Martin
  3. Watching the antics last night with AF1 on a tour of the U.K. and the C-32 struggling to get in to Newquay was amusing
  4. That’s right, and probably the other is the one I would build Martin
  5. The two camo French machines are great. The silver machine looks great too! They’d look great with wing tanks! Martin
  6. A little over optimistic! I realised that the Modelsvit canopy isn't a true full and accurate part :(. I realised when I started marking out the vac form and saw that it should have the flange around the rear. On the kit is i simply marked out on the fuselage parts and so when you use it with the canopy closed it gives an impression of the real thing. My dilemma is then that, having noticed this, the fuselage halves of the slowly growing model doesn't have the recessed sides to the cockpit. What to do? Well, I have still gone for the using the kit forward windscreen and the va form rear but ha
  7. Thanks a lot, Giorgio. I might rethink my strategy. If it spoils the Modelsvit M3 I might build a Russian
  8. Yes, very sad :(. Thanks for your advice, Werner!
  9. I see now, from 3view drawings, that the Su-22M2 had not only the jet area differences but also a forward fin change, different scoops (because of the engine, I guess) as well as the longer nose. If the Mistercraft proves to be a true Su-22M2 with the correct jet engine shrouding, and is true 1/72, I reckon I could mate the two ;). I was hoping for a more simple build! :(. Now, dont tell me that the Modelsvit Su-22M3 isnt good for a Peruvian ! Martin
  10. If the Mistercraft is a true -22M2 I guess I might be performing surgery on the back end!
  11. Just in case, I found a Mistercraft "Su-22M2" for £10 including postage so I bought it!
  12. Ah, the wonderful drone of T56s strapped to a Herc :). G-781 went over the village half an hour or so ago at FL200, heading for Cambridge. A proper Herc! Martin
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