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  1. Phew ..... a rummage in the loft revealed the Red Roo wings, and some other stuff I'd forgotten about :). I got them out of the box and they seem to be pretty good :). Martin
  2. You certainly have, Malcolm. I am very fortunate in that when I was in the airline side of things I could travel around Europe easily and the flights were free :). We regularly had VRN flights and often W-patterns, where a flight, for example, originates from Airport A (normally LGW), flies to the destination and returns to another UK airport, and then does that again but in reverse order. It meant that you could get a full day at various places. Verona was one and I had a great day there in late 1985. The 1986 visit was organised through their public affairs office, full ramp tours (just me and my wife), hangars and even lunch! Martin @Baldy Malcolm, one shot from the Ramp in 1986. The day was grey unfortunately but it didn't spoil things for me :). I haven't edited the shot but you can get the feel of it
  3. A great set, Andy. For me the F2s with the third landing and then the two F-4s taxying towards you, the blie camo one ;). Very nice. Martin
  4. Superb! I casts me back to a base visit I made to Villafranca in April 1986 :). You’ve produced a wonderful model of a great aeroplane . And it’s a 28 Gruppo machine Martin
  5. Yes, they do, but I was hoping to avoid buying two kits for one build. I need the fin fillet too.
  6. Confirmed, @wez. I have it paid for and in the post :). A new type for me so I’ll be asking lots of questions
  7. Hi Roman, a question: does this kit come with the stabndard canopy too? I ask because if so I would get one as I need a standard canopy B with the fillet. Thanks. Martin
  8. err... I just looked for my RedRoo wings and I cant find them :(...................................
  9. Thanks Mike but dont hold your breath. I have a thing about anything native american and this fits the bill perfectly. The schedule is exceedingly busy! Martin
  10. @Sabrejet @Terry1954 @Tony Edmundson @Julien and others. I've got my self a Hobbycraft Sabre 6 - a "steal" at SMW (and a number of Fujimi F-86Fs) and the Redroo slatted-wing set. Is that all I need for an F.4? Aren't there any panel line differences?, vents? etc..... Thanks. Martin
  11. RidgeRunner


    It isn't in my gift to determine how things are done here but I'd venture to suggest that "The Rumourmonger" (the section I imagine you are referring to) is named as it says, in the memory of a passed member. I'm sure we are all big enough and wise enough to work around that, aren't we?! In my opinion, like any data capture, it is best being central and thus that section is appropriate, rather than scattering "news" around the various sections leading to repitition, more error and many missing some news that they might be interested in. Martin
  12. That’s sounds like a good solution. It will mean, of course, that you will have two Starfighters sat side by side with one looking pretty accurate around the canopy and the other a little overblown. That is, of course, offset by the better detail in some areas on the Esci. It is still better than a Revell option, though, in my view. Of course, in the end, if you’re happy that’s all that matters :). Martin
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