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  1. RidgeRunner

    Pzl 23B Karas IBG Models 1/72.

    A great build Martin
  2. RidgeRunner

    RIAT 2018 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

    another nice set, mate, and a great M2000D recovery shot
  3. RidgeRunner

    RIAT 2018 Friday - My first show for 4 years

    Nice, Jonathan Martin
  4. RidgeRunner

    Couteau Delta - Fairford, July 2018 (More 16/07/18)

    Adding four more from Today's (Monday's) departures day..... Again, I hope you like them. Martin
  5. RidgeRunner

    Ansaldo ISVA WWI Italian Floatplane 1/72

    That's a beauty, for sure. Nice work. Martin
  6. RidgeRunner

    1/72 RS Models F-5A Lightning

    Very nice build, Roman. An unusual variant to model too. Martin
  7. That is stunning, Fuad! . You amaze me every time you post a new build. Martin
  8. It's an F-84F so I have to comment ...... Beautiful work Martin
  9. RidgeRunner

    Couteau Delta - Fairford, July 2018 (More 16/07/18)

    The N (Force de Frappe) nuclear delivery models have just been retired (end of June). This newer team operates the D (tactical, conventional delivery) model. Here is a Ramex Delta Mirage 2000N at Fairford a year or two back ... Mirages? I love 'em .... They look the way an aeroplane should!
  10. Just a very few images, but covering the great machines and colour of the current Armee de l'Air team, the "Couteau Delta".... I hope you like them.... Martin
  11. RidgeRunner

    RIAT 2018 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

    An nice set, mate . Clearly you were in the FRIAT stand? The Frecce shot in the smoke swirl stands out to me. . Back on Monday ......
  12. RidgeRunner

    RV Aircraft 1/72 MiG-21 Fishbed family

    Yes, Madcop, that would be important. A sadly poor area for accuracy in every MIG-21UM to date. Martin
  13. RidgeRunner

    RV Aircraft 1/72 MiG-21 Fishbed family

    So it's a reboxed Bilek?
  14. Thanks a lot for your thoughts, mate. I use enamels exclusively so Future - not that I have any - isn’t an option for me. I’ve pretty much decided on satincote with appropriate bits in matt - spine, wheels etc. The pre-lookalike finish on Thuds was untreated NMF as far as I know. This machkne was, of course, very early in the build timeline so NMF is appropriate. I am now in the decalling phase and will RFI once done :)..... finally! Martin