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  1. They are coming along, Stuart. I'm really looking forward to your "take" on these colourful machines Martin
  2. A Starfighter, and one as good as yours, deserves praise. Very nice :) Martin
  3. That is beautiful work, Stuart
  4. Excellent work, Reini. I like the tailplanes. I remember that gun pack panel being tricky. Martin
  5. I found some Armando, in the Special Hobby AH-1 kit :). So, if anyone would like a cheap Special Hobby AH-1Q/S, but without the two smaller rocket pods, just drop me a PM. Martin
  6. Stopped are slow, mate. I think part of the reason is a language barrier. Nice people, though. M
  7. Really, Armando? The LAU-3 for the 2.75" isnt the same as in this photo, is it? If that is what I need I will have to get searching again :(. Thank you. Martin
  8. Yes, mate. That is safely kept in the kit box with the other salvaged bits Thanks Jason. I was so pleased with progress on her. However, on balance I think it is the right decision. Onwards, upwards, etc, etc.... Martin
  9. Another one of Kelly Johnson beauties to grace the GB :). You'd do well to read Reini's thread and @Giorgio N's excellent overview. Good luck with here mate!!! I've used the Stoppel F-100 set and it was exzcellent. Martin
  10. Yes Stuart @Courageous, it does, but I could have done without it on that build :(. TAlking of failed builds I gave up with the P-51C that I intended for the STGB. I now have a Swiss P-51B and a part built C. Any good to you?
  11. I'm in to salvage now :). I rescued the cockpit, forward intake and jet pipe. The wings have also come away cleanly. That'll save me a bit of time . Meanwhile I can get that latest Mustang moved along Martin
  12. Hi all! Not a great day today. After a lull I thought I'd set about the speed brakes. I initially left them closed (the easy option) but then, having discovered that in FAH service the SOPs mandated that they were always left open on the ground, I had to attempt to cut out the brakes with the fuselage closed and try my best to make the Eduard inserts that I bought fit. Of course, there was no way they were going to work but in my stuborness I ventured on. The net result is that I have trashed the build in my fumbled atempts to insert the housing, or at least trying to represent one with the bits I had. I failed and so the part-built kit is on the shelf and I am sulking kicking myself. So, not to be outdone, I will restart with a second box :). An expensive exercise but I really want this one to be right......... Let me get back to where I left off and the normal service will resume :)..... Martin
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