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  1. Hi Nikolay! @Nikolay Polyakov How about this? Martin
  2. Sorry, I meant to post her "after filler" shots: Martin
  3. A little more fiddling today. My first job was to get the nose on and then to mask all seams that require filling to avoid any overspill. I use Squadron Fine Filler which quickly eats in to the stryene and so I try to minimise any wrongly applied this way. I then leave these tapes for the early stages of sanding, again to minimise errors with the stick! She looks like this today: Now, while I that settles and cures (not long ) I have the subject of the jet pipes to tackle. The Valom kit falls down in this regard, in that they are too short. My remedy is to purchase some stryene tube (actually i is Butrate) to make up the shortfall. The diameter of the tube I purchased is 12.7mm while the jet pipe rear end to match this is 12.8mm. Pretty much bang on! . Note to other builders: even the Detail & scale drawings are wrong in this respect. Above are the resin and PE parts, plus the tube, that I now need to get in to the correct shape. The apertures on to which the jet pipes should sit are like this: I had considered boring this out so that I can slip the tub in but on reflection I will simply cut a ring a cement the jet pipes directly on to he face of this.... unless I find that the aircraft had obvious thin edges in this area and in that case I will go back to sanding! More again soon. Martin
  4. RidgeRunner

    F-105G Trumpeter 1/72

    Very nice, Joel. I've been thinking of adding to my current string of Thunderchief builds with a Trumper twin-seat. My plan will/might be to build a Combat Martin machine (obviously). That will mean a fair bit of chopping back to a 1960s F........ Right now I have my hands full with my current B-model (in WIP). Martin
  5. Very nice. Neat and well built Martin
  6. A seemingly endless journey of thrills! ;).... Hopefully I can get the final flaws on the nose tidy tomorrow and get another very thin prime coat on..... Martin
  7. Hi Wez! I'm happy to pipe you aboard, sir! Martin
  8. RidgeRunner

    Su- PAK FA, Su-57 Hobby Boss 1:72

    A very nice build, mate. Martin
  9. Hi Nikolay! the small white one shown here as my replacements are tedious to fit. The inner ones might work as you say. I have already cemented them together but maybe I will try that on the next one ;). I have a Valom F-101A ready to go next :). Martin
  10. Thanks a million Mike @72modeler and Nikolay @Nikolay Polyakov. I will look through these tomorrow. Martin
  11. Very nice, but I need a lay down after all those photos! Martin
  12. Now that's more like it, Terry Nice work. Martin
  13. Time ran away with me yesterday and so I only just got a light primer coat on, to highlight flaws etc. As you can see, I've still missed a few places and so will get to them ASAP. Overall I'm very pleased. Aside from this it'll be sanding the spine, fin tip, etc today and then back at her tomorrow for more on the nose. Martin