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  1. Hmmm ... think, think, what’ll I do? Just when I had decided not to make the big cut! Thanks for all of your work on this Jerzy! The next question for me is how easy it is to cut, insert a 6mm plug and sand it to a seamless condition. Those beautiful curves look difficult to maintain if you jam in a plug of any size! Martin
  2. Absolutely, Wez:). There have been some great recent additions Martin
  3. Its great to see yet another LeO, Tony!! Wonderful!!! Martin
  4. Thanks Mike!!! I didn't consider that!! Martin PS: thanks for the mail
  5. Despite my resolution to get the MiG-21UM moving, I've done a little on the LeO today. First of all I am posting the decal sheet drawn by Giorgio: Please excuse the odd "C", my error with Photoshop! You can see that the AIA badges are included and, after referring to the various publications, I've decided these are the colours, and not as shown in the Meunier book. Today I got the nose and upper fuselage transparencies installed: They needed a fair bit of rimming as the rear "flange" is excessive. Once cure
  6. My kind of modelling I dont possess anything powered for modelling, except the airbrush Martin
  7. Absolutely Good luck with this one, Adrian! Martin How about a scan and colour change in photoshop or something similar?
  8. "Venezuelan" caught my eye, as you might expect!!!!! Thats an incentive to buy one of these!!! I'm be watching avidly Martin
  9. That looks like a nice kit and would look great finished with the French cockade! Martin
  10. Absolutely, Wez. As you know, when building a Fennec you need to get photos of the specific airframe in order to know the canopy type. The lower type, again as you know, can be sourced from Rob Taurus. I'm interested in that book too!!! Like always, I feel an urge to sray from my build plan, eager to build a Fennec now! Martin
  11. Hi Dave, There are some excellent French aviation books. If you can read French they are even more useful. I have the superb "Les Skyraiders Francais" (EM 37), the equally good "Super Mystere B2" also from EM 37, the "The F-100D/F Super Sabre dans le Armee de l'air" - another from EM 37, the two North African books from Grossnire and the more recent Leo 45 Tome 2 reference from Meunier. I'd recommend them all. Unlike others the French seem to giveyou a wealth of images, an extraordinary level of detail and a comprehensive picture of the subject. Try one! Martin
  12. Nice work, Richard It would be great to see that workmanship with a French overcoat Martin
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