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  1. trickyrich

    North American Aviation - just 5 to go

    no worries Dave you're on the list.
  2. trickyrich

    Yugoslav Messerschmitt

    I love the scheme and subject choice Craig, quite unusual and different, will be following this one for sure!
  3. trickyrich

    Gloster Meteor Mk.F4 Klu

    that is a huge piece of resin, good to see!
  4. trickyrich

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    a change can sometimes do wonders, I had had really poor form with AFV's until I build the ZSU-57-2. It was the first AFV I'd manage to finish in under a year and a thoroughably enjoyable build it was too. So much so I'm building 5 this year! It's a cool looking armoured car you've chosen, I look forward to seeing it in the build.
  5. trickyrich

    The Rise and Fall of an Empire - new subject added

    arr hah!! I knew there would be someone out there who knew more about the subject. Now knowing what I know (which normally isn't much), it maybe better as you mentioned to make it China 1937-45, that will make eligibility easier to figure out. Thanks for that Mike.
  6. trickyrich

    The Rise and Fall of an Empire - new subject added

    I agree Patrice, this is the perfect follow on for the Pacific at War GB, it has the subject matter that a lot of member wanted in that GB. "Island Hoping" - plenty of opportunity for AFV's and landing craft, PT boats, plus of course all the aircraft involved. "Pearl Harbour" - a chance to build some pre-war (only just) classic American aircraft and something for the ship builders to join in with the US Fleet based there that day. "Defence of the Homeland" - time to roll out the big guns, B-24's and B-29's plus all the self defence aircraft Plus of course all the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy gear we don't really get seen built. We got to see some in the Pacific at War GB, but that's a fraction of what could be built this time. Someone mentioned another possible subject for this GB and in the interests of getting this GB up, is now appropriate to be added. "Manchukuo - Empire of Manchuria 1931-45", "China 1937 to 1945" this would cover Japan's invasion of the region up to the Soviet Invasion in August 1945. Hopefully there are members who know about this conflict as I know very little. Which will including the American Volunteer Group in Southern China ........"Flying Tigers" anyone? Hopefully with this addition and a wee push will get this one up and running.
  7. trickyrich

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    I would say so, observation is another form of reconnaissance
  8. trickyrich

    German Flakpanzer M42A1 Duster

    yeah I know...... with luck it'll almost be there at the end of this break, only a 6 day break this time, but only if I don't get distracted..... plus I do have the last 4 days of the build as well if I need it
  9. trickyrich


    I actually find the whole process of putting them together as quite therapeutic......there again I'm a bit odd to start with!
  10. trickyrich

    A swoop of Swifts

    ....now if they had just named it a Seagull......
  11. trickyrich

    German Flakpanzer M42A1 Duster

    hmmm fun=madness!
  12. Silly me has decided to build a second beast for this GB and something a bit unusual. Enter the Trumpeters BTR-50PK, a rather odd beast and the forerunner to a famous line of AFV’s. This is a fairly simple model so it should be a simple build and with some extras. …and more Friulmodel tracks, I did go on a bit of a spending spree on these last year……I really must buy shares in the company! …and not quite the PE madness of the Voyager Model PE set this time, a little bit more subdued with the Eduard set this time. It maybe a few weeks before I can start this one as I have the F-14 to finish first, but I’m looking forward to this build and playing in the mad again!
  13. I’m going to start the first GB of the year off with something different for me an AFV!! After having so much fun building the ZSU-57 of the 60‘s GB I thought I better build something similar for this one. Enter the M42A1 Duster, I’ve always like this beast so here is the perfect opportunity to build one. I’ll be building AFV Club’s lovely model of this beast with a few extras thrown in. Of course I could go past Friulmodel tracks, though these ones are a wee bit more complicated to build than the usual one. You have to attached tiny white metal nuts to cover where the metal pins go for each link! There’s two days work and lots of swearing covered! That in a moment of complete insanity I bought the Voyager Model PE Upgrade set for her……little knowing just who intricate this set is! Something like 4 or 5 hundred bit of PE to use, and most are the perfect size, as in microscopic for the carpet monster to eat! Dear God what have I gotten myself into!!! Oh well where’s the fun of a build without cursing and muttering……..so lets start the year at 11!!!!
  14. trickyrich

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    in this case I don't think there'll be an issue, what an awesome looking model!
  15. arrrrr... I'd forgotten I'd signed up for this one! I've just acquired a cool set of decals from Ventura in 1/32nd scale.....so you can sort of guess which model I'll be bring along, it'll be a RAAF P-40N.