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  1. wow she looks so good with some colour on her!! I was think the same thing when I first saw colour on her, some laser cannons would look out of place at all!
  2. yes very nicely done. ..and yes I am having similar issues with Mo & Jo as well, though hoping I might come out of it tomorrow
  3. nice to see "Little Nell" is underway. I didn't know these aircraft had such an unusual tail configuration.
  4. gee those inside panels look really good, will have to remember how you did that. She is a nice model, I've just acquired the early version, mainly for the spare canopy which I will now use on my resin one. The Vacform one is/was crap! Looking forward to seeing the paint job one her.
  5. a full Scottish breakfast .......a wonder you're not be in a food coma after all of that!!! Just a Bacon & Egg roll and coffee for me!!
  6. Welcome along again Julian with another fine and interesting choice. It's nice to see some of these early civil jets in the build, we really don't get to see too many of them in other GB's. It does look to be a nicely detailed model as well. Well good luck with this one as well, will be another nice addition to the gallery.
  7. it's been a little while since I bought up to this build, he's looking great Enzo, that facing is coming along nicely.
  8. I agree more awesome Floatplane stuff!!!!! What a great looking models, and a great looking start as well. That cockpit area looks to be very nicely detailed, you've done a great job on her so far. Good luck with this build as well, it's nice to see more Float/Seaplanes in the build.
  9. Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up with progress on this build..... But boy she's looking nice!!!
  10. It's eggxactly the the type of Mojo restoring build you need........ until you can't help yourself and you start modifying bits!!! These are always fun to see in builds, so nice to have one here. Would you like me to scan the digital scheme version I have, would look great on this!! Well good luck with the build, hope the Mojo gets a good boost as I'd hate for you to get egg on your face!!! ....... you do know these egg jokes won't stop......
  11. welcome along again....... Wow this one is a real classic, mid 70's was the first release of this one with the figures if I remember right, I remember seeing it in my local toy shop in NZ (they did have hobby shops back then). Still even then Tamiya models were great. Well good luck with this, should be a nice simple one.....until Godzilla stomps on it!!
  12. Oooo and another nice/interesting build from Enzo!!! I do like your idea of trying to keep it simple, I need to learn to do that, but still great to see you have some lovely AM stuff to go on her, especially the Quinta cockpit!!! I like the decal mottle! I used something similar for the "Smoke ring" camo on a pair of Macchi's I built a few years ago. They do make life/painting sooo mach easier. Though it does depend on the quality and thickness of the decal film, will be very interesting to see how it goes. Good luck with this one, will be interesting to see how it all comes together.
  13. Ooo Dennis, finally we get to see a Sabre Dog in the build!! I was wondering/hoping we would see one here. Nice to see you're off and running with her as well. Well good luck with this build, sounds like you have a very busy work bench, look forward to seeing this one completed.
  14. Welcome along again Stew!! Haha, you wouldn't be the first to buy a model just for the extra that can inside........ I just bought one yesterday for the spare canopy! A ZM 1/32nd Toryu!!!!!! I am sooo jealous, have been trying to justify buying one of those for ages...just keep getting distracted with other models...one day! Gee it's a nice looking model, and I see you've made super nice progress with her as well, that IP looks amazing! Good luck with this build, looking forward to see how she builds up.
  15. welcome along with a great choice!! I actually had one of these models in my hot little hands yesterday, I nearly bought it, but found a Gekko instead. These Tamiya models are gorgeous, super nice to build. good to see you're off the a great start, what you have done so far looks awesome, great work! Hope you enjoy the build, looking forward to seeing her in the gallery.
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