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  1. ...and they said Model making was a gentle hobby for old men and young kids!! (gotta have a dancing penguin!!) ....am off to buy one now....or something else!
  2. no worries at all, still plenty of time to join in. An RF-5E will be something a little bit different, Malaysian Air Scheme I take? They are quite a unique and intersection version of the F-5, will be great to see one built.
  3. Ooooo I want one of those!!! They are the best for light resin work, and plastic. They're almost as this as a razor blade, CMK I think also do a version. haha I break those scalpel blades all the time like that, both that size and the bigger #26's, I'm pretty brutal on them. Usually for trying to cut something with them I shouldn't....and occasionally I stab myself with them. Gotta keep the blood offerings up the the God of Modelling!! Trumpeter do a really nice small saw set, the coarse blade cuts through resin blocks like butter! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-09909-hobby-mini-razor-saw--106651 ...getting back to subject they are coming along really nicely, you're just about there.
  4. no problems at all, family matters override everything else. I do hope your father gets well soon, things like this can be very worrying. I think everyone here would like send their best wishes and thoughts for you guys and hope for a speedy recovery for your father. Rich
  5. gee she's looking very nice! Looks like you've gotten the pre-shading just about right as the Green looks awesome. Can't wait to see her in her full colours!
  6. fantastic work David it just keeps getting better all the time.
  7. well done another awesome build form you she looks amazing!!! As I mentioned early I'm not a big fans of these aircraft, but after seeing your model ( and the build) I could almost now see one in the stash at some time! It's been a real pleasure as always to have you along for the build, I really enjoy following them, I hope it was an enjoyable build for you. A gain well done!. There is a guy on evilBay (don't all these stories start like this!! ) who sells this stuff world wide. I've been reading some comments on an NZ forum, a couple buy these paints from him/them regularly via post without any issues. Shipping can take a little while to get there, but they do arrive. They re a little bit cheaper then I can get them for from BNA. You should just try buying a couple and see how you go? here's the link to their store... https://www.ebay.com/str/Cro-model-shop/Mr-Paint/_i.html?_storecat=21885034018
  8. thanks it came with a lot of pain and angst, the most difficult scheme I've done to date....and for some bizarre reason I seem to like these complex ones. Have a Ukraine Su-24 almost ready for it's "digital" scheme....more masking!!
  9. ...and yeah...... I had one not so clear photo the showed the top of the spring actually mounted on the seat and you could just see the cockpit sill as well......and I've lost it! i though it was in one of my books but can't find it, so it must have been a web page. I normally grab photos like this but forgot this time. There are a few photo's on the web showing the seat without the spring during resto's, but this one show the seat really clearly and you can see exactly where the print brackets go, plus some love views of the cockpit structure itself. Unfortunately it's a bit of an add for this companies services...but at least you get a hard to get look of this area. https://resources.renishaw.com/gen/details/Case study: Additive manufacturing revives Hawker Typhoon aircraft(86151)
  10. I would have been very annoyed if I'd seen the 1/48th Hasegawa IDF F-4E in that stash!!! I'm searching high and low for one at the moment!! I'm after one for the Tiny Wars GB.... may just have to go with either an IDF RF-4E or F-15I..... not that my shelves can take anymore models! See another of Revell's enormous and flimsy boxes.......it's a woodier it hasn't collapsed under all that weight!
  11. Don't let it stop you from building an amazing aircraft, now it's gone we sort of have to remember how awesome it was....even if we weren't lucky enough to ever see one flying....or even in the flesh! I'll aways say have a go, not sure who makes the best 1/72nd version, but looking at the instructions of the Tarangus/Special Hobby version, looks to just be a scaled down version of the 1/48th one! So at least with that one you know what you're getting into! The 1/48th one is build able, but you're just going to have to work for it, plus you'll need to get weapons for it (and prob with the 1/72nd version as well) as they're not supplied for some bizarre reason.
  12. yeah it's very strange that you don't get any weapons at all with the model!!! Considering the price and how Tarangus have pitched their very version as a "Special Edition"!!! Guess just plain lazy manufacturing like the rest of the model! for me I just love the look of an aircraft loaded for bear!!! (loaded to the max!!) I do like the clean lines of aircraft, am a designer at heart, but I do love the brutal look an aircraft has with a full load out.
  13. that cockpit/s are really nicely done!! Are you going to have the canopies open?
  14. well done Mario, she looks fantastic, great to see a completed chopper in the build. Glad you were able to join us for this GB, I do hope you enjoyed your build. There's plenty of time for a second build???
  15. oh wow, I like the AM stuff, they're going to look fantastic!!! As Chris ( @helios16v ) mentioned, a nice really sharp blade and and some patience and you'll be amply rewarded.
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