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  1. I agree with your concerns, but as mentioned there hasn't been too many, so I wouldn't be too worried about it yet. I don't think it'll ever get to that stage, plus I think it is something that should be left to the Host in the end to decide. Some GB/STGB's would probably attach more of these than others. As long as it fits into the build it is a nice way for some member to join in and perhaps complete a build they have lost interest in or just got stuck with. That may help them with seeing similar build being and how that builder managed to do it, or it just might give them that renewed Mojo to complete their build. We have probably all had that happen to us at some stage. But it is an interesting idea to think about and discuss. I've always said anything that make GB's & STGB's more popular and accessible to more members old and new, can only be good thing in the end. Though it does mean Enzo has more cats to heard!!
  2. yeah it's definitely a P-51.....they question I have is why is it shooting down an F-86??? Ok someone has to say it....and of course it has to be me.... Come on get your Jug's out , it the only way this one up!!! Plus I promise to bring and build the beast if this one makes it through! I need to do something with it as the box is taking up so much space.....and no I didn't buy it I won it in my clubs monthly raffle.
  3. GO Jugs!!! there use to be a good emoji for that until it was removed!! lololol At least it might allow an extra GB or two to claim a shot.....that might cheer some up......until there hopes are crushed in the last minute!!! This has to be the best time of the year!! "Bunfight Bloodshed!!"
  4. ok not quite last on the list but close to it, so guess I'd better start the build part of the thread. What is here was done over some breaks while completing the F-15I and Su-27, since these were taken I've done heaps more...in next instalment! So first up the cockpit was partially assemble plus detail removed from the IP and panels ready for the Qunita “decals”. The undercarriage and wheel wells have been partially assembled ready for painting too. The detail and how it all fits together is just superb! The first of the AMN parts were tested fitted, new resin Turbo/Supercharges from Eduard have been test fitted, the kit ones look great, but these resin bits just add that little extra! Tanks, now this is hard as the photos I have of this bird show drop tanks with no seem, but they don’t look to be as big as the 300gl seem-less ones here. I’m not too sure if they used these big tanks as there were limitations with their use……may have to do some more research here. Some quick test fitting, gee the joins are soooo nice, with careful test fitting I reckon no filler will be needed at all. The nose however…..lots of later test fitting shows there maybe issues here, will wait until I get the fuselage/pod done before I get too concerned . I'll need to assemble these bits first, the "glass" ports are flush fitting to the nose, so if I do have to do any reshaping/profiling of the nose it should be too much of an issue. I do however have a question, does anyone know what colour the radiator intakes/outlets would have been (same for oil cooler intakes) for the Recon scheme birds. For camo aircraft they were Neutral Grey, but for the Blue and Haze schemes would they be aircrafts colour? I haven’t been able to find out yet. Ok next update will be bigger, heaps done since this one. Now need to clean up all the resin on the desk from a newly started HUGE project!!!
  5. Welcome along to your first STGB...we will be gentle on you! Plus you bought not one but two of those amazing Tamiya models!!! Seeing all that lovely sprue spears out like that........ No messing around either, that cockpit looks great and that Eduard IP is very nice. Don't worry the Control Wheel looks right right to me here downunder! Well good luck with both of these build, I hope you enjoy the STGB. Oh yeah that bench is way to organised and neat and tidy, mine is currently under 1/2" of resin dust..... am not allowed to mention what I've started other than it's resin and 1/32nd!
  6. ...and you haven't joined in because....... Nice progress with the build, though as other mentioned I'd try and do some tests with those weights, they are probably a little on the too much side. Else your nose gear may start to sag.....not to mention what it'll do to your display shelf!!!
  7. Gee Don you're done some amazing work here with this build, the U/c wells and cockpit look awesome. You are right in saying these Tamiya model need very little in the way of AM stuff if any, they have done a first rate job with this model, no wonder it is so popular. Keep up the great work.
  8. wow you have been busy Tim, and you managed to bash this one into shape as well, very nicely done too. I do like this scheme a lot!! So are we going to see more in this GB??
  9. Gosh Pat I hope your shelf is able to take all that weight....hopefully it doesn't sit on it's nose instead! Good to see you're off to a start.
  10. wow no messing around here, great work Tim and that silver finish is awesome, well done!!! So how many more to come for this GB?
  11. Great progress!! Those joins look pretty good. I've just closed up the booms on mine, am amazed at just how detailed the wheel wells are and how nicely it all goes together.
  12. arrrr I see what you have done! I did my list quite a bit earlier......all is good now.
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