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  1. welcome along Jes and with a Hurricane no less. Interestingly for a rare and unusual aircraft in this GB we now have 2, which all the Hurricane fans will be pleased to see. The other is in a different scheme (sort of) so no worries there. Good luck with the build, it looks to be a nice model so it should be a nice build for you.
  2. that was a really clever idea with the capsule holder/pod, they looked to have worked out great!
  3. yes you're fine to start a thread for the WIP right up until the GB finishes. The only thing to be fair to others is that you are unable to photos finished photos in the gallery, that's the only restriction. In the past you were not allowed to join in with builds over the 25% rule, but I'm happy for everyone to join in just with that one proviso. GB's are meant to be all about fun so the more the merrier. So start a thread and get to it.
  4. Gosh if they go together as nicely as they look like they will then I will have to get a J-29.....and then start hassling them for the 105 they have been promising forever!! That will have to go to the top of my wise list.....along with a proper model (done by someone that actually looked at one!!! HB!!) of the F-111 in 1/48th!!
  5. you know that production line looks very similar to @Enzo Matrix one for the Me-262 STGB! Are you sure you're not Enzo's alter ego.....or his long lost sibling???
  6. you'll be surprised what you can turn out with some bit of plastic rod and strip! gosh anything would be better than "that engine". I think the intern went to work for trumpeter after that, I send some stuff from them that looks very similar!
  7. no if you're good at doing balsa masters like that then you should try resin casting. I only started doing it a few years ago. I'm no expert but it's actually much simpler that it looks of sounds. And for the sort of work you're doing here it would be perfect.
  8. gee the detail on the fuselage sections is first rate. It'll be interesting to see what the main joins will be like.
  9. Hi Werner, I've been giving this some thought and maybe the way to tackle it is first up to treat the lower surface of the Viggen as a flat surface. So do the emblem to 1/48th same to with the Viggen underside, then if you can make to 2 one print you're set. This will give you the cut lines for all the flat surfaces, so you can make masks for those. Apply only those on flat surfaces, that will give you the start and stop points for the rest which will need to be hand masked. It'll take a lot of work but I think it's doable that way and it should come out really nice. A single flat decal won't work as it'll make the emblem oval in shape when I suspect it should be round when viewed straight on. You can see in that photo that where ever there's an almost vertical section then the marking is almost vertical as well. I'd almost be tempted to give this ago myself but I have a tight schedule for now.
  10. gosh I would almost allow you to start a thread that's so nice!!!! Awesome work on the splinter. Oh and thanks for the link for the CB90, I missed it when you originally posted titbit I was kindly reminded! That thread has pretty much given me all I need other than the actual colour mix used.....but I'll fudge that!
  11. welcome along with build #2 and how can you go wrong with a Draken! I know this range of Hasegawa models will, the schemes as you say are from Manga series but the boxings are really good. I a couple of cases they're new the only way to get a couple of certain models they earlier released, and in some cases with all the sprue variants as well. This release is still quite a nice model and there are heaps of extras to improve it if you want to go down that path. good luck with this 2nd build, again i look forward to seeing her in the gallery.
  12. welcome along and finally a car!!!! I was so hoping to see a car in the build, a Saab may have been too much to ask for but a rally car will do and fits the bill perfectly. The Hasegawa ones aren't quite as nice as the Tamiya models in my opinion but it should still turn out looking awesome. I do like the extras you have for her, they should help heaps. Good luck with the build, it should be a great model to build and I look forward to seeing her in the gallery.
  13. welcome along Werner with a real beast in more way than one!! You seem to have all the AM stuff you could want, if you find those canards. I love the idea and that underside marking will look good though it won't be easy to replicate. Gosh seeing all these Viggens almost makes me want to build another....could I be that silly! Good luck with her, I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with her, especially with the scheme you've chosen. ....and if I do build another one it'll all be your fault!
  14. oh crap i totally missed Christer's post!! I've got it now and had google translate (that could be interesting!), will save it as a document so i can go over it more easily. I've seen most of those videos, but there are some new ones to look at. thanks for that!
  15. i had actually thought of that....i'd first have to block off the jets plus those stupid exhaust holes! but there is a motor kits for this one for those that want a powered version! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tiger-1-35-Combat-Boat-90-CB-90-RC-Kit/293050678011?hash=item443b2e7afb:m:m4HbO4oPggik9pi28FMveuA
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