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  1. trickyrich

    CV-3. USS Saratoga

    well done JB she looks fantastic I can't wait to see the closeup photos in the gallery. Plus it looks like you've got some of her airing in flight as well, very nice. Thank you for joining us and bringing along this lovely model, I hope you enjoyed the build, it was great to follow you're progress. She looks to be in nice company on the shelve.
  2. trickyrich

    Eduard Hellcat

    she's almost there Stu, well done.
  3. trickyrich

    Seafire Ib from the Med

    she it's all coming together as planned I see, soon a wee spark and it'll be alive!
  4. trickyrich

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    resin + Dremel = snow angels! and fun times.
  5. trickyrich

    1/100 Me.262 V3

    I'll post some pictures of the covers on mine for you, plus the position of the tail wheel.. For the wheel wells in that scale i'd just mask where they should be up and paint it black, it'd almost have the effect of them being open.
  6. gee she's looking great there John, for such a tiny wee thing you're doing a lovely job!
  7. trickyrich

    Antares 1/48th Me-262 V1 (Stage I) - new update

    gosh all I seem to be building these days are resin beasties! Least it's helping to reduce the stash a wee bit........ then will have room for more!
  8. it works really well, I've only tried it Tamiya with Tamiya for the moment, I suspect it'll also work with Mr Hobby's acrylic range as well. The other true water based paints...well not too sure it will or not. I guess if you can thin them with alcohol then lacquer thinners should as well. I only tried it after seeing it mentioned of other forums, those that use it swear by it, and now I'm inclined to agree. The big deal with it is that it changes the drying time plus makes the final finish much tougher.
  9. trickyrich

    Grumman S-2 Tracker

    Pappy you're a very sad man for enjoying all that PE work! I consider PE the handy work of the devil! But you've done anamzing job in taming it though, looks amazing! The attention to detail on this build is just perfect, am dying to see her done...even if she's not in RAN colours.
  10. trickyrich

    RB productions Me262A2a/U2 conversion

    gee there are some real errors there, I'm quite surprised as in the past I've only had good experiences with MDC resin. Though I'm thinking this is actually a RB production that is a joint release. I'm now sort of hoping so as I have 2 of their 1/32nd Ki-61 full resin models!!! the detailing in it is lovely!
  11. trickyrich

    Corsairs Me. 262 Schwalbe

    I've just been looking at one of the same photo's in that series as well.
  12. trickyrich

    Corsairs Me. 262 Schwalbe

    that looks fine. Don't get too hung up on RLM76as there are literally thousands of post on the subject and as with most RLM colours plenty of debate. Even the paint manufactures can't agree. Add in the different colour setups with computer monitors.......(it looks different between my 3 monitor, only one of which is correctly calibrated) If it looks good in the flesh then stick with it, the top colours and the mottle will change how it looks as well.
  13. trickyrich

    Mark's 1/48 Inpact Fairey Flycatcher

    I'm amazed!!! That just looks soooo scary and you're making it look easy!
  14. trickyrich

    Yet another airfix schwalbe

    she looks good with some colour on.
  15. trickyrich

    McDonnel Douglas F-4S Phantom II

    wow you did miss some photos! She does look good though, well done. I hope you enjoyed the build, and don't forget to place some photo's in the gallery.