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  1. Just a quick update as it’s pretty late here and I’m quite tired....long day/week! This is basically what I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. As mentioned earlier I have a new/correct resin seat for her so now I could start building or more re-build the ejector seat so it’ll look something like this. I ending up using a couple of bits from the original frame, the rest is plastic rod. It’s not quite there but it looks 100% better. I’ve had to make the ejector seat rails short as with most on these resin models the cockpit tub walls are not square! A few minor details and some paint and it’ll look perfect. The U/c was the other item replaced. As can be seen there is a bit of difference between the two sets, especially with the nose gear! The original gear seemed to be too long, the aircraft actually sat quite squat on the ground. A can be seen the originals bit are all too long, the nose gear and wheel wouldn’t fit and it’s in its fully compressed state! I have since shortened the forward section of the new wheel well as well, as it was a bit too long. The main gear has the same issues, in its compressed state the original gear wouldn’t have fitted. I have to make new mounts for the new gear so I’ll set the correct heights then. The new nose wheel well is already to fit, I just need to make a mount for the gear and actuator to fit onto. Once it’s in place I can finish tiding up the actual wheel openings. Hopefully I can get the cockpit painted and fitted this weekend, then I can close up the fuselage, as the next major tasks are getting the nose to fit correctly and sort out the cockpit opening, there’s something not quite right there. The seat can go in much later. I may even get the wing on this weekend as well.
  2. thanks, I've put her aside for a bit to concentrate now on the Sabre Dog, I've nearly finished the new ejector seat so should have an update toworrow...plus now have the right paint for the EBR. Will be a very busy weekend!
  3. I've said it before Arnold, you're an evil person putting all these ideas in my head!! But not this time......unless I can find another one on evilBay cheap. I got this one for less than it would have cost me to get it direct from MDC! As you may have noticed I'm a bit of a resin fiend, love and hate the stuff! The MDC gear along with Fisher Model & Pattern probably turn out the best resin models you can buy. The quality of them rival the best plastic stuff from Japan. Unfortunately so does the price!
  4. we probably could, the last one was very popular! Though there is the chance of the D Day GB? My only wish was it had been the "Car Door" type, the RAAF tested 3 of them in the desert, they were in desert colour scheme as well (well they sort of had to be).
  5. yeah but where's the fun in that! I can't make life the simple for myself......plus I didn't think of that!
  6. they do look close, but the track set would be 3 links short!
  7. trickyrich

    Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB Chat

    The last part of this GB is now over, thanks everyone who came along and voted. We have a joint poll 1st place with Arniec and his amazing Me-262 Mistel 4 beast and my Me-262 V1. Plus he managed to take second place with his Me-262B-1a/U1. Both of those models were beautify built and deserve lots of praise. But to all those who managed to get their build into the galley, thank you. For an aircraft that wasn't built in great numbers or in a variety of schemes/models we managed to show her off really well with beautifullypresented models. Well done everyone.
  8. I'm not quite sure if this would qualify for this GB, it may have just scraped in? But what an awesome looking beast! Those missiles are huge, and in the model the main body of them is cast in one piece! and it's really nicely done.....why can't they do the same on their aircraft models??? Plus the tracks are incredible.. I've never seen so much effort and plastic used to create tracks. The leftover frames will be great for constructing buildings and such. Question though, does anyone know the base vehicle that was used to create this tracked vehicle? I ask because I want to replace the tracks with some metal ones from Friulmodel, but they don't do tracks for this. So I need to find the common series these tracks are from. Unfortunately I just don't have enough time to build this one for this GB.
  9. this is just a quick update with some super serious PORN attached at the end!!!! Model wise all I've done so far is undercoat the cockpit tub and try and figure out how to rebuild the ejector seat. To that end the replacement seat has arrived but unfortunately no structure for it to mount to! Plus the replacement U/c has arrived as well, so I guess I'd better start on this one! Oh what's Mr Happy with the hat and beard doing here? Probably spying on these Capitalist Dogs! Ok Porn time!!! Please do not go any further if you're easily............ This arrived today in a big box wrapped in plain brown paper, oh dear........... I had to have a wee lay down (and a cold shower) after I opened it!!! It's 1/32nd Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b and on a resin porn scale of 1 - 10, it's a 13! MDC provides a whole series of resin update kits for other Typhoons, so they decided they may as well supply the rest of it as a resin complete model. It's easily as nice as anything from the Resin God's, Fisher Model & Pattern! I could look at her all day. Now I just need a GB to build her in.... plus the other 2 MDC Ki-61 Hein's I have! Now if you'll please excuse me I need some "private time" with my new love of my life!
  10. thanks, I was figuring I might just do the same, still I have some good stuff on modelling AFV's so I'll have a wee read of them as well. I really do hate PE some days! This basket was hard, there are wee locating tabs (about the only time Takom uses them on this model!!!) that are so perfectly positioned they they wouldn't interlock when folded. So you ended up bending this out of shape, some modification was required on them!! They actually recommended you soldered the PE bits together, I know how to solder (or in this case silver solder) and it would have ended up in tears! But as you mentioned with a coat of paint she actually looks really good and worth all the cursing and muttering that occurred! I wasn't too sure if I'd like this model at the start, but she's really growing on me!! I know I now have to get an ZSU-23-4 to go with her!!
  11. trickyrich

    The Specialist GB - 19 and counting

    thanks, you're added to the list
  12. Painting time today and it went really well....but first! I did for a while think Mr. Hobby’s Levelling Solution was the best thing since sliced bread until I found it caused all my clear paints (Tamiya’s Clear/Semi-Clear/Matt plus even normal Mr Hobby acrylics) to go a yellow/orange colour in their jars, after a couple of months!!! It works ok on the day but if you’re like me and like to pre-batch super thin paints, it just ruins them colour wise after a few weeks! Tamiya’s own acrylic thinners or Isopropyl alcohol work well but you just don’t get the same nice finish as with Levelling solution. Well I’ve found something way and even better and it won’t affect the paint! Tamiya’s Lacquer Thinners! It goes on much nicer than the levelling solution and you can thin paints right up to 90:10 and they don’t go on wet! Plus it works perfectly with Mr Hobby acrylics as well........probably not with anything else though! The finish is sort of what I wanted.......not actually knowing what I wanted, if that makes sense? The upper surfaces have a bleached/sunburnt tone while the under surfaces are a bit darker. I did the “tyres” plus started on the tracks....not so good here the burnishing solution didn’t seem to work that well....maybe because I forgot to wash the track properly beforehand! I may have to paint them now, but at least they sit nicely though. The gun mount/s and barrels have been given a coat of clear already for shading and detailing. It’s starting to look really nice... .....and that’s where I come unstuck!! I don’t really know how to proceed now! On an aircraft I know how to (well sort of) do all the panel work/weathering etc. But on an AFV...well I’m completely out of my comfort zone and not too sure how to progress. It’s way too flat at the moment and the next steps will either make it or break it. I may have to go onto youtube to see how some of these professional guys do it! I was also hoping to have had the EBR painted as well, but after a few hours of research (there was no paint guide for that model) I found don’t have the correct paint for her, NATO Green.
  13. trickyrich

    The Specialist GB - 19 and counting

    gosh I had almost forgotten about this GB! I think we could include EW aircraft into the Recon section, there aren't that many and it's nice to seem them built. A Tu-22 with AS-4's would be nice to see. I'd better give this thread a nudge to see if we can get a few more interested parties!
  14. trickyrich

    Bell P-39 Airacobra / P-63 Kingcobra STGB

    that should be fine, you did a bit of extra work on the Me-262 that took it from just a simple model, so as far as I'm concerned go for it!. Gosh is it getting that close!!!! no rest for the wicked....