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  1. welcome to the list. I was surprised last time at the shear numbers of different builds that showed up.....this one could be even bigger!
  2. really interesting piece Serge, thanks for that!! I would love to see someone producing some of the early model aircraft.....or even conversion kits. It's interesting to see the early ideas to went on to be successful along with those that didn't quite make it.....and the truely bizarre!
  3. white is one of those really problematic colours!!! I actually hate having to paint anything white....you'll notice I avoid those scheme that use it in pretty well all my builds!! Unfortunately I have to use it on my Skyraider. Hopefully the grey goes on better.
  4. Oooo I do like the finish a lot!!! It does have a nice gentle unevenness to the finish, which I think is perfect when judging from the photos above. This one is nearing the end, lovely work so far.....as usual!
  5. welcome along with another gun-toting beast!!!! I do like the squashed nose early model, you don't see these very often at all.....so that one gets my vote. Good luck with this build, one I'll follow with interest.
  6. surely you had a stash under the bed when you were younger!
  7. Thud's look so cool with sharks teeth!
  8. after that I'm surprised there isn't a shortage of filler around your way!!! That's just lazy moulding!
  9. Oooo welcome along with a camo SLUF!!!! One of these in this scheme is definitely on the build wish list...have the decals just need to model. As we've seem before some of these "basic" model produce wonderful models. I do agree Fujimi did turn out some lovely model, their 1/48th Luftwaffe aircraft, particularly the Fw-190's were awesome! Well good luck with this one, should be a fun build to follow!
  10. I know that feeling well, more than a couple of builds have been just plan hard work and no fun!
  11. you're not wrong! I seem to have this urge now to jump up to the next scale....not too sure what will follow the F-16I and Viggen....maybe something from WWII.
  12. no update.....but these lovelies arrived today with the help of a very fine member!!!! So now most of the pylons will be filled up with lots of nice bangy stuff! Now I just need to find some WP Bombs and this part is sorted!
  13. gosh i keep forgetting to check up on what's for dinner!!! Least I can sleep easy knowing you're not starving.......mmmm St Agur cheese.......with a nice Oz Shiraz!!! Oh and the model is coming along nicely as well!
  14. nice work with this one...sort of wish my monster had the same sort of swivel mounts for the wings! Surely it would have been easier to do in /32nd! As to your other project...I am sort of worried.....it's not very aerodynamic...and i can't think what sort of engines it'll need to take off!! But it should look very nice in a "splinter" scheme!
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