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  1. welcome along Robert, just remember to put November in your diary to vote, and remind all your friends as well. ...and I bet there'll be even more if this gets through into next years calendar!
  2. Exciting News!!!!!!! My wee tank has finally arrived!!!! I'm not too sure if this one is attempt #2 or 3..... will just have to wait and see if another one shows up or not. It's only taken nearly 6 months to get it since I placed my order!! I have the AS conversion kit, now just need to add some FriulModel tracks and I'm ready. Gosh this STGB had now better go ahead after all the trouble I've gone through or else!!!
  3. yeah using blutac to remove blutac is the only way to go....... strangely enough. She looks good Pat..... even if a little scary.... no bailing out with this beast!
  4. wow a resin chopper, now that is something different, looks to be a nice model, and I do like the scheme you've chosen too. good luck with her.
  5. .........plus some industrial strength sun-block for those legs!!! Actually probably better a proper pair of long pants....things that white may scare the children!!!
  6. @Greg B I must say unfortunately I have to agree with you. Most of the stuff done here is is not the best quality at all but equally bad they''re the only ones available! I agree 100% RAAF, or any Australian or New Zealand subject (excluding the Gecko stuff) for that matter is so hard to find and if you do find it of sos so quality. I can't really criticise those suppliers, at least they are sort of trying. The new NovaScale decals look to be a lot better than some of their earlier stuff I have bought. If I had the time and money I'd love to be able to produce some goo
  7. she does look a bit different with that really soft camo pattern. I must say I'm really enjoying building the Hasegawa Skyhawks!
  8. thanks. Those decals do look nice, even better, I've just been advised that they were sent today and should be here in 3 days!!! If it's ture then a big thumbs up to https://the48ers.com, they look to have some really interesting stuff.... may have to do some more shopping!
  9. Ok as mentions with the “K’s” update, this is a small one before I head off with work again. So lots of masking and tiny paint jobs to get her already for painting. Plus the drop tanks and stores have been painted, they’re near finished. As can be seen I have a couple of choices for main stores: BRU with 500lb “Slicks” or the GBU-8 HOBOS. I can choose either as they are attached by a tiny magnet. Plus these are the awesome decals that are on th
  10. Ok no real progress on repairing/re-doing the decal issues other than removing 95% of the affected decals. ….and they came off very easily…too easily in fact. So the majority of them appeared to have not adhered properly at all. Only the national markings by Hawkeye Models looked to have adhered properly and took a wee bit more effort to remove. So as she stands now she looks quite patchy and a little worse for wear. I now have to try and get the surface nice and even again and glossy, without any real damage to the pai
  11. Ok just a smallish update before I head off with work for another couple weeks. Most of the work has been tiding up the paint job and doing all the minor painting…which as always involved lots more masking. Only one doofus event….. I forgot to shape the intake lips before I painted everything!!!! There is a wee bit of a lip but hopefully it’ll be less noticeable once the flat coat is on. As she sits now she’s ready for decals. Most of the small bits have been painted along with stuff that goe
  12. talk about over compensating!!! You just couldn't go just big could you, you had to go HUGE!!! Gosh she is a beast! From the photos the resin casting looks really nice, and the model looks to be very nicely detailed!! And yes you just had to get the extra wheels. Though in that clip the outside wheels look to be a wee bit smaller in diameter than the mains...... I wonder in that case whether it's a home addition job! Good luck with her. You know you could do a nice dio with her, a "tractor pull", her again all those other 1/35th trucks you've built....and I
  13. I like!!!! I'll PM you them tonight. The RAAF birds are really simple to do scheme/decal wise. You just need the roundels and a pair of serial numbers, they had no other masking other than the factory stenciling. The number codes were white and look to of a standard font, so you'll probably have some in your spares somewhere. Don't get too worried if your model model had the "slime lights" of the later gun barrel shroud, when they first arrived they didn't have these but over the 3 years of service here these mods and others were incorporated. Plus don't worry about f
  14. that marbling work has come out very nicely! Getting solid colours to not come out solid and still look natural is quite hard to do. But doing it slowly as you've done is the trick, gradually build-up the colour until you're happy with the results is the only way to go. Well done, looking forward to see more of her.
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