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  1. trickyrich

    The Pacific at War GB Chat

    it's great to have you back as well Tony, we have missed you around here. RNZAF marking would be the most suitable for her, though if you have an early model (not sure which) you could do one that operated off the carriers during the Coral Sea and Midway battles, no one's doing anything for those yet. Just be carful you don't loose a bomb in the bed......that could be painful and a wee bit embarrassing to explain! Look after yourself, it's great to have you back with us and hopefully you can become more active as you are able.
  2. gee you have a nice finish on the underside colour.
  3. trickyrich

    The Rise and Fall of an Empire - 15 and counting

    mmm especially seeing Zoukei-Mura is about to release their Ki-45 Toryu! That would be a definite build for me!
  4. trickyrich

    79 squadron RAAF Spitfire VC.

    i won't get overly worried about the scheme not being 100% right as no one would have known. she does look very smart
  5. trickyrich

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    If it wasn't for GB's my stash would be a 10th of its size. Don't try to fight it....just buy it!
  6. trickyrich

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    welcome aboard Ernie and gee that's something different! It fits the scope of the GB perfectly so no problems there. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one comes together, I have a few Fine Moulds models in the stash and they do look to be nicely done. Good luck with her, I think there'll be some interest in this build, look forward to seeing her completed in the gallery.
  7. trickyrich

    LS Willow Type-93 K5Y2 Kamikazi

    hmmmm Pat. Well the scheme you've chosen isn't allowed as it's outside the boundaries of the GB, if you can find out that they were used somewhere in SEA then that scheme (prob still that eye searing yellow) will be ok. I'm now off to find some eye drops and a nice dark corner to recover my sight!
  8. trickyrich

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    welcome aboard with your awesome wee plane!!! I was wondering if someone was going to build one of these, so glad you've decided to. I built their 1/48th version, a nice model but it really needed some attention in that scale. If I could have found the Alley Cat 1/32nd beast then that's the one I would have built. I've added a link to the one I built, I ended up having to do quite a lot on her to correct issues. If you need any help just let me know as I have all sorts of info squirrelled away. Good luck with the build, I look forward to following this one.
  9. trickyrich

    808 Sqn Hellcat MkII HMS Khedive

    welcome aboard with an interesting subject and scheme. We don't normally see Hellcats in this sort of scheme so it's great to see one and it's location is perfect for this GB. Sorry for the delay in welcoming you, I had been busy off line and have been trying to catch up with all the builds, and hadn't look in the main thread for a bit!! Anyway, glad you could join us, good luck with her, and I look forward to seeing her in the gallery.
  10. trickyrich

    +++ The Specialist GB - Pa we got 30!!!!

    That's ok Pat, I know how to return the favour! arrr no not for this one.
  11. trickyrich

    HT's Academy B-29 'Old Battler'

    wow, that's a nice looking kit, a big improvement over the old Airfix one. You don't often see a B-29 built in a GB so this is really one to sit back and watch. I like the big beast in the background in one of the photos!
  12. trickyrich

    A Butterworth Blenheim

    gee she's starting to look the part now, nicely done.
  13. trickyrich

    Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero (Airfix 1:72)

    I'll be interested to see how you do you're "salt" chipping? The last couple of times I tried it I needed u with some strange effects that I don't think I was meant to get! edit.... Opps I didn't see the later post. You may have to get out the tooth pick and carefully chip away the top coat with that. The metallic base should help with that.
  14. I agree, nice start with the cockpit detailing. Building the to together can be really helpfully and usually doesn't take much extra work.........unless you make the same mistake twice!!
  15. trickyrich

    North American Aviation - 13 and counting

    welcome aboard arr Rene we all suffer from that temptation.....some more that others says he who will shortly have 4 GBs & 8 builds underway!!