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  1. hmmm I might be tempted to...not sure with what but am bound to find something different!
  2. now that's the spirit!!! ...and if you really want something nice and easy, the new full resin 1/32nd Viggen might be out by then!!!! I'm already camped out at the JetMADS website all ready for that release....have already cleared space for this beast!
  3. Arrr Dennis, I really don't mind being #13 on the list...I embrace the badness. My car is actually build #13 (it's a limited edition) and it's Black. Someone at the factory though the number/colour combo was just right! Hmmmm now what could possibly go wrong!!! I maybe a bit harsh as I use to work on them and have a real soft spot for them. I didn't know of all the issues when I first bought mine, but they soon became apparent. It is buildable but it will take some work and extra bits to get it right. OMG!!!! That's a scary image that'll take a while to forget!!
  4. yup!!! the perfect name for that particular model.....a PIG!!! There is an awful lot wrong with that model, way too much to go into. Basically it's not a "C" model but a hodgepodge of bits from other versions trying to be a "C" model. They mention you can build a "G" model, but like the "C" version you actually can't! Whoever did the design work for this model has never actually seen one or even bothered to even look at pictures of one....the mistakes are that bad! Sorry to have to tell you this. Oh and the decals are rubbish as well! I built one and converted it to the RF-111C Recon version (custom made those bits), I spent a fortune on AM bits trying to sort/correct it. It would have been easier to scratch build one! The Academy version is probably the lesser of the two 1/48th evils! I pray and hope one day someone will finally release a proper model of a F-111.
  5. I'm now thinking I may have to downgrade my 1/48th MH-60L build to a wee MH-6J!! Moving/time/new work project look like they're going to eat up lots of time...plus a 1/32nd Skyraider may keep me busy as well. The Little Bird will be one of the Mogadishu Gunships...though I do have the figure to go with it.....if I could do figures I'd have the AH-6 with the dudes riding the boards on the side!!
  6. I really should have to be asked if I wanted to join this GB!!! I should have a few in the stash suitable.....or about to join the stash! hopefully it's not 1/48th as all of them are complete rubbish!
  7. Their 1/32nd Skystreak went on sale for $160 USD and for the lucky pre-ordered ones, $128 USD, that's not too bad at all when considering what you're getting. If the Viggen is around $250 USD it'll be a bargain!
  8. gee she does look really nice Reini!
  9. OMG!!!!! A 1/32nd Viggen and it's resin!! I've just died and gone to resin heaven! I now know what is top of my model list. I wonder how the quality will be compared to to the old Fisher Model & Pattern beasts?? I had heard rumours about this company and some of their other coming releases. I just had a look at their site!!! This is resin porn turned up to 11!!! Theres even talk of a 1/18th A-4 Skyhawk and a 1/48th B-47 Stratojet! No mention on the site yet about the Viggen. https://www.jetmads.com
  10. I'll be saving up my pennies for that one!!! Hopefully it's be a nice model.
  11. funny enough I've done the Singapore return trip on a C-130.......crap inflight service!
  12. oh I just found this one...a really nice model Pat, it really brings back some memories for me! I remember my father building this one sometime in the mid 60's, gosh it was a nice model. He still had it when we donated what was left of his collection to the "Caboolture Warplane Museum" (try pronouncing that name ) 6 or 7 years ago. For interest sake this is the mission list for this aircraft, http://www.usaaf-noseart.co.uk/plane.php?plane=fingelly-bitolace#.XtGsAi2r3UI AS far as I know or have found out the rudder was OD, not sure where Airfix got their colour from....though I remember my father did it in the weird colour per the instructions!
  13. ....oh dear!!! There always has to be one.......... cheers Dave @stevej60 , they're just being mean, I think it's a great choice!
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