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  1. that's sad news Dennis, I can understand completely, my father suffered one, though mild it had lasting effects. thoughts for your family and a good recovery.
  2. I suspect there'll be more of that going on as the days go by!
  3. thanks, I was super happy with how she came out. These aircraft while being heavily used were kept in good condition. Though I have seen photos (and video) of this actual aircraft looking a bit more battered than mine.
  4. ok we have a couple of big moves in the poll.....for some reason "in the Navy" streaking ahead even though it's a guarantee for next years builds. But the real mover is the "Vietnam GB", it's on the cusp of breaking into the top 7, keep it up folks!!
  5. that's the one, the great bun fight 2020.
  6. ok a bit of a chart/poll update and prediction. From this and the trend I've been seeing I'll go out and say that there are now 2 more (maybe 3) that you can book in for next year.........baring a mass leaking of votes. Chopper and Interceptors and I'd say very likely Scandinavian will be there as well. but the race for those final positions, any of the 4 or 5 currently below the cutoff line are still in with a chance. @JOCKNEY, Pat you can stop taking those blue pills now or else we may end up having to call you "Jake the Peg with his extra leg"!!
  7. welcome guy's, some great choices here. just make sure you remember to vote of it......or change your votes???
  8. I know this is a shameless plug but we do need more votes. This is a GB with a huge range of popular choices to build in a hugely interesting and important time frame. So come on support this GB.
  9. he's produced by AeroBonus (Aires) and is one of 5 Mascots they produce. I think this one and the Phantom are the best. http://www.aires.cz/en/catalog/?search=mascot&searchButton.x=0&searchButton.y=0&searchButton=Search&category=#lightbox[photo]/2/ I'm going to get the Phantom to use for other projects. They're about the limit of my figure work!
  10. I didn't think of that, but there's no build thread, or more to the point in build photos........sort of almost like some of Enzo's builds!
  11. don't worry, someone's just voted and removed those losses.
  12. gee she does look good, the feathers on her wee birdie are well done! Unfortunately my little effort over the weekend won't count for this GB, but he was fun! He's part of a larger project, plus part of one of my EOY comp entries.
  13. ok here's the latest chart based on the change of votes from Friday. as can be seen "in the Navy" is sailing off into the sunset, and at the other end........the bottom 2 (or 3) may have already been decided. If I was to have a guess I'd say there are 8 builds fighting for 4 slots! Ok and as our Dear Leader mentioned, there has been an overnight change (for me) in the votes. "in the Navy, "Interceptor", "Choppers", & "Nth American Aviation" have all lost a vote, but "Stranger in Town" has gained a vote??? I'm not sure what was going on there, normally votes move from one spot to another, not just disappear completely. Plus the "Members voted #" hasn't changed so someone has changed their mind. This hasn't in anyway affected the overall positions, but not quite 2 weeks in and the shuffling may have already started!
  14. ....maybe it was Enzo's submarine??
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