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  1. I was a bit lucky with the gun sight on mine as it's moulded in on the coaming of the Aires cockpit. I just have to remember the wee PE and clear bits!! I hope to be able to start painting her this weekend. WHAT!!! Our hobby is meant to be enjoyable....... no one told me that..... I know it's bloody expensive!!!
  2. Well done on completing her, she looks great! It's nice to see something quite different in the build, and for most of use we wouldn't have known about this aircraft, so am glad you brought it along. I hope you enjoyed the build, it was great to have you along.
  3. welcome along and what a nice and interesting subject as well. I do like rally cars and these Celica's did look the part and there were a beast. Good luck with the build, will be a great one to follow.
  4. I thought I'd better check up on what you're uptown here..... forgetting things huh......old age catching up..... now what was I talking about.............................................. Looking great, I didn't know about those pipes in the front cockpit, better add those ............... plus that extra bit of coaming and gun site as well.... oh that's right mine already has that moulded in! Nice work though. painting time soon.
  5. yeah great start. I saw something you might have like the other day on one of the models forsake site here in OZ ( they only sell local I think) a VERY old !/96th Lincoln International EE Canberra cir 1956. Looked to be in good condition, even the box was nice, $60 + postage Oz.... 30 pounds?
  6. Arr the dynamic duo are back...... and hopefully finished this time (no pressure!!! ) I reckon the dude at the back needs to be holding a huge tankard..... they look cross because someone ordered a shandy at their local!
  7. Very nice Ray, though a wee bit scary having to do that strip again, but look awesome now. I always have a wee panic when I see decals go like that with setting solution!
  8. looking good VP, I love the cockpit area, very nicely done!
  9. she's looking great Dermot, I keep forgetting how small she actually is in that scale. Plus you're doing the splinter scheme as well, she's going to look great, keep up the great work!
  10. I'm a bit late, but well done, she looks awesome and what a great finish too. It's an amazing scheme and quite different from most. The cockpit detailing was really nicely done I loved it. Well thank you for joining us here with such a great looking model and awesome build, I hope you enjoyed it all.
  11. she's coming along nicely, that canopy looks great, well done.
  12. Gosh, sorry you weren't able to complete her Dennis, she would have been great to have in the gallery. Hopefully this one will make it into the annual KUTA..... have a feeling it'll be very crowded in there this year!!!
  13. welcome along and with a wee Hurricane, I think we had one or two last time, still great to see them in a build. It looks to be a nice looking model and I see you've made a great start on her as well. Well good luck with her, am looking forward to seeing her in her colours.
  14. gee it does look the part, been craning my neck out looking for an update.
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