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  1. wow you've made great progress on her, that cockpit looks great! Yeah the main gear is quite complicated, you should be able to get away with just fitting the main strut for them rather than the whole lot at this stage.
  2. I can see now she's not just scaled down but builds up exactly the same! I have built 2 of the 1/48th beasts and they have the exact same issues joining up the intakes and fuselage bits. On my current build I even tried to assemble it different to the instructions, but still had some issues in that area. At least the gap is in an spot that is mostly hidden.
  3. Welcome to the list, we are slowly getting there, just 7 more interested parties to go.
  4. Sixteen sodium atoms walk into a bar. Batman. Scientists record the sound of two helium atoms laughing. HeHe. Did you hear about the chemist who was reading a book about Helium? He just couldn't put it down. Why didn't the physics and biology teachers get along? They had no chemistry. What do you call a dinosaur magician? A dino-sorcerer What do you call a dinosaur who is good with words? A thesaurus! What kind of dinosaur will you always find at the rodeo? A bronco-saurus!
  5. Hey girl, is your atomic number 11? Because you’re sodium fine. I told a dark joke to an atom today, but it didn’t really find it funny. Turns out it was no laughing matter. What do you get if you eat a bomb? Atomic ache. What do you call a ring of iron atoms? A ferrous wheel. Two atoms walk into a bar. One says to the other, “Dang, I left my electrons in the car.” The other replies, “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I’m positive.”
  6. you are an evil man @FG2Si !!!!!!!! One of these just fell into my shopping basket!!! Not helped by a Pro-builder at my local club raving about it too. Guess I now I have to go find a donor kit.........
  7. There are places in Sydney that charge that much for just a standard glass of beer!!!! Still I'm very jealous!
  8. what you can try is to paint the IP, in either Tamiya (their range I know) Rubber Black or NATO Black, these are not super place in colour so may allow these instruments to stand out, actually just a really Black Green would work as well. Plus if you weather and highlight the panel to before the decals that may help. Then just a drop of clear on each of the gauges, maybe flat clear before hand.
  9. gee for something in that scale and price range it is pretty poor effort from the manufacturer!
  10. nice progress! I have just done some searching on Yandex.ru (a way better search engine for un-obtainium images of Russian aircraft than dodgy Google) and I haven't managed to dig up any photos of a MiG-31 carrying KAB-500's. It's not the sort of weapon they would have bothered with for this aircraft. Enjoy your 🍻 .....yes not the time to model........drinking & modelling ...... as the results could be interesting!! 🤣 enjoy
  11. Nah....for a single seater she was a beast! The exhaust can when open were wider than a lot of fuselages of aircraft of that era!
  12. Arrr sub-assembly building, that's a staple for me. I love to get as many sub-assemblies done as I can before painting...I think (for me) it saves time and speeds up the build.
  13. gee she's looking nice, you are really doing an amazing job on her, the finish looks just right. As I have said many times, asking and paint insignia's and serials etc is really a must in this scale, it just improves to look of the build no end!! You're doing an amazing job Paul!
  14. that 3D printed part was definitely the way to go!
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