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  1. to those that may be interested (some may know already), but Pilot-Replicas has just announced their next release! 1/32nd SAAB-105!!!!!!! ....nuh .......but it will be a 1/48th SAAB J29 B, the box shot has that cool UN version in that crazy scheme......I may have to get this one!
  2. it's an AM downward spiral once you start looking at all the AM bits I use!! I'm not too sure who I blame for leading me down this expensive rabbit hole!! But those Qunita Studio bits are now a #1 AM bit I must have for a build, they are stunning!!!
  3. thanks for that, awesome!!! seeing I'm building a the original version I won't need to worry about them. I could easily see this model going for over $100USD on evilBay, and probably more, especially seeing some of the comments from people looking for this model in other forums. Though I suspect most don't realize you can use the almost as rare e/F versions.
  4. welcome to the list. gosh we are now soooooo close!!!! Just a few more interested member required.
  5. haha.... my long absent exhausts can finally arrived.... and I immediately set about installing them....... which required removing more of the old ones with my Dremel with a grinding tip......... .......... shortly there after I had a new and unwanted hole in the fuselage!!! (was caused not by the grinding tip but part of my wee Dremel coming loose). Well at least it is a clean hole right in the centre of a panel so repair and re-paint shouldn't be too hard, though no showing her off at the club meet this weekend. Plus side the new exhaust ca
  6. haha....I should have shares in this company! I can predict there will be many more of them coming soon to your stash!
  7. Banzai Bosse's BBQ!!!! That has a certain ring to it!! nice choice for a build as well! I have on of these grills at home, a wee bit plainer than this one....they are not cheap!!! But turn of some yummy snacks! Can image what you'd do with it ........ am getting hungry thinking about it!
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the build. I maybe complained a bit too much (gosh I normally build big resin models!!!), it is a nice model for sure, but it is one that needs that little bit extra attention. As you say it's not like a Tamiya model that for the most part just falls together, there are a couple of tricky spots that if you don't get bit right earlier in the build, that will come back to bit you! The intakes are one for sure, you do need to be really careful with how you fit the engines and intakes earlier in the build process. They need to be perfect, else when you close up the rear
  9. because they wanted a colour sealant to clash with the green cockpit! Western aircraft use mostly black sealant which you don't really notice..... the pink radio-active stuff you do!
  10. I was more thinking when comparing Tomcats...... yeah Tamiya are not the cheapest, but the quality is there I think to justify the price. I don't mind their decals, haven't had issues with them.....and they are nice than the AMK ones!! ...now if AMK had used one of the good decals producers, like some of the other manufactures use! well lets put it this way.....masking would have been much easier!! They are supplied decals which broke into bits really easily, one of them I had to turn over to use because they got the shape backwards! They also wanted y
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