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  1. Meant as a quickie beside my B-52 these two kits costs me more effort than planned. The Special Hobby kit in 1/72 scale shows a lot of fit issues and so a lot of filling, sanding and rescriping was necessary. The little scene shows two training aircrafts from 70° Stormo in Latina, south of Rome. The two kits are almost oob built , only the flaps were lowered and some static dischargers and antennas were added. Regards Daniel
  2. Wow, I just scrolled through your whole thread,I love the Viggen so it´s a joy to watch you building this extraordinary kit. Even when I will stay in the 72nd scale for my next few Viggens to come, I will follow your progress for inspiration. Daniel
  3. Thanks Alan and Giovanni, realy appreciate your kind words. In the last one two and a half month I saddley found not much time for the BUFF. I only managed to spend some time filling and sanding the engines so I´m now near to the finish line with them. As I´am planning to show the B-52 during a n alarm start with entering flight crew and some ground equipment, I opened a panel on one engine to plug in the GPU. First layer of paint to find flaws on the scratched areas. Some filling and sanding was required as you can se here. This is the current status, i hope that everything is ok after a new paint job. Daniel
  4. This build is just a joy to follow, most of your updates left me speechless.
  5. Wow, superb work, I love all the scratched details.
  6. Did some small steps at the engines, the fans were painted and the nacelles were glued together. The cutted inlets were als glued in place and feeded up on the front to be sanded in form when dried. Daniel
  7. Stunning thread, just scrolled through all 13 sites and really enjoyed your detailing work and paint skills. The hint with the jig for the MDC is worth to be remembered, will try this one one of my next projects.
  8. Next to the wings I also started with the engines. Oob the are a bit low on details. First I tried to improve the fans, using 1 mm stripes, again made with my Silhouette cutter. The parts for the inlets were also drawn and engraved with the cutter. What you see here was an afternoon full of work, I hope the remaining seven will go faster. Comparison between oob and my scratch work. I think it will turn out good enough at the end. Daniel
  9. It´s getting better and better by every new update. It's a joy to look you over your shoulder.
  10. Good looking Spit, showing an interesting color scheme. Built it in Swedish colors a while ago, really a nice little kit.
  11. Great work, this Bucc looks superb. Really attractive paint scheme and very well executed.Really atractive paint scheme and very well executed.
  12. Yeah, new tool would have been fine, there newer GR.1 and GR.3 are absolute nice kits.
  13. Great to se the J21 on your bench, have both version in my stash, so it´s very nice to see it build befor I start min. Looks great so far, I´m looking forward to the finished modell. ...same for the Lansen.
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