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  1. Thanks a lot for your kind words. I´m sure you will also do a great job on yours.
  2. Thanks. Yeah it´s called Crocodile by the Russians and also the Ukrainians, Hind was only the name the NATO gave the Mi-24.
  3. Fantastic model! Especially the weathering turns out great.
  4. After nearly a month here comes another little update on the Hind. After adding most of the etched parts I went further to the canopy. First I removed the poor details from the inside of the pilots door, there is another nice Quinta decal for these. Masking was a bit tricky especially on the inside. Last items were added to the pit, including a scratch built HUD. The fit of the three main clear parts is very good. The whole fuselage got some rivets, placed after some drawings I found on the net. A layer of Tamiya x-18 on the cockpit section showed me some gaps caused by bad work of mine. ...so some Green Putty was needed... After all the work on the canopy i needed something to relax, I built the external fuel tanks and gave them new fins. Cheers Daniel
  5. Little update on the Hind: Most of the little gaps are closed with sheet or putty now and I started adding the etched parts from Eduard. Regards Daniel
  6. ...you're completely nuts... ...this details are so incredible in this scale. Looking definitely forward for your next update.
  7. Great work on the intakes and wheel bays. I´m glad now that I bought the intake and exhaust covers for my project . Do you have any pics of the tinted windshield on the original Su-27, I have never noticed this before on ukrainian Flankers..? Looking forward for your next steps. Daniel
  8. Thank you all guys. @wellsprop totally agree, there are plenty interesting version of the Skyhawk, mostly I prefer the dark ones like Argentine Air Force or New Zealand Air Force.totally agree, there are plenty interesting version of the Skyhawk, mostley I preferd the darke ones like Argentine Air Force or New Zeaand Air Force.
  9. Your MiG looks great, very nice and realistic finish. ...same for the Czech one... You got something wrong, there are no F-16 for Croatia. They planned to buy some Israeli F-16 but that deal was cancelled. Croatia will purchase 12 ex French Air Force Rafale in near futur.
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