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  1. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Thanks, but the kit isn´t that worse. There is some extra work to do, but no big problems. I continued with the wing assembly. There were some gops between wing and fuselage which I filled with sheet stripes to give it some stability befor adding the putty. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. Next step was to balance the Canberra, I put it on two toothpicks and filled the nose with iron balls from a ballbearing until it stayed down. I fixed the weight with some wood glue. That´s how the Canberra looks at the moment. Cheers Daniel
  2. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Made some progress on the Canberra this weekend. After glueing together the wing halves, I spent some time with the engines to improve the very rude formed kit parts. I also gave some attention to the position lights which were casted as part of the wings. As last picture my improvement of the wing fuselage connection. I drilled two 2mm holes throug the Fuselage and glued a evergreen rod in. There are als two holes in every wheel bay, so I hope to get some more stability in here. Daniel
  3. _alfisti_

    Su-35S Flanker GWH 1:48

    Wow, just outstanding work, I love this Flanker. Regards Daniel
  4. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Hi guys. Thanks for all your support, that´s just great. The red primer on the fin sounds plausible, but why is the canopy frame also red? In doubt i will paint this area in MSG, thats correct anyway. @Antti_Knice cockpit, the scratch work looks amazing. Daniel
  5. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Hi Martin, thanks for your assessment, it´s interesting, most dayglo surfaces that I saw yet were weathered into a bright orange to yellow. It´s good to get a confirmation for the painting instruction from AMP. Today I managed to get the fuselage and the canopy sanded, only a little bit of putty and Mr.Surfacer were needed. Next doubtful parts are the wheel wells, the instruction says flat black for TP52 and aluminium for the RAF variant. Daniel
  6. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Hi Martin. Nice picture. What´s your opinion about the red color around the canopy and at the fin? Daniel
  7. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Hi Antti. I also don´t think there was some dayglo on the airframe anylonger, seems to be more red. If you look twice, there is also some red color around the cockpit, so it seems there were a red/orange markings on this airframe. Here is a better pic: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/52002 But it´s hard to say, because the Canberras are in really bad condition. Cheers Daniel
  8. _alfisti_

    TP52 - Canberra T.Mk.11

    Hi Antti. Thanks for all the info, good to get some background info about the TP52. There is one pic on the net showing 02 with a rest of red or orange markings: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:EE_Canberra_(Tp-52)_52002_02_(7686781912).jpg Cheers Daniel
  9. Hi guys. I want to sho you some pics of my recent project, the EE Canberra T.Mk.11 from AMP. The kit is based on the S&M Models Canberra, AMP added some etched parts and two different noses for this version. I will build one of the two possible swedish aircrafts. Like most aircraft builds it starts with the cockpit. It´s niceley detailed and the seat from the box are okay too. The clear part fitts not very well, I think it´s my fault, dry fitting was not so bad. First nose test, I think i will build 8-02 with the round one and the dayglow markings at its fin. Cheers Daniel
  10. _alfisti_

    Datsun 204Z

    Thanks guys.
  11. _alfisti_

    Datsun 204Z

    Thanks guys for your positive response. The only probleme I allways get building car models is the paint, it´s far from perfect but I think for an old car it´s okay. Had to improve my painting skills someday. Cheers Daniel
  12. _alfisti_

    Datsun 204Z

    Hi guys. I want to show you my first car model for 5 years, so please be kind with me. It´s the Hasagawa kit of the 1971 Safari Ralley Fairlady 240Z. Daniel
  13. Hi Andy. Thanks, I used the Mr.Color "Oceanic Camouflage Set", but I had to darken the light blue with Tamiya x-23. The set is made for the F-2 and F-4 in this sheme, the U-125 is a bit darker. Daniel
  14. Thanks for watching and posting everybody, here is the roll out of my little Japanese SAR Plane.
  15. Hi Steve. The color set from Mr.Hobby I used should be the perfect choice for the F-2 and F-4. They look a bit brighter on photos so the blue should match very well. I got also two F-2s in my stash, will look good next to the U-125A someday. Daniel