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  1. Windscreen was put in place, it turned out it was a bit to narrow. I glued one side first and then with some pressure from above to widen it, the second one. After this I plug the cockpit section to the main fuselage to adjust the lowered air intakes. All the gaps was closed useing plastic sheet. Another weak point of the kit are the lower edges of the air inlets as they are way to thick. After some sanding the starebord intake looks much better. Regards Daniel
  2. Following and looking forward to this build. The Japanese camo suits the Herc very well, saw a built one last year on an exhibition.
  3. Stunning scratch work, it´s a pleasure to follow this build.
  4. As the main parts of the fuselage are together, it was time to continue with the cockpit to get it closed before putting cockpit and fuselage together. First was the HUD, I used some copper rod and plastic packaging. There is some flash on the canopy, I sanded it down and polished the parts with some old car polish. Everything together almost looks like a Strike Eagle. Regards Daniel
  5. Thanks guys So you will say there are modellers out there they don't care about this..? After sanding down the trailing edges there was another weak detail that caught my eyes. Revell gives you no clear parts for any lights on the F-15. So I cut out the anti collision lights near by the fuselage, I will fill them later with epoxy adhesive. Same will happen with the position lights. The tree main parts of the fuselage fits very well, only two small gaps on the rear were closed with some sprues. Bevor you can add the CFTs to close the fuselage there are two little outlets to instal under the tail. Again the details on this parts were not the best, so I made new ones out off ferrules. The starboard wing root fairing houses the M61 Vulcan gun, Revell gives you no details here, only a hole and wall behind it. I used some injection needles to imitate the gun. Regards Daniel
  6. Finished the seats and crew these days but forgot to take pictures before placing them in the pit. Next step in the instruction are the air intakes. There are a few spots to fill before glueing the two halves together. The intake gets joined with the two lower wing sections. Before the upper wing part can be glued to this, there is a first big failure of this kit need to be corrected. The trailing edges are approximately 1 mm thick, what would be over 7 cm compared to the sharp edges of the real F-15. I sanded the whole area down and cut out the FLAPS to lower them. There was also no engraving on the lower side of the wingtips. Regards Daniel
  7. Great work, especially in this scale. The faded paint and the strains looks great.
  8. I followed your wip thread from the beginning, you did a grat job on this modell, espacially masking and painting the RAM panels can be a pain in the bottom. I did it on my F-35A without masks and would never repeat it again. I still got the -B in my stash and I after seeing yours I think I will also go for a FAA one.
  9. Looks good, the plane as well as the armament. I'm not fan of what-if but this scheme suits your Gripen fantastic. You´re aware that you mixed practice ammo and live ammo? Daniel
  10. Nice looking Lansen so far. I like the different shades in the green, gives them a realistic weathered look.
  11. I grabbed the new Revell Strike Eagle for €15,- a few weeks ago on an exhibition and nearly couldn´t wait to put my hands on it. But I had to order some goodies first. First step was a dry fit of the cockpit section and I was positively surprised. Everything fits tight and without any problems. In some areas the structures was sanded down for the etched parts bevor painting everything with black and finally Gunze H307. As the etched parts are designed for the Academy kit, they needed some trimming to match the Revell parts. I think the result is okay. Next will be the two crew members from PJ Production and the ACES II seats from the kit. Regards Daniel
  12. Count me in... ...not my scale anymore but I'm really curious for this built.
  13. Just wow, really beautiful. I like the weathering, especially on the rear fuselage and the nozzle.
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