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  1. Nice colorful and rare Canberra. You did a quite good job on the kit, it´s not the easiest to build if I remember right.
  2. Thanks again. Indeed the drop tank looks brighter than the rest of the grey surfaces, I will do some more weathering the next time. Mr.Paint will also match I think, if you look to pictures the Viggen can bee seen in so many shades from fresh painted to faded with no demarcation lines visible in some areas. with no demacartion lines visible in some areas.
  3. Thanks guys for your fine words, I really appreciated them. In fact I used the same grey for the belly as for the drop tank, I think the weathering makes the difference. I´m verx sattisfied with the Gunze colors, think they match the original colors very well. Only have to take care the next time not to spray the layers to thick, there are little steps visible on the modell, especially under the roundels.
  4. Really nice Canberra, great work especially the kit is not on a top level. I built the AMP boxing of the kit a year ago as a Swedisch TP 52 but the T.17 is still on my wishlist.
  5. Hi guys. Want to show you my second Viggen. Early this year I built the Sk 37 from the Special Hobby Duo Pack, now the AJ 37 followed. Some extras were a pilot from PJ Production, pitot tubes from Master and the m/70 rocket pods from Maestro. I used the nice vinyl masks from DN Models for the paint scheme.
  6. Fantastic, no more to say. Absolut stunning modell.
  7. Very nice work, your Merlin comes out great.
  8. Nice to hear, I would do something different and after all the work with the kit itself, the containers were only a little extra.
  9. Nice work and good job on the weathering. I did the kit a while ago, so I know it´s a hard piece of labour to get such a great result as you got.
  10. Outstanding Tomcat, the weathering looks absolutely realistic. I love your presentation, it´s something different to see a modell in the air with gears down.
  11. Very nice work. I love the Ukrainian Pixel-Scheme. Will do the twin seater oneday.
  12. Nice one, I like the black finish and the slightly weathering. Built the Arma Hurrican too earlier this year, it´s a very nice little kit.
  13. Very nice built modell. Great to see a new tooled F-5E.
  14. Hi guys. Thanks for your nice words. You could be right, it´s hard to tell on the b&w pictures. Some pics of preserved Gnats show some semi gloss finish. Maybe I give it another coating with a mix of gloss and semi gloss. The bull is spraypainted, I cut a mask with my Silhouette cutter. Good idea, have to look for a mechanic or pilot in my stash.
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