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  1. Thanks for all your kind words, didn´t expected that much reactions on this little modell.
  2. Hi guys. I managed to finish my first model for 2021. It´s ACEs FV-623 Stalwart Mk.2, built as swedish Amfibiebil 101. Sweden starts testing the Alvis Stalwart in 1962 and ultimately used 24 of them until 1985. The vehicles were initially used as supply vehicles for the coastal artillery, later as towing vehicles for the mobile artillery command system "Arte 719". The kit is quite nice but brings a lot of flash on nearly all parts and so it takes it´s time to build. I painted the Amfibiebil after a single pic from the net, most of them should have worn
  3. Very well done, love the weathering .
  4. Thanks @Natter and @Carius. @Natter yes it´s a quite interesting construction, it was on my build list for a long time.
  5. Thanks, I can´t help myself but splinter camo looks good on most subjects.
  6. Thanks guys. @flashlight Yes, the camo is spray painted. Masking was not that hard, I used pieces of tape which I cuted in shape bevor. It´s not 100% after the original camo but good enough for 1/72.
  7. Hi guys, most of the time I´am into aircraft modelling but after more than ten years I gave another try to an tank. It´s the Trumpeter Strv 103C in 1/72 scale in typical swedish splinter camo. I was fascinated by the so called S-Tank since a long time because of his unusual design. The tank itself was built oob except the towing cable, the infantryman was converted from a modern Zvezda GI. The trees are my first attempt in building them from stranded wire, fleece and Noch-scatter-material.
  8. Nice colorful and rare Canberra. You did a quite good job on the kit, it´s not the easiest to build if I remember right.
  9. Thanks again. Indeed the drop tank looks brighter than the rest of the grey surfaces, I will do some more weathering the next time. Mr.Paint will also match I think, if you look to pictures the Viggen can bee seen in so many shades from fresh painted to faded with no demarcation lines visible in some areas. with no demacartion lines visible in some areas.
  10. Thanks guys for your fine words, I really appreciated them. In fact I used the same grey for the belly as for the drop tank, I think the weathering makes the difference. I´m verx sattisfied with the Gunze colors, think they match the original colors very well. Only have to take care the next time not to spray the layers to thick, there are little steps visible on the modell, especially under the roundels.
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