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  1. If you want to convert the Airfix F3 to a F1 then Wellsprop here offers 3d printed replacement booms and a tail surface. Designed as a drop in replacement for the Airfix parts. No connection other than as a satisfied customer.
  2. Same here, keep looking at Hannants for them but don’t think they’re on there as yet? Would welcome and appreciate an update as and when both the aircrew and ground crew figures are likely to be available please.
  3. There is, but no one would ever believe it, too far fetched
  4. Confirm the pylons were locally made at Waddington with the missiles and launchers coming from the US, along with a tall chap in cowboy hat, shirt and boots who stepped off the Herc with a cheery ‘hi y’all, ah’m from the Hughes’s corporation’. We couldn’t take him off base so we did our best to look after him on base .
  5. Carousel INS was fitted to the Black Buck Vulcans and the source of those was indeed the ex BA and others VC10’s which were at RAF Abingdon awaiting conversion to VC10K’s. The INS was a belt and braces fit to provide a cross check of the other nav systems in the Vulcan as long distance flights over water was not the original operating concept. It was an expedient fit and I think ‘lashed into place’ is a good description! The pylons fitted were locally manufactured and whilst I wouldn’t swear to it I’ve always understood that there was no jettison capability. 597 landed in Rio with missiles hung up and in some reporting these were misidentified as Sidewinders, which was helpful. Once diplomatic clearance to depart Brazil was gained there was a rush to get a basic turnaround servicing kit and spares out to Brazil to allow the crew to self service the aircraft (no crew chief on the operational sorties) and leave as soon as possible.
  6. No, you’re not alone mine is exactly the same, bought from Hannants at Telford. Box was sealed and although I opened it to check I had both an upper and lower fuselage/wing as some have not, I didn’t open the bag so I didn’t notice the twist. I think the box is a fraction too small and the top half has been squashed, possibly whilst still warm. I think hot water, building on the lower half with spars etc installed and use of clamps will sort it out but will only know when I come to build it. The challenge has probably moved it up the ‘to do’ list .
  7. Also my understanding, although the Airfix box art would have it differently . Probably based on the preserved examples studied. An observation not a complaint as the kit is correct.
  8. I read it as her being with 617 from 21 Jun 78 before the last major at at St Athan and back to 617 after the major from 28 May 81 until they disbanded in late 1981 and then transferred to 50 Sqn on 5 Jan 82 which is when she transferred from Scampton to Waddington. If still with 617 in 81 then marked accordingly, if with 50 from early 82 then ‘dingoes’ and a City of Lincoln badge on the fin. You have the luxury of choice it seems depending on just when you portray her.
  9. Going to look brilliant, the evolution of Vulcan schemes. 617 Sqn weren’t at Waddington in 1981 though, they were ‘up the road’ at Scampton.
  10. What a journey you’ve taken us on . The photographs are easy to mistake for detail photographs of the real thing which is a credit to your photography as well as your modelling. Thank you for taking us with you and congratulations on your build. I must get myself over to Tangmere at some stage in the future.
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