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  1. I read it as her being with 617 from 21 Jun 78 before the last major at at St Athan and back to 617 after the major from 28 May 81 until they disbanded in late 1981 and then transferred to 50 Sqn on 5 Jan 82 which is when she transferred from Scampton to Waddington. If still with 617 in 81 then marked accordingly, if with 50 from early 82 then ‘dingoes’ and a City of Lincoln badge on the fin. You have the luxury of choice it seems depending on just when you portray her.
  2. Going to look brilliant, the evolution of Vulcan schemes. 617 Sqn weren’t at Waddington in 1981 though, they were ‘up the road’ at Scampton.
  3. What a journey you’ve taken us on . The photographs are easy to mistake for detail photographs of the real thing which is a credit to your photography as well as your modelling. Thank you for taking us with you and congratulations on your build. I must get myself over to Tangmere at some stage in the future.
  4. My pre-order from Airfix of 2 kits arrived earlier today. As for schemes one will certainly a final wrap around tactical scheme (44 Sqn) as that’s firmly in my memory from my time at Waddington in ‘81-‘82. The other may be an earlier Pre ‘68 height of the V Force, or possibly a Falklands aircraft, 607 or 597 as I have a slim personal connection to both. Looks like I need 3, not 2!
  5. This just gets better and better, exquisite work. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Superb as ever. Really enjoying the approach you take and methods you use to achieve these fabulous results. Thank you for continuing to share with us.
  7. Congratulations on the new arrival to your family. Your reduced scale work continues to be an inspiration.
  8. Fabulous stuff, an absolute masterclass. Thank you for your update.
  9. Ouch! Glad you seem to be on the right side of recovering. Looks like A&E did a good job. Beaching trolley is looking good.
  10. This continues to inspire and intimidate in equal measure. Superb workmanship and detailing, thanks for the updates.
  11. Thanks Mike. The differences between the Venice scheme and the subsequent HSF scheme are clear in those and I have a decision to make regarding which one I build. Not there yet so have time to think about it.
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