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  1. Thanks Mike. The differences between the Venice scheme and the subsequent HSF scheme are clear in those and I have a decision to make regarding which one I build. Not there yet so have time to think about it.
  2. Looking really good Mike, I also have one of these on the go at present, but nowhere near as far ahead as you as I've yet to close up the fuselage. I've completed the PC7 and have the MC72 unstarted as yet. Really hoping we see more Schneider craft from AMP/Micro Mir. For some reason I can't see the 2 period images of N220 you posted?
  3. Great update and good to see your continued progress.
  4. Your superb work continues. I am inspired and intimidated at the same time as I contemplate my 1/48 version.
  5. Glad you had such a successful visit and were able to glean so much useful information for your build.
  6. Peter, Thanks very much. I've just done exactly as you ask through the contact page on your website. Thank you.
  7. This is fantastic! I'm at the very beginning of building the Airfix 1/48 version and this is a real inspiration. Clearly the level of detail is going to be significantly less but I really enjoy seeing how you approach this and it's invaluable reference. Thank you. I note you you said you had a PDF copy of the Westburg plans, grateful if you could point me to where you found them please? I have the Warpaint book on the Fury and the 1/48 plans in that suggest the cockpit on the Airfix is too far to the rear. The Image of the Westburg plans in this thread suggest that's not the c
  8. Thanks for the reply, I rather hope @AndyL will spot this and shed some light on this conundrum. If not I'll PM him. Yes, that's definitely PS-A (quoted as L6973 in the Osprey book) and yes that's a Sqn Ldr's Pennant on the fuselage side (probably one on the other side similarly placed) This is the aircraft usually flown by the boss of 264 Sqn, Sqn Ldr Phillip Hunter, that's him by the fuselage roundel putting on his flying suit over his Service Dress. He later flew N1535, similarly marked and was KIA in this on 24 Aug 40. One of these will be my choice if unable to resolve the que
  9. Appreciate this was a long time ago but was any conclusion ever reached on the individual aircraft letter carried By L7005? I have found a high resolution copy of the photograph showing PS-X in this thread and the serial number is L7006, very clear and no doubt. I'm I'm currently building the Airfix 1/48 Defiant and want to build L7005 as the most successful Defiant but have identified the confusion over the individual letter applied to this aircraft. Looking at the 264 Sqn ORB (F541, summary) it shows L7005 and L7006 airborne at the same time on 24 Aug 40, L7005 crewed by Plt
  10. They would be particularly noisy if using Avgas, I'd have been sacked, big time . Conway engines burning Avtur. 2 years at Brize in the early 80's as OC POL (Petrol Oils and Lubricants).
  11. Alex, really nice work on your Vulcan, I see the last post was a good while ago, any progress? I'm also very interested in the source of the middle picture above, my interest is personal as I'm in it! Far right wearing the 'Thunderbird' jacket. I can only find the picture here when I google for it. If you are able to tell me the source I'll see if I can get a higher definition copy. Stumbled across this last night whilst researching my own Vulcan build, it brought back quite a few memories.
  12. Added to my wish list at Hannants.
  13. I'd also be interested in this conversion, would need to find another Valiant kit but will do that anyway.
  14. Also just found this and am impressed. PM also sent in hope.
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