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  1. Great topic My favourite looking FW190s by far are the short-nosed early versions. I'll pull up a chair if I may?
  2. John, thanks that is really great info, as always. So on consideration I'm not going to retro-fit on this project, because the strap itself will hardly be noticed based on the PRU blue project. However, I'll remember it for the next project. which I collected from the shop yesterday (another Spit, but in 1/24 scale )
  3. Back to work on the cockpit. I decided not to hand paint oxygen tank straps when Tamiya masking tape and a silver paint pen is on hand. Originally the tanks were airbrushed silver with the rest of that part of the fuselage. I was going to leave it like that. On my last project, this area wasn't really so noticeable. Then conscience got the better of me. I repainted the starboard tank black, and below I'm half way through added the masking tape strap. Its so quick and easy this way. l get a much better result than I would hand painting or even masking and hand painting. For the port side tanks, I've gone for grey with the silver strap added, after waiting for the paint to dry. First image is without the strap Next image is with the strap added. I'm using a gold/brass paint pen for the connector tube highlights. I did some more work using Quinta studio parts on the cockpit, which I'll post about another time. Browsing through the WIPs tonight I saw @Dansk is also building a 16 squadron pink aircraft. His project is a Tornado GR1 in Gulf pink ! That's quite remarkable symmetry at play. Nothing is really new is it? That's all for today, thanks for looking in
  4. Just seen this excellent thread As it happens I'm building a 1944 16 squadron Spitfire FR IX in PRU pink. Everything changes but nothing changes
  5. This one added a rather exotic eastern flavour to our unofficial mini-GB Really nice colour scheme and execution, Alistair
  6. Then another 30 mins to clean the airbrush Fantastic joyful work. Love the Spit X picture too. Had me looking hard at my own work to see how I can replicate one or two - at least - of these effects
  7. I now always look out for your builds ( and photos) on this forum. This one doesn't disappoint, especially since it's a G version 109 These always seem to look the most appealing versions, to my eyes. I'm leaning towards looking out for a G 'late model something' to add to the stash. Seeing your finished project is hastening that moment. One thing strikes me in real life, how much smaller a 109 is than a Spitfire, especially a late model Spit. 109s always seemed to remain tiny to the end, unlike the FW190 or Spit.
  8. The attention to detail and unfolding story is really enjoyable I know I won't even try to replicate such diligence on my own Lanc (when I get round to building it) but it is oddly satisfying to be shown how it can be done.
  9. The detachable panels are well-integrated, to the point that they aren't noticeable on the model. Great work, especially in that scale
  10. The underbody stripes go well with the PRU theme, and the blue(s) look absolutely lovely
  11. Absolutely awesome conversion I've said it before - I still don't know why a manufacture won't provide us with a current production high back XIV. It's the ultimate look for a Spit to my eyes.
  12. Second image link looks like the pilot is sitting the wing, calling the AA on his mobile
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