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  1. Great and useful thread in a number of ways I don't need this kit. I don't need this kit. By golly, this looks like such a nice kit
  2. This is a really nice result Especially liking the way you've done the camouflage soft edges. They give a really cohesive look in 1/72 scale.
  3. Excellent result on a subject I didn't know existed Is it just me, or does the 112 look like the result of successful DNA parenting experiment involving a BF109, Spitfire and a Stuka? No, oh, it is just me then
  4. Always to such a high standard, Jean I'm paying close attention to your exhaust soot effects for my project
  5. Nice work on the XVI, and always pleasing to see a 'gaggle' of Spitfires in one sitting
  6. It's a Harrier! Any Harrier is good in my book, and yours is especially pleasing work to behold
  7. Another lovely project completed, Chris With your mastery of brush techniques, I can't see an obvious way airbrushing could have added anything more to the result.
  8. It's looking great Still not tempted to start mine. I'm taking time to savour all the other interpretations of this kit. Every one of them I've seen adds something positive to the pool of ideas in my head.
  9. Great to see your enthusiasm for this aircraft type. I'll follow along if I may. Fantastic start already on the cockpit
  10. Wonderful work I'd buy a 1/48 or 1/32 kit version of the Andover, if I knew it was on the inventory of a mainstream supplier. The work involved with yours is entertaining to watch, when someone with the appetite and capabilities is managing the project.
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