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  1. I'm not sure if these are older colours, or perhaps Russia-specific colours, but do you think some of the colours in these sets may be a good starting point? Do you think it could be a fresh version of the violet/grey on these Su-27U series birds? http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/652/pics/122_6_a1.jpg and And, for no particular reason, an excerpt from a Russian hobbyist magazine (М-Хобби), regarding some chap's build of an SU-30CM:
  2. Extrapolating again from the Lancaster, this site indicates that a British-style blue may have been replaced in service with a US-style blue: http://www.netmarine.net/aero/unites/25f/histoire1952-58.htm Given my execrable French (see what I did there), I used Google Translate to get: "On Tuesday January 22, 1952, in the early morning hours, Lieutenant-Commander Mellet took off a 'royal blue' Lancaster from Saint Eval in Great Britain to reach Port-Lyautey." and "The 'royal blue' paint will be abandoned in favor of a dark blue 'US Navy' as soon as it is put into service in f
  3. There was a similar discussion, regarding French Lancasters, here: Does Royal Blue belong to any country’s standards?
  4. That’d be right - me and my French language ‘skills’! Je suis embarrassé. (let’s hope I got that one correct)! Thanks
  5. Yeah! By the same token, half the Western world should know the Huey, sight unseen!
  6. Of course, nice one! Sticking with helicopters, what about the Hughes 'egg' copter (Chips and Magnum PI spring to mind).. Say it isn't so! 'The Navy' seemed to like them... Which all gets me to thinking, perhaps aircraft types in popular media are more recognisable/iconic to a wider audience... (please don't hate me for the last one).
  7. DR.I - 'nuff said (just ask this guy)! Any flier (and stunt man/woman) worth their salt cut their teeth on ol' Jenny. This bird helped bring the joys of barfing into a bag to the broader public, And anyone who was anyone made their records in a Vega. As everyone knows, rigid airships combine the pampering of a cruise ship with the speed of... I reckon the A6M has to be one of the mostest, because in dubya dubya double hockey sticks, everything was a Zer
  8. To follow up on Hook's post regarding the FAB-500: http://www.libma.ru/transport_i_aviacija/aviacija_i_kosmonavtika_2008_01/pic_69.jpg (from this site: http://www.libma.ru/transport_i_aviacija/aviacija_i_kosmonavtika_2008_01/p7.php) Some RATO bottles might add an interesting touch: And, there's always the good ol' gun:
  9. No joy in finding a photo of タク-101 I'm afraid, but I did find an interesting shot of a careworn A6M2-N:
  10. This chap used Humbrol 77, but I’m not sure if that’s a good enough reference: http://modelstories.free.fr/analyses/avions/MS2014_12P/AZUR_VAMPIRE/ This site contains details used to make an Aquilon (Sea Venom) https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/seavenom/seavenom-3.html It states: ”For the French Aquilon it was very difficult to establish the overall colour. Some sources suggested French midnight blue... what ever that colour is? Information was obtained from IPMS France, La VdM No.11 publication. Also, sources indicated that the standard colour for
  11. I must say I agree with the shamrock angle, the way it’s presented in most profiles is not how I would expect a Japanese Katabami-like emblem to be painted (stems generally aren’t really a thing on such emblems). Sorry - not picking on we Japanese (Japanese parent and a naturalised citizen), just pointing out how we like to celebrate things not seen as traditionally ‘ours’!
  12. I was thinking more along the lines of going back to the workshop and getting paint before wandering back to the derelict, to pretty it up! I agree that most soldiers, sailors and airmen/women (and let's not forget Marines) probably don't carry paint around on them, but in my experience, they will go to great lengths to scrounge whatever's needed, to do whatever it is they want to do to alleviate boredom. There's precious little that personnel confined to a garrison post won't get up to, to pass the time - legitimate or otherwise - especially in places that are hard to get to!
  13. This article is from 2017 (I think) and is about a MiG-29 detachment returning to Astrakhan: https://rg.ru/2017/12/13/reg-ufo/zveno-mig-29-smt-vernulos-iz-sirii-v-astrahan.html. I'm not sure if the pictures represent aircraft from the time period you are interested in. There are more photos at the bottom of the article.
  14. I'm not sure of the exact time and place for this bird, but it is from an article about an aircraft crash in Syria in 2018 (https://runaruna.ru/articles/18060-rossijskij-istrebitel-razbilsya-v-sirii/) Knowing my aircraft recognition skills, it's probably a MiG-29A from Serbia...
  15. I tend to agree - in many instances, I find that it’s typically a breach of the ‘trust’ in people to do the reasonable/right thing. It’s always that small group that breaks the trust and spoils it for the rest. Cynical me says that it’s considered okay, as long as the £€¥$ keep flowing...
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