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  1. Hiya again, In a few different blogs, I’ve seen reference to some Peruvian P-36s being painted overall ANA 607 Sea Blue (particularly here: http://www.defensa.pe/forums/showthread.php/2101-Curtiss-P-36G/page3). I note too, that Hobbycraft has this colour option in its ‘Allied Hawk 75’ kit (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbycraft-hc1456-allied-hawk-75--254341). However, other sources refer to some Peruvian P-36s being overall dark green/olive with a light-toned rudder rather than being Sea Blue (see picture) Does anybody have any further information as to what these colours are likely to be, especially regarding the use - if any - of ANA 607 Sea Blue on Peru’s P-36s? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey, that is brilliant! Thanks for the help.
  3. Hiya, As the title suggests, I am wondering if anyone has the assembly/paint instructions for the Fujimi 1/72 F7U-3M Cutlass. Any scans, emails, etc would be very welcome! Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Thanks for that. I was leaning toward some sort of greenish interior colour, given the discussions in previous topics on this forum. Thanks again!
  5. Hello all, Having gone through the many discussions regarding interior colours for the H-75/P-36 family, I am still at a loss regarding the colours of the flap interiors. I am making a Peruvian P-36G (which, I think would have been inherited from the former Norwegian-in-exile fleet) and wonder if anyone has an idea regarding flap colours. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hiya, I may be able to help with spare bits - I’ve sent you a message.
  7. Hiya all, I’m modelling Lancaster R5677 as it appeared in 106 Squadron markings (ZN-A - with “Admiral Chattanooga” nose art). In all profiles of this aircraft, that I’ve seen, the fuselage roundel appears to have a smaller red central disc than the usual type C.1 roundel, making it look like a hybrid type A.1/C.1. This is also shown in the old Matchbox kit decal sheet. Has anybody seen a photograph of this aircraft that shows this roundel? Thanks in advance for any help with (and general historical chit-chat about) this aircraft.
  8. Hello all, thanks very much for your input and advice. It's certainly an interesting line of research - I'll start off by asking Herr Peddinghaus!
  9. Hi all, I am thinking of trying to make a model of a camouflaged OV-1B in South Korea (see picture - from this website: http://www.ov-1mohawkassociation.org/home/the-history-of-sema-in-korea). Does anybody have any knowledge/theories regarding the colours and pattern? Thanks in advance,
  10. Hiya all, I'm intrigued by the Italian option on Peddinghaus decal sheet #1838 (Rolls-Royce Armoured Car with DAK and Italian markings - http://decals.guenstigergeht.net/1-35-Decals-for-tanks-and-vehicles/Rolly-Royce-Armoured-Car-with-DAK-and-Italian-markings.html). However, I cannot find any references that support the pictures on the decal instruction sheet. Does anybody out there have any references to back up the drawings on this sheet (see here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Peddinghaus-1-35-British-Armoured-Car-DAK-and-Italian-Markings-WWII-Roden-1838-/171403120825)? Thanks in advance for any help
  11. I am in two minds about the yellow fuselage ring. I'm not sure I see one because it's there, or because I think it might be there... As to the faded roundel effect, I too am leaning toward it being a phenomena of the light and film. Certainly, the Spitfire doesn't seem to have used toned-down roundels.
  12. Is there a yellow surround to the fuselage roundel? I can't help but wonder if I don't see some kind of surround to the fuselage roundel when I look at a blown up version of this picture. In the same vein, what kind of roundels are likely to be on the wings' upper surfaces?
  13. Hello all, Thanks very much for all your help. I've decided to go for Forest Green for a Rhodesian example and will lash out on ebay to get another provost, and finish it in Sudanese colours with Humbrol No3 (Brunswick green). I really appreciate all the help, hopefully I'll post some pictures of a finished Provost soon!
  14. Hell all, I'm re-visiting a stalled project, a Matchbox Percival Provost. I'd like to finish it in Rhodesian or Sudanese colours and my references state that the wing upper-surfaces are Brunswick Green. My question for you all is - which Brunswick Green, from the BS381C chart, is the most appropriate for these aircraft: 225/Light Brunswick Green, 226/Mid Brunswick Green or 227/Deep Brunswick Green Thanks in advance for any help
  15. Hiya, There's: 1. the Filipino Government: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Philippines-Government/NAMC-YS-11/1295233/L and 2. the Government of Gabon: http://www.airafrique.eu//avions/trkia.jpg and https://blog-001.west.edge.storage-yahoo.jp/res/blog-2a-9c/n130tm/folder/905151/35/31599335/img_1?1270245786.
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