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  1. Continuing with the 'Hs 126 as bomber' theme, here is an interesting chart showing different loads for Greek-operated aircraft: https://postlmg.cc/bDWJX0v6
  2. A trim little beastie! Lovely work, especially the colours and finish.
  3. Apparently, several small bombs could also be carried in the empty camera bay. The last photo on this page: https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/henschel-hs126.42944/page-6 shows ordnance being loaded into said bay. This page has a photo of bombs being dropped: http://www.historyofwar.org/Pictures/pictures_hs_126_bombing.html Seems like a dud way to accurately aim bombs! P.S. Just 'cause, here's a photo I found of a Greek Hs 126, with bombs on the side bay and the bottom of the fuselage: https://postlmg.cc/PpwtW1CF
  4. Hiya, Whaddya know, it seems the TSR.2 can amount to something useful, after all! Nice work and a neat take on the TSR.2 in a new role! Sorry to hear about the construction dramas - that is one slick model. I’m kinda inclined to get one myself.
  5. Hiya again all, thanks for your replies and assistance- I think I can confidently scrape together a J variant with the info you’ve all provided. Much appreciated
  6. Yeah, I did think that was going to be a problem. However the kit has both sets of upper works, so I think there's a get out of jail card there (maybe)... Do you know of any other J-specific mods that would need to be added (apart from the air filter cover and IR countermeasures box on the upper works)?
  7. Hiya all, Does anybody out there have any ideas/experience on turning the Cyber Hobby UH-1N (https://www.cyber-hobby.com/products/1-35-uh-1n-gun-ship) into a UH-1J? I've gone through the kit trees and I'm reasonably sure that there are enough bits and bobs to make a UH-1J. To my eye, from an external point of view, it looks like the UH-1J has a UH-1H main body and (slightly modified) upper-works, and a UH-1N-type nose. Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice
  8. Sigh... Belay all of my previous statement, it's just plain wrong! Kids, let this be a clear example of senility at work (apologies to Work In Progress)... Time to start doing more crosswords and Sudoku, methinks... Sigh. I think I'm leaning toward the lines being used to drop messages, as per Jochen Barett's post, in addition to being an aid for oblique photography (post #10). To my mind, that seems more in keeping with the Hs 126's original design role. I don't want to think about blast damage from a bomb dropped at 50 metres...
  9. If it's a guide to dropping something, wouldn't the altitude figures need to be reversed? If we assume a constant velocity, the lowest drop altitude requires a lesser offset (or lead angle, call it what you will) - therefore, the numbers on the Hs 126 fuselage lines would need to run in the opposite direction. Unless, of course, each line is calibrated against a different airspeed...
  10. In addition to providing an aiming aid for the observer, I wonder if the lines are used as: 1. a reference to record the obliquity of photographs and mitigate the effects of angular distortion. If the crew only use a specific series of angles for oblique photography (particularly if an area target is taken from a series of different angles) it makes the image analysis a lot simpler - that way, the image analyst is not trying to guess size and spatial positioning from what would otherwise a random set of angles and distances. 2. a reference to perform calculations for artillery spotting and correction. Also, I was fooled into thinking the larger figure was 7000, but now I see it's just a different style for 1000: https://www.alamyimages.fr/photo-image-evenements-seconde-guerre-mondiale-seconde-guerre-mondiale-guerre-aerienne-personnes-equipage-d-un-avion-allemand-de-reconnaissance-etroite-henschel-hs-126-avant-le-decollage-vers-1940-28086531.html and https://www.alamyimages.fr/photo-image-un-observateur-et-le-pilote-d-un-hs-126-au-cours-d-un-exercice-en-1939-122549715.html
  11. Plus, some general crap on whatever this thing is: https://www.sankei.com/photo/story/expand/190117/sty1901170021-p24.html
  12. I'm no expert on global jerry cans, are these the same style as US ones? And, for the super tool-spotters out there: http://takaoka.zening.info/JSDF/JGSDF/Type87_RCV/Equipment_tool.htm
  13. To my eye, the JGSDF doesn't seem to have much 'fruit salad' on the outside of their vehicles other than square stowage bins and rolled-up netting/canvas (possibly the odd set of skis in winter). It can be difficult to find shots of JGSDF vehicles being loaded down with stowed gear. I'm not sure why that is - they must do some pretty intensive field training. Still, if you use some Japanese language search terms, on Google Japan, you can find some gems. Here are a few I've managed to find: http://caffeone33.rssing.com/chan-17509428/all_p21.html (you'll have to scroll through the page to find some really good photos of loaded up JGSDF tanks) http://kampfgebiet.server-shared.com/index_militar_jsdf-66-4.html (some good shots of Type 74s towards the bottom of the page) https://pikdo.info/p/spci61_260/2073868565777734117_7232106754 https://twitter.com/sakimori8821/status/770570804476059648/photo/1 https://twitter.com/spci61_260/status/1175712956861960192/photo/1 https://twitter.com/spci61_260/status/1175712956861960192/photo/2 https://twitter.com/spci61_260/status/1175712956861960192/photo/3 https://twitter.com/spci61_260/status/1175712956861960192/photo/4 And, if you love things covered with grass: https://www.mod.go.jp/gsdf/wae/kakusyukatudou/kunren/chnzei27/katudou15/katudou15.html https://twitter.com/kusurou_/status/1145688739345125376/photo/1 https://twitter.com/kusurou_/status/1145688739345125376/photo/2 https://www.iza.ne.jp/kiji/politics/photos/160615/plt16061516000006-p5.html
  14. Apart from camouflage netting, this is about as loaded up with 'stuff' as I've ever seen a JGSDF AFV: https://main-battle-tank.tumblr.com/image/160426657950
  15. Hiya Keith, I've sent you a message that may be helpful. BB
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