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  1. Very nice tiny-subject, good weathering for my taste, cheers Clive
  2. Many thanks for your like Sairou, cheers mate Many thanks for your like celt, cheeers mate Many thanks for your like Roberto, cheers mate Many thanks for your like Badder, cheers mate
  3. FrancisGL

    Takom M47 Patton

    Nice contrast between the photos of interior / exterior, personally I like more the tone of those inside. Anyway, a great result with the kit, something cleaner than mine, in which I tried new products (for me) and weathering techniques. Cheers Soeren
  4. Many thanks for your follow, like and kind words, Now that the heat starts, it's not a bad thing ... lol Cheers Terry
  5. FrancisGL

    Takom M47 Patton

    Very well finished, I like it a lot, that solid aspect that it looks like is very real. I would have liked to see some photos with artificial light and on white background (or another color that you like). Cheers Soeren
  6. FrancisGL

    IDF M1 Super Sherman.

    Very well finished, I really like how the equipment has been, and as always, the figures and the small base give it a special touch. Cheers John
  7. Many thanks for your kind words. i'm glad you like it. Totally agree with crewman tip, but unfortunately, my skills with figures are terrible ... Cheers Pete
  8. FrancisGL

    Panther Ausf.A Late - Meng 1/35

    Fantastic !, the Zimm, although of not so pretty design (for my taste, the real of course), is, magnificently achieved, since it really looks like the paste applied on a surface, with a real consistency and texture. Of course, everything else is seen at a top notch level. Cheers Andy .
  9. FrancisGL

    IDF M50 Super Sherman

    Amazing result!, easily exceeds muhcos models to 1/35 in quality of detail and execution, a whole little gem ... Cheers mate
  10. Many thanks for your follow, like and kind words my friend, i¡m glad you like it, Cheers Stix
  11. Many thanks for your kind words, i'm glad you like it, cheers John,
  12. With the latest additions, and treatment, it seems that it has really been in the Ardennes (for example). It is a piece for a base or small diorama, without a doubt. I am glad that at the end you have found the touch that you like, I know how difficult it is to guess what you want to do (at least for me). Cheers Badder
  13. FrancisGL

    1 72 scale Dora dio

    Amazing scene!!!, At first I thought it was a job at 1/35 (there are lucky people who are capable of doing a Dora on that scale, and they also have room to put it ...). Very well done in all aspects, Cheers mate
  14. FrancisGL

    Tamiya Brummbar 1/35

    Very well done.T he Brümbar is not my favorite vehicle, but as the mates say, the Zimm is very good. For some time I read, that the ATAK sets are the best, and I see that this is ... Cheers David
  15. FrancisGL

    MAZ-543 TEL and SCUD-B

    Thanks for the photo, now I see that it is more "big" than I imagined, assuming it is 1/72 ...