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  1. Hi Badder, I see that despite everything, you continue with your project, which looks very good so far. Although in constant evolution, progression, trial / error, it will make a unique and very interesting subject, along with some or some AFVs (large or small), and the figures to give it a sense of life and proportionality. I hope that everything improves and you can continue with what you like despite all the unpleasant and sad things that surround us in these times. For my part, I have managed to start a kit, and I hope to finish it as well as possible, but it is costing me a lot, since I cannot forget certain things, which definitely does not help me. All the best for you and yours. Cheers and TC Francis.
  2. Hi Stix, Superb vignette as usual, like me a lot, I would love to make planes again someday, but they are more difficult than AFVs, and techniques have changed so much since then ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  3. Hi Ozzy, many thanks for your like and kind comments,i'm glad you like it. Cheers and TC Francis
  4. Hi Darryl, Many thanks for your kind comments, I'm trying not to make it too dirty after all, because I read that they put him out of action soon ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  5. Hi Rob, Even with so much wear, it looks very good, as the previous partner comments, something more dust, it seems that it could not hurt him at all ... Nice job. Cheers and TC Francis.
  6. Hi John, the hull aspect, it looks fantastic, full of details, very good ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  7. Hi Ernst, the cable looks more suitable, as you say is an advantage to save things before throwing them, without exaggeration, of course ... I will really like to see him with his "slippers" on ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  8. Hi Tomas, It has been very good with all those additions, and the base looks great, simple but effective, it gives a feeling of scale. By the way, the model I have in the stash is the Hobby-Boss model, I was wrong when I asked you about the difficulty of the kit, anyway, thanks for the anti-slip info. Cheers and Tc Francis.
  9. Hi mate, You can see the Beast that this vehicle is, with everything added, it increases its appearance, I would love to do one of these one day. Cheers and TC Francis.
  10. Hi Wayne, many thanks for your kind words ans interest, I would love to see a Honey according to your point of view, I think it would be, great, cute tank + very good technique = Masterpiece ... I have in mind to make one someday ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Hi John, many thanks mate, if we consider that the kit is quite decent, because its fits are good, and that it is OOB, without scratch, like yours, it gives a feeling of speed. I imagine that if it fell into your hands you would have it ready in the duration of a newscast ... lol. The "difficult" part of the kit were the indi tracks, but since they have been too much for me ... the rest is comfortable terrain ... lol. Cheers Francis.
  12. Hi Roger, many thanks for your kind words, now the most "artistic" part remains for me, at least, weathering, which will give it character or ruin it ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  13. Hi John, The exhaust looks "professional", once painted and weathered, great ... Cheers Francis.
  14. Hi Rob, many thanks for your interest and kind comments, Cheers Francis.
  15. Hi Rob, sorry to miss this one, it seems like there are quite a few Matidas in the forum ... lol If I am not mistaken, it seems that you are not very happy with the result that the model shows, (the Caunter, as you told me, I see that it was not problematic because it looks very good), I do not know exactly why, but I know that feeling so annoying .. With the later worn, it has changed a lot, I do not know if you like it more now, or before, but it is a very elaborate work, perhaps a little more for my taste. I will really like to see how it ends, because it will be useful to me for what I have to do one day. Cheers Francis.
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