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  1. Hi Maddoxx, A nice little tank, I hadn't seen any of these before, something like that with Pz.I chassis... The finish is very good, and the additions make it a bit more complex, breaking up the grey... Good Job! Cheers and TC Francis.
  2. Hi Kristjan, God save the Queen!, a gorgueous model, with excellent detail. The Caunter looks great, it must have been difficult especially the rear of the tank... Very nice figures, I love it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  3. Hi Maddoxx,. I'm glad you were able to remove the part without damage, so the inside could be seen, good job. Cheers and TC Francis.
  4. Hi providence, The Stug looks great, its compact tortoiseshell look and short barrel that doesn't stand out, it's very cool, moving through the snow... The winter camo is very well worn and the base fits like a glove. Good Job! Cheers and TC Francis.
  5. Hi Milan, I didn't see one of these before either, interesting aspect. I don't know if the kit includes a motor. Cheers and TC Francis.
  6. Hi Nenad, A terrific model, the look is top notch i love the wear and tear obtained and the rear flag as seen... Excellent photographs and the real vehicle for comparison. Cheers and TC Francis.
  7. Hi Gaz, Excellent work with the camo, for me it would be difficult... Very much in agreement with some colleagues, a little weathering would make the model more interesting, and the details would stand out better... Cheers and TC Francis.
  8. Hi sheriff013, Great mini-vehicle, even with interior.... Very well weathered, and the coin next to it makes the size clear. Cheers and TC Francis.
  9. HI Ian, I think the facelift you have done has been worth it, perhaps a photo of the previous state, for comparison, would have been good. The figure looks good to me, and its base is a nice addition. Good black and white photo. Cheers and TC Francis.
  10. Hi Darryl, A magnificent Sherman, clean but with subtle traces of wear, and with the figures it really gets richer. Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Hi Michael M, A great representation of the brute, it could pass for 1/35 without problem. The figures are really good, also considering the size of the scale, and the base integrates perfectly. I should make one for mine (1/35), but space is starting to be a problem...lol Cheers and TC Francis.
  12. Hi Muchmirth, A nice Tiger, seeing it makes me want to make one, which I think would be the 3rd in my list of constructions, the venerable Tamiya and one from Italeri much later, which I no longer have, but which served to experiment... Cheers and TC Francis.
  13. Hi xebec, Another model unknown to me. I personally like this one more than the other, because it looks more like something military per se, and the other one is more of an ad hoc type... I really like the modulation achieved and the overall solid look. After 30 years, it is a promising beginning, and I am sure that the progression will be fast and adequate. The base also looks very adequate, simple but effective, very much in keeping with the vehicle. Cheers and TC Francis.
  14. Hi xebec, A most curious and rare vehicle, I did not see any of these before....maybe because I move in later periods of armor. Very well finished and a very nice base. Cheers and TC Francis.
  15. Hi Madoxx77, A great result, a lot of attention to detail, with great dedication to the model. I hope it can be "opened" to see how it finally turned out inside. A comment, not a criticism, with a constructive spirit... I don't know if it will be the photos (which can be very annoying when taking them, since matching the tone of the model is not easy), that they look a bit dark (at least for my monitor), or that the model it really looks like this, kind of dark looking. Not a bad thing per se, but much of the pre-weathering work can be lost... In my models, I try that when I finish the modulation, it looks clearer than I would like, well, for sure, if we are going to do several processes later (washing, chipping, etc...), to end up with a weathering something intense, in the end, everything will take on a dark aspect, which even hides details that were there before, or are difficult to appreciate.... I remember that at the beginning of my return, a veteran told me that, it also seems that the eye prefers warm colors to cold ones... or something similar, basically, that it tried not to darken the model unnecessarily. On the other hand, I like it very much, and the interior must look great. Besides, I have seen in the WIP, that you have made a great model too, the MX-77 BBQ Station at 1/1....what a great job, I want my brother to see it, he loves tools and DIY I don't have room for one of these though... Until the next model, Cheers and TC Francis.
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