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  1. Hi Sergey, Many thanks for your like and kind comment, i'm glad you like it. This model was still one of my first to return to the hobby after more than 20 years, now I imagine that I would have done something different (and I hope better ... lol) Cheers and TC Francis.
  2. Hi Cesar, Many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated, i'm glad you like it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  3. Hi Badder, I am glad to see the product (although not finished), of your efforts to make an "indestructible tree" ... lol, it is a monster in terms of materials used, and time spent, I understand that you are not going to make another tree later ...LOL. As @Pig of the Week comments, a fantasy creature could perfectly come out, because it is also a tree with a very versatile appearance. When you finish it, it will be even better, and its appearance once "planted" will be very good. I will love to see it finished. On the other hand, I see that you have changed your avatar, it has confused me a bit, a thing of getting used to it, if you decide to keep it in time, lol, I have not been able to identify what it is ... All the best and TC Francis.
  4. Hi Keith, Many thanks for comment, although somewhat short and cryptic, I imagine you liked it ... lol Cheers and TC. Francis.
  5. Hi Ade H, Many thanks for your lie, follow, and kind words, i'm glad you like it. It really is how I like the finished models, nothing bad in the ones that are cleaner ... but IMHO, I think that with a more evident weathering, the finished model has a more real character, and with a unique personality. It is the part of modeling that I like the most, where all the previous work, no matter how good it has been, can be ruined if we don't hit the nail on the head ... lol. I would like very much to see some of your models, because you indicate that you love the most pronounced weathering ... Maybe if there is something of Mr. Wilder in the result, a long time ago, I had a KV-1 at 1/35 Trumpeter, and I was looking at ways to age it, because I looked very monotonous and the shapes of the tank did not help me feel either. comfortable ... searching the net, I saw a series of clips of Mr. Wilder, in which precisely, a KV-1 aged (not the same version, but equally useful), and I loved what I saw, I tried, although with different products (brands), what I saw, and although the result was not so good, at least I learned what not to do ... Regarding the part of the tank that you comment, I have been seeing images or clips, where that particular part can be seen, and I include a clip, in which you can see clearly, how are the cuts of the plate, very rough, and with horizontal stripes, right there. Although, it is a preserved model, so its appearance is not that of a vehicle in use / battle. I imagine that being right on the edges, and in such an imperfect way, the use would make the paint disappear, and help that part get rust ... I can be wrong of course ... On the other hand, I think I have seen what you were saying about the photos, and I agree that what they tell me from the Forum Administration seems somewhat limited. Personally I like that the photos are the best ... well that ... but that inevitably makes their weight increase ... and that I host them on a third-party server. On the other hand, although I use a desktop computer, old but sufficient, and my connection is fiber and quite fast, I have no problem seeing the content, unless the images are really heavy, they take a while to load ... it is true that there will be people, who either use a laptop or even just a mobile, to access the forum ... It would be great, that the images will be scaled automatically according to the means by which we access the forum. Maybe later it is possible. Cheers and TC Francis.
  6. Hi Pete, Many thanks for your kind words, i'm glad you like it. tow cables, they were hard to fit, but it was worth it in the end. I tried to put other marks, but the one I liked the most was the Polish eagle ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  7. Hi IGKent, Many thanks for your like and kind words, i',mglad you like it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  8. Hi Julien, Sorry, I have edited the topic, and I think that now the photos are lighter, and I suppose that now it will handle better in users with slow connections. Cheers and TC Francis.
  9. Hi Whitewolf, Many thanks for your kind comments, i'm glad you like it. Francis.
  10. Hi Darryl, Many thanks for your like and kind words, i'm glad you like it, much appreciated. Well seen, sometimes "the trees prevent us from seeing the forest ...", I think that an excess of mud or equipment, inevitably hides much of the previous work, so unless it is really well finished and "placed", it can be negative. Well, yes, with the headlamp, that was my idea, I have seen many Soviet armored vehicles, with the "cone" empty ... but in some pause they could change it ...? ... lol ... also the part is not original from the kit, I lost it ... and had to put one from a Soviet GAZ truck ... a little bigger ... so the damage / battle fix is justified ... lol. The tow cables were very authentic, although it was difficult to "fit" them in their proper place, I had to cut something to adjust them, and the position was not clear in the instructions ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Hi Sergei, A very interesting subject, so archaic, it seems incredible that something like that would work ... lol A very good level of detail, the engine, and the transmission below, very good job. Cheers and TC Francis.
  12. Hi Sergei, A very "cute" truck, so compact in its forms ... I really like the look of the used weathering, very convincing, and the level of detail of the kit, when the rear doors are opened ... Chees and TC Francis.
  13. Hi Cesar, A very interesting and unusual set, I had heard about midget submarines, but I don't think this one knew about it. Very well finished the two kits, I really like the load of the trailer, with a motorcycle even, very convincing. Cheers and TC Francis.
  14. Hi John, Many thanks for your like and kind words, much appreciated, i'm glad you like it. Cheers and TC Francis.
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