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  1. UPDATE 08 Hi Pals, here we go with the progress of the week ... I have continued with the finishing of the accessories, and I have added some details, such as a helmet, as weapons and some more equipment. The side-skirt with projectile damage, also more profiled, and the tug cable, I can change it for a copper one, I'll see later... The pack of jerrycans, I have decided to paint it as if it were water, and I have attached them with mask tape. So there is a touch of different color. The ammunition tape, is a PE, which brings several, but I expected something better, it is completely flat ... even so it is not bad at all ... Time to start with the soiling of the sides and bottoms, with pigments and some specific products for splashes. The idea is to make dry mud, if possible with a different tone, a more recent one, over another older one (or darker over lighter). For that I used two pigment tones, with layers, waiting for it to dry, because it changes tone when doing it. Then, a layer of splashes, and when drying, a little paint in some parts to accentuate the contrast as much as possible. The belly of the Stug, is a layer of pigments, which once almost dry, have been "melted" with solvent, to simulate mud dragged back, with some gushing of grease from the lower rivets ... As I have previously mentioned, the skirts do not know exactly where they will go or how many, and I have thought of putting some red, to simulate, the loss of the original, and the subsequent replacement ... more chaos ... a pity that some work is lost, but I see it more convincing, of course they will be "dirty" ... A touch of metal on the tracks, later will be outlined. Thanks for watch and comment as always. Cheers mates.
  2. Hi Badder, it is good to see that you have returned to the Nassy, hoping that everything will go better at least. It is really annoying when we make a kit and still following the instructions, there is a mounting defect, difficult to fix if you know it and even more difficult when it is too late ... it seems that you have overcome the problem satisfactorily. If it does not move, I do not think it's very important, it's "static modeling", and not a toy. My kits almost never move the barrel, and most of the time it's not my fault, because the final adjustment recommends not touching it much later, or there will be breaks .. . I really like all that pile of pieces, giving a feeling of something complex. I see that the color of the padding of the sight, which is green, and not black, and the gunner's seat, which is not brown or similar. Maybe the interior looks better something clearer, it will add some lights, and will make the model more luminous and therefore something more attractive to look at, as the details will be more appreciated. Now maybe that job is complicated, but not impossible ... I think if you decide to do it, you're still on time. Keep up the good work ... Cheers Badder
  3. FrancisGL

    Zvezda T-34/76, 1/35th.

    It is always a shame to hear how a traditional store closes, but if we are attentive and have money at that moment, we have a stash insured for years ... This T34 is my favorite variant, I have to get one, but as you say, the Zvezda kit is very basic, and the tracks are undoubtedly a bad detail, you have to change them for sure ... as I did with my Zvezda T34 also. The model has been very good, and the figure seems very well finished, but the photos (except the last), has a yellowish tone, which prevents appreciate how is the real color, perhaps the white balance was not appropriate. .. Cheers mate
  4. FrancisGL

    1/72 Trumpeter KV122

    Top notch look!, to be an experiment the result is excellent, it is totally adjusted to my taste, and without doubt it seems a scale of 1/35 even ... Cheers mate
  5. Many thans for your kind words, i'm glad you like it, the lateral skirts, are not yet in their final place, that is, they are not yet fixed, because it is possible that it changes, adds, or deletes ... Maybe I have more patience than skill, because I never seem enough what I do, and almost always I have to correct, although without a doubt, both are necessary for this ... Cheers Nigel
  6. Many thanks for your most kind words, I really would like to ... Cheers Stix
  7. Surprising the document of the cannon vs tank, what was said, an authentic beast ... Good progress, despite adjustment problems ... Cheers Badder
  8. Thank you for your comments, enough of what you comment, I already knew (no matter, friend), what happens is that I have not yet reached those touch-up points, so the imcomplete sensation is visible, although there would be that they would finish it. What about the tracks, they still need dust and metal, what you see is the base layer, and if there is any rust, I'm sorry ... lol. With the side-skirts, a lot of that, you will not see, not because I do not like it, but I like the side-skirts more, the ideal would have been to put them and remove them at will, but the adjustment / alignment is "abstract" put it in some way... The drag cable, I've seen videos of how to do it, I did not plan to change it, because it is not finished yet, maybe when I see it, I decided to change it for a copper one, according to the method you mention, which is undoubtedly the best . Cheers Plasto
  9. Many thanks for the advice, who was going to say it was "that", and the popular site that you insinuate will not be "A ---- N" ...? ... lol. I've already looked there, and I've ordered one, quite large, a little more expensive, but, I'm not going to buy one every day ... lol About the popularity of the site ... a joke ... The teacher in class asks the children: "how do you ask for things? ... And they answer him in chorus: "By Am --- n ..." (the answer that the teacher expected was "Please" ...) Cheers Hewy
  10. Many thanks for your like and kind words, i'm glad you like it, There is still much left to do... Cheers Ozzy
  11. FrancisGL

    1/48 Tamiya Pz.IV Ausf.J

    Excellent progess, very clean and aseptic, I love how are those Zimm films ...I have to get and try some. Cheers Stix
  12. What a piece of artillery! No wonder I was able to cross any vehicle ... even Stalins? ... Cheers Badder
  13. I also use the masking tape for that same purpose, although I have not tried tracks like these, I thought they were metal for this brand. Cheers Plasto
  14. Excelent set, as always, and the base small and simple but very effective, I love it. Cheers Stix
  15. Many thanks for your kind comments. Of course, why not?, Although it may not be within reach of my skills or do not have the materials to carry it out, it is always nice to exchange opinions. Cheers Plasto