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  1. Hi Stuart, Many thanks for your like and kind comments, much appreciated, i'm glad you like it. Sometimes I am surprised when I see the photos of the finished model, because when you see it in the showcase without adequate and direct light, it does not look like much, but once it is well focused and framed, everything, the good and the bad of the work, comes to light. the light... Cheers and TC Francis.
  2. Stunning assemble!, very nice, like me a lot. Cheers and TC Francis.
  3. Hi Tom, It looks magnificent with all those additions, one of my favorite tanks, one day I have to get a better kit, because the one I made is an Eastern Express (no more)...and despite everything it was "cool"...lol . Cheers and TC Francis.
  4. Superb detailed, impressive amount of extras... Cheers and TC Francis.
  5. Stunning interior details...coming aling nicely, Cheers and TC Francis.
  6. Hi John, Many thanks for your like and kind words, i'm glad you like it, much much appreciated mate. Cheers and TC Francis.
  7. Hi Stef, Many thanks for your like and kind words, much appreciated, i'm glad you like it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  8. Hi Michael, Nice Sherman, i love it, and yes, also the figures, very good. Cheers and TC Francis.
  9. Hi Nenad, Absolutely fantastic brute! I love it, with its details and dusty wear in places, very faithful (despite the black and white photos) to the real model. Cheers and TC Francis.
  10. Hi Ian, Many thanks for your like and kind comments, i'm glad you like it. It was a last minute idea, when I had finished taking the photos, I thought, why not put the "little one" next to it, it's not a figure, but at least it gives an idea of the size to the "initiated"... lol Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Hi andmarsh, Nice little vehicle, It looks like a kit with a great level of detail. I really like the wear you applied. An observation, which usually happens, and that on the front sign under the windshield, there is "silvering", that is to say, that the part of the decal that should not be seen (transparent), is distinguished... There are tricks to avoid, as far as possible (it also depends on the quality of the decal), that this effect does not happen to us.. Good Job! Cheers and TC Francis.
  12. Hi Roman, It looks great, it could even be a 1/48 or 1/35. Cheers and TC Francis.
  13. Hi andmarsh, A nice Sherman, with good details, like the tools, and the figure of the commander. A bit clean for my personal taste, it's not a criticism, maybe you could add some elements like boxes, fuel cans, backpacks, helmets, etc... taking care that the fastening was plausible, it would make the model even more interesting, well, the hardest part (for me at least... lol), you already included the figure. Good job! Cheers and TC Francis.
  14. Hi Michael, A real classic, I love how it turned out, very nice the wear you made, and the feeling of being something "metallic" that it shows, I also made one of these when I returned to the hobby a few years ago, and it's published in the forum . It looks quite similar to yours, in details that I added, not the barbed wire (I didn't have anything suitable), nor in the figures (I would love to add some). Good job! Cheers and TC Francis.
  15. Hi ThreatLvlMidafternoon, I love the model, and I don't know if I would like the "war paints" on a model of mine (probably because I don't think it will fit me as well as you), but it looks great, and the figures are very good too, along with such nice details as the ammo rounds. Good Job! Cheers and TC Francis,
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