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  1. Hi, Blanketyblank,

    I also have those tracks in my stash, but I have so many kits to make, that I don't know if one day I will dare to use them ...
    As I have mentioned above, I made the same model a few years ago and I have it posted on the forum, just like you, I used the pigment you mention to make the red powder.
    If you are interested, you can tell me and I sent you a link to the RTI, which in turn has one to the WIP.
    Cheers and TC

    1. Blanketyblank


      Hi Francis,

      The tracks do look great but it is easy to get glue on the moving parts. Plus life is too short to spend many evenings cleaning up the hundreds of individual track parts. I could have built a couple of models in the time i will have spent on the tracks alone. I assume Mvtb has just used the kit’s rubber band tracks yet it still looks amazing. 

      Believe it or not I remember your recent build of this kit and I have used it as a reference and a source of inspiration. The M48 is one of my favourite tanks so I always pay close attention if someone posts an RFI of it, especially as it was going to be my next build. 
      Given the amount of extras I have bought for this old, “cheap” kit I am certain Tamiya  will release a new tooling as soon as I am done. I have only newly returned to the hobby and I might have bitten off more than I can chew with workable tracks, photo etch, new decals and resin parts. If you would like to forward on the links to your Build again it would be much appreciated. 

    2. FrancisGL


      Hi Alan, 

      If I have not misunderstood, you have already seen my M48, but it is not a bother to put the links here.
      I would love to change the tracks to mine, I already have them, and add figures, which I also have, would be great, but it is a very heavy job and that I do not master, also I have the stash about to explode ... lol
      Cheers and TC


    3. Blanketyblank


      Your build really showed what could be done with the old kit. The cast texture and weathering were spot on. I don’t think I enough to add the mr surfacer 500 myself 

  2. It's a nice "beast", I did the same one a few years ago, and it was very similar to yours, although I made a cover for the spotlight. Cheers and TC Francis.
  3. Hi Ernst, I am sorry to say that the "Stalin Orgel" was left in the box, started, but not continued, since the chassis fit with the cabin and the engine, it is ... impossible, at least for me, after much measuring, cutting, fill in ... I couldn't make it stay in place ... it bothered me a lot, because I would like to have one ... there are more modern versions with the truck, but I don't like them too much, and this was the only kit that fit ( in my idea..clear ... lol, because of fit ...). You're right, the brand MAQUETTE, it seems to be "the same", because I've seen things on the i
  4. Hi Ernst, Many thanks for your like and most kind words, i'm glad you like it. I love your expression: "Cojonas" ... lol. I'm not trying to correct you at all, my friend, but let me point out that the one we use around here is "Cojones aka Eggs" (my mother ... what a shame lol), but it is totally justified, it is true that when I saw the instructions (photocopies with already spent toner ... unnumbered ...), and I got to the engine part and the gun mantlet ... what was to be a military parade, it became "El Alamo "... it only remained to choose between the bin / spare parts box
  5. Hi A.R.1989, Despite its age, it is a beautiful vehicle, I really like how the weathering was, and the base together with its figure, give it a lot of life and scale, just what my "Chaffy (Takom 1/35)" lacks, I hope one day he will be able to make a decent ... lol This is exactly what I wanted to represent with my model too "I tried to imagine a scene on the range at Salisbury Plain in autumn in the late 80's / early 90's" ... although somewhat earlier ... lol Cheers and TC Francis.
  6. Hi Nenad, Many thanks for your like and kind words, i'm glad you like it. It really is a brand to avoid if you want to get something that is easy to fit, because in some crucial and very large points, the work to be done is improper, and what is worse it will never remain as if it had been a good mold in origin, In addition, the fun is lost in free complications in a kit, beyond what is necessary to advance in its natural process ... I bought a "Katyusha" from EE, the version with an older truck, since I didn't see any of another brand, all with a more modern truck ... It
  7. Hi Stix, Many thanks for your like, follow and kinf words, i'm glad you like it. Yes, I have been worse, but I am not complaining (too much ...), and I also hope that everything goes reasonably well there. It seems that I am improving something in my technique, always looking for the model to be as complete and real as possible in terms of its finish. I really like working with green, and I get very close to what I want to show, it should be the same for other unique colors, but both gray and sand are very different, and I have to practice more ... Cheers and T
  8. Hi TheOxley,. Many thanks for your comment, i'm glad you like it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  9. Hi WHAdjacent, It's a good job IMHO, maybe for me, the dust is not too well integrated, but overall it looks good. The antenna, although they were quite thick, maybe it is a bit out of scale ... or not? ... in any case if you decide to change it, it is very simple. I really like what you say about writing the steps of the complex techniques to use, I also made a "small paper notice", once I saw the new techniques that I had when I returned to the hobby after more than 20 years. .. The figures are also a headache for me, very good of you to force yourself to carry out some.
  10. Hi Milan, Many thanks for your kind words, i'm glad you like it. Well, yes, that was the idea, trying to represent a used vehicle and surviving a few battles, under intense pressure, "walk or burst" ... The photo you include is very beautiful, were you present there? ... Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Hi Daniel, It is a beautiful vignette, which shows a sensation of movement, and I really like the water how it turned out, with those waves. Cheers and TC Francis.
  12. Hi John, Many thanks for your lile and kind words, i'm glad you like it. And that this is your favorite Soviet tank from WW2, I did not know ... lol, the truth is that it is a beautiful vehicle, very well balanced in its lines. It is a pity that the kit was so basic, it is not that I am a master of detail like you, but at least, if I like that the fit is perfect or almost ... I have a Tamiya T34-76 40 that although it will be basic in detail, I imagine that the quality of the kit will be according to the brand, that is, magnificent. This kit has helped me to practice what I li
  13. Hi Milan It's a nice subject, very well complemented with little base, simple but effective. Cheers and TC Francis.
  14. Hi sardaukar, Many thanks for your like and kind words, i'm glad you like it. I think you would get very good results with 1/35 if you have never done one before, although I think you would see some changes in the techniques. Cheers and TC Francis.
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