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  1. Very good progress, very detailed as expected. Who would say that an Oldie like this, beat a new Takom kit, what an unpleasant surprise for those who buy one of the new ones. I remember that when I first saw the Italeri kit, I was pleasantly surprised, because it seemed very detailed, even more than many of Tamiya, who were "The Queen" at the time, and that could hardly be bought for its high price, was Then when I discovered Italeri, with tighter prices, models that Tamiya didn't have, and some of an even higher quality, and even today, it resists ... Cheers Carius
  2. Hi Cesar, Lately I don't come to the forum just now, but I've seen your post, and I liked it a lot. "Hello folks, inspired by my friend Francis who recently built an M47 Patton, I decided to present the Croatian Balkan War version called" AZDAJA ", that means" DRAGON "...." By chance that friend "Francis", won't it be me? ... I hope so ... From what I see, it will be a great job, and with your skills and the chosen material, it will be a winner. I want to change my tracks to my M47, which are what the kit brought, and they were in a frankly regrettable state ... Cheers Carius.
  3. What a piece of art!, stunning vignette, an ideal scale to shine (or otherwise..lol) Cheers mate
  4. Stunning result!, like me a lot, the canvas and plants. Cheers mate
  5. Very well finished, like me a lot Your style is very similar to mine, I have an SU-85M in the stash, and if I decide to do it someday, it may be very similar. Cheer mate
  6. Hi Stix, No problem, I had not seen your comment, sorry. As always your comments are more than kind, and very appreciated. To be my first diorama seriously, although I may be wrong, I recognize that it is not bad, even when in view of the result of the GB, if I have thought about it. Cheers Stix.
  7. Although to my return to the hobby, now I have only done AFVs, I have always been fascinated by airplanes, and both of you are a magnificent job, I would love to emulate something similar. With the 1st wave of heat this summer, it is really difficult to dedicate to the hobby without "going crazy", from one of the main heat centers (Córdoba). Saludos Ricardo.
  8. As the comrades have commented, a really good job (IMHO), and very exhaustive, I see that in the end you mention that it is from your "dirty" stage, and it gives me the impression, maybe wrong, that you say it as something negative and You have evolved to something different, with what you feel more comfortable. For me, the weathering that you applied is very, very good, and it is from my own experience that it is not at all simple that it is real and in its point. Without it, the model remains, IMHO, as a detailed toy, but without personality and character. I would love to know what you think about this, because my models are also "dirty period" ... lol. Cheers Filippo.
  9. Hi Filippo, a work of master, without a doubt a conscientious task, of which it would not be able, because it requires of more skill and patience of which I have. I have read your comments, and it is another question that surpasses me, researching everything that may be useful to improve the model also requires time (which is scarce). From what you say, it was a project for a publication (without a doubt your model would be up to the task), and that you are "still waiting" ... lol. I also sent some photos of a Merkava MKI Tamiya (which is published in this forum, direct links to RFI section in blue below the post) to a well-known website / publication, for the "model of the month" contest, and although I did not win, I They asked for a review of the model and send it for publication, and "the same as you do" ... lol. I hope to see more models of you here. Cheers Filippo.
  10. A great job as always !, the whole set is very well finished. The vehicle is very curious, with that long tube as a cannon, and those two cylinders in the upper part of the Turret, which look like two tubes of anti-tank missiles? ... All a champion. Cheers Stix
  11. Hi Gary, You have all the reason in my opinion, the tanks are more "suffered", and hold almost everything we throw on them ... lol, which does not mean they are easy to do, and that they are "decent". Not bad at all, especially the Panther, the Chaffee, I have an equal in the forum, but in "winter camo", I put some new tracks afterwards, because the ones I had were a real ruin, and ended up splitting. For my taste, something clean, (it is not critical) but that is very subjective. After 30 years making airplanes, it is impossible that the tanks that you make are bad, because of all that experience, you can extrapolate something without a doubt. For what you comment, you're a lucky man, 2 of 2 prizes, bingo ... lol, I've never won anything, although I have not submitted to any contest, because there is nothing worthwhile here, and I do not think I will win anyway. Cheers Gary.
  12. Many thanks for your kind words, i'm glad you ilke it, You are right, the figures give a touch that can not be achieved without them. Cheers Hewy
  13. Absolutely superb, nothing to object, for me it is a magnificent representation of the Tiger, which perfectly shows the strength of the brute. Cheers mate
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