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  1. Many thanks for your like and kind, words, I did not find the work done very good in view of the almost zero feedback so far, but it seems that someone does not think the same .. lol. I'm getting lazy to prepare the "mini-studio" for the RTI photos with the Reflex camera ... Cheers Stix
  2. Many thanks for your like Corsairfoxforuncle, cheers mate Many thankd for your like, Bullbasket, cheers mate Many thanks for your like, Hamden, cheers mate
  3. FrancisGL

    Tamiya T55A

    Imressive look !, is one of the best T55 I've seen so far, reality impression by the "four sides", Cheers Keith
  4. UPDATE 05: Hi Pals, today possibly the last push for the model, and this time, I continued with weathering, but adding vegetable remains. IHMO, I think it gives a very convenient touch to the model, once "framing" the composition, making it like "Adam", go from being naked to having a more real look with "your leaf" ... lol On the one hand, there are remains of leaves in the lower part of the vehicle, and tracks, which are varied "true" leaves, previously collected, and once dried, crushed, crushed, until you get small pieces of plant material like the ones you see. Others, there are small "complete" leaves, by random parts of the vehicle, because we do not have to forget, that it is a Tank-destroyer, and that its best asset is to be hidden in the forest, to give the best of itself. same, ambush time !. These small leaves, I have managed to make a small "die" with the shape of the leaf, and applying it to the "real leaves". This utensil, consisted of a piece of metal, like the ones that are used for cake shop in real size, to make stars, hearts, and fun shapes ...with the desired shape (leave), and fixed with instant glue to a stick, all very artisan and very ... fragile. At the end, after trying as "a million times", I got enough leaves for the kit (and some more for later ...), but at the cost of having to rebuild the utensil several times, and finally break it by the use continued. A good idea, but i have to improve it ... To fix both leaves, a drop of matt varnish, and when dry will be very well attached to the vehicle. Then a gentle brushing to remove those that were not subject. I tried to put the vehicle "Schürzen" lateral, but not to be very well placed, another detail in the cons of the kit, weathering work in the bottom of the model, is totally lost. Still, I've put the anchors (not all). The ideal would have been to put them on, but be able to remove them whenever you wanted. One thing that occurred to me seeing photos of models already finished, was that in some there were small vehicles next to the model, and I liked it so much, that I rummaged in my spare parts boxes, and found a small bicycle to 1/35, from Italerí . He can be about 25 years old or less, and he was still in his sprues. It is not especially "delicate", but it has a pretty good detail for how old it is. So, I gave it a try, and although it was the first bike I built, I think it was a success. The crew already have a "support vehicle", and can go through the nearest town for wine and cheese, for example ... lol Around here the mounted bike, and ... voilà ... here the finished bike ... lol Once dry, I think there is a very good "pairing" between the vehicles. Some photos on top of the model, next to it, and on a small base to see how it would look like in a diorama ... A final detail, the antenna, not metal, but fiber. Flash shots... As always, thanks for watch and comment, now Reflex camera session (coming soon, i hope...lol), after TD Vol.2...
  5. Here you have the links if you want to see other models already finished. You can see the finishing date of each kit on the link, that gives an idea of how I have been "mutating" my modest skills. There is some model that is "revised", you can also read it, with tracks of metal or plastic, added later or some weathering / extra equipment. I hope there is something that you like. Cheers mate
  6. Many thanks for your kind words, but still has to improve (vegetation ...), Cheers bigfoot
  7. Hi Soeren, obviously it will be another tank destroyer ... lol, but I'm hesitating which one to decide, if a Stug (it will be III or it will be IV ...), or a Jadgpanther ... as I finish with this one, I think it will help me to decide it ... Thanks for your interest mate
  8. Maany thanks mate for your interest, i'm glad you like it, I still have to finish this...,sorry , but although I hope to make more models (fingers crossed ... lol). Maybe you like to see the models already finished and posted in the forum, there are not too many, but you can see the weathering of each one, already done. If you wish, give me a warning and I'll send you the links. Cheers SA80A2AR
  9. FrancisGL

    Br52 steam loco

    Impressive job with PEs!, and nice idea with fire, very original.... Cheers Steve
  10. You're very kind Stix, i'm glad you like it, You say very well, i think weathering is the "spice" that really makes a bunch of plastic go to a cute toy, to end up in something very similar to what was the reality of the model. As in real life, the passage from adolescence to adulthood, a time when it is easy to ruin the previous work, or just the opposite ... lol Thanks for your like too, cheers Stix
  11. FrancisGL

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Looks fantastic!, I did not see it, sorry, but the result is being magnificent ... Cheers mate
  12. Looks very nice for a "practice", the kits are very nice and the base makes them look even better ... Cheers mate
  13. It is incredible that such a small model has such interesting details, many manufacturers of 1/35 would have to learn about it ... Saludos mate
  14. Very well achieved rusted aspect, no duobt a interesting project, maybe for a smal dio.... Cheers mate
  15. FrancisGL

    IDF Tiran 5.

    Great job!!, a model very complete in all aspects. There are some photos with a slightly more earthy tone, personally I like that color more. Cheers John