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  1. FrancisGL


    UPDATE 03: Hi Pals, A new progress with the model, as you can see, I have already painted and weathered the tracks, failing to put "snow" on them, which will be later. The next task, the addition of various equipment, basically Tamiya, and some Bronco, along with some of my spare parts. I found it somewhat difficult, choosing the ones that seemed most appropriate, and even more, the position where they are going to go, seeking to be "coherent" and to appear as subjects in a real and natural way. I am waiting for the new cannon to be brought to replace it. Apart, small touches with the "snow" in the new equipment. Thanks for watch and comments as always. Cheers mates.
  2. FrancisGL


    Many thanks for your interest. You are absolutely right, they are much better (they are not Friuls, but ...), I think they cost me more than 9€ ... Cheers Soeren
  3. FrancisGL

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    IMHO, with the reference photos that you have, it should be easy for you to do the chipping, but an important detail is what you like. By my own experience, I know that, what we do in a kit, if we do not like it, later we try to change it to what we would have done, with the obvious difficulty and risk, of touching a finished model. What has been done so far seems very real and well done. Cheers Mark
  4. FrancisGL

    4 fists for Takom, Chieftain Mk. 2

    It looks awesome!!!, very good work done so far...i love the M47, especially nice (on the inside) the tracks. I definitely have to change mine ... Cheers mate
  5. It looks fantastic!, very good work done so far ... Cheers Simon
  6. FrancisGL


    It looks very good already, I would like very much to see the weathering on this color ... Cheers mate
  7. FrancisGL

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    Very nice the finish of the tank, maybe a little "clean" for my personal taste, but the quality of the kit is undoubt Cheers Lloyd
  8. FrancisGL


    Many thanks for your interest and your follow, cheers Stix
  9. FrancisGL

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    Great job with chipping, looks very real for my taste... Cheers Mark
  10. FrancisGL

    IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Great job with turret scratch!... Cheers John
  11. Stunning weathering!, i like a lot mud in the back, the canvas already looks magnificent, when the retouching will be a small work of art ... Cheers Simon
  12. Many thanks for your most kind words, i'm glad you like it, don't worry about, it has been built for almost two years, and if it were not for the fact that it has "pop up" from time to time it is very difficult that you would have seen it, it usually happens with all the work already finished ... If you are interested in seeing some other work finished of mine, just click on the links at the end of each post, and there you will find them, although they are not all, because although they are not too many, only 4 links are allowed. .. so the oldest ones, if you want to see them, give me a touch and "I look for them" ... lol Cheers mate
  13. FrancisGL


    Many thanks for your kind words, cheers Carius,
  14. FrancisGL

    KV-2, Trumpeter 1:35

    Stunning beast!!, very well done, the weathering is very real, the chipping I like a lot, and Friuls make the difference!... Cheers mate
  15. FrancisGL


    UPDATE 02: Hi Pals, some progress with the project. The first was to "design" a method of work / utensil that I found comfortable and more or less productive for the assembly, because although I have not done too many articulated tracks, I have realized that each set of them are a " world apart ", because each one has a specific assembly, and each manufacturer understands it in its own way. It has not been too difficult to remove them from their sprues, I have not broken anything more than two or three, and as the box says, bring enough spare parts, so I do not think I'll have trouble completing them. I have proceeded to remove the old ones, with the maximum possible care, and I have taken off / split some piece in the process, but nothing that can not be fixed. You can see how bad they were, not in their detail, but in the quality of the plastic, very rigid and ... "brittle" ... united thanks the staples ... What if it was a "headache", have been the rear drive wheels, which did not have enough "width" to accommodate the new tracks (question of very, very little ...), so I had to return to open them, and adjust them so that they were wide enough. Very difficult, because they were stuck with polystyrene cement, and not with CA glue, so they were "melted" in their union ... As you can see, they are already finished, in the absence of a link to "close" them, and the appearance is much better IMHO, in addition to not being "broken" somewhere like the old ones. Thanks to watch and comment as always.