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  1. Impressive result with the T55. the modulation of colors and the nuances in them, are really beautiful for my taste, Cheers mate
  2. FrancisGL

    M4A1 Sherman

    Very well with the texturized in the model, once painted it has been very well integrated ... Cheers Peter
  3. FrancisGL

    My first WIP, Tamiya Panzer II

    It is not my favorite vehicle, but it is a good medium for a first WIP, these Tamiya kits, oldies, cheap, but with a quality and planes more than acceptable, are ideal to test our skill and techniques without much "fear" to ruin the kit ... lol. IMHO goes pretty well, the subject of the sponge, I do not know what it turned out to be complicated, but I do not get a result like the ones I see in finished models ... Cheers mate
  4. FrancisGL

    Trumpeter T-62 ERA Iraq

    A vehicle very well finished, the look looks fantastic, and the colors have many nuances. Cheers mate
  5. FrancisGL

    M747 Semi-Trailer - Meng 1/35

    An impressive model, not only because of the real thing that appears, but because of the size you mention. A very well worked, use and weathering aspect, with that detail of the black plastic bags. Cheers Andy
  6. Like the "midget", a magnificent result in the whole. Very good commemorative element. Cheers Stix
  7. Impressive scratch work, model impressive resulting model Cheers Barry
  8. Very good combination of colors in the field, and the effect of mud and grass look very authentic, together with the base and the figures make it a very effective set. Cheers Stix
  9. Wow !, I missed this, it seems a very cool project,... Cheers Simon
  10. FrancisGL

    T-28 - Hobby Boss 1/35

    I have an equal in the secret stash, for a long time, following with interest that there is good here ... Cheers mate
  11. Although I do not know how the tracks will be, that add-on will come in handy, maybe a basic set (there are very cheap) of Eduard's PEs, will give a "push" forward. When I did mine I did not even know it was a PE..lol, Mine I "remade" it, so we can say that "I cheated" ... lol. Surely yours with the necessary time, will be a piece for the shelf to be proud of. Cheers Pete
  12. FrancisGL

    Trumpeter Challenger 2 Desert

    That anti-slip surface looks great ... Cheers mate
  13. Many thanks for your like redcoat2966, cheers mate Many thanks for your like bazer, cheers mate,
  14. Many thanks for your kind words, i'm glad you like it and for having inspired you, fortunatelyfor you, , Takom has released at least a couple of kits of M47s, so the result can be better than this (oldie) Cheers mate
  15. FrancisGL

    Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf D - OOB

    Magnificent PzIV, the weathering was very authentic, content but effective IMHO. I really like the color treatment. for me it is a color that I still have to master. Cheers mate