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  1. Hi Starfighter, I would love to see your "Big-Panther" if you "find out" how to upload photos ... lol In the forum there are topics in the Site & Help and Support section to show how it is done. You can also choose many free options, I use Imgur, and for now it is great ... Cheers mate
  2. HI Soeren, Your two "Takom" have been magnificent, especially for my taste, the T55AM, I love it, and the bases, once again, that of the concrete blocks, is the icing on the cake, exactly like that of boxart ... I see that you have not been able to resist the temptation Mig, and you have "pecked" something ... lol Some nice subjects ready to give them some of your magic ... Cheers mate
  3. MINI-UPDATE 04: Hi Pals; Today, it already has the primer layer, light gray, and then a dash of black in certain parts to try to accentuate them. Probably, later, this will not look too much, because in addition the painting will be a two-color camo ... As it turns out, in next kits, I will try another method, post-shading ... Cheers to all.
  4. Hi Starfighter, Many thanks for your interest, I imagine that the new kit will be more accurate in terms of small details, but Tamiya's, although an oldie, I think maintains the quality level to do a good job. I do not know if it is a motorized version, so the lower part of the hull will have holes and will not be very detailed ... Cheers mate
  5. Anyway, the work was magnificent, and you can always "scrutinize" the model from all angles, without fear of seeing unwanted marks ... Cheers mate
  6. Hi Andy, Many thanks for your interest and kind (and wise) words, I would have been very good to have seen this before ... , although I imagine that logic did the job, more or less I instinctively followed the same process, first below, and then the rest above. I hope mine is at least half as good as the gorgueous of yours Cheers Andy
  7. Many thanks for your interest and kind words, you're right, is You're right, it's a design with an elegant look ... Cheers Silenoz
  8. Hi Andy, I think so, just because of the simple fact that the links are bigger, and therefore easier to manipulate. As I said before, the rubber shoe could have been easily included originally, and the work would have been shorter ... Cheers Andy
  9. Surprisingly detailed, it looks fantastic (although you have to use "optivisor" ... Cheers Andy
  10. Many thanks for your interest, i'm glad you like it, Cheers Carius
  11. Hi Andy, It doesn't look too bad, with some weathering, it looks like the box. You are not the only one who has sloppiness ... I guess you can remove a piece without causing much damage to the kit ... Cheers Andy
  12. I know what it is that the color tone is not to my liking, I really envy the masters of painting in modeling ... If you think it is too dark, maybe then you can lighten it with a thin (little paint + lighter) layer of airbrush dust ... try before on another model or piece of plastic ... Cheers
  13. Hi duskwolf, It is also my favorite part (and hated at the same time ... lol), because that's where really a bunch of plastic becomes a toy, to a detailed toy, and with the weathering something else, similar to a real model already . I would really like to see your "Frankie".... Cheers mate
  14. Hi Wolf, Thanks. I see you're a bucket fan ... lol Cheers mate
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