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  1. The monthly visit by the Illinois Army National Guard UH-60 doing the night insertions & extractions into the local airport. I can hear it but its not showing up on FR24 at all.
  2. No no adblocker I'm aware of, Im on a cellular for all my internet use. Its funny but when I get the grey squares, I find sometimes if I come back to a thread a day later everything is fine. Which actually happens to be the case today this does look good. Now Im off to change my sad face to a like.
  3. I agree there been some bad names chosen over the years. I’ll take Lancer all day over Bone it drives me nuts when I hear that. Spirit isn't to good either. Eagle was ok but would’ve preferred Viper for the 16 myself
  4. Hello CJ ... from the city by the lake Chicago. Im mostly aircraft myself, 1930’s through modern types. Dennis
  5. No sense in keeping it anyway, I seriously doubt most of it will be visible when this is all buttoned up.
  6. Ive never seen a low-viz MiG-17 ? That would definitely be my choice but it is your build so ?
  7. There were quite a few not so pretty designs in this era, any number of which could get the award for least attractive plane.
  8. Excellent work on this. ... This is on my to do list this year, might I inquire as to the paint colors you've used ?
  9. Sometimes very but it mostly refers to our politicians always talking/promising too much.
  10. Do you have plastic strip ? I fill the gaps with as much plastic as possible then fill the remains with putty. Apologies if you're aware of this technique ?
  11. Sadly the photo’s aren't visible to me ? Just a glowing grey box with Png. In the upper left corner.
  12. Hello Aayin ... from the city by the lake Chicago, Im mostly aircraft both Allied and European Axis along with Pacific theatre. Dennis
  13. Hello MB ... from the windy city of Chicago USA, Im mostly aircraft myself. Dennis
  14. Bonjour Alex ... from the city of Chicago USA, Im mostly aircraft but fo build other types from time to time. Dennis
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