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  1. Yeah I get that sometimes myself, pain in the rump but what else can you do. Next chance if you remember use a pine vise drill and put a tiny hole in the back side about halfway through the sprue. Then a drop of silver paint. When its all said and done looks like a bulb inside.
  2. While viewing this video I noticed something odd. Whats under the nose/cockpit hanging down like a giant scoop ? Photo is a clip from the video. https://youtu.be/iuiDGJnggeU
  3. I also suffer from ill health, and am disabled. I have a minimal budget to buy at any given time, so I understand your point of view I really do. Though it doesn't help a thread to constantly say that a kit is too expensive. These threads are for discussing the P-39 kits not economics. You of course are allowed your opinion. However why constantly try to refocus the discussion towards economics, it doesn't add anything to the discussion only detracts. As other’s have said if you're not able too or cant buy the kit then let it pass by ? Its not right to change the subject matter. It just comes across as a distraction that could eventually evolve into an argument. In the end let me say don't leave the Forum. Just understand that there is a time and a place for that kind of discussion, a modeling forum just isn't it
  4. Ive decided since the Airfix kit is non existent this side of the pond that if my local gets one of these I will buy it.
  5. Sure thing it will work until you've found a compressor package that you like. Then you get the fan to cool off your workspace on hot days.
  6. Very good finish on the paint, I like the different color approach. Normally my go to would be to add a few drops of white or lt. grey.
  7. Beautiful work on both aircraft Rich, thank you for joining us here in the group build.
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