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  1. You may keep posting here or you may ask a moderator like Mike or Julien to move it by flagging and/or reporting your build. They will move it to aviation work in progress.
  2. Hello Nikos … from the city of Chicago USA. I mostly build military aircraft from the 1930’s through to modern types. Dennis
  3. Hello Alex … from the windy city by the lake Chicago USA. Ive been a passenger on many Helo’s, Bell Ranger, Hughes 500, and Bell Huey. Was able to handle the controls a little in the Hughes. My favorite was the Huey, was involved with a mock combat insertion for an airshow. I was given the opportunity to sit in the door gunners position. Let me tell you its a wild ride with the doors open, and only a 3” canvas belt holding you in. Im mostly a military aircraft builder but mostly fixed wing. Ive never had luck with getting rotor’s to not break. Dennis
  4. Hello I’m trying to find out if the Forum was down for maintenance at roughly 7:00 am UK time ? I tried to access the forum and it was frozen, the rest of the internet worked fine so know it wasn't that. I cleared my cache twice to try again and still nothing. Dennis
  5. Welcome and Im a big fan of alternative schemes. I do want to do Bulgarian aircraft someday.
  6. If memory serve's, the photo has been copied from an old book and thus the odd line. There was a discussion a few years ago in WW2 aviation about this and other photo’s. The thinking is that the original is either lost or held without permission to print. So everyone and your uncle Bob has recopied the photo from an old book.
  7. Unless you can find one of his ground crew or more clear photo’s that are definitive one way or another. Id say go with your heart, no one can dispute it without the luxury of a Tardis.
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