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  1. Hmm makes me wonder if my approach might be easier. Im just going to cut what I don't need off the ancient Lindberg kit, scratch the bits I need out of plastic sheet and brass rod and paint it all up.
  2. Welcome aboard Craig ... No worries I haven't even started a thread in my own group build yet. Probably later this week when my current four are finished.
  3. Just finished listening to this in the car a little while ago.
  4. which kit I will take a look locally, if I find it we can figure stuff out. Is it the 1965 version ?
  5. Wouldn't worry bout this one Stix, this ones gonna make it I have a feeling.
  6. Yes... Ive got the four on the go now, two here and two in the MTO 3 build. These four will bring me to 33 on the year with a Panther tank in my group build and an AVG Tiger in the Interceptors build to go yet. Dennis
  7. BDR ? Battle Damage Repair, it was shot out and they used a piece of sheet metal to replace it ?
  8. Hello Rob... from the windy city of Chicago USA. I myself just bought my first ship kit in 30 years recently, 1/700 ORP Kujawiak a Hunt class DE from WW2. Family served aboard her during the war. Though I’ve been building since 1979 with a 10 year break from 05-14. Dennis
  9. Hello Webby... from the city by the lake Chicago USA, I salute your service. Im mostly WW2 and Cold-war aircraft with some foray’s into other types. Dennis
  10. Excellent work and great finished product.
  11. You can do an RFI in the group builds gallery. No more than five photo’s, this is what will be used at the end of the build to choose the most popular build in the voting. She is an incredible build and so fast too !
  12. If all else fails try Imgur, I'm about as tech savvy as a rock and I can handle it pretty easy. Dennis
  13. Can you take bits and pieces to make it look like the Tank has thrown a track ? And keep the other side away from the viewer, maybe a boxed vignette ? Maybe a shell hole through the drive wheel to give the impression of a knocked out tank.
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