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  1. Well done … Seeing this one built makes me want to build one even more.
  2. Yes light covers I did forget about those.i still need to dab a bit of aluminum paint in there when I do the rockets.
  3. Thanks looking at it and comparing to the photo. Im thinking of going darker it doesn't quite look right to the eye. Maybe dark grey or black ?
  4. Sorry to ask, could I inquire as to the paint you used in this build ?
  5. Interesting thought, my initial idea was to see the life of one vehicle. However you make a valid point, showing a transition from prototype to final configuration. Airliners in general would be a good example. Another one I hadn't thought of earlier would be the converted flat tops during the War. Including Langley which started life as a collier if memory serves. A good example of armor being turned from sword into plow. The Sherman tank to logging vehicle conversions are a good option.
  6. Hello everyone… slowly getting there, I think I will be done tonight on this build. Just need to clean up the panels on the canopies and paint the rockets. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  7. Hello everyone… A little fixing on the “Puny Pug” half of the build today. I added the strike camera to the correct aircraft. While studying the photo I caught something on “Pug” that I missed. Looking at the area circled in red I decided it didn't quite match the shade of the red cowling. In the end I opted to paint the panels in neutral grey. It seems to be for staining coning out of the ducts at the base of color. Please feel free to ask questions, add comments or thoughts. Dennis
  8. True Craig, Ive been thinking about it a bit. If I could get the decals printed I would re-do the build at a later date. Its a plane Ive always wanted to do since I first saw it, and civil planes are so rare to boot its worth getting it right.
  9. Check this out, you can do it with one model. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235100628-the-earlylate-before-and-after-build-or-beginning-and-end-build-not-sure-which-sounds-best/
  10. I was just using it as a basic idea, in the past when Ive done the assault scheme Ive just used a fine tip paint brush to apply a dot. Though I could probably do it with my fine tip A/B now ? If doing the real deal restoration a mask, in WW2 some poor yabbo with a paint brush.
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