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  1. Pat which bridge is in the distance ? It looks similar to the firth of forth crossing but i thought that was red ?
  2. I agree on the cost, Ive researched it a bit and if you travel to other areas its cheaper. Last time I checked the Water’s tickets, they were about $250 here in Chicago for first deck seating. But Indianapolis was cheaper and so was Madison. Scary thing though is Pittsburgh where he was going to kick off the N.American tour was only $65 a seat. We have friends in Pittsburgh so may go that route.
  3. Its ok my english writing skills are horrible.
  4. No everyone is welcome in a group-build. We need 30 people to show interest in this by November to get into the voting for next year. If not it will either be re-started December 1st or fade away. If we make it into voting then we need to hold in the top 7-8 spots to get a set of dates for next year. Now every member is also allowed to vote in November. They get 4 votes to spread around between standard and single type group build’s.
  5. Hello Gaz … from the city of Chicago USA. I just finished my 1st ship in 30 years a few months ago, and I couldnt agree more. Dennis
  6. Hello F.J. … from Chicago USA, I’m mostly aviation myself. Dennis Im disabled and when I'm not building or running errands I’m here.
  7. Where is it ? Ive never seen it before either, then again I only use a cellular connection so maybe it isn't visible to me ?
  8. Says the video is not available ?
  9. Thanks for posting this John. Im a self admitted Pink Floyd nut ! I saw them in 94, waters in 2007 and 2010 Gilmour in 06 missed him in 15 due to $ issues. Missed Nick in 2019 for the same reason. Hoping to catch Water’s next summer though.
  10. K&S tubing covers a huge amount of diameters and shapes in brass and aluminum. You can usually get these in hardware stores, hobby shops, model railroad shops, online, and a few other places. These are strictly examples the sizes get down to about 1/4 mm https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Hobbies-Collecting/Tools-Blades/Brass-Tubes---1-16"/p/24128 https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Hobbies-Collecting/Tools-Blades/Aluminum-Tubes---1-8"/p/24127 Other uses are exhausts, landing gear reinforcement, and prop shafts if you want removable props for storage/shipping.
  11. Very fine brass/Aluminum rod/wire will look better. Closer to accurate size for the scale. I use a duller scalpel blade and roll it back and forth on my mat until it scores and pops off the full piece. Cover over it with your hand or it will ping off into oblivion. Then glue into place with C/A gel or quick setting. Forgive if you already know this ?
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