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  1. Great build ! ... Funny i assumed it was a kid or teen that ran away from home. Maybe he decided to live in the hulk of the tiger that he found and make it his own little refuge.
  2. I sanded the wings completely smooth, and re-scribed the wing to the metal wing panel lines. In all honesty I just didn't feel like messing with the leading edge, moving the lamp and shaping and filling. Ultimately I couldn't find a fabric wing scheme that i liked right now. I will eventually do the 85 squadron one but just didn't want to do it now.
  3. Nice looking Pair of GB's ! ... I always wondered if these inspired the soviets to build the I-16's ?
  4. Another excellent build Rich ! ... Do you have a Tempest to go with the Typhoon and Sea Fury ? Maybe a Mk.VI In a post war desert scheme ... That would complete the trio ? Dennis
  5. That was a great piece of work. Sad to hear she didn't make it.
  6. WOW ! Incredible work on the Phrog ! Especially all the time in the paint scheme.
  7. Excellent looking Mk.V in a great color scheme. ... What was wrong with the Hataka's if I may ask ? I was considering getting some in the near future.
  8. Wow... Great looking Beaufighter in a great looking scheme.
  9. Ahhh the F-84 dummy mirage's used in Belgium as airfield decoys. Always did think that was an interesting idea.
  10. Hello Chris, Yes i completely sanded my fabric effect down and re-scribed the wings. The only thing that wont be truly 100% accurate is the landing lights. Im just trying to nail the colors down for a few different Squadrons so i can pick the one i want. Dennis
  11. Looks like you're nailing the color though.
  12. SWEEEEEEEETTTT .... I was wanting to do one of these for the 90's NATO build. Now i know which one to get.
  13. Being an old Poncho fan, i really like your Tempest.
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