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  1. Thats one of the few ships i was hoping to build.
  2. As a proud cat owner very happy to see your cat and award.
  3. Yeah SWMBO isn't buying it ! I tried... but no dice. I can only dream of her buying me a model.
  4. Its almost done i just need to reattach the canopy and then RFI it.
  5. Looking good you’ll probably get to Boyington’s #21 before i do. I will do all of Boyingtons birds after the Pips build is over.
  6. Those look suspiciously like Harrier engines. I wonder if thats what they used on the original studio models.
  7. You could ask down in the wanted section someone might have them going in their spares ?
  8. Im just happy I'm not dead last for a change.
  9. Hello Mike... Im not so sure about this...Ive had two harriers go blooie on me in the last year. I'm a bit gun-shy around any Harriers right now. Maybe i’ll hide back in the bar and sedate myself with Jameson and Guinness.
  10. Hello one and all... Another week has passed us and we have some new additions to the build. As is my usual here i do believe I've included everyones build. However if by some chance i’ve missed a build please let me know, I will correct that asap. BUILD LOG WEEK SEVEN = indicates new additions = New category = indicates a gallery entry ************************************************ SCI-fi/ MOVIE TV Themed spacecraft ————————————————————— 5 = X-wings (- Blue four, Red Five) 1 = Y-wing = Kylo Ren’s Tie Silencer 1 = B-wing 1 = Millenium Falcon 1 = Naboo fighter 2 = Snow-speeder 2 = BSG VIPER C-57D space cruiser SA.43 Hammerhead Pepelatz Earth Fedaration Ship Andromeda Star Destroyer Darth Vader Tie fighter = S.H.A.D.O Interceptor ************************************************ Sci-Fi / Movie-TV/Book Themed aircraft ————————————————————- = RAF Angel fighter = Bordurian Messerschmitt = Khemedi Spitfire Batwing as Batwing Murphy’s war Duck Charley Varrick Stearman savoia S.21 porco rosso 2 = Lancaster’s USCG MI-24 Soprano’s B.727 BoB Buchon BoB Spitfire XIX Blue thunder Macross saga YF-21 Raf F-16 Hot Shots Fallus, The Navy fighter ************************************************SCI-fi/ MOVIE TV Themed Vehicles _________________________________________________ Skul- Aliens APC = Halcyon Aliens APC ************************************************ MOVIE TV Themed ships ————————————————————— Titanic HMS Ajax USS “Sea Tiger” 007 Lotus Submarine ************************************************ WHIF Aircraft ————————————————————— = Me.1099 = Lightning T.66 = Do-27 = Fw. Triebflügel = FSW USAF F-29 Airbus RAF Transport The Spur Vickers nimrod Me.509 RAF Osprey Douglas Cockatrice S.1 Me.117 “Adler” RAF Galaxy C.1 RN A-4 Skyhawk RAF Osprey Batwing as Nazi Stealth Sea baker M.B. 5 = Brengun Messerschmitt P.1103 = RCAF 184 “Perch” = Blackburn Seeräuber S.51 ************************************************ Real prototypes ————————————————————— VL PUUSKA U-19 SPH ************************************************ Figures from Movie/TV/Sci-Fi —————————————————————- = Alien wall plaque = Christopher lee Nazi super soldier Jessica Thunder-hawk The shape of water ************************************************ = Robots/Androids/Cyborg’s/Gundams/Mech’s ————————————————————— Dalek = MS-07B Gouf Industria Mechanica Zero ************************************************ Movie / TV Themed cars ————————————————————— “Bullitt” Mustang & Charger = The Bridge/Bron/Broen - Saga Noren's Porsche 911S Please enjoy and have fun. The Hosts
  11. Hello Tomasz very sorry to hear that the judges were not appreciative as this is a beautiful piece of work.
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