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  1. Hannants do the CMK, blades are interchangeable with JLC (I have both) but handle I plastic. Tbh I tend to use the CMK more often, the wooden handle of the JLC I have (anniversary one which should have been good) was really rough and poorly finished, had to sand it back and varnish it again. I got my JLC and 2 of their mitre boxes (very useful for evergreen) from Aviation Megastore last time I had a long enough layover in Schipol to pop out, it's only few mins from the terminal and pretty impressive shop.
  2. I've gone through so many dremels that I almost consider them consumables. My current is a 12v rechargeable from Lidl, cost about £15 Aldi do same. The dremel or proxxon bits are better bit they all fit.
  3. They do sell bottles of undercoat in similar glass bottles to the panel lining enamels and decal solutions search for Tamiya liquid surface primer. They do the grey and white (I have the white) not sure if there are others. I've never seen it in the UK and I actually got mine in Cape Town on holiday (clowns models is great if you are visiting). Also these primers are, as far as I can tell, lacquer rather than acrylic so depends what is available and legal where you are although it does appear to be available on ebay from Asia I'm assuming it can be shipped to where you are. In gene
  4. If you refer to the FS numbers (IPMS stockholm do a good job here) you'll often find some crossover especially if you ignore the first letter (the "shine level" for want of a better term ) e.g. I didn't check and ordered ADC Grey (in fact 2 different versions from AK and MMP) only to find that according to FS its actually RLM76 with gloss rather than matt finish and I've already got that from a couple of sources.
  5. If you're doing single prop plane the Sphere stand is great, basically like a Cleco fastener as you would have for temporary rivets but with a screw connector which goes into the prop hole and then the other end into a pin vice which in turn goes into a laser cut wooden stand. Then you can do as you want with the model the front where the holder is will be covered by the spinner anyway. I got the 1/48 set and it works brilliantly, has 2 fasteners one slightly smaller for 1/72, the pin vice and the correct size drill bits if the prop opening is too small for the front of the fastener.
  6. I picked up the 2 Dspiae tweezers last year and they are excellent. Very springy and highly polished curved bodies. One pair has flat ends about 1 - 2mm across and the other have a wickedly sharp point so worth keeping hold of the tip protector they come with for storage. They will definitely work for the smallest PE parts. Also for Dspiae products pretty cheap at about £6 a pair I think. Much better and cheaper than the Tamiya ones I was using before. I also agree on the reverse tweezers really useful and the Expo ones are only a couple of quid.
  7. If there were any chemicals you are using that would cause glass to warp you're already in trouble from a health POV anyway unless you have some serious PPE... Same goes for heat, I've worked on float lines and in the biggest automotive glass plant in the world so I can assure you you'd have noticed if your hobby area reached the temperatures needed for glass to melt or warp. Is the jar actually glass or some sort of plastic? if it is maybe the lid has actually warped and if the jar was never properly moulded it was previously not round but maybe is now? (much more likely than a gl
  8. Mr Hobby may be similar but only re-branding I've seen on these is Meng. I have the Meng branded drill and the Dspiae nippers, circle cutter and ruler (which are also excellent). Like some of the other users these have definitely supplanted even my Tamiya nippers and make clean up way quicker and neater now.
  9. They are standard tungsten carbide PCB drill bits, they will snap unfortunately at these sizes it's in their nature. Easy to get from Amazon for between £5 and £15 depending on how many of each you want. The last box I bought was 5 of each size for about £12 on prime.
  10. Bought some from Dorking Models about 3 weeks ago. They do mail order too if you're too far away. Had the Uschi stuff too. They're only open Thursdays to Saturday's
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