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  2. Leopard 1A5 1:35 Revell The Leopard project started back in the mid 1950s with the goal of producing a modern tank to replace the M47 and M48 tanks which where then in use by the recently reconstituted Bundesehr (German Army). The specification called for a tank weighing no more than 30 tonnes capable of surviving 20mm rapid fire cannon and having a power-to-weight ratio of 30hp per tonne. The tank had to be capable of surviving on a nuclear/chemical contaminated battlefield. Armament was to be the then standard NATO 105mm gun. For this design Mobility was the primary co
  3. Westland Lysander Mk.III (SD) (72023) 1:72 Dora Wings via Albion Alloys The Lysander was developed by Westlands in response to an Air Ministry requirement form and Army Co-operation aircraft in the 1930s. After interviewing pilots it was decided that field of view, low speed handling and a Short Take Off/landing aircraft would be needed. To accomplish this the Lysander would feature a high mounted wing with a large glazed cabin. The wing would feature fully automatic slots and slotted flaps. These would be complemented with a variable incidence tailplane. These w
  4. Thanks for the review! Finaly a canard equipped 2 seat Flanker oob! The Indian Air Force actually was the lauch costomer for those, the Su-30MKI, followd by Malaysia (MKM) and Algeria (MKA), only much later followed the Rusdian SM Niw it is its backbone multirole platform! Is this kit cheaper without all those, party not suitable weapons in comparison?
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  6. Chieftain MBT Mk.10 and Mk.11 kits (2 in one) 1:72 Takom The Chieftain tank will always be to this reviewer the one of the symbols of Britain's Army in the cold war ad in particular BAOR, seeing the tanks in and around Hohne where my Dad was based. It was a development of the highly successful Centurion tank, and continued the work done by the Centurion in addressing the apparent under-armoured and under-armed reputation of WWII British tanks. The result was one of the most impressive tanks of its day, and when it reached trials service in small numbers in 1959 they began i
  7. Just building one of these now and it is a lovely kit. It really captures the look of the early Spitfire, is detailed, lots of options. First class decals. All in all a very nice package. Will
  8. Not sure when the blown canopy (i.e. bulged sides) came in, but suspect on the Mk.V. The BoB Spits will have had the raised canopy with flat sides. If someone knowns better now is a good time for me to learn.
  9. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia (A05126A) 1:48 Airfix The Spitfire is perhaps one of the best known and well-loved aircraft in Britain, and deservedly so for its work in the Battle of Britain alongside the doughty Hurricane. It thrived in its point-defence role, and shone during its finest hour, the through many versions and types to the end of WWII and beyond. The Mk.I was predictably the first in-service type, and sported eight .303 Browning machine guns, and by the time hostilities commenced in 1939 many of them were using the blown canopies that gave the pilot a
  10. Focke Wulf FW C.30A Heuschrecke Late Prod (41018) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd There was a time when the Autogyro was looked at with great promise but the never materialised, The Avro licence built the Cierva C.30 designed by Juan de la Cieva. This was built from the fuselage of the Avro Cadet biplane and used an Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major engine. Lift was provided by an 11.3m diameter 3 bladed rotor. In Germany the Air Ministry thought as well that the Autogyro was the future for aviation. These were produced under licence by Focke Wulf using the AV
  11. If this is just a series of releases labelled as "Classic" or "Antique" or whatever then I don't think it will matter, though it would be preferable for them to avoid the worst of their back catalogue. (Which may not be possible for popular subjects.) As long as they are still continuing to produce new products of decent quality then it won't lead back to the doldrums of the 90s or the disappointments of the 00s. Financial problems of the head company and severe market pressures aside, of course.
  12. I built this kit and the Prinz Eugen back as a teenager when the kits were first released, compared to their older kits (Hood, Bismarck, Scharnhorst etc) they were a big improvement, not up to offerings of others today though. I think Airfix is really just tapping into our nostalgia of kits will built back in the day, that way there's little costs involved outside the manufacturing, which is a shame and it will lead back to their what seems to be never ending problems.
  13. Thanks for the review and with a wooden deck and photo etching and barrels, now available it can be turn into a decent model.I must add I did Belfast set late 1945 pacific where there couple of changes .
  14. T-34/85 Composite Turret #112 Plant, Summer 1944 (35306) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The T-34 was Stalin's mainstay medium tank that was produced in incredible volume by sometimes crude and expedient methods, to be thrown into the fray against the numerically inferior German tanks on the Eastern Front. The designers combined a number of important advances in design such as sloped frontal armour, wide tracks to spread the load, and the ability to cope with the harsh Russian winters without freezing to a halt, which was a problem that affected the Germans b
  15. Camaro Concept Car - Easy click system 1/25 Revell (07648) The Camaro has been in Chevrolets stable since the first one was released in 1966 as a competitor to the Ford Mustang. Production of the then 4th Generation car ended in 2002. In 2006 Chevrolet unveiled a new concept car at the 2006 North American Auto Show, this was designed by South Korean born Sangyp Lee and based on the Holden GM Zeta platform. The 5th Generation Camaro would be based on this car. The Kit Here Revell have re-released their 2011 model of this car. As this is a
  16. Ah! pure nostalgia. Thanks for the review Julien. Mike
  17. HMS Belfast 1:600 Airfix HMS Belfast is a town-class cruiser, one of ten constructed for the Royal Navy between 1934 and 1939. As of 2019, the ship is probably most famous for being moored on the River Thames where it has served as a popular museum attraction since 1971. HMS Belfast was build by Harlaand and Wolff in Belfast and was commissioned in August 1939. The penultimate of the town-class cruisers, she was originally designed to carry sixteen 6 inch guns in four quadruple turrets, but this proposal was shelved due to the difficulty of designing s
  18. They haven't changed the decals in the kit; however Hannants have reissued two sets of their 1/48 Javelin decals 1) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48125?result-token=QkbsF 2) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48126?result-token=QkbsF So there's another 10 reasons!
  19. gep. Munitionsschlepper VK3.02 (DW35016) 1:35 Das Werk distributed by Albion Alloys The gepanzerter Munitionsschlepper was a product of Borgward, a German car manufacturer before the war, which designed a tracked vehicle able to carry a tonne of ammunition to frontline troops while protecting it from small arms fire, to prevent a large crater where the vehicle once was. It was created as the VK3.01 and was first demonstrated in 1940, but the enlarged VK3.02 was preferred, even though it too had issues with crew space and the arrangement of the load area, plus a t
  20. I built the kit back in 2014 and it was (and still is) in my opinion the nicest kit I ever glued together. Sadly imageshack.us has killed every pictures in my original RFI-thread here... shame. However, am I wrong or is this reissue an identical twin to the first one? It seems to me that Airfix didn't even bother changing the decals. So no reason for me to buy one - I still have two more unbuilt kits from 2013 in the stash...
  21. +1 I love the Javelin. It might not have been the greatest aircraft, and was quickly superseded, but it looks great. The only options in 1/72 are the very old Airfix/Heller kits with low detail and raised panel lines, which are like hens teeth, even rarer if you don't want the T3 variant, or the Frog/Novo/ kit and their clones, again raised panel lines and poor details, or the ZTS Plastyk/Mistercraft engraved panel lines clone of the Frog/Novo kit - I've got one, it's not inspiring me to build it...
  22. One of Airfix's finest, an absolute gem of a kit. But seeing as it's me posting - 1:72 please!!! Cheers, Bill
  23. I haven't built my B.II yet, but one thing I don't like about it is how they've done the engine cowling/exhaust collector. Why wouldn't they make a separate collector ring, like they did for their Beaufighter and their other Bristol-powered kits ( Blenheim, Gladiator )? Now there will be two seams on the collector ring that will need proper sanding out. That's 8 seams per kit. Also, they have put 4 support struts on the inner ring of the collector. There should only be three, as they did for the Beaufighter. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased that Airfix have released a B.II.
  24. Stowage & Accessories Set – British FV510 Warrior (SPS-073) 1:35 Meng Supplies via Creative Models Ltd We reviewed the new Meng Warrior here after the second tranche arrived with Creative, but we’ve had this stowage set since the initial release, as it went out of stock almost as fast as the kit itself! They’re now back in stock, so here it is. The set arrives in a brown cardboard box with the contents shown in a large sticker that covers the majority of the top flap. Inside there are two bubble-wrap bags of resin, totalling fifteen parts, each w
  25. German Delivery Car Type 170V (35297) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The Mercedes 170 was based upon their W15 chassis, which was their first with all-round independent suspension, and was available as a bare chassis for coachbuilders, as a saloon, cabriolet or as a light van, debuting in the early 30s with sales affected by the worldwide depression that started in Wall Street. Sales picked up after the recession eased, and later versions had internal boot/trunk-space and sleeker lines, moving with the times. As well as sharing a chassis with th
  26. They're on a Mk.II-specific sprue: Airfix changed the design of all four nacelles to accommodate the Hercules installation.
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