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  2. Martin Model 139 WC/WSM/WT (SH72440) 1:72 Special Hobby The B-10 started life as the Martin Model 123 which was privately developed by the martin Company. It was to have a drew of four and feature an internal bomb bay and retractable undercarriage, something new in 1932 when the aircraft first flew under the designation XB-907 before being returned to Martin. This then become the XB-10 when it was returned to the US Army. The XB-10 featured a number of changes to the original design. The crew complement was reduced from 4 to 3, and all crew positions were now covered
  3. This looks lovely Julien, thanks for the review, It has convinced me to get one! -I went for the boxing with the three female 'cadet' figures which are superbly moulded as well. ICM are producing some irresistible kits these days, long may it continue. Cheers John
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  5. Spitfire Mk.I Early ProfiPACK (83152) 1:48 Eduard The Spitfire was the champion of the Battle of Britain along with the Hurricane and a few other less well-known players, and it’s an aircraft with an amazing reputation that started from a bit of a damp squib in the shape of the Supermarine Type 224. The gull-winged oddity was the grandfather of the Spitfire, and despite losing out to the biplane Gloster Gladiator, designer R J Mitchell was spurred on to go back to the drawing board and create a more modern, technologically advanced and therefore risky design. Th
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  7. Tramway “X” Series Mid Type (38026) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Trams have long been used for mass transport within built-up areas of larger cities, using rails set into the street and making a familiar dinging noise just before they run you over. They’ve made a comeback in some cities recently, but were far more numerous pre-WWII, and a lot of folks used them to travel deep into cities where the standard railways couldn’t reach before other cheap forms of mass transport such as cars or taxis came along. Soviet Russia operated these trams in their citie
  8. RS-132 Ammunition Boxes (35795) 1:35 ICM via Hannants The Katyusha rocket launcher was loaded with a load of RS-132 rockets, which had their origins in the early 30s from a project to create a type of smokeless rocket of a standard type and diameter. The 132 was approximately 85cm long with a diameter of just over 13cm, and fins that projected 30cm from the body. It could carry just under a kilo of explosive of one of two types. The RS was high explosive fragmentation with a destructive range of 10m, while the RBS was armour piercing, although with minimal accu
  9. I keep looking at the Quinta sets and think that it might be interesting if they could ever print a cockpit that that had a 'transparency' in place of the main panel colour. The idea being that it might give the user the option to simply cut out and use the main features - dials, buttons, switches, leavers, etc. - over their own painted cockpit, which might provide for a less layered look than the 3D process can currently achieve and therefore provide for greater fidelity?
  10. Mine arrived this morning, do I need to be concerned with up to 130g resting on the undercarriage? Thanks Chris
  11. Bunker Hill now Grissom AFB isn't far from me, in fact I've been there. So thats one that I’ll need to be building.
  12. Oh man, now I'm going to have to seriously reconsider the markings choice for the F-100 I have on the workbench. They look great!
  13. North American F-100D Supersabre Collection Part.1&2 1:72, 1:48 & 1:32 Euro Decals by Fantasy Printshop The F-100 began life as a development of the F-86 Sabre with a more sharply swept wing to achieve supersonic speeds, but it evolved into a completely different airframe before it was accepted into service, being much more than just a supersonic Sabre. It fought extensively in Vietnam, then later in Air National Guard (ANG) units as well as some overseas sales. The last airframe flew in US service at the end of the 70s, with the overseas aircraft carryi
  14. Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Krupp-Grusonwerk (35330) Mid Prod. AUG-SEP 1943 Interior Kit 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Unlike the later Tigers and Panther tanks, the Panzer IV had been designed in the years leading up to the outbreak of WWII, and was intended for a different role than it eventually played, which was as a form of infantry support with the mobile artillery function rolled into one. It was a heavier tank than the previous numbered types, and was well-designed, although it did suffer from the typical WWII German over-engineering that made them comp
  15. WWII Axis Pilots in the Cockpit (German, Italian, Japanese) ICM 1:32 (32111) Figures This new set from ICMs is no doubt designed for their new 1/32 scale kits, but can be used elsewhere. There is one pilot for each nationality with the appropriate clothing and parachute. In general the moulding is crisp and clean with plenty of detail. Like all of ICM's recent figures these are well sculpted and should build up well. Conclusion This is another great set from ICM and looks like a direct add on for their new kits (tho
  16. It seems more accurate than the Monogram Shuttle. Revell will release the full stack shuttle with boosters later this year. I wonder if they will use their shuttle in place of the old Monogram in the box ?
  17. The decals S20 and S21 are panel lines for the drop tanks/ pylons, according to the instructions ? https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/5/6/1268956-43-instructions.pdf
  18. Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.A Halftrack 1:72 Special Armour (72019) The Sd.kfz 250 was a light armoured half track similar in appearance to the Hanomag Sd.Kfz.251/1 , both were a mainstay of the German armoured Personnel Carrier fleet, but was flexible enough to also take up many other tasks. With two steering wheels at the front, the rear was carried on tracks, giving it good clearance and rough ground capabilities that a truck simply could not manage once the going got tough. It was armoured sufficiently to deflect non-armour piercing rounds from small arms
  19. Revell would have you paint the seat covers Satin White, surely this cannot be correct.
  20. German Traffic Tractor D8532 (38041) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd The Lanz Bulldog was a peculiar early tractor, powered by a single-cylinder “hot bulb” diesel engine with a single piston, which although it was ahem… agricultural, was very effective and easy to repair, so it became very popular in Germany, manufactured at its base in Mannheim and built under license in other countries. The D8500 used a three-speed transmission plus one reverse gear, and the curious engine was upgraded over time with output eventually reaching over 50hp. The upgrades were
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  22. Modellers Data File #37 - The F-15 Eagle (9781838045814) MA Publications The need for a replacement to the F-4 was identified in the mid 1960s to counter the threat of existing and new aircraft that were being designed by the Soviet Union. Initially, the request was for an aircraft that had both air and ground capabilities and considerably heavier and faster than the F-4, however this was changed to focus on air superiority in both close and long range scenarios following analysis of air-to-air combat in the US Air Force in the 60s. With 4 manufacturers entering t
  23. The seat on the picture of the walk around is a GH-7 Phantom seat and not a GQ-7 F-104 seat (although the airplane next to the seat is a Starfighter).
  24. Its an unbelievable kit. To your point about experimenting with techniques and ideas, I m doing this too in my current builds with focus on building this kit with detail and focus it deserves.
  25. In the words of the EMF, it's 'Unbelievable'. It's almost like each key section of the kit is a full 'project-kit' in it's own right, that in some respects goes beyond what I would expect for investments involving after market parts. The real challenge is going to be finding a way to stop this detail from remaining too hidden and to provide a way where possible to draw the viewer's attention towards the detailed areas without the need for a complete 'maintenance diorama'. I've a few 'ideas' I'm already experimenting with for other builds - including targeted scale lighting etc.
  26. ESK 2000B Gun Camera (4417 & 5133) 1:48 & 1:32 CMK by Special Hobby During WWII it was helpful to all combatants to be able to verify claimed kills in order to obtain accurate numbers on enemy attrition, which helped immensely with strategic planning. They were also used during training to help the novice pilots understand where they were going wrong, and could be strapped to airframes that otherwise couldn’t be used. The Germans used such devices, which could be mounted internally where there was space, or externally on smaller airframes. These sets de
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