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  1. Might be worth dropping Obscureco an email to see what reference they used when they produced their floor set. Might provide clarification.
  2. Thanks Scott. This is just another reason why I questioned this decal. The exhaust pipe could just be the artist being lazy or not knowing the subject matter he/she was presenting. I have not seen the instructions (if there are any for this decal) but if they exist, I would be curious to see them. I have pretty much decided to pass on this sheet. The inaccuracies and questionable paint and marking schemes presented for the two RCAF Harvards (which are what I was mainly interested in) make it undesirable. That being said, I am sure that sometime in the future we will see those schemes applied to the Special Hobby Harvard kit. Thank you Carl. I appreciate your reply and offer. PM coming. Wm. B
  3. Thanks Max. I wonder if the RCAF Harvards deviated from that anti-glare panel thing? From the picture that I posted earlier in this thread, it appears that the upper surfaces were just camouflaged, even the area ahead of the windscreen. From what I have found, many of the RCAF trainers were over yellow although I did come across a few pictures of silver ones.
  4. Here is a review of the Quickboost tail set with the dorsal fin from IPMS USA. The review includes some tips on installing the set. I am sure that those tips would be applicable if you choose the Obscureco set as well.
  5. Obscureco also does a filleted tail fin: Depending how far you want to take your details to, Obscureco also does a correct cockpit floor for the Tamiya P-47D-30 onward: Army Cast does a wonderful resin flap set for the Tamiya P-47 kit. As a side note, I have purchased several of their P-47 and P-51 sets and have not been disappointed. They are very well done. The casting is flawless:
  6. Years back, I had come across this wonderful build of a Harvard Mk.IV by Geoff McDonell. Granted, it Post War and does not have much to do with the decal sheet I originally inquired about but there is a lot of excellent information in that build which I think will be useful and applicable when building the Harvard kit.
  7. Thanks Jack, I appreciate your input. As for the black stripes being associated with target tugs/gunnery schools, that has been my understanding as well (not that I am any sort of an expert! LOL This is why I thought I would ask about the accuracy of this sheet before I jump in and buy it. I've heard of previous stories regarding the accuracy of markings with AZ's products (their 109Gs specifically). Since the company producing this sheet is owned (?) by a former AZ associate, I thought it prudent to gather some information on the two sets of the markings that I was particularly interested in. I did get this Kits-World sheet which I think will offer some useful bits: I should be able to supplement it with some Xtradecal or other sheets that offer suitable letters and or smaller numerals.
  8. I did find this picture from Harold A. Skaarup's web pages: (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4327574) It's from the same training squadron in Saskatoon, but from 1940. The caption for it reads as follows: "Pilots T.S. Shaples, K. MacBain, R.S. McCloskey and D.F. MacDonald watch the sky while standing in front of a North American Harvard Mk. II at No. 4 Service Flying Training School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 4 Oct 1940."
  9. Thanks RJP, much appreciated. Like you, I had no luck with finding AJ733. I did come across a so-so pic of 2564, but I certainly think that I would have missed out on the points you made here. Again, much appreciated.
  10. Avalon decals released their Harvard sheet which offers 2 RCAF options: From what I understand, Avalon is operated by a former (?) person from AZ models. So I am a unsure of the marking and paint scheme information offered, particularly for the Medicine Hat Harvard. I am inclined to think that the paint scheme for the Saskatoon based Harvard is correct or pretty close (mainly with respect to the paint scheme). In both cases, I have not been able to find images of these specific aircraft to confirm the accuracy. Regarding the AB based Harvard, though I like the additional color of the Provincial crest on the fuselage, I do wonder if there have been any artistic liberties taken. I am hoping that we might have a member or 2 here that might be able to confirm/correct these 2 particular Harvards. TIA.
  11. Ah, yes. I forgot about the larger oil cooler. Curses! Mind you, perhaps I can pilfer one from one of my AZ 109 parts kits???
  12. Oh yes, as for a canopy, I test fitted a Fine Molds canopy to the Zvezda kit and the fit was quite good. Based on that, I feel that I could use a Rob Taurus vac canopy (something else that I have on hand) to address that concern.
  13. Thanks fellas. I have given some thought to making a few F-4s out of the ones I have on hand, but the wheel well opening is squared at the ends as opposed to being round, which is what got me to thinking of doing a G-2 out of the kit: I believe for the smaller tailwheel, I could use the Quickboost 109E tailwheel (which is intended to correct the under sized Tamiya kit's one). I think it would work for the G-2. As for the air intake. again, Quickboost comes to the rescue. I already have these sets on hand, so I do not have to put out any additional funds. I am not a huge fan of the AZ kits, mainly as they buggered up their fuselages at the front end. The AZ kits do make for really good parts kits though.
  14. As the Fine Molds Bf.109G-2 kit seems to be currently unavailable, I have been looking for alternatives. I think I've settled on the Zvezda 109F kit as a possible solution. I'd be interested in member's input as to it's suitability for such a project. Overall, it looks to be a fine kit and compares favourably with the Tamiya 109G-6 kit (fuselage length, wingspan). I realize that I will have to make a few changes to the kit, such as removing the tail braces and using the Quickboost Bf.109G prop set, but otherwise, this should work - yes?
  15. Well, I'll let my credit card company handle this in the event of no response. I had hoped for a constructive suggestion to this, aside from a couple of earlier posts and Bowman's helpful link/suggestion, there does not seem to be any real solution when it comes to Hannants themselves being accountable for this problem. There should not be a financial benefit for them when they send damaged goods and ignore a customer. This is true for any merchant. @ RobL, you make a lot of excuses and uninformed assumptions. You might wish to rethink how you respond to future posts.
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