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  1. Wm Blecky

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Recently, I was able to score the Aeromaster colours for Finnish aircraft from an eBay seller. They were priced at absolute bargain prices. When they arrived, the paints were all good, matter of fact, they looked 'brand new'. If you do a search on eBay, you should be able to find them. The seller is in France. HTH.
  2. Wm Blecky

    Preliminary inquiry - correction for Academy Catalina.

    Fantastic idea! You could count me in for a couple of sets.
  3. Wm Blecky

    P-51B/Mustang III in 1/72 - suggsetions?

    The wing is a near copy of the Fine Molds 109G wing, yes, modified somewhat and in areas the detail improved, but still the origins are Fine Molds.
  4. Wm Blecky

    P-51B/Mustang III in 1/72 - suggsetions?

    KP's kit is pretty much an identical copy of the Revell kit (right down to mold flaws that are found on the kit). This has been quite heavily covered back when they released their kit. Where KP did improve some of the external detail and I believe even gave a better detailed wheel well than the Revell kit, they also botched their tail section. It does not sit correctly. I have a difficult time supporting a company who copies other company's products (their 109G kit also comes to mind here). Granted KP made improvements some areas while botching others, still it does not change the facts. Revell's wing can be adapted to the Hasegawa kit and the external level of detail matches, so even though KP enhanced the external appearance of the wing and fuselage, for my use, it would not be a good match when using the Hasegawa fuselage. As far as a detailed wheel well goes, I really couldn't care one way or the other as that is detail that is generally not seen unless you display your kit on a mirror (something I do not do).
  5. Wm Blecky

    P-51B/Mustang III in 1/72 - suggsetions?

    After much thought, consideration and talking with few other members, taking in to all what is currently available, I have decided on mating the Hasegawa fuselage to the Revell wings. I feel that will give me satisfactory results.
  6. Wm Blecky

    Two Bobs Arctic Bandits

    Have you tried to email twobobs and ask them directly? They are pretty good for helping out.
  7. Wm Blecky

    Two Bobs Arctic Bandits

    Have you tried to email twobobs and ask them directly? They are pretty good for helping out.
  8. Wm Blecky

    Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    Interesting. I guess I am so used to most kits that have the running gear attach quite firmly sitting true. Can you rotate the drive sprockets at that stage? do they allow for you to better position and attach the tracks?
  9. Wm Blecky

    Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    Looking good, but what happened to that drive sprocket? - it's sitting rather cockeyed isn't it?
  10. Wm Blecky

    Douglas Bader's Spitfire Mk.Va...

    https://images.sellbrite.com/production/27001/LLD72024/095de308-bf3b-54cb-ac63-aec39e7e74e7.jpg https://images.sellbrite.com/production/27001/LLD72024/095de308-bf3b-54cb-ac63-aec39e7e74e7.jpg
  11. Wm Blecky

    Airfix Ju87 Stuka 1/72 - Finished

    You may want to be aware that the Stuka had both internal and external framing for the canopy. Many modellers mask the internal canopy frames as external ones (it does not help that most if not all model companies compound that error by molding the internal frames externally). I've added a picture from an LSP where the modeller has correctly depicted the canopy frames. HTH.
  12. Wm Blecky

    Canadian Air Force CC-142 (dash 8) questions

    Didn't see the harm in presenting a superior option to the CanMilAir one that was suggested - don't you think it's always good to be aware of other (better) choices? Reading things with such a narrow and constricted view, one can miss out on something else that may prove more appealing.
  13. Wm Blecky

    Canadian Air Force CC-142 (dash 8) questions

    Personally, I am not a big fan of CanMilAir. Whether its that he uses an Alps printing system or that he takes a 2-D image and creates a decal that is to be applied to a 3-D item. If you can find Leading Edge's resin and decal set, you will be very happy with it.
  14. I think you need to lighten up on the primer...
  15. Wm Blecky

    Canadian armour Battle of the Scheldt

    Peddinghaus makes several decal sheets with Canadian armour markings. None are specific to the Battle of the Scheldt, but they do contain elements of the units involved. Hope this helps.