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  1. Be curious to see how you correct the short wing span amongst other things.
  2. Thanks Ninak. A fantastic job on your 88s.
  3. A little off the topic at hand, but do you have a build thread of your 88? What did you do to convert the Revell 88C kit?
  4. That is absolutely the coolest thing I have ever come across related to the hobby. Thanks for posting the pic. Could you post a closer picture of the kit? I've seen some "printed" items on eBay and quite honestly, they look pretty rough. Not something that would encourage me to spend any money on. But yours is completely the opposite.
  5. Well, depending in just how badly you want this decal, this eBay seller (not me and no relation to me) has a copy with the decal for auction. Wm.
  6. D'oh! I missed that post. I have to say that I am really curious to see some pictures of the crew figures. If they are good, I hope Dragon keeps it up and even expands on the idea. Maybe offer them as a variety of different sets.
  7. Something to look forward to once the snow has hit, Eduard will be re-releasing their 1/72 Bf.110C/D kit with Battle of Britain period decals. They are also including their Mk.101 30mm canon which was previously only available with their kit #2115 Bf.110C-6 (discontinued some time back). For me, the big plus is that this release comes with pilot and rear gunner figures! I believe this is a first for Eduard and it's something that I hope they continue with. The information below also suggests, though not pictured, that there will be a pre-painted instrument panel on the photoetch fret with
  8. Can anyone recommend some good 1/72 British tank crew / commander figures - European Theatre. My preference is for resin as most white metal figure sets that I've seen look like crap. I am working on Dragon's Churchill tank and a Sherman tank and would like a few decent commander type figures for the turret and would even consider a few other for the driver's positions. The Churchill will be based on the Dieppe Raid and the Sherman is from the Normandy period. TIA.
  9. Adam, go with the one you want. At the end of the day, each of the kits look good as they are. Some of us are just a little more particular/fussy when it comes to our choices/preferences for kits. Buts as I said, each of the Lancaster kits mentioned do look good right from the box with no additional changes or add-ons. I do not feel that you need to blow a wad of cash on these kits. That being said, if you do want to go with some "enhancements", unfortunately there is no vac form canopy set for the Hasegawa kit at the present time. I went with the Airfix kits out of personal p
  10. elger, that is something I have not read or come across in discussions regarding the Revell kit. Could you elaborate a little more on this?
  11. In one word, no. One of the most difficult, if not impossible to correct errors on the Hasegawa kit, is the cockpit canopy escape hatch. It is in the wrong position. That's an error that should not have happened. Truth be told, the Hasegawa kit has several issues, a quick search should turn them up for you. There are some good reviews out there that will point out the problems. As for the Revell kit, personally speaking, nice looking as the Revell kit may be, it's another that I've ruled out. The wing issue dihedral aside, there are others. The wings are short in width as i
  12. Scott, LEM has had those images up on his website for awhile now. I like my Canadian subjects as well, but considering that LEM used to release some pretty cool decals, these are pretty ho-hum and boring, nothing of any real excitement, IMHO. Considering the material Dave is sitting on, he could do so much better. His releases are few and so very far in between, I do not know why he even bothers. With the exception of Aviaeology (who also has his releases few and far between), Dave is pretty much the last guy out there doing markings for Canadian subjects. He could really have
  13. Vlad is right, the Eduard A-5 kit is the way to go to give yourself an A-6. That's what I am doing. There will be a little minor work, but the end result will be worth it. Master Model offers a set of metal gun barrels and pitot tubes specific to the Eduard range of 190 kits. They even have a set for an A-6,
  14. Agreed, it would be interesting at the least. I wonder if AZ is going ahead with their Bf.109E kit? It was supposed to have been released by now. Maybe they are gun shy with it too now?
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