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  1. Even my old 1979/1980 Airfix Lancaster kits came with the walkway markings. I am pretty sure that even the new Airfix and recent Hasegawa and Revell kits came with those markings are well. The only other decals that I recall coming with those markings were the Arrow Graphics and Zotz's Sexy Lancs sheets - both of which are long out of production and difficult to come by. I believe that the Sky Models Lancaster sheet also has a set of those markings.
  2. I have one of their other Lancaster sets. When compared to other Lancaster decals, I found that the red color is too vibrant. I plan to use a combination of aftermarket roundels and code letters, but will use the decal sheet's nose art.
  3. Wm Blecky

    Best 109E in 1/72

    I've read (damned if I can find where now) that while it is true that ICM is pretty much a clone of the Tamiya kit and they have lengthened the fuselage, apparently, they lengthened it incorrectly. I'm going to try and find where I read that and will share it here. I used the ICM kit as a "guide" to lengthen a Tamiya 109 kit. A little more work, but I was not keen on the soft details of the ICM kit. I had also experienced some difficulties getting the ICM prop assembly to sit correctly in the ICM nose, so I used the Tamiya parts which fit like a glove.
  4. That would be most welcomed. Although, I'd prefer they release their more detailed kit first.
  5. I couldn't agree more. I had the Heller Sherman kits and they were every bit as good as Dragon's offerings, if not even better in many regards. It's a pity that Heller didn't expand their line to include a Sherman Firefly. You could very well be correct - which would be very disappointing. I stopped buying Dragon armour kits when they chinced out and took short cuts with the running gear and several other aspects of their 1/72 kits. I have the new Airfix Sherman on pre-order with Hannants, but before I drop any money for it, I'll be looking for some reviews and pictures of the parts.
  6. I came across a very unique looking RCAF C-47 Target Tug. I was not able to find more info, but if anyone can help out, I'd appreciate it. I plan to do a few RCAF DC-3s / C-47s and this one is now at the high end of my list! I am speculating that this aircraft would have period RCAF paint scheme with the striping being yellow and black as well the letter codes in yellow with black outline. I would also go as far as saying that the roundels on the wings have a silver surround. The challenge for me would be to come up with correct code letters. Also, the it would be great if I could get a better picture of the window 5th down from the front. It looks enlarged and possibly sitting proud of the fuselage. My guess would be that a similar window is on the other side of the aircraft.
  7. I could not agree more with you! I've often said it myself. Lots of modelers are taken in with the scribed panel lines. In the case of a Lancaster, Airfix's '79/'80 release gives us a far more realistic appearance. The rivet detail is so subtle, it really makes the kit. The good thing with the newer releases was that companies like CMK released resin cockpit and other detail sets - which work quite nicely with the Airfix kit. They really add to it. Nicely done Lanc Ruskin.
  8. Mentioned earlier, the Large Scale Planes hobby forum site would be your best source for recommendations and information on what items are available insofar as aftermarket detailing sets go as well.
  9. Just curious to see if there has been any talk from Airfix of doing a new tool 1/72 Firefly kit - aircraft, not the tank!
  10. I would think that had you read what I had to say, my very first sentence would have answered your question. That aside, in terms of consistency, whether doing a Mk.I, a Mk.III or Mk.X, all would have the same appearance.
  11. I am not a big fan of the plastic Airfix uses for their kits but in this case... an exception might be made. I've read similar comments regarding the engine nacelles and wheels. Like you, I've given thought to mating the new Airfix kit's wings to the Trumpeter kit. In fact, I've gone so far as to pick up a few sets of the sprues needed to do this (there was an eBay seller in the US who was offering the sprues separately). To get all the needed pieces for the wings, engines, control surface and u/c, you need damn near all the sprues from the kit (save for fuselage and clear parts). It cost me almost as much as if I'd have bought the kit complete, but at least I'll have only the left over Trumpeter kit parts if I end up doing this. In the end, I think I saved myself about $7 - $8 going this route. I did a dry fit of the wing to fuselage and it looks promising. In comparing how the Airfix wing will sit against the fuselage, it looked quite good in particular when I compared it to a picture of the real thing. This is for building a Mk.Ic. I believe one could take the same approach for a Mk.III, just substitute the Trumpeter engines (at least that's my plan). I would be inclined to use the Airfix props for such a conversion. Trumpeter's just do not look right. To push this dream a little further, if this Mk.Ic Trumpeter/Airfix hybrid works and does not prove to be more headache than it's worth, I want to also do an RCAF Mk.X. My plan will be to use the Trumpeter engine nacelles again and substitute the Trumpeter props for a set from the old Matchbox Wellington kit. Matchbox's props are heads better than what Trumpeter provides. Sadly it means trashing a Matchbox kit just for a set of props. Oh well... such are the joys of modelling! Hope this helps.
  12. Do you mean the full line from those companies? and is it only Hannants who is not offering them any longer?
  13. I was just over at Hannants' website and saw that Airfix will be releasing a new Sherman Firefly kit and Tiger I These are listed as "NEW TOOL", so I am looking forward to seeing them. I am hoping that they are well done. If you can find a Dragon Firefly kit, it usually sells for outrageous money. To my knowledge, no one has gotten the Tiger I's turret shape correct - something else I am hoping that Airfix paid attention and got right.
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