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  1. And will you do the commander of the Varyag, Vsevolod Rudnev on a 1/350 scale?
  2. If you hear screams outside the window at night, it will be me!
  3. Very interesting, Steve! I have to do the same job soon. Oh, my God, I've never soldered anything in my life! I was surprised how close the propellers are mounted at the transom. I even started looking for a drawing. Surprisingly, the steering wheel plates are moved back.
  4. I don't know how it will be after painting, but now the diagonal lining of the sides looks exactly like in the photo!
  5. The diameter of a pencil with a ruler is not 100 mm? I'm not sure. As always, jewelry work!
  6. Hello Steve Why did you first insert the pipes for the propellers, and then sheathed with wood? It seems to me more convenient to sheathe first, and then drill holes for pipes. Or am I wrong? Dmitriy
  7. Dagirov Islam, who served on K-211 during the collision with HMS Scepter says: "We were at the control exit before the live firing after the dock inspection. For the first time, 16 ballistic missiles with 8 separable warheads were loaded on board. Each warhead is a Hiroshima x by 40. And with them we were preparing for BS. Traitors and traitors to the Motherland leaked this information, and we were hunted. At 19.52, 3 strikes occurred one after the other. I was in the CPU and took the surface situation on the BIP before going to the chart room. I will not describe the situation in the CPU, but in general, thanks to the exceptional training of the crew, the ground was not touched (speed 10 knots, diving depth 50 m, sea depth 100 m). Cavitation was strong, acoustics in the stern did not hear anything. As a result: 15, 16 CGB were pierced; the vertical rudder and propeller propeller were damaged. The screw was brought from Severodvinsk (Halak Sergey flew after it), then, after repairs, they went to BS. The instructions of the Party and the Government of the USSR were not thwarted. So there were 3 propellers on the boat, and it was disposed of with 3 p!"
  8. I don't know much about submarines. But I was surprised by such a large protective shield on the cannon. Does it have to slow down the boat a lot when moving underwater? The model is beautiful, I will follow with interest.
  9. The main thing is that you got what you wanted!
  10. Hello. Let me know what you want to order. I can order this for myself and forward the parcel to you by regular mail. Dmitriy
  11. Нашел тему, где Мартин из Австралии строил модель Brave Borderer RC длиной 1800 мм! Модель выглядит фантастической, даже транцевая панель у нее опускалась в зависимости от скорости. И разместил там подробные фотографии всего процесса строительства. Но на сегодняшний день не сохранилось ни одной фотографии. Только текст. https://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,9865.0.html
  12. Only a person who has done it with his own hands will be able to understand what a huge work it is.
  13. It's good to make a model in a country house. There's a forest growing behind the fence. There is an alder tree in the forest. If you cut boards from alder in advance and dry them for six months, then at the right moment you can use a planer and a circular saw to make the necessary slats, and not wait for them to be brought from the store.
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