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  1. An excellent ship! Detailing, painting, weathering - everything is at the highest level. Models of this level are usually only in museums, and models of old-school masters, which is felt in every detail. We only see a small part of the work, and how much more of your work is left behind the scenes. It's been a great pleasure watching you work, Steve. Thanks!
  2. I join those who said earlier - the painting is excellent. The color is recognizable at the genetic level. I believe that this is a real Soviet tank!
  3. 4.2.1. Takeoff should be performed with the wing tips and flaps released at combat maximum or afterburner engine operating modes. SU-27SK AIRCRAFT FLIGHT OPERATION MANUAL — part 1
  4. I found that they write about this photo that it is a Ka-25TS helicopter of the latest series of the 555th OPLVP of the Ukrainian Navy. Ochakov airfield, August 1996. Apparently, there was a transitional period when the symbols of both states were still on the equipment. It is very interesting. I didn't know that. I'm glad you were right.
  5. Are you sure that the Ukrainian circle is on the tail in this photo? It seems to me that when drawing Ukrainian symbols, all the signs of the USSR should have been painted over, for obvious reasons. But, of course, these are just my assumptions. Once again, I note that you have turned out to be an excellent and very realistic helicopter.
  6. A very good model! I was interested in the combination of the Ukrainian emblem on the tail and the flag of the USSR Navy on board. Was that really the case?
  7. Take a look here. It's in Russian. Google Translate should help. https://web.archive.org/web/20120706065309/http://waronline.org/IDF/Articles/history/yom-kippur-war/arab-helicopters/
  8. http://scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat.php?cid=270&orderby=date ASC&show=12&min=36
  9. Bolt heads with a straight slot are visible on the side of the gun, above the bed. What size screwdriver is needed?! But seriously, what is it and how was it unscrewed?
  10. It's such a pleasure to look at it. Each one individually is a work of model art. We've missed you, Steve! 🙂
  11. You're right. I made the mistake of confusing different La planes made of wood and metal.
  12. The last 5 La-9 fighters were decommissioned in 1959.
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