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  1. I'm too trusting. So my thoughts are groundless. Excuse me. Dmitriy
  2. The first phrase is beautiful! The second phrase emphasizes the filigree of the work.
  3. I couldn't find detailed photos either. Only videos. You've probably already seen it. AN-2 of Azerbaijan
  4. Hi As a Russian-speaking person in the photo, I see the inscription НЕ СТАНОВИТЬСЯ (DO NOT WALK). Here in the picture I circled how these letters look (another plane). Unfortunately, I also could not find clear photos of these inscriptions on the Sudan MiG-29. There are no such inscriptions on the upper air intakes of Russian Air Force aircraft. They say that they were made only for some export aircraft. But I heard this only verbally, I have no confirmation. I may be wrong, because it's strange if there are inscriptions in Russian on a plane painted for another country. Moreover, the inscriptions DANGER on Russian-made Sudanese helicopters are written in English. But my eyes tell me НЕ СТАНОВИТЬСЯ there. Perhaps the eyes are old and it's time to change them.
  5. Let me also take a chair in the auditorium in anticipation of another wonderful performance on the creation of the ship from Steve.
  6. There are photos of rusty Pike on this link (the Russian name of this boat is Pike-B). Maybe this will help. Project 971 Pike-B
  7. You are absolutely right.
  8. Hi Andre Perhaps you are right and there were no silver MLD. I'm not good at painting airplanes. I just quoted the words from the text to which I gave a link. Cheers, Dmitriy
  9. I searched the Internet for information and it seems that the plane did not fly in this color. Before it became a monument, it was silver in color and the tail number 02 was red. Here is the link. There is Russian, but Google translator will help. MiG-23 MLD
  10. There is such a photo. But this is a monument in the city of Astrakhan. It could have been painted in any color, so it is not known whether there was such camouflage on flying planes.
  11. And I always suspected something like that... But, innate modesty did not allow arguing with teachers.
  12. My plans are like this. I first want to choose propellers and motors that will allow you to move confidently and quickly through the water. I will also make three rotary rudders more than it should be in scale. There won't be enough small ones to turn around. And in the future, maybe (if I don't get tired of all this) I will install electronic controls that allow the side propellers to work in different directions at low speeds. P.S. All I know about electronics is that electricity flows through wires and at school I studied the Ohm's rule. But I'm not giving up!
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