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  1. Jhon Looking at large photos, it's hard to believe that this is a 72 scale! Perfectly! Dmitriy
  2. Thank you John for the links! Some I've already seen, some I haven't. I'm here as a student in the school for the Brave border. Photos of your work are much better than drawings give an idea of what the ship's structure looked like.
  3. Thank you for your answer, John. I don't know what colors were used on the decks of the coastal forces of that time.
  4. Amazing detail for this scale! It looks very good! I have a question. The floor of the open bridge is dark gray. Is there any confirmation of this color, or is it presumptive?
  5. Yes, John, this is a photograph of the Sobjornen ship. It was built later. And it already had such a door. Probably then realized that it is more convenient. I thought there was a conversation about BB having this door. Sorry if I made a mistake. I will continue to follow your interesting work. Dmitriy
  6. " So, (thinking out loud here) if the chart room is where the two square windows are on the port side, and the door you can just see the edge of in your 'radar' post is the entrance, there would be a ladder inboard of that door leading to the bridge. Looking at your pic that would line up quite well! Tom " Are you talking about this door? Am I correct?
  7. John When I saw these extra fuel tanks in some of the photos, I thought they were some kind of rescue equipment. The number of parts they match with the tanks. You're probably right. Dmitriy
  8. Coming down from the glaciers of Mont Blanc, where I had been for a week. The first thing I did was come here to get the news. And here's a photo of a great new job! Excellent!
  9. I saw a photo with a folded mast. Thanks!
  10. Nothing, I'll find a way around this obstacle )))
  11. I already tried that. I wrote a message that the website www.alamy.com included in the list of banned in Russia. Politics.... No comments....
  12. Yes, this is a problem with access to this site from Russia. For some reason, our access is disabled. This is my problem...
  13. Unfortunately, the link doesn't open. Report an error. Dmitriy
  14. Thank you for your answer. Yes, there is very limited accurate information in the BB drawings. I will continue to follow your work on this ship with interest. Dmitriy
  15. Thank You, Jhon. I also couldn't find what the lowered mast looks like. Can you tell me if this is the correct drawing of the mast? Can I trust him?
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