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  1. Maybe the circles were white, or maybe they weren't... There were bad times when color photography was not yet available, and painters had already stopped painting ships.
  2. I've seen color photographs of old ships. But in the museum I saw parts of this ship, in a different color. It turned out that the photo was first black and white, and then it was colored.
  3. It is very difficult to understand the color from black-and-white photos. Only objects in museums can give an accurate idea of color.
  4. A few days ago, a mine was found in the ice of the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg. Not your Scnellboot lost?
  5. I follow the topic with satisfaction! I've never seen such fast work before! Dmitriy
  6. John, so now You are the world's most important expert on this ship! Dmitriy
  7. John, are there any Brave Borderer models in any museums around the world? Do You have such information? Once again, I admire your work on the ship! Dmitriy
  8. Thank you so much, John, for the pleasure I have had in following your work! In addition to the beautiful ship, you have created here the most complete encyclopedia of Brave Borderer, concentrated in one place. Great job! Dmitriy
  9. It seems to me that the loudspeaker would be installed at the top of the superstructure. There's a railing at the bottom, so it can get in the way of people. At this height, they do what people need to work with their hands. But I could be wrong. Dmitriy
  10. Looking at the superstructures of the ships, I saw an strange round detail on the Swedish ship. What is it?
  11. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the 'things' on the front of the superstructure is water hydrants for connecting deck washing hoses. But there are still a lot of options, so you can only guess.
  12. Very beautiful ship! Excellent precision in detail! John, what material do you think the plates with the name Brave Borderer were made of? Wood or metal? Dmitriy
  13. Yes, John, we remember that in the beginning it all started with the alteration of The Percasa transom. Will you then apply signs of aging and rust to the ship?
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