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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed response! Dmitriy
  2. John, I have questions. What other colors were used to paint the heads of torpedoes? And what did the color choice depend on? And about the color of the inflatable boat - were the Zodiacs black?
  3. I have no words! Very beautiful and fantastically accurate ship turns out!
  4. Only the ruler in the photo allows you to believe that it is 1:72, and not 1:1.
  5. Well done. Exactly like the picture! I wonder what engines were put on the Zodiac in those days?
  6. Hi, John, It seemed to me that in your pictures it was the shadow of the sheets covering the deck. But I may be wrong. I continue to follow the construction of Brave Borderer with interest. Thanks to You, I learn a lot about this ship. Dmitriy
  7. Джон, почему Ты сделал край колоды таким высоким? На рисунках, которые я видел, он почти не выступает вверх. Немножко. Дмитрий
  8. Fantastic work! If not for the ruler next to it, it would seem that they are three times larger!
  9. Yes, it is clearly visible! I wonder why they didn't put the panels together and leave the distances?
  10. I did not notice that the deck is not flat, but made of panels. My drawings don't show it, but the photos don't show it much. Now began to study, and saw. Thank you, John!
  11. I always look forward to new photos of your work. And every time they exceed my expectations!
  12. Jhon Looking at large photos, it's hard to believe that this is a 72 scale! Perfectly! Dmitriy
  13. Thank you John for the links! Some I've already seen, some I haven't. I'm here as a student in the school for the Brave border. Photos of your work are much better than drawings give an idea of what the ship's structure looked like.
  14. Thank you for your answer, John. I don't know what colors were used on the decks of the coastal forces of that time.
  15. Amazing detail for this scale! It looks very good! I have a question. The floor of the open bridge is dark gray. Is there any confirmation of this color, or is it presumptive?
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