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  1. Steve, I haven't seen this topic before and today I read it from the very beginning as a fascinating research novel! I wish you good luck in such a difficult task as creating the first model of this interesting ship! I join the people who follow your work with interest.
  2. A wonderful stage when the correct shapes of the ship's hull appear out of nothing.
  3. The owner of the world record for the duration of a flight into space (437 days) has died Valery Polyakov. He was 80 years old.
  4. I have long wanted to make a model of the Mig-15UTI, on which the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin crashed. But, alas, I could not find data and photos about him.
  5. @stevej60 I don't want to upset you, but it seems to me that the identification marks of East Germany are pasted upside down on the MiG-17. Unless, of course, my eyes fail me.
  6. Hi Bertie, Caught up with this build. In order not to break thin wooden plates when covering the hull of the boat, soak them over hot steam. They will become flexible. Then they need to be fixed in a bent position and allowed to dry. The rails bent in this way are conveniently glued to the frames. I did it that way. Maybe it will help you too. Wishing you a successful voyage! Dmitriy
  7. Interesting lists. I don't have much. Civilian: IL-18 IL-86 Yak-40 Tu-134 Tu-154 An-2 An-24 Bombardier Q400 Various modern Boeings and Airbuses. A few years ago, some French helicopter evacuated me in the Alps. Military in Afghanistan: IL-76 Mi-8 Mi-24
  8. Very cosy workshop! Modeling is a great activity to regain a state of peace and joy.
  9. I also sit quietly and watch this computer 3-D magic with delight. It's amazing!
  10. Oh, how many pleasant hours spent with a jigsaw in your hands you lose... Steve, congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
  11. Maybe these photos will help you. MiG-25RB MiG-25UB MiG-25 colour
  12. The first rocket has engine problems. The second start is more successful!
  13. Maybe this video will help you. Interior of the BTR-82A.
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