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  1. Thre are a lot of pics in the net and in publications which shows the Bucc with it's wings folded. Look here at min 1:50 the wings get imediately folded after touch down.
  2. Reskit has a wide Range of french weapons on offer . Nice detailed gems.
  3. There are a lot of beautifull kits of the cold war aera out there. The wonderfull MiG-21 Series from eduard. The Special Hobby Mirage F.1 and Super Mystere Kits. The stunning F-106 from Meng. The really nice MiG-17 from AIRFIX, esspecially in the new boxing with East German Airforces markings. The Mirage III from Modelsvit is an absolutely gem. So many Kits to build....
  4. Italeries shape of the wessex nose is very off. It looks to me as did Helostuff a copy in Resin from this shape. Any opinions?
  5. Followed your buildthreat on master194. Have enjoyed every step. Really nice work!
  6. Where did you get those informations about the different mods? Beside that: really cool work!
  7. I‘m voting für the PFU with those giant missiles.
  8. Never heard about Mavericks in Vietnam. If so, it will be very difficult to find out which plane from which unit had it fired. Standoff weapons in Vietnam were AGM-62 Walleye and the Bullpup B and C, Shrike and Standard ARM.
  9. I never liked the raspberry ripple sheme. Have forgotten why. love it !!!
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