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  1. Folded wings and dropped flaps and slats ??? Could it really be true?
  2. I agree with you in therms of the roots of sh. Nevertheless has a manufacturer to look at the possible costumer numbers. And in fact we dont need another Spit and 109. But there are so many beautiful birds out there without a descent reprasentation in 72nd scale. The chech Aero-45 for example, Beech Staggerwing and other beautiful birds from the 1930-40s. My opinion.
  3. Nice boxart. And a really nice example how a company waste money and time for a product, which nobody knows. Donˋt understand that.
  4. The Modelsvit Mirage has plenty more crisp detail. But it is nˋt easy to build.You have to be very accurate to end up with a proper fit. If the SH kit is more simple to build it will have a chance to compete.
  5. Look at all the beauties here! Hard to chose one.
  6. Beside the not easy to build RV MiG-23 looks this like a absolute runner for clearprop. The 72nd cold war builders had waiting to long for a nice kit. Canˋt wait to get one. Or two. Or three
  7. F4U-5N with folded wings. Bämmm!
  8. I‘m truly not a fan of the Dauntless. But your crisp build of these speedbrakes and this realy nice paintjob are worth to look at.
  9. Beautiful build of an unusual objekt. Brilliant pictures too Well done!
  10. Here you can read the complete dramarama to get the right Elektrothud.
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