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  1. The first time I see a F-35 with colour spot on. Really nice!
  2. Really cool pics. Thank you for sharing. One question. Is this silver the nature aluminium surface on the T.T.'s or is this silver dope lacquer? Cheers
  3. The most beautiful ugly bird of the world!!!!
  4. Dear Will, your modell shows, you know the game! Crisp build and a really clean paintjob. Cudos to you. BUT: You have stopped the half way. The decals look like, well, decals. The camouflage looks like painted, ON A MODELL! A few steps like a washing, and a finally clear layer that would blend all together would rise your really nice modell to the next level. Chears, Taylor
  5. I will buy one, three... if the kit has folding wings,... twenty kits
  6. A decal company whose name I forget is planning to release RAM panel decals for the Academy kit which would therefore solve its only major issue. It is indeed true that any raised RAM detail is unrealistic but it's not as bad in the Academy as in the Italeri I think you have this in mind: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-A-086.html The Ramtapes on the Acedemy Kit are far the best of all kits in town until now. One or two wipes with fine grit and it will look ok.
  7. I 've never ever seen this scheme before. Anyway, it looks really cool. Maybe I will use it for a what if Harrier
  8. If you have questions about the Harrier Gr.9 and also the Gr.7, this is the answer: http://www.shopofphantoms.com/rhino/Pulsar/de_DE.Shop.displayShop.8143./ft002-harrier-gr9-t12-in-the-21st-century
  9. Mix it up to bad! The two inboard stations can carry the R-60, R-73 and R-27. This two stations are seperated from the other four. It means you never can load your MiG with two R-60 +two R-73 and two R-27. The four outer stations can only carry the same weapons at one time. For example: inboard 2XR-27+outboard 4XR-73 or 4XR60. Or Inboard 2X R-73 +outboard 4X R-73 or 4XR60 and so on. The mighty R-27 can only mounted on the two inboard stations.
  10. Beside the tail from the F-105D on a G-model....beautifull build as always.
  11. The one thing with you can distinguish the F from the E is the little cranked pitottube on the nose. The E has two right in front of the cockpit, the F has on under the cockpit and the other further down the nose. The F http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Navy/Douglas-A-4F-Skyhawk/1130405/M/ The Ehttp://s204.photobucket.com/user/Dulcinea5002/media/va-212NP223walleye.jpg.html Beside that the only real option ist the BuNo.
  12. Hello Andy, I agree in all therms with the previous speakers. Really, really fine work. Especially your pipeclamps in the avionikbays, the canopyframing and how you blended in the big yellow tailmarking. But I see one mistake. Your Sidewinders are way to far back under the wings. Beside that your Corsair is a real eyecatcher. Cheers, Thomas
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