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  1. I wonder how the decals stack up to the Old 66/Starfighter decals set?
  2. Well, the preorder on Hobbyeasy is $42...
  3. So how is this kit, accuracy wise? it will be easier to find in my neck of the woods than the (not yet released) Airfix one, and will be cheaper to boot...
  4. Lift Here is a decal manufacturer from Serbia They have a sheet with the Fw-190: https://lifthereserbia.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/402-lh-trophies-partisan-messer-bucker-focke-wulf-in-148/ Would trust them over Wings Palette cheers!
  5. Well, in the comics they flew a/c coded 10-RT, 10-SL, 10-ST and 10-SR... The fuselage flashes are red and the stork is on the decal sheet, so that's not a problem... If they can afford it (licensing fees), maybe Azur or SH would be interested in doing a Tanguy and Laverdure boxing....
  6. Beautiful! Can you give us a bit more information on the book that will be included with the double kit set? (Language, page count, etc...) Thank you!
  7. So how does this one stack up to the Italeri, and which one is more accurate?
  8. This definitely gets on my to get list... Sword really hits my sweet spot!
  9. Okay, i snatched the MH/HH-65C off E-bay, $25. The nose, winch, FLIR and some antennas are cream coloured pale resin. The FLIR is basically just a ball, no discernable features on it. To be honest, the winch looks a bit flimsy. Overall, the quality of the resin is not up to the industry leaders, but not bad either. The rescue basket is etch, together with some details. I'm happy because I finally got it, but there is still room for additional detail. Cheers!
  10. cvrle

    BK-117 kits

    According to Scalemates, yes, and a review at Modellversium (a German review site) states that the Revell kit is the Matchbox molds. I think it's then safe to assume that they are one and the same. Cheers!
  11. Didn't the Aussies choose the Boxer wheeled IFV, while the tracked vehicle hasn't been chosen yet?
  12. IIRC, if you want a RAF machine, the Hasegawa kit is the one to get. There are two Revells, one "old" new tool and a "new" new tool with a slightly simplified breakdown. The "old" new tool isn't representative of a RAF machine, but I don't know what's the "New" new tool is like. Cheers!
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