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  1. Exactly what i was after, thank you! I'll drop the plan to use the Kitty Hawk and start preying on the old Dragon kit. Funnily enough, what I've seen so far, they still command prices comparable to the new Kitty Hawk kit...
  2. Seems that the Dragon kits are rare on the ground, or command prices comparable to the new Kitty Hawk kit, so I started thinking that it might be possible to use the KH kit as the base... I know I need a 5 blade main rotor, which the KH kit has. Anything else, except a new instrument panel and sanding off the various bumps on the airframe? Anyone know more? Thanks!
  3. The 1/72 versions have not made an appearance, or have I missed them?
  4. Looks good, but since funds are tight, I might have to wait for a comparison between this and the LF before I decide...
  5. Oh happy day! Postage from Poland tends to be expensive, so more kits to break it up is always welcome D (That's my story and I'm sticking to it).
  6. More likely this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-28 (They have it in 1/35, so a scale down?)
  7. I wonder how the decals stack up to the Old 66/Starfighter decals set?
  8. So how is this kit, accuracy wise? it will be easier to find in my neck of the woods than the (not yet released) Airfix one, and will be cheaper to boot...
  9. Lift Here is a decal manufacturer from Serbia They have a sheet with the Fw-190: https://lifthereserbia.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/402-lh-trophies-partisan-messer-bucker-focke-wulf-in-148/ Would trust them over Wings Palette cheers!
  10. Well, in the comics they flew a/c coded 10-RT, 10-SL, 10-ST and 10-SR... The fuselage flashes are red and the stork is on the decal sheet, so that's not a problem... If they can afford it (licensing fees), maybe Azur or SH would be interested in doing a Tanguy and Laverdure boxing....
  11. Beautiful! Can you give us a bit more information on the book that will be included with the double kit set? (Language, page count, etc...) Thank you!
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