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  1. Good news Just over half the magnificent seven! I intend to be there, and intend to seek you all out I'll be one in the stripey jumper Box On Strickers
  2. Hurricologist

  3. Scarify a coat? I've got an old parka I can rub with sandpaper, is this a colonial thing? I was going to wish you an ironic 'best of luck' as it was Las Vagas. Just re read your post....sacrifice a goat, need to get to an optician. I have flipped between the blu tac rolls, copies of paper mask in Tam tape and just paper masks, in 1/72 unless the rolls are teeny tiny then I think the over/underspray is too pronounced. just my 5p worth. Nice build tho, as always Box On Strickers
  4. Put me down for a first edition! I am holding back with my foray into Hurri-lovelyness for a time when my MoaJoe is at 97 imp gals Box On Strickers (305 sleeps to SMW)
  5. I think there might be a query regarding the moulding of the crow bar on the pilots access door, I seem to remember that early Spits were supplied without them. Nice start though. Box On Strickers
  6. Fondling the plastic as I write this, just like their PZL P11c, this is state of the art, and just like a pint of Brains SA...one is never enough. Watching this for tips and hints Box On Strickers
  7. As smooth a pair of velvet y fronts Ding dong Box on Strickers
  8. HAMP man

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    To paraphrase Jaws, 'I think we're going to need a bigger ...........' Might have to set up a seating area in the car park for this one! I'm in Box On Strickers
  9. Oh My, I've been scribbling in my rough book all morning and got nowhere near THE EQUATION. I must be on the scale somewhere, as that has has made my day! Can't wait to go home to the Man Cave and have a dabble (Oooo Errr matron!) Thanks Box On Strickers
  10. I will proudly steal that wrinkle! Never did conical maths, mine tended to be on flat pieces of paper, but would like to have a go, what's the equation? Box On Strickers
  11. oh lordy lord that is impressive,and you reward yourself with French Fancies? flippin heck Strickers
  12. Oh come on chaps! no-one ever heard of white noise! I have to agree about north Wales, I once befriended a Blodwyn up there and she took all my money. This one seems to attract the 'rivets in the wrong place there, Sonny Jim' comments. As far as I understand it, this will be strung up to a surface slightly above FFL, so if it looks Kay then it is. I have to say that painting the carpet is a bit like buying a leather suite and then not taking off the plastic wrapping though, nevertheless an enjoyable ride Ced Box On Strickers
  13. HAMP man

    P-40 Comparison Builds

    Where I work, we call it Service Level Creep, I seem to recall that mine had only one camo colour a red nose, 'stickers' that were applied free form and a frosted glass fingerprint pattern canopy, only took an afternoon to build ...and paint., now it takes about 3 months, if at all to complete one! Progress eh? Nice rendition of a fav kit Box On Strickers
  14. HAMP man

    A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Strange I imagined him to be bigger! At my age I'm always a little wary when someone goes off the radar, but sooo glad to see Mr F back posting. Sat on the floor crossed legged and keeping quiet.....sod the biplane rigging! Box On Strickers