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  1. Would the collective noun for Circe users be a circle? etymologically Strickers
  2. HAMP man

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Happy belated birthing day BIll. Nice pair of cheetahs. been missing this one Box on Strickers
  3. ah ha a silent aich! Stroke! Strickers
  4. After viewing and earwigging the instructional Super8 film on gardening and household chores, the above could have be written by dear old Spike and would fit in perfectly at about 1 min 33 seconds. Oooo Matron Strickers
  5. HAMP man

    From Failure to Failure

    Go for the innards of telephone wire, that's if you still have telephones that plug into your house over there. What with all the the talk of the demon drink and Welsh Baptists, making me feel all warm and fuzzy! Box On Strickers
  6. Are you sure?? Are you really really sure???? Sorry couldn't resist. LOL
  7. The effortless ease (and speed) that this has evolved is a source of envy....mutter...mutter Uberlike! Box On Strickers
  8. Yo ho Bill, I know little about Buccie bits, but it looks to me that if the intakes could shaved/cut/butchered at the point where they touch the wing leading edge the profile of the resin part would better match the kit. Any resultant gap would then might be filled on the fuselage side of things. Only a thought Feeling your pain Strickers the empath
  9. To paraphrase the words of Father Ted, 'the one in front is small 243 is far away'
  10. I would lean to the blue one, for no other reason than 'pointyficatiousness' Box On Strickers
  11. HAMP man

    Airfix Ju87 Stuka 1/72 - Finished

    Nice start, watching with interest. Box On Strickers
  12. HAMP man

    From Failure to Failure

    So much of that went so far over my head it had a con trail! Sometimes I am glad that I am living up to my 4th form Geog Masters' yearly report 'He sets himself low targets that he consistently fails to achieve' I find it helps with the modelling Box On Strickers
  13. HAMP man

    From Failure to Failure

    That is the best birthday challenge I ever read. need to look up 'Weekend at Bernie's' though as over here that would be a lock in at a 70's Italian steak restaurant. Happy birthing anniversary old chap, Box On Strickers
  14. I suppose the clue was in the Moniker, not that I'm jealous or anything, sat here waiting to send out the gritters. Texas then the Gulf, I must have shot a robin! All the best Box On Strickers
  15. HAMP man

    From Failure to Failure

    Welsh Translations....don't get me started, I'm all for preserving a language and heritage and stuff but try and get the residents of Varteg (for those interested check google earth [other mapping systems are available]) to use the proper spelling on their road signs as there is no V in Welsh only F. I'm a little worried that I am enjoying the reports from the colony of familial discord, its a bit like watching early episodes of the A Team, logic tells you should not like it but it is strangely hypnotic. Back to the Man Cave Robin ! Box On Strickers