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  1. Hello Jamie, the cutting mats a and b have been ordered, and the effect looks dead convincing, should work for the 'walked on' look by masking the centre of a panel and raising the rib area with a couple of layers of undercoat and/or aircraft primer and metalic paint. Box On Strickers
  2. Sorry Ced, truble with my worms again. Thanks for the info, about to cash in the Brownie points for a mini lathe. Keep up up the good work Box On Strickers
  3. A quick trawl of the interweb gives this 2BA is 4.6 mm x 1.8 mm. 4BA is 4.3 mm x 1.5 mm. 1/4BSF is 10.4 mm x 1.5 mm. In 1/144 any of these will be half the width of a gnats laughing gear! Box On Strickers
  4. Ok Ceb, A few things: Did you get to the St Maria Gorge? Lot pf pretty flowers there, or there were in 1996 bit of a trek tho. What's the torque like on the mini? Does it have a speed controller? Would making intake tunnels on a Sword P60 qualify for the brownie points to get a lathe? The nose ring on the Ligthning looks the biz, (another Ceb recomendation...the pen thingy) with the speed of your builds I'm not surprised..no time for hanging around (see what I did there?) Box On Strickers
  5. Well Jel about Crete, Please stop buying tools and posting photos! Already have the mini vacuum cleaner in the basket and now spending Sunday morning looking for mini lathes. Stress not, the MK 1 eyeball does not have a digital zoom, (and the macro on my pair packed up a couple of years ago). Box On Strickers
  6. Welcome to the family Charlie, Very nice debut, and good clear photos, for a couch modeller like me, this is manna from heaven. Box on Strickers
  7. Happy yeasta - the bread has risen Didn't somebody do an aftermarket metal nose ring for a lightning? Nice pen work, but pointy bit still a little rounded? Box on Strickers
  8. Jumping into this tinlet of worms, whilst a paint chip, and its colour saturation can be measured very accurately, as distance increases the colour perception of the human eye changes, so that things near have a redder hue and things far away more blue. As we are painting onto surfaces that are scale representations of full size then could an argument be put forward that the 'scale' distance to the object should (excuse the pun) reflect this. Therefore, the paint used could vary from the actual paint chip to the blue end of the spectrum to force the observer to perceive the object as being the correct scale distance away? I understand the strive to get the most accurate model dimensions/panel line width/paint colour, and can measure a model and appreciate restrained panel engraving but as a sufferer of slight blue -green colour blindness, I have to use faith in a paint provider to supply a paint that looks close to me. So it is possible probable that I have a bunch of completed models that have the 'wrong' colours on them, but as all of them have varying degrees of inherent (by the manufacturer) and construction (by me) errors, I hope they are at least consistent. Always good to see the depth of knowledge displayed on such niche subjects - keep it up chaps and chapesses Box On Strickers
  9. Oopsie, didn't mean to pour petrol onto a raging fire! Back to the Lanc....one thing that always frustrated me was the lack of detail as supplied OOB of any WWII British bomber, whilst Airfix have upped their game on the modern kits, there are still a few bits and bobs that could be added to make this most visible area busy enough. Also I've noticed that in a lot of contemporary photos, when parked most turrets were left with guns pointing down, I assume that this was to prevent knee damage to gunners as they accessed and regressed their cramped places of work. Box On Strickers
  10. The kit is a beaut, one of the best I've had the pleasure of having a crack at, and as soon as I can drive the photo hosting thingamajig I'm posting. Box on Strickers
  11. Good tidings of great joy re the employment status, learn to delegate, as you can bet you bottom donald that something 'important' will turn up at Telford Time! Just re-read the Hunter Chronicles, a fine read! Lanc looking good and if your going to go native you have to try Marmite, pink blancmange and Gregs ice slices. 225 sleeps to go Box on Strickers
  12. That canopy looks spanking, as does the NM finish, any top tips for canopy mojo -ing? Box on as if you need egging on! Strickers
  13. I've got those, been riding my push bike too far again. When is a construction model, not a construction model? or are we being ConCeded? Never considered quickies, might change my mind if I can reduce the stash! Box on Strickers
  14. Clench before you cough! That had me thanking my lucky stars that I wore my Tena Man pants today Box On Strickers
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