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  1. Because the missing sprue is still a factor I intend making undercarriage doors etc. for this airframe, copying the Matchbox ones probably. If its an Ardtafix Unta then I have one spare for the price of an pint Anything to spread the mojo as far as it will go fella Box on Strickers
  2. Based on the averages if this goes to Thursday January 12th it'll be the double ton. There's a wealth of tips and skills in this thread that should be pinned. And I agree with Martian the models should be on the Tellers catwalk. Box on Strickers
  3. Boo Hoo Bicentenial page looks a long way off....................but Dem Awks Looks Lush Box On Strickers
  4. Mine was at RAF St Athen 1972 end of the day, low mist starting to roll in off the Severn, eveyone returning to coaches and cars accross hardstandings, a noise that cavetated my chested came over the top of the crowd, rose to avoid the tower and for a short period there were three suns in the sky. I remember one small boy actually falling over from the shock as the beast disappeared into the amber gloom, my mate and I went from Ooooo to Cor to crying laughing at the poor child's predicament. I consider page 2 as an early start for me. After market the innards out of it old fruit!!! Box on Strickers
  5. Well flipping blink and confustication, I had to leave the party early (meds for the FnL) and only got to chat with Perdu, CedB, Whofanand Heather K . Led astray by a rather fruity beer and Perdu's medical history! Next year I am defo in for the duration. Nice legs on the Fly, are they them printed thingys? Box on Strickers
  6. Very tidy......no.......very lush......no.........mega super lush. Not wanting to drop a pebble into the pressure puddle, but could the quintet make an appearance at Tellers? Box on Strickers
  7. Can't remember you doing the Chippie painting bit by bit and that was pretty spiffing. Not sure the pictures reflect the marbling effect to its full, maybe we'll get to examine this at Tellers? Box Strickers
  8. I was getting a bit worried all of a sudden we're at x 2 speed and paint being splashed about willi-nhilli. I have a small wager that this one will go bi-centenial, so quite happy to hear probility of procrastination regarding weathering. Green and gray whats not to like? Box on Strickers
  9. Super spiffing, a true silk purse. Box on Strickers
  10. I know I’ve read the internal/external colour thing before but the brain -eye interface seems to not want to function when comes to painting wheel wells. I see a lot of repaints in my future. Really enjoying the discussions and at least the camo mistake was noticed before RFI. Box on Strickers
  11. A little scratching in the wheel wells? Also black white and silver undersides, interesting choice, I thought that was really early war. Box on Strickers
  12. Not sure if you want to go to the level of 'counter of rivets' but this might be of interest http://soyuyo.main.jp/spit5b/spit5be-1.html#drawing Box on Strickers
  13. Not wanting to pick holes but there's no propulsion paraphernalia, this may be a hoax! Box on Strickers
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