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  1. I pop out to get some more nuts and pop corn and come back to comments on Slough and sand hoovering! As always an entertaing thread and build. Box On Strickers
  2. Doh! I had gone all over the place with that one, rover- dog - lead - electrical cable, or rover - car - 110 - power on building sites (close but no cuban!) Hand down, slinks to corner Strickers
  3. I'm taking up using Zob! I know one or two I have my hand up! Why was/is an APU refered to as 'rover'? Strickers
  4. Hello Rat Packers Been keeping a low profile on the old BM as work has ramped up for the winter season, but stumbled across this thread and I have been entranced and enchanted by the daring do's and such like of our proud boys in AF blue, back in the day. It is now the first site and thread I go to, after switching on each morning, keep up the pace, there is one non mob memeber who is living your life vicariously. Box On Strickers
  5. In reference to the Lanc and in the words of John Hurt in the film Contact 'why build one when you have two at twice the price?' Even in an ex country of the European Union the devlivery ethos is something akin to the Clacks. I order, I forget I've ordered, remember four weeks later that I've ordered something, write a polite e-mail and the bits arrive six weeks later. Never a problem because this fits with my construction speed and butterfly focus .
  6. Have a squint at the Part set S72139 it is for the Tam kit, shows the structural bits in front of the rads that are shown on your photo plus other greeblies and only 27 PLN plus a long wait for transport
  7. I'm the one at the back humming the theme to 633 and I have extra popcorn and nuts.
  8. Check out GrzeM's photo on page two, strutty doofaas attached to wheelie things Box on Strickers
  9. I did the same! strangely I came up with something like Wassat? or ! Strickers
  10. The wire stays from the inside wheel hubs to a point just in front of the jettison-able fuel tank
  11. Undercarriage cross stays? I built the kit in the same markings, based on the same time premise, only mine is more green, I think, ( I am 'blessed' with slight red-green blindness, as it was explained to me by the RAF medical officer). As always a ripping read, glad you've returned. Box on Strickers
  12. With modelling skills such as yours classed as insanity, I think I need to drink more water outa lead pipes Box On Strickers
  13. Afternoon All, Go for stainless steel balls, or marine grade, as normal balls go brown after a while, (oooooo matron!) Box on Strickers
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