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  1. Sad news. I was lucky to see Fleetwood Mac in concert at Wembley in 1988. Christine McVie came on at the end by herself ,sat at the grand piano and played "Songbird". You could hear a pin drop.
  2. The bulge starboard cowling is the generator fairing. The lower lefthand side is the oil cooler. The Mk.3 had a slimmer fuselage than the Mk.4 and lighter, ,it was livelier and more pleasant to fly. Approach and stall speeds could be approached 5 mph slower. It was faster with a cruise at 150 mph and a 1,000 feet per minute climb rate. It was more of a pilot's machine than the Mk.4.
  3. What was Best in Show please ?
  4. The JP is definitely in the colours of the RAF College of Air Warfare. I lived at RAF Manby when these were operating 1964-66.
  5. Beautiful clean builds. The Jet Provost from the RAF College of Air Warfare, RAF Manby. Likewise, the Meteor F.8 based at nearby RAF Strubby.
  6. My father was a Meteor pilot on Meteor F.8 from 1950-52 era on 74 Squadron at Horsham St Faith. also flew the Tiger Moths and Oxford of the Station Flight.
  7. Boom radio on DAB. Get it on my Alexa.
  8. Not a daft question, but why was this colour used ? at the time of the Munich crisis they were painted over.
  9. Nice build but the blue of the roundel look's too bright ?
  10. Might be useful https://toflyand fight.com/the-p-51-mustang/model-gallery/
  11. Had a security email somebody has tried to access my Britmodeller account three times from the USA.I have had to change my password. Just a warning to other's to be wary.
  12. Saw a boxed Airfix Gloster Javelin FAW.9R at the Chiltern show for £25. I already have one in my stash. Great work TeeELL for Javelin fan's.
  13. How did you get the wings straight please ? apart from removing the locating pin's. Superb representation.
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