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  1. "Strategic Air Command in the UK SAC Operations 1946-1992 " by Robert S Hopkins III Hikoki Publications. 2019 RRP £29.95 cover's a lot of ground about its conception and beautifully illustrated.
  2. T-21

    Feeling the Heat?

    I'm up after 4 hours sleep at 4.30 am , temperature is 20C and here in the Cambridge UK area forecast to get to 42C today. House is very stuffy with heat and difficult to actually do any model making. My shed is no go like an oven. Desperately need rain none really for the last 10 weeks.
  3. Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett head of 8 Group Pathfinder Force had a Communications flight based at RAF Wyton. A Beaufighter II V8214 was acquired from 404 Squadron who used them till March 1943 was coded EE:G with them. Used by Bennett to visit nearby 8 Group airfields on liaison work. Rumoured to be an overall blue colour scheme. it was ferried to St Athan on 17.9.45 and became an instructional airframe 5560M. Does anybody have more information or detail please ?
  4. As an add on I was curious whether metal skinned elevator's were incorporated on the Avro York and Lancastrian. On checking the York on display in Airspace at IWM Duxford I can confirm the elevator's are metal skinned. Just need confirmation on the Avro Lancastrian ?
  5. I will try and obtain the 1/72 Pavla Martinet. However I have found in my masse's of aviation stuff Aviation News Vol5 No.17 21 Jan-3 Feb 1977 which has the Alan Hall 1/72 plans for all the Master and Martinet aircraft.
  6. Wow,thanks everybody for the help,amazing response. Just shows what a great website and members on here. Now investigating all the answers.
  7. I think the late Alan Hall published a conversion article in Airfix magazine ? back in the sixtie's. Hoping somebody can assist with a copy please ? The conversion will require a bigger engine 14 cylinder Bristol Mercury,higher cockpit, bigger tailplane's, longer nose and extended canopy plus target towing side mounted drogue windmill.
  8. Hello Jerry. I have a good secondhand copy of the book ,I paid £4.50. No, the book is 120 pages to reassure you.
  9. 1/72 Avro Athena T. Mk.2 . May have been produced in vac-form possibly Contrail ? Only 15 of the full size aircraft were produced ,used at the RAF Flying College, Manby ,Lincolnshire to replace the Harvard as an armament trainer. Could carry two 60lb rocket projectile's under each wing. Carried a .303 Browning gun with 300 rounds.
  10. EUREKA !!! Yesterday I put an appeal for information on the East Kirkby Facebook forum. Bradley Winder has kindly found out from the Lancaster Modification list that Mod 1101 dated 6th May 1946 saw the introduction of metal covered elevators on the following Lancaster's. Marks affected B.1(FE),P.R.1, G.R.3, B.7(F.E) In the Remarks column it say's for tropical aircraft.
  11. Thanks Colin, certainly corkscrewing may have placed considerable strain on fin loads. Metal covered elevators could absorb more flak and bullet damage and less prone to catch fire than fabric. Going to trawl through my Lancaster books looking for elevator pictures, I may be some time .
  12. The Valiant Wings Publishing Airframe & Miniature Books are excellent P-51 reference's. Volume No.6 cover's the P-51 early Mustangs from the A-36 through to the P-51C model. Exploded views of internal structures and cockpit fittings. Model build's in various scale's, lists of accessory and decal sheet's including well detailed 1/48th pull out scale plan's. This edition is currently out of print but highly likely to be re-printed. Recently released is Volume No.18 covering in depth the P-51D/K including the P-51H,XP-51F,G&J. Again another comprehensive set of 1/48th scale plan's included. For modeling detail these book's are the go to reference for P-51 enthusiast's.
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