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  1. https://www.shuttleworth.org/events/scale-model-exhibition/ Lets hope the forecast weather plays ball ,this is a good venue ,admission cost gets you into the Museum also.
  2. East Anglia Books near Stansted specialise in USAAF Unit histories since the 70s formed by the late Cliff Bishop and superbly carried on by his daughter Marilyn. Yes they are expensive but invaluable historical works . They also stock current RAF books and histories and have a good second hand selection often on E-Bay. Also stock some model books ie. PSL titles, worth contacting I am not on commission just a customer over many years.
  3. Hello Bob Valiant Wings Publishing Airframe & Minature No.8 The DH Mosquito Part One Bomber and PR by Richard Franks. There is a page 176 devoted to target towing equipment. Unfortunately I cannot scan and post due to copyright issues. Hope this helps.
  4. Page 134 The Aircraft of 100 Group by Martin Streetly under the IFF paragraph. " The problem of aerial identification was one which taxed 100 Group for much of its operational life and towards the end of the war,an infra red system was introduced. This comprised the installation of an IR source in the tails of the Group's aircraft and in the Mosquito squadrons ,a cockpit mounted sight 3 inch in diameter and 14 inch long which showed a green spot when viewing a friendly source". Does anybody have a picture of a Mossie cockpit or pilots notes showing this ?
  5. In Martin Streetleys Mosquito NF.30 cutaway HH is also shown as Z i/d system . This is an IFF system Z equipment using infra red beams to detect if an aircraft was friendly approaching from behind. Lancasters had the two detectors in the two rings in the bomb aimers Perspex blister on Lancasters. We need evidence of Z equipment in the leading edges of DH Mosquito aircraft ? A mention of Z equipment here https://mraths.org.uk/?page_id=480 https://military.wikia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_II_electronic_warfare_equipment
  6. I'am inclined to think this is Village Inn or Automatic Gun Laying . The Mossies could pick up friendly bomber aircraft in the stream. Lancasters had Z equipment in the nose blister of two infra red detectors that were picked up by Lancasters fitted with the AGLT tail radar . A beam was picked up by the leading aircrafts navigator who directed the tail gunner. I agree warrants further investigation but interesting that this is only coming too light now.
  7. Your site picture is a Venture profile  did you fly them as an instructor ? I have 920 hrs on Ventures as a B Cat at 616 VGS Henlow 1981-1993.

    1. Aeronut


      Did indeed, I was on 612 from 79 until disbandment. Incidentally I drew the Clockwork mouse when I worked at RAFSEE RAF Henlow 81 to 87.

    2. T-21


      Our paths must have crossed ?  terrible what happened to the gliding schools . I left 616 in 1993 to pursue my civilian gliding . Thank you for replying.

  8. I have the 199Sqdn history "Let Tyrants Tremble" by John Reid. It shows LJ514 in service with 199 Sqdn 03 May 44 to 24 Feb 45. The Stirling Story by Michael Bowyer shows LJ514 with 10 MU 15.12.43 to 199 Sqdn 5.5.44 to 6MU 24.2.45 Struck off charge 4.5.45 Most likely flown into Woburn Park and scrapped there. I can confirm it was a Mandrel fitted aircraft on 199 Squadron.
  9. Hello David apologies for the delay yes profiles only. A more comprehensive history with photos is the book RAF Little Rissington by Bagshaw, Deacon ,Pollock and Thomas Pen & Sword 2006.
  10. A slim line book of 48 pages but do not be put off this is a gem for modelers. This profiles the colour schemes of Central Flying School aircraft from 1946-1976 from the Tiger Moth ,Prentice, Provost, Meteor, Vampire, Jet Provost and Gnat thru to the Jetstream mostly in 1/72 scale . The Varsity is profiled in 1/96th scale. All the colour schemes of post war RAF Flying Training Command are portrayed. A must have for anybody who models aircraft of that era. Very inspiring. Retails at £17.99 I got a £5 discount next order with the Aviation Book Centre.
  11. http://www.aviationinmalta.com/MilitaryAviation/Maltabased/RoyalAF/13Squadron/tabid/817/language/en-US/Default.aspx http://www.aviationinmalta.com/MilitaryAviation/Maltabased/RoyalAF/39Squadron/tabid/827/language/en-GB/Default.aspx
  12. These sites maybe helpful http://raf38group.org/ and https://www.paradata.org.uk/unit/no-38-group- http://www.pegasusarchive.org/arnhem/main.htm
  13. There were thirteen F-8 Mosquitos on 25BG strength at RAF Watton 18 Sept 1944. Source The 25th Bomb Group in WW2 Norman Malayney by Schiffer Publishing , a mine of information on USAAF Mosquitos. USAAF was already committed to accepting the F-8 and ordered that they be sent to England. 23 were assigned to Eighth Air Force. At Watton it was found they lacked adequate engine performance for high altitude mapping work. The f-8 also possessed a distinct cockpit odor. Engine component disparity between Canadian and UK built Mosquitos hindered the F-8 conversion to much need trainers. On 27 July 44 Colonel Roosevelt cabled Pinetree ordering a halt on further F-8 deliveries and requested reassignment of those at Watton. General Doolittle disagreed. Col Roosevelt protested and refused to accept their assignment. He bypassed Pinetree and cabled General Spaatz halting further deliveries. This action upset Gen Doolittle and created irreconcilable differences between the two officers. The 3rd Ferrying Group USAAF on 17 Aug 44 refused to ferry anymore F-8s because of safety hazards 1. unsatisfactory engine coperation and power plant failure on take off. 2. Coolant failures 3. Unsafe loading conditions ,claiming suffers from extreme tail heaviness in a fully loaded condition and does not contain sufficient nose heavy trim characteristics. This suggests that De Haviland Canada experienced quality control problems with aircraft production. All remaining F-8s were loaned to the RAF under Lend Lease on 27 Oct 44 in an "as is" where is" condition.
  14. Great build need somebody to produce a 1/72 WOT1 cab and chassis? endless conversion possibilities.
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