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  1. Recommend the Gloster Javelin by Richard Frank's lots of tech manual illustration's but no plan''s showing bulkheads.
  2. Gorgeous builds, love the Varsity did 8 trips at Cranwell as an Air Cadet. Come on Airfix a new 1/72 tool would sell, very good examples at Newark air Museum, Brooklands and Newquay to Lidar.
  3. I use the following books " North American P-51D Mustang" a photographic reference by Tim Mullina BHI Publications 2007. " NA P-51D Mustang" by Robert Peczkowski publisher MMP Yellow Series No.6126. "Production Line to Frontline 1 NA P-51 Mustang " by Michael O'Leary 1998 Osprey Aviation. Obviously depends what you are building or studying each to his own. I concur on the PSL book ,in fact I have the series still valid and excellent reference books.
  4. Harsh words from The wooksta V2.0 , I'm visiting Salisbury Hall tomorrow and will enquire about Mosquito B.XVI elevator horn balances. I've also contacted the RAAF Museum re their preserved PR.XVI A52-600.
  5. For clarification if you are building an Oboe equipped DH Mosquito B.XVI the bomb aimers perspex nose areas were overpainted to hide the secret Oboe installation in the bomb aimers walkway. I am still trying to find out the correct paint colour for this as photographs vary. This applies to B.XVI aircraft used by No.105 and 109 Squadrons at RAF Bourn and Little Staughton respectively. If you are building a B.XVI bulged bomb bay version , to compensate for the 4,000lb Cookie load the elevator balance weights(horns) at the end were enlarged. I cannot see this on the Airfix kit ? but easy to scratch build. The B.IV 4,000lb bulged bombay versions also had increased elevator balances as did the B.25 with bulged bomb bay and PR.32/34 versions. I hope forum readers maybe able to add further information. Looking forward to the new Airfix model hoping an NF.30 and NF.36 are in the pipeline.
  6. R5684 ZN:P source Chris Wards 106 Squadron history.
  7. I instructed on the Venture at RAF Henlow from 1981 to 1990 gaining 920hours on type. Also did the first conversion into the Vigilant till 1993 gaining 165 hours. I.look at the Cadet entries in my many log books and wonder how many joined the RAF or an aviation career. These builds are inspiring to past and present Air Cadets.
  8. Brandy, Instructor was Mike Throssell lovely guy. Brilliant project long overdue well done.
  9. Found this paper good drawing of the wing section Page 30. Also details of wing colour and angles in the script. search https:reports.aerade.cranfield.ac.uk search arc-cp-0560.pdf. I cannot seem to copy and paste the link unfortunately.
  10. Hi skippingbg Just checked the colour plates I DH Comet by R E G Davies illustrated by Mike Machat. Paladwr Press 1999 USA. The logo on the nose is a medium blue. Titles are shown as Dark Blue . The cheat line working top to bottom of fuselage is green,broad yellow then red and finally black all increasing in depth to the tail.The tail reg is blue. Drop tanks has 4 thin blue stripes Hope this is helpful?
  11. I don't think " unspecified printing issues" is a viable excuse. How come I got this months "Aeroplane" magazine by Key Publishing a week earlier than the release date in Tesco ? No issues with their printing material ?
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