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  1. Luckily i bought a supply of Contrail struts at Telford must have been about 12 years ago. 5 sizes of Styrene rod .20,40,50,60 and .080 . 5 sizes of Styrene Tube .020,.040,.050,.060 and .080 Internal size. Mixed bag of Tube, Rod and struts all 3 sizes. Finally 5 sizes of aerofoil struts 1/72 scale. Also obtained a set of Strutz brass annealed struts in different sizes from 0.40mm to 1.00mm made by Skybirds 86,Sherborne, Dorset. Included is some soft copper wire 0.40mm for making water,fuel and oil pipes.
  2. https://www.greenmats.club/forums/topic/3005-1144-airfix-hs-121-trident-1c/
  3. Tried to paste the link but not playing ball try Google Green Mats club. If not i found it by Googling HS Trident plans . Best i can do. Another interesting airliner model site www.pas-decals.ru
  4. found this excellent correction article on a Ukrainian forum with thanks https://www.greenmats.club/forums/topic/3005-1144-airfix-hs-121-trident-1c/
  5. That looks fabulous even the guard cables at the tail .
  6. A recent Airfix Workbench showed the LIDAR scanning of the DH Mosquito B.35 in the RAF Museum Cosford. One of the photographs by the Airfx design team was taken from the Captains seat of the preserved Avro Lincoln. As the team gained access to the Lincoln to save costs did they also scan the Lincoln ? Hoping maybe to see a kit release in the future, would it sell well ?
  7. Ced pilot looks great ! its a shame about the nose causing problems but you are winning.
  8. Mine are clear at the moment ,too early to see if they will remain so, but i will dip them in Future and hope that protects them. One is an Aeroclub 1/72 Gloster Javelin the other a Skybirds ? Percival Prentice 1/72 so quite aged.
  9. Hi Ced the flying suits for RAF aircrew in the 50s were silver/grey finish then to a medium blue around the mid sixties. The bonedomes were factory finished in silver with black visor. Often painted in squadron marks, my fathers had Lenny the Lion !! painted at the back of his. Apologies if nit picking but not intended. There is a useful article on RAF 1960s pilots by Brett Gibson Sept 2010 in the Cold War section.
  10. I taped two well yellowed vac form canopies to an upstairs bedroom window. After a month exposed to sun and daylight all the yellowing has gone so it does work.
  11. Monarch Airlines used Boeing 720's out of Luton Airport,UK regularly with a 6,500 foot runway.
  12. I had issues joining the fuselage together seems the nosewheel bay is too wide or needs some shaving in the roof . Dry fit before glueing.
  13. Thanks for posting brings back memories of RIAT at Greenham the Tiger Romeo's and The Slivers.
  14. Very nicely displayed . 102 FRS also used Desborough airfield as a relief landing ground.
  15. Found out heads up Valiant Wings first Me262 book was published ten years ago. Having a revamp with bonus 1/48th plans and up to date builds with even more information. Airframe & Miniature VoL.1 due first week of March. I am not on commission.
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