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  1. Just ordered two from Colin @Freightdog he only has a few left so if you want one do not delay. Excellent customer service.
  2. T-21

    Airfield windsock.

    Checking Roger Freemans book The Mighty Eighth the Colour Record shows one at Boxted appears cream,a darker version at Great Ashfield on the mobile controllers caravan, Leiston fixed on the ground appears cream. .Little Walden mobile caravan yellow,Snetterton mobile caravan appears dull yellow-cream. I think a dirty cream colour would look authentic hope this helps and others come forward.
  3. search for 550 Association on the website very interesting photos and information. Enjoying the build
  4. Well its the best selling kit at Hannants this week.
  5. Scratchbuilds,Conversions and Airfield vehicles and equipment.
  6. Nice build. I sat in the full size XH278 when it was stored in our Air Cadet gliding hangar at RAF Henlow circa 1988-1993.
  7. After many years drawing military vehicles to 1/72 scale Geoff Lacey has retired from drawing due to failing eyesight at 89 years old. I am sure many members have acquired his superb 3D drawings over the years and greatly helped scratch conversions in the modelling world. A big thank you to Geoff and best wishes for the future. No more catalogues are being updated but not sure on ordering from him in the future.
  8. All Oboe equipped Mosquitos of Nos 105 and 109 Squadron had their nose blisters and side windows overpainted as Oboe was very secret . This could explain the cockpit inner shades when the aircraft were parked to stop prying eyes. I have reference that No.162 Squadron when based at Bourn that their aircrew were not allowed any access to the Oboe cockpits of their sister squadron No.105. From studying photographs black finish Oboe Mosquito aircraft had the clear nose radome overpainted in a black finish. The Oboe Mosquitoes in Day finish appear to have the nose overpainted in Ocean grey. This is a subject that needs more research any further info because of its wartime secrecy.
  9. T-21

    Airfix 2020

    1/72 Vickers Viking, just think of the aftermarket decals, Valetta T.3 and T.4 and 1/72 Vickers Varsity. Update the 1/72 DH Mosquito to two stage Merlins B.XVI and NF.30. 1/48th DH Vampire T.11. 1/72 WOT 1 WW2 fire tender.
  10. A08017A B-17G new decals catalogue shows "Carolina Moon" 43-37907 coded +J 490th BG/851BS, and a silver example coded LN: Y 43-38414,of the 100thBG/ 350BS "Heaven Sent"
  11. Hello  managed a look in the 2019 Airfix catalogue  at the B-17G A08017A  release. The decals are for 490BG Eye  Carolina Moon and a silver example  from 100 BG  coded Y  last 3 digits of serial 414.


    Happy New Year,






    1. Rabbit Leader

      Rabbit Leader

      Thanks for that Nigel, I’ll look up those details to see what they are. We probably won’t see the Catalogue down here for a few good months and by the time it arrives alll the enthusiasm seems to peter out a little. 


      Cheers.. Dave 

  12. 8th Air Force Warpaint and Heraldry by Roger Freeman, Arms and Armour 1997 is a very good book for unit markings and National markings.
  13. The Archives Dept of the RAF Museum at Hendon should have airfield plans and maybe photos. TheAirfield Research Group has a good information forum
  14. As Graham mentioned a different radome but also obliquely hinged. Another big difference is the rear end pen nib fairing. It did have vortex generators like the FAW.Mk.5 and the leading edge was kinked . Also had Aden cannons and pitot on left wing only.
  15. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/162899-maquette-mq-7212-boeing-307-stratoliner#
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