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  1. Thanks everybody for your responses much appreciated.
  2. Can anybody advise which is the best or most accurate P-47D Razorback in 1/72 scale please.
  3. Valiant Wings Airframe & Minature No.12 The Supermarine Spitfire Merlin variants Volume No.1 also the Griffon variants Vol 2 is excellent.
  4. The Works are selling the Haynes manual on the Lynx for £7 ! I cannot vouch for any plans inside but generally very good books.
  5. Looks great i have this to build so thanks for the tips.
  6. If its close to the wing root its a signal discharger. Recommend Valiant Wings technical guide The BP Defiant best reference book.
  7. Is G-BIVH still at Heathrow ? I flew on her to SFO in 2005.
  8. The Works having a sale seen the BBMF Ops Manual, Wessex,Avro Lancaster, Spirit of St Louis, D-Day,Great War Tank ,German 88mm Flak Gun Haynes Manuals for £4 each. I ordered online the Haynes Manuals Wellington,B-29 and SE.5A for £7 each only £2.99 pp arrived two days later.
  9. Hope you are ok in lock down Fritag. Your build is an inspiration not just to Hawk builders but all in the modeling fraternity. No matter how small your progress we are all waiting for you to carry on and miss your input.
  10. The Lancaster manual is on special offer now at £5 a steal.
  11. reply and pdf from Dora file:///C:/Users/Nigel%20Perry/Downloads/Lysander_MK_III_inst_1.pdf I don't beat about the bush !
  12. Yes Dan Taylor is selling some of Geoffs plans but NOT the full range as before. I am lucky that i had the foresight to buy quite a collection of airfield /RAF vehicle plans from Geoff over six years.
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