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  1. T-21

    Mel Bromley RIP

    Apologies, shook up at the news got confused.
  2. T-21

    Covid Jab

    Had my second Oxford jab last Saturday. Feel fine no arm ache or side effects at all. I'm 67
  3. T-21

    Mel Bromley RIP

    Really shocked and sad about the news. Mel was a lovely man always had time for everybody at shows and his choice of kits really appealed to me. His decals and kits filled a niche market. I had messed up my Williams Bros C-46 elevators and without hesitation he replaced them from a spares box. Thoughts to his family but he will long be remembered on the show scene as the best dressed, superb manners and nicest trader around.
  4. This is an interesting website that may answer some questions 627squadron.co.uk
  5. T-21

    Chipmunk model???

    The May 2021 issue of "Aeroplane" magazine has 21 pages devoted to the DHC Chipmunk in its Datafile, a plan and a whole page showing the differences between the Canadian and English built aircraft.
  6. "Spitfire Classic Aircraft No.1 Their history and how to model them". Roy Cross & Gerald Scarborough 1971 PSL Publishing . Based on improving the Airfix 1/24th Spitfire lots of useful diagrams and information despite its age. "Spitfire In My Workshop" David Glenn. How he built the 1:5th scale model in the entrance hall to the RAF Museum Hendon. Lots of building techniques. https://www.spitfireinmyworkshop.net
  7. That is a work of art. Takes your breath away !
  8. The elevators were modified on later models and different shape to the Williams Brothers kit. Wonder if Valom are taking this into account ?
  9. I built this kit and found the wing join awful very little area for the glue to grip ! if I was to build another probably use brass tubes through the fuselage to hold the wings for strength .
  10. Aldi(Royston) are selling a 0-150mm,can be switched to inches. 5 digit LCD Caliper. German made quality stainless steel with 3 year warranty £7.99. I have seen the same product RRP £26.95. 2 Batteries included in a nice plastic box. Mods Hope this is ok to post but a valuable addition to any modelers toolbox.
  11. Cockpit looking good. I placed my canopies in direct sunlight for at least a month. It does work despite doubters.
  12. I have an Aeroclub Javelin canopy that yellowed badly. After one month taped to a west facing upstairs bedroom window I can CONFIRM it is now beautifully clear and waiting a dip in Future. It does work placing them in direct UV.
  13. There is a picture in the Cornwall Aviation Company book showing the black nose and decking . Overall airframe white . My feeling is that the registration letters are a medium red.
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