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  1. Dear Martian, Just love this, wonderfully bonkers, and even better under paint, (very nicely done BTW) the only thing missing (apart from the seagull of course) is an "Anime" figure in a sort of an Edwardian military uniform with a big flowing cape staring moodily out to sea !!! Really nice job on the most "sumariney" looking submarine I have ever seen, could almost be convincing painted yellow Keep em coming !! David
  2. Blimey John, that mast is amazing...bit lost for words to be honest, your scratch building skills are a wonder !
  3. Beautiful piece of work Tuan, an exceptional piece of modelling, in my opinion the weathering is spot on, very, very clever !! Cheers David
  4. Dear Jorgen, That is absolutely magnificent, your attention to detail and subtle weathering is second to none, it could be a real one, simply beautiful !!!
  5. That looks great fun Pascal , I am very jealous of your friend, it does look very watertight, bearing in mind its military background, its small size and the fact that it floats, I am wondering if can be classified as a model warship !
  6. Wooh !........ now that is something special, what a rare, wonderful toy, and an interesting restoration project, I guess any rust holes could lead to disaster !!!
  7. Hi Pascal I am lost for words, what a magnificent piece of work, truly stunning, bravo !! Oh go on......... do tell, what is it ? Cheers David
  8. Simply lovely, its very hard to believe what you started with, a real silk purse job if I've ever seen one, stunning result !! Cheers David
  9. Well Rob, you really knocked it out of the park with this one, what a jewel, your attention to detail is first rate, as someone just said, it slowly sucks you in as you notice more and more clever little touches, simply lovely !! Cheers David
  10. I'm with Valkyrie on that, beautiful model, highly detailed ....and then the 20p piece, and everything drops into place, amazing !
  11. That has come out very well, lovely job, well done sir !!
  12. That is simply gorgeous, it should be in a museum !!
  13. Beautiful job, you really nailed the seascape too, congratulations ! cheers David
  14. Dear Pascal, lovely job, I was so impressed with your meticulous build of this I sent a couple of your photos (I hope you don't mind) to a colleague of mine at Lotus (Russell Carr) it being an unusual subject, who is very much into Lotus's racing history, he was so impressed ("Bl**dy Hell that's beautiful") that he forwarded them onto Clive Chapman, Colin's son, (who runs Classic Team Lotus), he was likewise impressed, though I don't know the exact words used I gather they echoed Russell's reaction !!! Cheers David
  15. Blimey, those really are exquisite, clean and beautiful work there sir !
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