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  1. Really nice job Beefy, small but perfectly formed (just like Nicole from the very old Renault adverts !!)
  2. Just been through the whole thread, finding it difficult to talk now, amazing !!! Pascal old chap, I think that you are in a class of your own !
  3. Completely barking and bl**dy amazing, just building the kit would be an enormous undertaking, but a conversion ?????, kin ell Kev !!!! Wonderful stuff, and it really is coming together now ! Cheers David
  4. Hi Bertie Just caught up with this thread, what a splendid job you are making of this , the copper sheathing has come out very well, all looking most impressive !! Cheers David
  5. Thank you Jeff, though that's probably because you don't know me very well , but its nice to be back Brother Arnold !! I saw what you did there Mike !! OK it shall be so !! Its very nice to be back, I hate DIY, much prefer making things !! Thanks Terry, the little blighters do tend to take a lot of time though, but at least I can do something constructive at the moment Thanks John, particularly coming from Mr awesome detail himself Thanks Rob, I notice that you have been rather busy in my absence, HMS Surf is a delight !! Kev !! how could I forget you What a lovely bunch you all are !! Cheers David
  6. I have spent the past few months covered in emulsion paint, but now finally the house is on the market, unfortunately the big Vic has had to go into storage (it has been explained to me slowly and in words of one syllable that having a 4ft long aircraft carrier on your dining room table is not considered normal behaviour and could deter potential buyers).........but in an attempt to retain what little sanity I have left (and do it with a small "footprint") I have started playing with small aeroplanes. Now, I'm not sure whether I should just continue this thread, as in all fairness, they do have wings but are in effect the primary weapons system for the ship I am modelling, ......or start a new thread in the aircraft section, my preference would be to keep it all in this forum, but if in doing so, I will cause offense I will move it. I acquired a box of 1/200 aircraft from a very nice gentleman by the name of Wotjek Benzinski of Cloudbreak Models, (thanks also to Les (Gunzo) for pointing me in that direction), and have now started fettling my air wing. I am trying to put together at least one of each type to figure out how to do it, though as my airbrush is in storage it will have to be to the stage of white primer for now. The models are all in cast white metal with varying degrees of clean up required, they all feature solid cockpit canopies and have no wingfold provision, the Seavixen FAW 1 is a beautiful casting of a very complex shape, the Scimitar and Gannet are more basic but the overall shape and proportion is good. So I've been amputating wings, grinding off canopies, drilling out cockpits, making tiny ejection seats, plunge moulding canopies and trying to sort out wing folds, the Vixen is just about there apart from a bit of tickling, as is the Scimitar, the Gannet is just starting its brutal abuse poor thing !! This is (obviously) the Vixen prior to losing its solid cockpit, with the primitive tooling for the clear one. Getting there, at least it fits !! And after a bit of excavation and the addition of the seat I think that I will probably open the canopy on some of them, may even try to open up the observers "coal hole" if I am feeling brave ! And the Scimitar, still needs a bit of love and a final coat of primer, but nearly there And this is where we are at the moment, got another Scimitar on the go, plus the poor unfortunate Gannet (AEW 3). Anyway, I'm back in the playground, and thanks for looking fellow travellers !! Cheers David
  7. Dear Steve, I turn my back for five minutes, and look what happens, I think that you are getting faster, Ive just been catching up, and blimey !! Another lovely museum quality object progressing faster than most of us can build kits ,I suspect that you are really an octopus !! I doff my hat sir, masterful stuff !! Cheers David
  8. I'm with you there Kev, I think that Rob is just toying with us, and its really the Matchbox one !!
  9. Back in the room again now, and catching up on what you bunch of ner-do-wells have been up to in my absence, and my word Jon, that is lovely, there is a lot of detail on it for the size, and your build is incredibly clean (Bobs buckles on the funnel stays !!) a really pretty and evocative subject too !! Cheers David
  10. Well what can I say, another masterpiece, and a subject close to my heart ! Beautifully realised, it is hard to get my head around how small everything is, .....a wingfold on a Gannet the size of a small insect is no mean feat all by itself, but multiplied to this extent is really quite breathtaking, Bravo !!!
  11. It does feel a bit like that, I must confess, but I am very much looking forward to finishing off the house and getting on with the fun stuff, i.e. my four ft long aircraft carrier, hopefully not long now ! Yeah right Jeff
  12. Thanks Jeff, I must admit I loathe DIY, and inevitably everything takes longer than anticipated, so I really am looking forward to getting through all this and get back on with the fun stuff ! Ta Terry, its actually Spanish (very good actually) from Burgos, I was obviously attracted by the label !!! It is a little strange, and I seem to be extremely busy with the house still, but I am looking forward to getting on with life immensely. Hi Ant, yes its the Fisher one, lovely kit, if a little intimidating, but it has to be the beautiful beast ever to fly, so it had to bee done !! Thanks Kev, funnily enough, no, I don't seem to recognise the country I left many years ago, I'm going to bugger off to Menorca Cheers Gents David
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