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  1. Oh Rob.........what can I say, absolute genius....brilliant idea, beautifully realized !! What a gem !
  2. Thank you all for your kind comments, I have been missing in action due to life getting in the way a bit, and so haven't had the opportunity to progress much with the beast over the past month, I even haven't managed to come on here and say thank you for all the kind comments, I'm hoping though that normal service will be resumed soon !! Cheers David
  3. Chewy....absolutely nailed it there sir, you have created a thing of wonder, totally original concept and beautifully realised
  4. Too damn right my friend, but I hear it said that people who build Napoleonic plank on frame first rate ships of the line too quickly can develop sudden blindness, just saying
  5. Yes of course, I fear that he is right though, and even worse, in the dark recesses of my soul I might even believe it myself Cracking job there Bertie by the way, Im quietly building a wooden Xebec alongside my Aircraft Carrier at the moment, its very good for the head I find !! Cheers David
  6. Oh Kevin, what a joy, that is an absolute masterpiece, every time you surprise !!!!!!
  7. Good grief Kevin !! that is completely and wonderfully barking
  8. Good morning Kevin, you are very kind, and I think perhaps we are both a bit bonkers
  9. Wow Kevin, you are a very brave man, that looks like one hell of a project, and I thought I was bonkers !!! I will be following this avidly !! Cheers David
  10. Pascal old chap, that is absolutely beautiful, I think that you are going to have to start a maritime museum, fascinating backstory as well
  11. Many thanks, I think that we probably have a similar hill to climb with our endeavors, I think your Taiho must be mostly brass by now !!
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