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  1. Woah !!!! that looks good, you are really nailing this !!
  2. The idea of a pile of finescale four cylinder Bentley bits in 1/8th scale is giving me mild palpitations at the moment, going all Mystic Meg for a moment I get the feeling a very large 3 litre (as well as a slightly smaller blower) will feature in my future (when I've finished my aircraft carrier that is) !!
  3. Bloody marvelous, looks perfect to me, BTW what is the bit sticking out just under the water gallery flange ? I've only ever seen the thing before on a picture of an unblown four and a half, it looks like a drive coming off the front of the crankshaft, but I've always wondered what it was for, !! Cheers David
  4. Absolutely perfect, bravo, you have done the world of large scale model cars a great service, arise Sir Nick
  5. I think you may be referring to this, and by a sheer coincidence, I did think about decals !!! You sir are absolutely on the ball !!!
  6. Hi Nick, The photo is actually a 3 litre but the chassis, brakes, suspension etc. on all of the four cylinder cars were fundamentally the same, the four and a half was basically a bored out 3 litre with a few minor tweaks. Here is the wheel And the handbrake mechanism, you can see that it is all the same as the four and a half. Anyway, stunning stuff, I suspect I will be giving you a lot of money in the future !
  7. Dear Nick Absolutely nothing, they look spot on, I only mentioned it because you appear to be as much of a scale engineer as a modelmaker, and a couple of weeks ago I was setting about one with a large hammer and I thought of you and took a picture (touching eh !) The drums at the back are so thick because there are two sets of shoes in tandem, one for the footbrake and one completely independent set for the handbrake, over engineered or what !! Your block looks fantastic, spot on again, you have no idea how exciting this is, at last, proper Bentley bits, I think that you deserve a place on the new years honours list !! Cheers David
  8. Dear Kev, Hope you are OK Best wishes for a speedy recovery !! Any further movement on your rusty Citroen ? Cheers (numpties avoided) David
  9. Hi Nick, That looks very interesting, so some more Bentley bits may be on the way, fantastic ! The wheels look excellent as well, though on the real cars the knockoff hub is in two parts, the centre is actually a separate screw in (hence the hex end) dust cover on the end of the splined hub, with the bit with the ears for hitting as a ring that fits over it. The crankcase looks very good, I posted some bits of rather oily dismantled Bentley bits a while ago, see below, but if you would like any more please shout, though they are of the very similar 3 litre. One of the most noticeable problems with the Airfix kit is the radiator shell, they managed to put the badge in the wrong place, any thoughts on that as a project......... ? Looks like its nearly time to break out the blower I have in the stash, wonderful stuff Cheers David
  10. Hi Steve A very nice job indeed, 1/200 enables a real museum like quality and fineness to detail, though requires an exponential amount of extra work to get there, (as I know to my cost) worth every hour in this case, congratulations, simply beautiful !! Cheers David
  11. Ohhh My God ! You are really messing with my head now !
  12. Absolutely awestruck with what you are doing here, this is modelmaking pornography at its best, and I think I am addicted ! I will be following avidly, if you don't mind that is Cheers David
  13. Blimey Jeff, you don't muck around !! Great stuff, keep it coming Cheers David
  14. Absolute genius Nick, I'm in (if you'll have me !) Ill have some of your wheels too Cheers David
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