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  1. I have this kit too. I believe its a reboxed Kangnam kit.
  2. Looks good. I have been thinking of getting the AirGraphic conversion for some time. Is it easy to do and does it come with the decals?
  3. Typical, I have been struggling with the High Planes conversion for the last 18 months.
  4. Very nice, I have a Revell boxing of the Hase kit and planning to do a Canadian version using the Belcher Bits decals. Which ones did you use?
  5. Here is my completed AMT Douglas Boston. I used the Eduard photo etch set and resin wheels and dinghy. Painted using Vallejo model air.
  6. I seem to have taken ages on this but the end is in sight. The True Detail wheels are a vast improvement. Painted here ready to be muddied up. A coat of Klear, decals applied and weathered. I had a go at creating some paint chipping using little blocks of foam packing. The material is a bit harder than sponge and easy to cut into shapes. Looks way to bright for a dessert bird. A Few coats of Humbrol matt acrylic and its just about done.
  7. I Like that a lot. I have one lined up as my next build in a similar scheme. I like the different colour tone on the grey. I might have to copy that!
  8. It's been a while since I updated this but work has been going on. It is now all primed and painted. I used Vallejo Air for all 3 colours. I lightened the mix on the top as if the paint was sun bleached. The camera flash seems to show it up more than in reality. Not perfect but best i can do. A coat of Klear then ready for decals. Not many of them so shouldn't take long.
  9. Progress has been slow lately. I've just been getting all the bits together for painting. This is the True Details dingy that sits behind the pilot. Nicely molded and fits in perfect. Just a base coat of yellow here. Highlighted and now in place. Also the nose and rear canopies masked and added. I do like these Montex masks. The wings are now ready to attach. The engines glue directly into the cowls which I didn't like so built up some spacers with plastic card and attached to the wings like so. About 8.5 - 9mm if anyone is interested. Also had to add some spruce to space out the wings to get a good alignment. Will attach them over the weekend and the painting can begin.
  10. Got a bit more work done this weekend. Fuselage sides together and the nose section fitted. This is and ok join, not brilliant just needed a bit of blending in and some filler. The bomb bay is rather sparse so will model it closed. There is not a lot to hold the doors in place so added some card and spruce to bond them to. Will also use the space to fit some nose weight.
  11. Glued in the cockpit and gunners station tonight. Filled the little rack with the ammo boxes and put a couple more on the floor. The camera seems to show up the matt varnish I applied all blotchy. Doesn't look like that to the naked eye thankfully.
  12. Welcome to my 2nd ever work in progress. This time it's the AMT A-20C Havoc. Extras include the Eduard etch set and True Details wheels and life raft. Will be finishing it in RAF colours. A few etched parts added to the rear. Primed and then painted. Also can be seen is the .303 ammo case rack just above. The ammo boxes were really fiddly so I only did half of them. Parts for the cockpit built up. I didn't use all the really small bits.
  13. Thank you for all the kind comments. One thing I forgot to mention, If anyone is going to build one please check the parts! I was looking for some glazing to fit into a hole in the lower wing but couldn't find it. Looking closely at the instructions and there wasn't one. It was in fact a flaw in the plastic and looked like another landing light. D'oh. Quick look on here revealed it to be a known issue! so had to fill it and paint. looks a mess but is hidden underneath.
  14. Here is my finished Airfix Shackleton MR2. I used the Xtradecal set to complete it as a machine used in the Suez crisis. The only picture i could find did not show if they had wing stripes or not. Various discussions I found were pretty inconclusive too. So I put them on, helps break up the grey anyway. The stripes were painted with Vallejo Beige with a touch of yellow mixed in. As I believe the stock of yellow paint was low. Overall grey is Mr. Hobby and some of the upper panels were faded my mixing in some light grey. All flattened down with Humbrol matt from the spray can. The props were replaced with a set of Aerclub ones from a previous build of the old Frog/Revell Shack. I couldn't be bothered to mask and paint the kit ones when there was a set already done and sitting on a shelf.
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