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  1. I use model-air a lot. I find that some spray fine from the bottle and others need thinning. I would try a few drops of thinner first.
  2. Mine has a broken canopy too. Not started it yet so will be watching your build for tips
  3. I have used it a couple of times. I just brushed it on. First time I have used anything like this and was quite impressed with the results
  4. I've been using the red cap stuff all year now and I like it a lot. Used with their own thinners.
  5. Hi all This is my first post for a long time but I have been building away. It is the Kinetic Sea Harrier FA.2, Only extra is the Eduard cockpit set. Painted with Hataka paints. The build went together a lot better than I expected and looking forward to making a GR3 and T2 next.
  6. Stunning. That's the scheme I plan for mine. If it's comes out half as good I will be happy
  7. Wow very nice, I am planning to do mine in those markings. I have a set from microscale that I bought about 30 years ago now.
  8. I have this kit too. I believe its a reboxed Kangnam kit.
  9. Looks good. I have been thinking of getting the AirGraphic conversion for some time. Is it easy to do and does it come with the decals?
  10. Typical, I have been struggling with the High Planes conversion for the last 18 months.
  11. Very nice, I have a Revell boxing of the Hase kit and planning to do a Canadian version using the Belcher Bits decals. Which ones did you use?
  12. Here is my completed AMT Douglas Boston. I used the Eduard photo etch set and resin wheels and dinghy. Painted using Vallejo model air.
  13. I seem to have taken ages on this but the end is in sight. The True Detail wheels are a vast improvement. Painted here ready to be muddied up. A coat of Klear, decals applied and weathered. I had a go at creating some paint chipping using little blocks of foam packing. The material is a bit harder than sponge and easy to cut into shapes. Looks way to bright for a dessert bird. A Few coats of Humbrol matt acrylic and its just about done.
  14. I Like that a lot. I have one lined up as my next build in a similar scheme. I like the different colour tone on the grey. I might have to copy that!
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