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  1. My thoughts also. At least everyone I have ever seen do vacuforming has done it that way.
  2. Wow, a copter I am not familiar with. I have only completed one Aeroclub kit, Meteor F8. Not my best build but not my worst. Have fun with it.
  3. With Draw it wouldn't hurt for another copy of the 03 markings. Then you could double up.
  4. Would love to see a Belvedere build. Hint, hint.
  5. So building it "in the circuit" or a proper dio landing or taking off?
  6. Nice finish Ced. I have only flown in choppers twice, once over Niagara Falls and once through the Grand Canyon. Memorable flights both of them.
  7. Chopper is looking good. Can't believe everyone passed this one up. What kind of Scouts were they shooting and were there any survivors?
  8. Nice to see you doing a chopper. Now, will this hang from the ceiling or another one for the shelf? While I normally build 72nd scale I do actually have a 35th scale kit and a conversion set to do the Batcopter from the old Adam West TV show/movie. One of these days.
  9. Another great build of one of my favorite planes.
  10. Merry Christmas Ced and all you others who have fun watching.
  11. Cool. I actually have the Apollo 11 set so instructions are no problem. My kit is supposedly in transit. Let's see if this one can get through Chinese Customs.
  12. Rats. that is what I thought but was hoping to not have to get another lander kit for my plan.
  13. Really looking nice. Quick question for you. Can the Eagle be built in landed mode? If the one I ordered actually shows up I will just build it in launch mode without all the internals and have a plan for a lander but in landed mode.
  14. Finding pics of them open on an operational bird seems difficult. Looks like the one at the Midlands Museum has the camo carried through on the top while the one at Duxford in that red/white scheme seems to have silver on the underside ones. Did find an Airfix 48th scale build who also did the camo on the open top bays.
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