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  1. Great job getting this finally to completion. So many new skills learned and learned well. it would be a shame if it isn’t entered at SMW.
  2. Nice to see. we had a good contingent of vendors make it to the IPMS/USA National Contest which ended yesterday. Eduard, Aires, UMM and Special Hobby all were finally able to make the trip.
  3. So, you still aren’t done. This been fun to follow and I am sure you can’t wait to get er done.
  4. Thanks guys. I did try some Tamiya weathering powder on it but it pretty much blended in. If I decide to put it on a base, the tires will get some dust.
  5. Well, I had big plans for this one but as it went along it became a just let me get it done. Basically out of the box though I did grab a shovel out of the parts bin. Decals shattered so only managed to save a couple. Anyway, first completion in over 2 years so I can live with it.
  6. They look really good. I have to admit my lack of knowledge of all things Zeppelin. I had thought all of them wore some type of camo. I have really enjoyed following along and gaining some history.
  7. They are all looking good Martian. One of my local shops still has the large Testors 1/245th scale Graf Zepplin kit which I keep thinking about acquiring and trying to Steam Punk it into some kind of 72nd scale contraption. Luckily I have managed to keep wallet firmly in pocket while in the store. If you are ever in an interesting alternate universe mind you might want to read the adventures of The Flying Cloud R-505. http://airships.paulgazis.com/
  8. Thanks Jeff. It will be 12 years ago this Sunday and it was Father's Day back then also. Still the worst day of my life but you have to learn to keep going or you won't. Building models and being involved with the local clubs and the National level (I'm on the Board of IPMS/USA) help keep me distracted as does the great discussions in this forum. Heck, every now and then you guys and gals actually talk about building models. So enough about that, let's see some more pics of critters or even some Zeps.
  9. Very interesting stuff. I have always wanted to do a Huey dropping troops in 'Nam but doing it in 72nd scale is probably too much for me. I am off to read about the Huey and Jolly Green.
  10. I haven't had a pet since the last two passed within a 6 month timeframe with my youngest son's passing about in the middle. However, I have tended a lot of pups for friends and family over that last 12 years and currently we have Hugo in the house who is my friends roommates dog while she recovers from back surgery. I can remember at least 15 mutts who I have tended for. We also currently have a cat in the house. Severus belonged to the granddaughter's mom who left him (and her) with my son when she decided it was too much. I am not a cat person but he likes me so we have a bit of a truce.
  11. Looking great. Are you going to mount it on a base (some suitable looking flight deck maybe) when it is done? This would make it easier to move around to shows, etc.
  12. What he said. I would love to do one of the Wasps that attacked the sub in the Flaklands.
  13. Sorry I missed this until now. I have the kit in the stash so appreciate the insight.
  14. I took this at the Museum of the US Air Force.
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