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  1. Where did you source the crew figures from? I am looking to add crew to mine.
  2. Looks great Ced. and already on the ceiling. Think I remember a picture not too long ago of a gaggle waiting their turn.
  3. Nice job. I have the markings to do the same one if I ever get around to it.
  4. They are really a great job Ced. I need my mojo back. Got several review kits to build and they are keeping me from any "fun" projects. Plus I am having trouble with 2 kits on the go at the same time. True they are a 48th scale P-38 and B-17 and I normally build 72nd but that can't be the reason, can it? finish one and move on to the next is a great plan.
  5. Hi Mario, From what I can see the IMC kits were their original molds. Also looks like the Heller kit is the Airfix kit reboxed.
  6. Guys, looks like they reboxed their F4U-4 as the Mk.III. Not exactly sure why but even Scalemates shows it inline from their -4 kit with new parts (clipped wingtips).
  7. Hi Jeffrey, I shot a message out to John to see if they can help. For our US Nats the Hotels were all good will cancelling our reservations at no charge. Hopefully the Travelodge has something similar. Otherwise I would see if you can move the reservation as far as you can and then a couple months later move it again. Not sure if that would work or not but might be worth a shot. Good luck, Phil Peterson 1st VP IPMS/USA
  8. If it is tape residue you should be able to take more tape, roll into a ball and dab it up. also seen Goo Gone used for that.
  9. I actually have these figures to paint someday. Still need to find a comfy chair.
  10. Late to this post. Was researching the IMC kit as I have a huge collection I am trying to price out when I saw this. Seeing what you did with this old kit made me rethink. Collection has an Airfix, IMC and a Hasagawa version. Great build.
  11. Sorry to hear this. I have been dealing with a shoulder issue since the end of last year. Finally got an appointment the end of May and am currently undergoing PT for a Frozen Shoulder. Really only an issue when I try to reach behind me and sometimes when I sleep. Not a whole lot of fun but hasn't affected my building ability though that has never been great. Hope you make it without surgery. Both of my coworkers have had the shoulder done and were out for 12 weeks.
  12. Hmm, I was just wondering while perusing a Baron build that I hadn't seen a link to a new Ced build. I must have missed it as not only is there one but three ongoing. I have the Airfix kit and the Arma plus some overtrees so perfect to watch along now that I am caught up.
  13. I recently built the re-release of this kit for a review. Did one back in my teens and until the Academy came it it was probably the best 72nd (not 76th) scale tracks. The review kit built quickly but my new decal sheet only had the hood star and 1 for the side. Had to raid my decal stash for a couple matching stars.
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