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  1. There were several of these last year, mostly successful from what I heard but a royal pain for the judged variety. Want-a-Fest was run on Facebook and had so many entries it took them a week longer to get them posted and voted on. They did do a vendors area in conjunction. There were a few others I heard of but don't have the info on right now. Again, neat idea but a lot of work for whatever organizing team is involved.
  2. Thanks Bill, missed it when I went back looking through the Electra article (probably skipped those pages). I might try a '46. Originally figured would leave it stock and just do a Gov. surplus one but now I want to give it a try.
  3. Hey Bill, Any info on the 1948 Plymouth Deluxe conversion? I am planning a certain dio taking place in New Mexico around that timeframe and could use another 72nd scale civilian vehicle.
  4. So, got to spend my first full year as the 1st VP for IPMS/USA and managed not a single show as the fun started a week before my first scheduled one. But too much going on and no extra bench time as I am considered essential personnel. I did manage to complete 4 builds, all review kits and have been struggling to find time to complete more. First up is the ZM 72nd scale part of the Ho-229 set. This is a box with a second 1/144th version that I gave to another guy to build. The 72nd scale one comes with a full interior like their larger scale kits and pret
  5. I have several of the Horizon kits, really nice. I just paid for Dragon's Saturn V in 72nd so should see that in a few weeks. Know it isn't perfect but should be a fun OOBish build.
  6. Will watch as usual as I have had this kit in the stash for quite some time. Have thought about pulling it out several times but usually stuck trying to get reviews done so who knows when it will see the light. Also have the Monogram X-15 (single kit and with the B-52 Mothership) kits hanging around. Using the clear fuselage half, hmm, should be interesting. Are you going to keep the whole side clear or just where it shows off some details and are you going to put the markings on that side?
  7. One of my club buddies has been building them for a few years. Some get pretty elaborate. Looking forward to which one(s) you decide to do.
  8. Looking forward to seeing you use the decals I sent. I have the Monogram kit and the conversion set plus engines and wheel wells so if I ever get the time to play with it it should be a drawn out build.
  9. I am sure I have a few candidates that could work for you but by the time they get across the pond you will probably have finished 3 more kits.
  10. There was also this one at the Fleet Air Arm Museum - Yeovilton.
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