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  1. A quick search turned up the first shot in color. Tanker definitely has a split windscreen.
  2. Looks good to me. I am planning on a Malta based build but might wait for the 2nd release for that. Probably will do my first in the grays scheme but haven't decided on whether to go with the kit scheme or one on the available sheets or completely off the hook.
  3. Just popped over and read this after following Ced's B-17 builds including the one for Jim mentioned a few times here. Sounds like a great trip and I would love to join the festivities in 2025 if the funds work out. My last visit was in 2013 when I combined seeing some of the family (me Mum was British) with the Telford IPMS 50th tour and show. Many museums were visited, usually 2 a day with much running to try and get it all in. Unfortunately we skipped Hannants but I did make up for it at Telford where I had the luxury of hanging out with the What If Modelers so
  4. How did I miss a Ced build x2? Ok, off to catch up. And that is accomplished. They are coming along nicely Ced but don't forget what Tom said, black rubber matting on the walkways. You can see it in some of the pics of the bombers. I have been lucky enough to fly on two different Forts. Shot video the first time. link to the album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dUyQEvKYKUEWZDqy6 and a link to the album for the 2nd one (Madras Maiden) with a couple of short videos. https://photos.app.goo.gl/82mV8oDa4juYbNe48
  5. I think it looks brilliant. I have no soldering skills and it amazes me what you have done with what you started with. I might have to break down and add another tool and some practice but probably not anytime soon.
  6. The way the kit comes it is set up as a radio truck just like the Tamiya one in 35th. Radio was added to the bed on the driver's side with a door for access on the side. The kit also comes with the aerial poles mounted on the side above the radio. Only one truck per patrol was set up as a radio truck if I remember correctly (lots of good books out there). You can put a thin piece of plastic over the door space. You can also remove the radio box from inside the bed but if you are putting in extra storage you can pretty much just cover that up. http://www.warwheels.net/images/Ch
  7. Will be watching this. I built this as a kit review for IPMS/USA back in 2012. https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/long-range-desert-group-patrol-car Have another copy with the 20mm Breda gun to build. Need to pick up a set of those wheels as I was very disappointed with what came in the kit.
  8. Still debating as I have a bunch of review kits I need to get done and tending my 3 year old granddaughter on the weekends has really cut into my building time. I have a bunch of resin kits, sci-fi, figures, Brown Water Navy and a couple aircraft. Figure I would start with and easier kit first to make sure I can get parts together instead of fingers. I also have a few metal figures that might make an appearance. More than likely I won't even get a topic started let alone a build but we shall see. Phil
  9. The doors are interesting and it looks like they had them on the back and the front. Looks like 4 cables to open the doors.
  10. The only FROG kits that have survived are the Me-110G and the V-1. The 110 has seen better days and the V-1 is just painted black but is still complete.
  11. Actually more of the not getting the masking tight when painting with rattle cans. No airbrushing on this build. But I use the applied in a hurry excuse.
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