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  1. philp

    All things Malta

    I see Airfix is releasing that version of the Wellington this year. Not my preferred but did they have the desert camo while they were on the island or standard Bomber Command scheme? There is lots of stuff out there on the interwebs and in books and my library continues to grow. Found this link with lots of pics featuring shipping, Hurricanes and Albacores along with a few others. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Hurricane/Malta.html
  2. philp

    All things Malta

    Those are the pics I have saved but still remember one of a Matilda towing the bomb trailers but could have been my confusion. I am planning to have the Bofors crew in action so do need 2 sitting. Figure conversion is not one of my current skills so will be interesting if I have to resort to that.
  3. philp

    All things Malta

    Thanks, The pick is of Baltimores at Luqa. They belonged to No. 223 Squadron RAF Detachment according to the pic. The Pheasant crew has possibilities. I have the old Tamiya 25ldr with crew and was thinking of trying to use them but kneeling guys aren't much help. The Jeep crew could also supply some parts.
  4. Nice build. I have one of these in the stash. built the old Monogram kit in 72nd for one of the local museums and did a 90 minute quick build on the on Revell 32nd scale kit back in my teens. ICM just released a really nice 32nd scale kit if you like bigger.
  5. I love B-57s and Canberra's. My Dad worked with the ECM gear on EB-57s at both Westover and Malmstrom Air Force Bases (he had worked with EB-66s in England before that).
  6. philp

    All things Malta

    Hi all, I have plans for several builds/dioramas around Malta during WWII. I have a 35th scale 40mm Bofors that needs a crew in the Kahki Drill uniforms. The troops I have are better suited for early war based in England. Anyone seen anything? Also plans for a Universal Carrier or Matilda towing bombs at an airfield. I have a pic of the carrier but I know I saw one with a Matilda at some time. Or maybe it was towing a bomber. Did find this pic at worldwarphotos and wonder what type of tanker trucks these are? Also any idea why they are not in the Malta rock wall camo? Also plans for Gladiators, Hurricanes, Spitfires, Beauforts and Beaufighters based there with the multitude of schemes that entails. If anyone has info to share, your own builds, stories or anything Malta related, please post here.
  7. Nice build. If you haven't done the 2nd one yet, how about a Malta scheme?
  8. This is a fun thread. Love how they are going. Only glider kits I have are several Horsas, a Waco and a Hamilcar. I got a flight in a glider as part of a Teaching Aerospace class at Montana State University. Class was designed for mainly Science Teachers to add Aerospace aspects into their classes. Other high point was my first and only Estes rocket which successfully launched. It was odd being the only "student" in the class but I probably new more about what we studied than most of the teachers. The high point was the glider flight though no idea what model it was. I need to dig out what few pics I took. Might have to try a couple of these.
  9. So what colors are the suit, etc. and what are all thos round plates/buttons?
  10. Nice. My Dad joined the 4677th while they were in Westover AFB and then transferred to the 17th DSES at Malmstrom AFB. I have plans to do birds in my normal 72nd scale and 48th. We shall see how they turn out.
  11. Nice build. I am contemplating doing W for Wreck which torpedoed the Lutzow but haven't been able to find more than a pic of the nose with the crew in the book Torpedo Bomber by Ralph Barker.
  12. I have mine on preorder but who knows when it will show up here in the US. If I see one at Nats I will probably grab it. While I got to see several Vulcans during the IPMS 50th Anniversary tour back in 2013 my first Vulcan was in 2011 at the SAC Museum in Omaha, NE. XM573 was inside at the time and I took several pics. One thing I noticed is no IFR. I wonder if it was one snatched for the Black Buck birds but have no idea when she went on display. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9GuNxLu9WTCtNhVF7 When I went back in 2017 she had been moved out back and was looking worse for wear. Not sure if she was waiting to be refinished or what. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dzT4JDo5ijpVxjj56 Nats is back in Omaha next year so I will be taking another look. edit. So neither of the pics posted, probably too big. So edited to give the links if anyone wants to take a look.
  13. I have a set of the Wolfpack seamless intakes that I was going to use on my old kit. Anyone had a look to see if they would work in the new one?
  14. Thanks for the pics. Nice to see shows starting up again. The first show I will get to attend will be the US IPMS Nats of which I am the current 1st VP. Do have a couple other shows in October but love to see pics of other shows.
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