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  1. The Revell build looks pretty accurate. Is a good kit. Lady Liberty is a B-26K redone as a B. How can I tell? Two control sticks. The original version only had 1 stick and pilot seat. When they redid the bomber for use in 'Nam they put in a co-pilot spot with associated stick, instruments and seat.
  2. Definitely the best 72nd Invaders on the market right now. ICM just released some nice 48th scale ones but the old Monogram one still builds fine for those that like larger scales. I have the B-26K version from Vietnam in the stash.
  3. Sounds good. Thanks for the info. I bought a color laser printer just to make decals. Still haven't tried it for that. Got to figure out some graphics program so I can size things and then give it a go.
  4. I always see Matchbox as 1/64th scale and the ones I had always did look too big for 72nd. How do you think the ones you have look scale wise? I have seen some die cast advertised as 72nd but haven't seen anything I wanted to use.
  5. Do you have a list of what you have in 72nd? i am having a hard time looking for items to use. have seen the Chevys from PJ Productions and the Hasagawa weapons sets but not much else.
  6. Looking good Ced. Besides the side of the floats shouldn't the top of the stabalizers also be camo'd?
  7. I like it. Currently building the rerelease of the 25lbdr and Quad kit. Not their best fitter but it is coming along.
  8. Nice start. I also did one back in the early 70s. Was probably my first modification as I made an LRDG truck out of it. Yep, didn't know they didn't use them and didn't really care. I had a set of machine guns from a Revell 1/131st scale USS Defiance Patrol Boat (they were .50s) so cut a couple of cardboard circles for the ammo drums and mounted them on a landing gear leg in the middle of the bed. Some tan paint and I was good to go. I picked up another one of these a couple years ago and am debating trying to build it as it is supposed to be or trying another what if gun truck? Will be watching your build for inspiration.
  9. Manfred, I do love the amount of detail you put into your builds. Brian, Sounds like you are from my part of the world. I am in Kearns. Haven't done the trip to the Rocket Garden yet but it is on the list.
  10. As I said earlier if any of you lot have the new Airfix Jeep set it comes with a pair of .303s to be used on and SAS version (which they haven't released yet) If a couple of you have a Jeep or two that you are doing a US or British in Europe version, they will be extras.
  11. philp


    If you can get fully refundable tickets and hotel reservations I would go for it as the rates should be low right now. i am still hoping the US Nats is going forward at the end of July but that still might be pushing it.
  12. I did build the MPC copy of this kit probably in the 70s. Still need to find a -5 version to do the plane that found the Bismarck. Talking about the guns reminded me the RAF version used the.303s including twin mounts in the waist blisters instead of the kit supplied.50s. might want to see if any of your buddies have the new Airfix Jeep and don’t need those mounts.
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