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  1. I thought Classic Airframes were meant to have been doing one years ago? Oh well, opportunity there for Airfix!
  2. Notice on the Hannants page that it is/was the top selling new item, now showing as out of stock. Maybe if or or when they do release it they’ll have a huge disclaimer on the front along the lines of “this is a plastic model kit. Any resemblance to any flying machine..living or dead...is purely coincidental. You will find enough parts to construct one Hullabaloo Weather Balloon within this box. Cement, paints, and historical accuracy not included.”
  3. Many thanks, John, those are fantastic!
  4. That's terrific, thanks. There's a smaller version of this pic in the Crowood book, along with a few other views, but at least with this one I can zoom in on it. Noting the scuffed up tops where work boots have been, and the red beware tapes on the stabiliser corners, and what appears to be the white finish already sprayed presumably before the fin and stabilisers were mounted. Note also the photo has been flipped horizontally
  5. First impression was it looks like 222 after it's strip down during it's restoration. Don't think it's 220 as that has the extra struts on the main u/c bogies
  6. I can't remember where I read it, but apparently he was adamant that he did NOT order the destruction of the construction jigs. Well somebody did, very much like the Avro Arrow situation too (though I heard that was more because of rumours of KGB infiltration in the work force).
  7. Many thanks chaps. I made a start a couple of weeks ago, have got a load of photos logging the build (what are folks using now Photobucket are playing silly buggers?) i have opened up both instrument bays, though for the port one I had to scratch build a lot of the stuff as the starboard bay insert is just for that side alone: grinding out all the detail of a £13 resin piece was not done with much love, but needs must..... I also opened the port camera bay and filled the gap with the relevant air con detail. Last panel I opened was the Cumulus bay. I've found a couple of photos of
  8. One of my pet hates is manufacturers who automatically assume that the modeller only ever wants to make aircraft with the gear down and thus provides little - if any at all - option for having doors closed. Terrific kits though, those Lightnings, highly recommend them. I've built 3, and from memory I seem to recall possibly minor fit problems with a couple of the forward gun panels, either not quite sitting square or sitting slightly proud of their surroundings, but not the most difficult problem to fix.
  9. Fabulous, thanks John! When I made my first one the CMK instrument bay pretty much seemed a direct copy of the Cosford one, so was easy to paint. I can't really install a right hand bay in the left hand opening else it would be upside down, so I'll either get the Drexel out and remove all the boxes from the shelving, or just build the bay afresh and put not much on it at all. I'm half thinking of building an engine too, having made one from scratch to go in the Sea Vixen. That would depend how long the rest takes me, and whether or not I've lost the will to live by t
  10. Thankyou gents, that's great. I expected I'd end up having to employ some artistic guesswork for the underside, I just wondered if the photographer had wandered underneath and snapped a few off. i haven't decided on any specific airframe yet, and I've half a mind to do it as a whiff as maybe XS660, scribbled on the side. But I'm not even sure I need to specify which one it is, as it would be kind of representative of the whole programme, but the pedant in me will probably require I designate it in case I do another one later on. Are there any images at all of the bay
  11. I'm planning a future project for my second TSR-2 in 48th scale, getting all the detail sets etc, and will be adding my own detailing, opening up more panels etc.. anyway, I'm just curious if anyone has, or knows of, any photos of any of the airframes in their primer colours rather than the usual white? I have found a couple of pics in the Crowood book, which show the top sides of one of them, but I don't know if any even exist of the sides or undersurfaces in any other reference materials. I would imagine there is a finite amount of official (or otherwise) photos taken at the time, and I susp
  12. Does anyone have, or know of, any reference photos in walkaround format of the following: Hunter FGA.9 meteor F.8 Gnat T.1 Jaguar Gr1/3 Buccaneer Jet Provost T.4 I'm not looking just for your normal walk arounds (I can find a lot of those online) but for opened panels showing internals, for future builds like my recently completed Sea Vixen where I opened a few up.. engine etc.. Would be ideal if Daco included these in their Uncovered series!
  13. I bought two when they came out, and actually got given another one by someone a while later. If they could do a Scimitar, Sea Venom and Sea Hawk to the same standard I'd be most chuffed!
  14. Thankyou Surely it must be time for Airfix to reissue it? Or put a new sprue in for a Mk 1? Maybe with some nice drone and target tug schemes too, bet it would fly off the shelves again?
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