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  1. Amazingly good for the old Revell! And the grey-brown camo looks very nice! Congratulations!
  2. For the discussion purpose it would be nice if you point which ones are really 'facts' and which ones are your comments (or opinions). We may discuss the facts, while your opinions remain your opinions (or comments). Especially your opinion about the accuracy of the Kouznetsov/Rusetski book drawings (unless you prove it some way). Very interesting. As you noted, the OKB (Yakovlev design office) drawing is "structure plan" - it shows the wing structure and some measurements, while it is obvious that such drawings not always give correct shapes. It is clearly seen in the wing front view (with several 'kinks') and also in the wing trailing edge - which is shown there not as a straight line but with some 'kinks' (look at the area between undercarriage leg root line and the fuselage). It is also very interesting that this OKB plan - if it is correct in outlines - proves that AaCee is wrong speaking about the aileron trailing edge curve starting point. Another very interesting thin is that another 'factory drawing' (of Yak-7 - already posted here - showing 'outline identical as Yak-1') is very different speaking about the aileron trailing edge shape. In my opinon these OKB or factory drawings does not show the proper outlines, because their purpose is different - to show the structure and measurments. I think the most important issue here is the third one - which one is more compatible with the real airplane. This is very important information. Arma Hobby kit outlines agree very well with precisely drawn and measured plans from the book prepared by probably the world best Yak airplane specialists Kouznetsov/Rusecki (and probably based on the most actual research). Marku, this is Britmodeller Forum. I don't think such judgements about someone's personality are needed here.
  3. I'm joining this impressive topic! Good luck Edward! Lysander is very interesting airplane!
  4. Comparing these two drawings it is obvious that the area we discuss (curve on the aileron) differs a lot on these two drawings (German Yak-1 and Yak-7). How do you explain that? Which one is correct? Or maybe both are somewhat wrong? "Primary sources" - at least German drawing is measured. The colour drawing from the period airplane manual shows the structure, but definitely is not the measured plan and can not be considered as a source of information about shapes and sizes. I suppose that the "problem" with the Arma Hobby Yak-1b wing comes from optical illusion caused by the fine and thin, sharp edges of the kit parts - which may optically appear as more narrow than they really are - and the wingtip light which mekes it even more pointed.
  5. This is Arma plastic on the Kuznetsov plans from the Kagero Kuznetsov book.
  6. Could you show it in some way? In my opinion Kuznetsov drawing (from Kagero book), precise and measured, looks the same as the colour drawing from the Yak manual. Your little drawing from #75 post is to small to determine anything and shows the Yak-7, not the Yak-1b. Even Yak-1 wingtip was different than Yak-1b one. Left wing (one of the top). Right wing is more affected by the perspective - the wingtip is hidden.
  7. You mean this picture (from airplane manual)? Here is good comparison of Yak-1 and Yak-9. You can also see how far from the wingtip the straight trailing edge starts to bow.
  8. This is the Arma Hobby wing 3D design (colour lines) compared with the Yakovlev. Yak 1 vol. I i II Sergei Kouznetsov, Alexander Rusetski Kagero book plans (black lines). Please note that the Yak-1 had different position lights than Yak-1b.
  9. Great build! How it is possible to have such a good canopy in Revell kit? Mine was tragic...
  10. Beautiful model of a rare bird! Congratulations!
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