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  1. GrzeM

    Back To The Hobby

    Very well done, all of them!
  2. You model looks extremely good, but the photos of the steps before the final khaki layer are even more stunning!!! The only thing which could look better is the exhaust collector ring in front of the Pegasus engine. It was unpainted natural steel in real airplane, and naturally rusty, as in, for example, Swordfish:
  3. GrzeM

    Junkers D.I WnW 1/32

    Looks very realistic! Really not bad
  4. Well, this one looks like 1/32 too!!! Congratulations!
  5. You are right, the holes in the blisters should not be mirrored. Unfortunately we did not notice it in production process. Thank you for pointing it! There is also another little mistake we made in design - one panel on each wing root on the top wing surface should be smooth instead of corrugated. Fortunately sanding this is very easy and takes less than minute. To be honest, PZL P.11c is very complex airplane (those corrugated surfaces...) and still not fully researched (only one example exists, and not fully complete) so design of the kit was very difficult process. Still we are quite proud of the result!
  6. GrzeM

    Heinkel He70 Revell 1/72

    Beautiful airplane and very good build!
  7. The panel lines on the original airplane were quite well visible (depending on the angle, light conditions and general photo quality of course). Please look at this high quality photo:
  8. GrzeM

    Canadian armour Battle of the Scheldt

    If you are interested, I can provide some informations and photos of Polish 1st Armoured Division fighting at that time in the Breda-Moerdijk area (October-November 1944). Polish Sherman VC Firefly at Moerdijk: Liberation of Breda (film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF6K8kout1c
  9. GrzeM

    1/72 Modelcollect B-2A Spirit

    It still looks like a boat, but very cool boat!
  10. The book is really great! I've read it two times and still have not enough. It not only describes the beginnings of the Polish aviation, both civil and military (in 1920 war Makowski was frontline pilot) but also all those human interest anecdotes from life in 1914-1944 extremely interesting period. Makowski was great personality and talented writer.
  11. I really don't know how people manage to live in temperatures above 30 C grades...
  12. Three of them! Man, three of them!!! It's so exciting! Well, maybe it's time to start using primer? It makes painting much more pleasant. I use black Gunze Mr. Surfacer 1500 (EDIT: checked: black is 1500 and 1000 is light grey) with Hataka laquer thinner (as fine as Gunze but much less smelly). White or grey one is equally good. It "bites" the plastic surface a bit so it is safe, strong base for paints. Sure if you hate smelly laquers you still can use acrylic primers (less effective than laquers), sometimes just layer of the good gray or white or black paint does the trick. BTW, that green paint on the tail looks awesome, like intended effect! Good luck!!!
  13. Hint for rolling the cooling jackets from WingnutWings website (I think the heating may be not necessary here, and if you decide to use heat, do it exteremely carefully!):
  14. It is compass. It is attached to the side, but the long thing on the bottom (something to correct the iron airframe influence on the magnetic needle) sticks through the bottom! (pictures from the Aviattic website)