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  1. Thank you a lot! Very useful answers and great photos. And what about the catapult rolls at the radiator sides? Again, in Museum these are red. Thank you! G.
  2. Hi, what was the original WWII 1942 Sea Hurricane Mk Ib arrestor hook colour? "7L" in Museum has the hook in red, but... is this historically accurate? Thank you in advance! G.
  3. Difficult question. I'll look for that. But I don't guarantee any serious result. Edit: Got two photos from Belgrade:
  4. Note: research about Polish pre-WWII camouflages was visibly improved in recent years, due to more professional attitude towards archeological samples (there are a very few remains of Polish aeroplanes preserved in museums, more have been found in the soil during several excavations). One of the important results of this research was re-painting of the only preserved PZL P.11c in Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow (earlier plane was in wrong colour applied in '80s during restoration, which replaced earlier, non-original paint used by Germans during the WWII). '80s version (non original): Present colours: Colours of this PZL P.11c are confirmed by professional examination made before restoration. This PZL P.11c left the factory in mid-'30s in earlier, more into Olive Drab paint, but in late '30s was repainted during overhaul in this more brownish colour, which was commonly used then. PZL 37 Łoś was produced later (about the time when this P.11c was overhauled) and so was factory painted already in this brownish shade. While this is possible that the early production Łos (and the prototypes) were painted in "medium Polish khaki" - close to Olive Drab, for sure the later ones were in "late Polish khaki", which was brown, similar to the British Dark Earth or even more into chocolate shade. Lower surfaces are metallic grey, called "silver grey" or dull aluminium. There is quite good quality colour photo made by Germans on Warszawa-Okęcie airfield (PZL factory) showing it clearly. Please note that the photo has slightly too strong reddish hue, but otherwise is very credible. Simlar or identical late khaki colour is beautifully preserved on the PZL 23 Karaś rudder in the WWII Museum in Gdańsk. Feel free to ask me if you have more questions. Best! G.
  5. Great photo and interesting informations. Thank you!
  6. Hi, for the 80th Dieppe Raid Anniversary (19 August!!!) Arma Hobby, in close cooperation with the Britmodeller fellow @Bigos , prepared a double kit "deluxe set" 1/72 Hurricane Mk.II A/B/C with 8 painting and marking schemes from the "Jubilee" Dieppe Raid. As a result, we have not only the kit, but also a few articles describing the quite unusual markings and camouflages of the Hurricanes used in that operation. For me the most interesting is delegation of the night intruders to the daylight ground support sorties - which resulted in completely new camouflage! All this is described (and illustrated) by @Bigos here: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2022/08/19/19-august-80-years-today-dieppe-raid/ I'm really interested in your opinions! Best! G. Kit boxart, by Piotr Forkasiewicz:
  7. Careful with these - Brandenburg had "S" shaped swirls, these at Hannant's are "6" shaped (or just round) fit for Albatros Oeffag D.III. The build is great, congratulations! I love this aeroplane! Best! G.
  8. Hi, the story and achievements of this aeroplane piloted by Horbaczewski are well described here by renowned Wojtek Matusiak: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2022/02/24/the-legendary-mustang-pk-g-of-s-ldr-dziubek-horbaczewski/ We featured it as this plane is a boxart plane (with fuel tanks, not bombs!) of our 1/72 Mustang Mk.III kit: It flew more than a few purely fighter missions and shot down both German planes and V1 missiles. So the no-bomb configuration is fully justified. Best! G.
  9. Will! Welcome to the gang! Your model is very cool! Tempest is a great plane and Clostermann was a great pilot! The photos are so-so - these modern cameras and phones have wide lenses, causing some distortion - maybe try to make them from greater distance and then crop. The gun barrels in the wings - could have been drilled or made of injection needles. Best!!! Grzegorz
  10. Excellent model! Congratulations from the Arma Hobby Headquarters!
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