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  1. GrzeM

    MiG-15 (Lim-1), Eduard 1/72

    :-) In 1951, feared that Korean war may soon become WW III, Soviets sent 60 Soviet-built MiGs 15 to communist-ruled Poland (some from the Soviet units stationed in East Germany), first Polish-produced Lim was flown in July 1952. Poland also imported 60 Czechoslovakia-produced MiGs 15 designated Avia S-102. Total number of Mig-15/Lim-1/S-102 in Polish aviation was 357. You must be aware that Polish infrastructure and industry was almost in 100% robbed and destroyed during the WWII, mostly by Germans, but Soviet offensives also harmed what was left.... Opposite to Czechoslovak one, developed by Germans and not destroyed during the "liberation".
  2. GrzeM

    MiG-15 (Lim-1), Eduard 1/72

    Good start! I'll be watching your build. To be honest - not exactly. It depens on production. Original Soviet MiGs remained MiGs in Poland till their end. Lim means "license build" so all the MiGs 15 produced in Poland were Lim-1, MiG 15 Bis - Lim-2 etc. - up till the Lim-6 which was Polish-modified attack version of the MiG 17 (standard MiG 17 was Lim-5). Lim-7 was intended for Mig 19, but its production in Poland never begun.
  3. GrzeM

    MGB658 Scratch built

    It looks so real! Lacks only the smell
  4. Great diorama! Do you know that Special Hobby announced 1/72 Skoda 30,5 cm mortar? In resin. More about this kit on the Special Hobby website.
  5. It looks great! Good job with the decals. Did you use set/solve liquids? On my sheet the "Union Jack" isn't out of register, but still, the print is not sharp enough, the colour fields are more like some blobs than the proper lines and triangles... Pity.
  6. GrzeM

    Greetings from Dover, UK

    Jade, hi from Warsaw, Poland. This forum is great group of people, I'm sure you will enjoy it! BTW, I see you're interested in ocarinas - do you know this guy? Grzegorz (English Gregory)
  7. It is so lovely little airplane!
  8. Impressive work on this restoration!
  9. GrzeM

    Listening to the Solstice

    Wow! This internal structure is impressive!
  10. That looks cool! BTW, is this Ford a child of Junkers (corrugated metal) and Fokker (tri-motor and general configuration)???
  11. Not being the English native-speaker I sometimes can't feel the proper "flavour" of some terms. In Poland we use similar word "szmatopłat" (literaly "rag-wing") for the WWI and other early airplanes, and this term is used by the enthusiasts of this period, as a kind of positive, familiar word (like for the old loved airplane "old crate" etc.) I thought that the "rag wing" for Hurricane is similar. Never meant to degrade this beautiful airplane!
  12. Are you sure that you need the non-armoured windscreen? I think that at least some of the ragwing Hurries had the armour glass fitted.
  13. Even if you stick with the "A" (Anton) variant, the colourful Hungarian version is possible and tempting!
  14. Damn! Exactly the same happened to my Fokker E.IV (old ICM kit). Good luck!