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  1. This is exactly effect of Marek Trojanowicz's research. Nobiles chip chart in this book comes from Marek's collection (it is written in the caption). I already asked Marek, he told me that he will give answer on week-end.
  2. I think I know proper guy - Marek Trojanowicz, who wrote a book about Lublin planes. I will ask him and let you know. I think there's an answer for your question
  3. Ordered one today, should come on Friday. Looks not bad on photos. https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/German-Leopard-2-A4-MBT.html Anybody's got one? It became hot topic since Poland's already delivered 14 of them to Ukraine. https://youtu.be/CR-fVIHwMCE
  4. Absolutely great! Congratulations! I've got this kit for decades, someday I will build it in September 1939 markings.
  5. Good luck with this build! This model kit is in most part based on excellent and very fine masters from now-defunct Polish Ardpol company (resin kits made of hand-scratchbuilt masters). That's why the wings surfaces (and fuselage too) are soooo fine. On the other hand, some parts were made by AZ from completely different masters (engine?). Definitely, it is one of the best AZ kits. And a cool aeroplane! Any progress?
  6. I'm building FAA Wildcat Mk. V 1/72 model using Arma Hobby F4F-4 fuselage with FM-2 wings (with underwing coolers added) and I'm pretty close to finish it, but still have not chosen the marking scheme. In general I'd like to make it as much related to anti-Tirpitz actions as possible (Tungsten? Goodwood?) but also have to consider decals availablitity. My first idea is "F" from HMS Trumpeter, this photo: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205157105 ...but - what we can see on the wing underside??? Black patch overpainting the invasion stripes??? (Photo comes from late August 1944 (HMS Nabob torpedoed) Or is it some special marking for this operation? So the AA operators won't confuse Wildcat with Focke-Wulf? Please help. Could this be the same plane as this one? Serial is similar, but apparently one is JV 579 and the other JV 375 - I'm not sure. Also if you have some cool suggestions of FAA Martlet/Wildcat V markings I'd be glad to consider them - if only it is real to obtain/create proper decals/masks. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hah, same dilemma here! (but in 1/72). Of course in Ukrainian colours!
  8. Very well done, makes me tempted to try myself! How did you like the Trumpeter accuracy and buildability? I must confess that I'm not very knowledgeable about post-Soviet tanks... G.
  9. Great model! Congratulations! I'm even more happy with this model as I'm a Pole and a dedicated fan of the 1st Polish Armour Division. This amazing unit, led by Gen. Stanisław Maczek, was the first Polish fully motorised unit, initially as 10th Motorised Cavalry Brigade, fought since very beginning on 1st September 1939, through 1940 France, and never suffered any major defeat (in 1939 was evacuated with equipment to Hungary after Soviet invasion on 17th September, and in France left its tanks only after using all the available fuel and evacuated personnel to Britain), to Normandy, sealing of the Falaise pocket and finally Belgium and Netherlands liberation and fights in Northern Germany. Precisely, initially in 1944 in France the Division used mostly Shermans V and Vc (Firefly), and later these tanks intended to be all replaced by Shermans II... but the crews preferred British 17-pounders of Fireflys over US 76mm guns of Sherman II. As a result, Division half-legally retained some of the Sherman Fireflys in addition to the "official" Shermans II. Speaking of the Firefly variants, in June 1944 Division had 23 Sherman Vc and 2 Sherman Ic, but later got more and more Ic Hybrid tanks, as the Shermans I had the same engines as Sherman II (and very different than Sherman V!), resulting in 23 Shermans Ic Hybrids and only 15 Sherman Vc in April 1945. Again, congratulations for a very cool model! G.
  10. Hi, yes, please, send them to my e-mail. I'll send you the e-mail address in private message. Thanks!!! G.
  11. Hi Eric! Excellent model of beautiful aeroplane (I love Bloch - my father had big flying replica built in '70s). And the colours - often modellers use some strange shades of French camouflage. You did them perfect. I have seen original Caudron 714 in Kraków Museum and your colours match it perfectly! Congratulations! G.
  12. Salut François! Very well done model, congratulations! Would you consider sending us your photos and a few sentences of comment for Armahobbynews.pl gallery? Best Regards! Grzegorz Arma Hobby
  13. True. French authorities even forbad using these planes in combat from some date - as useless. Poles flew them in some missions despite this restriction, scoring some victories. Polish pilots in 1940 had not only "pre-war trainig", but also wartime experience of 17 days fight against Germans (pretty intensive) in September 1939, before the evacuation to Romania due to Soviet invasion. The book I have - but in Polish version. It is very interesting and comprehensive. It also includes all the civil racer Caudron variants, which preceded the fighter. DORA, Eugen - good work! Congratulations and good luck (but I pray for 1/72 version)!
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