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  1. Really? Looks ok on the shelf with a tiffy. about the same size. Its eitehr this or the much older Italeri kit and i know which one ill go with.
  2. Which is from 1993 and is a prototype with raised PL's. Why didnt they re-box the Hobby Boss one?
  3. AHvent seen the page in quote some time. Mark told me that they havent used SM for over a year. Perhaps they should to stop speculaiton or indeed file some facts.
  4. Its not the Hasegawa kit. It states in the blurb that it is Dragon/Cyber-hobby. Hobby 2000 already have a partnership with them for the Arado 234 they released and the Hasegawa kit is way too old and only did the J version IIRC.
  5. I am too waiting for my subscription issues since June. Its all wearing a bit thing as i was also promised my mags by mid august. As i did say in the previous thread, its clear they have a supply issue but aren't willing to disclose the reasons why. They are either being dishonest with us via the delay after delay tactics responding to our emails and/or they simply cant fulfill the demand due to other factors. Without getting into financial or company issues which are well documented (compulsory strike off order-suspended), there is a clear moral one here and that they have NOT contacted subscribers nor have updated their website with the issues OR offered us a solution. We had an email a few months ago when this issue of supply was having an impact but COVID was assisting in that so we gave them the benefit of doubt, but now I do wonder whether there is actually any care or decency left within the company. They are either genuinely naive believing that there is a resolution coming; which has been coming for the last 9 months, which gets them out of a pickle or hoping that they can transfer assets to a new company to start afresh (track record). Still, this wont be any good if the demand is not there. How many subscribers and or potential purchasers will have trust in what MA publications or whoever they become next? They have not been on the news stands for circa 4-5 months, so would a newsagents stock their product? i think not as supply may not be guaranteed. If you promised and now owe a product to multiple persons that stretches months, and have not communicated to your 'investors' what does that say about your company or management? They dont heed advice asking them to update everyone to stop any potential false claims, the actions or lack of now clearly shows there are issues that we aren't aware of. My subscription ends in November so I will be owed 6 months worth of issues as i dont see this improving. I think it may be time to start a request for monies paid as if MA Publications go, we can kiss our mags and pennies goodbye. Sad state of affairs all round.
  6. Perhaps they are using that, as it doesn't have any debt and would be new to creditors, to get the mags published by another publisher/printer. If they are starting afresh with Triple Six, the writing could be on the wall for MA Publications. It would be interesting to see if the subscriptions transfer over or are lost with MA. Time will tell, but ive heard nothing from MA or seen any announcement to stat that these are available for purchase. Personally i wouldn't be sending any monies through the website as we dont even know if they have stock! Also look at over issues there were bookmarks showing other pages, all we have is a digital front cover.
  7. Ill await my subscription issues then. As i said i hope they have turned a corner and frequent distribution is to follow.
  8. They are two years behind on accounts we are past April 2021! As ive said previously, i think they have burnt too many bridges with suppliers, and there is no point in having suppliers if there is no loyal fan base or supply chain.
  9. Nope, perhaps Dave can enlighten us but he may be under a gagging order to not reveal sensitive information if there are issues in the background. Was looking forward to his Mirage F.1 book due for release in May. I do hope this is all a misunderstanding but i cant help feeling there is some negligence and a clear lack of experience of running a publicaiton company. Without getting personal, the two directors in effect inherited SAM and ran it into the ground, they had Hobby Zone which went the same way, now MA is looking of going in the same direction. With the oldest director at now 36, where is the experienced assistance and support in running this company? With SAM Publication owing HMRC a LOT of money in TAX anf PAYE, where have the lessons been learnt with MA? Reading the reports of said companies, they dont appear to have had the best of times. I sincerly hope they recover and sort out their issues, but lack of communication and clarificaiton from either of the directors to the subscribers is inexcusable and appears to show lack of understanding on how a subscription service works. You lose the loyal fan base, where is the guarenteed revenue? You are left with shop stalls and shows, which there havent been any and shops such as WH Smith will simply drop you if your not getting the good to market. Income becomes very hard and in the end is unsustainable. Must must get goods to market.
  10. Thanks for keeping us posted, I await my copies then. Presume Andy Evans will be taking over the editorial now that Dave appears to be no longer.
  11. The issues is that they simply have not communicated anything to subscribers for the June, July issues and have not updated us on the current situation (if there is one). I have received nothing in terms of correspondence, not even the alleged email that Dave posted. Without a social media presence or a simple email out stating they are working on any issues, its all very much a poor show. Surely they must have somone in PR to send out updates. If its simply a two person band, im sure its a difficult business to run anyway, especially if those two people are away from the 'office'. I just cant see how this is business is sustainable as im sure im not the only one, but they have probably burnt too many bridges with us and potentially suppliers.
  12. Has anyone got any answer or tried to call them to see what is happening with the June & July issues? Not responding to emails. Still not had the intial OP email from them stating what was happening.
  13. Indeed it has and with no social media medium to track nor updates on their website, the silence I feel is not looking good. As a subscriber i hope alll is well, but i have not even had the inital email update Warthog opened this post with. I have chased the owner many times in the last 18 months for missing copies due to various 'issues', with the editor sending copies manually. With late production of products and not being able to get products to market or even online via their own medium, and a key requriement for sales, the signs are not looking good and can only go on for so long before 'help' and 'agreements' dwindle.
  14. Confirmed nothing in Smiths Maidstone, therefore not on shelves during July, Best hope is for August edition but as there has been no further corespondence from MA Publications, its a little worrying. They still have not released the Mirage F.1 book which was due back in May.
  15. Its speculative but cashflow could well be a problem, especially if you are contesting a winding up order (normally resolved within 6-9 months from date of action), accounts are also overdue (although thats not un-common). The distribution and printing of the magazines run into the thousands, you seriously have to ask the question of who would print, let alone distribute a product if your not guarenteed payment? It possible that this could be a factor in the lack of distribution. I want to see these mags progress and be successful, but feel that the owner perhaps needs some help from those that are within that industry.
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