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  1. Sounds all part of modelling to me. Flash is old hat, as long as the parts marry uptogether and are not misaligned then thats fine. A quick scrape with a srapers, sander or knife and job done. Dont let these things put you off.
  2. Thats what i thought seeing the anomosity between the two over the 109.
  3. Thanks Steve for the differences between the real aircraft, however that doesnt confirm if the two boxings have the same parts. As i said looking at the sprues there seems to be different nacelles etc so the question still stands.
  4. Can someone confirm as to whether you can build a Mk.III from the Mk.V boxing and vise versa with AM decals the only additiona required. From the sprues they look universal. TIA
  5. Ah that would explain it then, and why the website is no longer. Their decals still seem to be around a plenty , probably just ld stock that is now coming to market buy retailers.
  6. Is there any update on this potential release since there are some varied views on the Mach 2 Kit?
  7. We will have to wait for Saturday now. Such suspense, from this little nugget of 'leaked' information.
  8. I just wonder which VERSION they will release first. They could go like the Victor, early and then later version in a couple of years. A B.1 would be lovely and still sell tonnes, but a B.2 or even a K.2 will sell more.
  9. Managed to get her decalled, matte coated and some exhaust weathering DSC_0001 by stuart wellard, on Flickr
  10. Airfix Dakota Mk.III converted to a C-47a. Decals were Kits-World Warbirds KW172124 C-47A 42-100882 'Drag em Oot' 87th Troop Carrier Sqd, Greenham Common Sept 1944, Now resides at North Weald as part of the Aerolegens fleet operating out of my local airfield Headcorn. Glad to now have made an aircraft ive been in, just need to to the Spit and the Harvard now. Just 3 photo as my flickr account has reached its limits even thought ive deleted albums within in grrr. Will upload more as i think it needs to refresh. Build Thread here DSC_0023 by
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