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  1. Yes it abso-flipping-lutely is well worth the price! If you can only have one book on Mossies, this should be the one. Mark.
  2. 1. The Skylarks logo is the CFS logo. Click here for slightly less than perfect image. Click here for same badge used on a Gnat. 2 and 3. UAS colours in my experience normally reflect, or are derived from their sporting colours in some way. 4. I can't answer the reasoning behind the two Bulldog kill marks, but please note the 6aef badge background is a deep green, not black as commonly depicted. Do you plan on including any Aberdeen UAS options? I'd be more than happy to share some notes and images if you do. Mark.
  3. A quality result, well worth seeing through to the end. Mark.
  4. Freightdog used to do them, I have several stashed away. They also came with the Flightpath set for the Italeri hawk, might be worth asking if someone has them going spare? Alternatively, Air-Graphics have them available here for £6.50 a pair if you can spring for them. Mark.
  5. Alex, Absolutely superb work, fantastic finish despite the problems you encountered. Mark.
  6. Not as many options for the GR5 as the GR7 and 9. The centreline pylon starts to see most use from the GR7 onwards, particularly with the airframes deployed to Incirlik post Op Granby (Gulf War 1) where it was used to mount the recce pod. I'll finish making myself brunch and have a trawl through my references and see if I can't find some pics of GR5 loads other than trials and tests. Do you have a particular Squadron/airframe in mind? Mark. ZD322 with 4xCBLS. ZD324 with Phimat, Aqui SW, tanks and baggage pod. ZD412 with Aqui SW, tanks and baggage
  7. Only appropriate for early Harriers, but even then not worth the money as they are inaccurate (ISTR too fat?). Correct! Mark.
  8. Sadly you'll have to, there aren't any aftermarket. They did, but were essentially just glorified strakes. Long story short, instead of using the tried and tested 30mm Aden cannon of the earlier generation Harriers, it was decided to develop a new 25mm cannon. The development problems weren't overcome, the new cannon didn't work and never entered production and was never fitted hence why the pods were just a 'fat strake'. Mark.
  9. Tony, Maybe these from Fantasy Printshop might be a solution for you? Mark.
  10. And when they do Sir, your sacrifice today shall not be forgotten! Nice work so far. Mark.
  11. Sorry to dash your hopes, but the current FAA boxing does not have the necessary parts to make a GW1 Bucc. It doesn't have the later style slipper tanks, bulged bomb bay door, RWR mods to the fin top fairing or the correct chaff/flare fits. The good news is that all of these will be included in the upcoming RAF boxing due to be released in the not too distant future. Mark.
  12. Words that every cadet of a certain age will remember! And for those that missed out, watch the video here.
  13. Superb looking Harrier, captures the look of the USMC ones very nicely. Mark.
  14. Doesn't mean we can't give it a damned good try though! Could they be the ones to finally give us an accurate P-51B/C/Mustang Mk.III in 1/72? Or the Allison engined varieties? Mark.
  15. It isn't, it's a new tooling based on the bigger 1/32 Revell kit and first saw the light of day in a Red Arrows boxing. This newer release has weapons pylons etc. Mark.
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