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  1. Is that a three letter monograph a la the canopy frame of XB686 visible in the lightning stripe just below the canopy in that image of XB616? Certainly looks like it to me, but whether it is J.E.J. or S.C.F. would need a sharper image to be sure. Mark.
  2. Absolutely superb! Nice idea with the cutaway too. Mark.
  3. You pretty much suggested everything I was going to except the last bit. I was thinking of using white codes but then using red decal stripes to make the infill, the '7' and the 'K' should be easy enough being mostly straight lines. Mark.
  4. A superb rendition of the Harrier! Absolutely outstanding. Mark.
  5. Quality work! Like Tony says above, you've really captured the look of the original. Mark.
  6. Simply stunning and utterly superb! Mark.
  7. Not sure what you've been looking at, but it didn't sound like the Academy kit I've got as that engine is very definitely separate to the cowling! This link here shows what my Academy kit plastic is. Mark.
  8. Superb result for so many 'firsts' in a build. And that is some excellent presentation with the background/base etc., really showcases it. Mark.
  9. A superb model, quality workmanship on show there! Mark.
  10. All in all, you're just another kit we don't need!
  11. Yes it abso-flipping-lutely is well worth the price! If you can only have one book on Mossies, this should be the one. Mark.
  12. 1. The Skylarks logo is the CFS logo. Click here for slightly less than perfect image. Click here for same badge used on a Gnat. 2 and 3. UAS colours in my experience normally reflect, or are derived from their sporting colours in some way. 4. I can't answer the reasoning behind the two Bulldog kill marks, but please note the 6aef badge background is a deep green, not black as commonly depicted. Do you plan on including any Aberdeen UAS options? I'd be more than happy to share some notes and images if you do. Mark.
  13. A quality result, well worth seeing through to the end. Mark.
  14. Freightdog used to do them, I have several stashed away. They also came with the Flightpath set for the Italeri hawk, might be worth asking if someone has them going spare? Alternatively, Air-Graphics have them available here for £6.50 a pair if you can spring for them. Mark.
  15. Alex, Absolutely superb work, fantastic finish despite the problems you encountered. Mark.
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