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  1. That is utterly stunning. Beautifully built and weathered to perfection it is absolute class! Mark.
  2. Dennis, Very early Lancasters did carry Medium Sea Grey codes (there are some 207 Sqn images showing this along with type A1 roundels etc.), however it would be very unlikely for a 1945 Land to be carrying them. From a very quick look at some images of QB-P thrown up by Google, I'd suggest that someone has mis-interpreted some of them as being grey codes instead of the specified dull red. Other angles with the light not directly on them appear to show they should indeed be red. Sorry for not providing links, but this is a quick reply before heading off to work! Mark.
  3. Superb rendition of a Matchbox classic, absolutely spot on. Mark.
  4. George, Going at this from another angle, the NF13 was a tropicalised version of the NF11 and was flown by 39 Sqn and 219 Sqn from Kabrit in Egypt's Suez Canal Zone from March 1953. 219 Sqn disbanded at Kabrit in September 1954 but 39 moved to Luqa in January 1955. Having checked all the other squadrons listed by Jefford as operating the Meteor NF11, none were based in Malta. Mark.
  5. RAF Squadrons - A Comprehensive Record etc. by Wing Commander Jefford lists 19 Sqn with the Meteor F8 from April 1951 through to Jan 1957, with Hunters coming on board from Oct 1956. Fighter Squadron (a history of 19 Sqn) by Derek Palmer makes only a very brief mention of 4 aircraft trying to get to Malta for a very short detachment but failing to get beyond Istres dues to weather issues in March 1953. A very quick skim over the other Meteor F8 years and I can't see Malta featuring much if at all. Certainly there is no mention of them ever being equipped with the NF11. Hope this helps a little, Mark.
  6. You're not the only one! It means it's very difficult, bordering on impossible, to cobble together different serials if you want to model a specific airframe. There was an article in SAM by Ian Huntly which went into the various pale shades utilised in the anti-flash schemes and more recently one by Paul Lucas. I don't have the details to hand at the moment, someone else may be able to provide them. Mark.
  7. An absolutely stunning rendition of the F-15! Real quality workmanship on show here. Mark.
  8. Mick, Superb finish on that Hornet! Weathering is spot on, and the attention to detail with those spot repaints on the tailplane just finish it all off nicely. Mark.
  9. That cockpit really looks the business! One small point, the PJ Productions seat isn't correct for a SHAR, the type fitted to the SHAR has a noticeably different head box shape. Unfortunately, your two best options (Aeroclub and Pavla) in 1/72 are now out of production. Mark.
  10. Indeed it does! Already got a few decal options sorted and will be getting a few of these once they're released. Mark.
  11. Absolutely none, far too many differences between the F4 and the F8. Whether they plan to develop or are developing an F4 kit is probably known only to them at this moment in time. Mark.
  12. Indeed it is, see announcement here. I'll be making sure I don't miss out as I didn't get the original sheet when first released. Mark.
  13. I'd hazard a guess at them being TT.18's of 7 Sqn. Im sure @canberra kid would be able to offer up a definitive answer. Mark.
  14. Something a little different and superbly executed. Really like it! Mark.
  15. Air-Britain 'Gifts of War' p391 has BP188 named as 'Atlantic' by an un-identified donor. Mark.
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