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  1. It isn't, it's a new tooling based on the bigger 1/32 Revell kit and first saw the light of day in a Red Arrows boxing. This newer release has weapons pylons etc. Mark.
  2. As mentioned above, they are 'No Step' markings. Basically a big yellow foot symbol with a red 'x' over it. Mark.
  3. Mike, Aviation News Vol.5 No.7 (3rd to 16th Sept 1976) has a combined Lynx/Sea King/Commando plans section if that's any use to you? I don't have a copy myself so can't vouch if they are any good. Mark.
  4. Potentially, yes you could be. Depends when 36118 was added to the FS595 standard. The 'UK33B/1527' reference in the paint listing refers to a specific item in the UK stores listing in use by the forces at the time, i.e. it refers to a specific size of tin with a specific type and colour of paint within. The key to unlocking the mystery is to find out what 33B/1527 is and as Giorgio has alluded to already, it seems that info isn't currently widely available. It is interesting to note that the paint listing uses two different US standards (FS595 and ANA). I also think it would be useful if the
  5. Superb effort, weathering is just spot on! Mark.
  6. Despite that kind soul's intervention, that's a proper decent looking Bucc! Looks every inch the archetypal FAA jet sitting ready on deck. Nice cheat for the Lt Adm Grey on the U/C! Regards, Mark.
  7. I would definitely be more interested in 1/72, however Harriers in 1/48th could tempt me to the dark side! The Hunter T12 XE531 hasn't been covered to the best of my knowledge, that small white RAE titling and badge without a background is virtually impossible to come up with from spare decals. Hunter F6 XF375 would be another very attractive scheme, albeit the linked image doesn't show the ETPS badge and titling carried on the starboard side of the nose. Will have a think about subjects over the next few days and see what references I can come up with. Mark
  8. That's rather good that is! Looking forward to the progress as it happens now. Mark.
  9. HMS Fulmar being the ship name for RNAS Lossiemouth. Nice nod to the history of the base from which the fleet will be operating. Mark.
  10. It is the case. The instructions in the image in the Scalemates link are just about readable and state this as well as saying that some re-profiling will be needed if using for the Italeri kit. I have the Flightpath issue of these plugs and can confirm the chine that Airfix captured in their fuselage cross section is present in the plugs. Mark.
  11. Have a look at Microscale's website here for a better description. Mark.
  12. I'd be very interested, especially in Cold War era RAE/A&AEE/ETPS types as well as DERA/BAe/ETPS stuff following on from that era up to the present day. Generic DERA/ETPS/RAE etc titling in various sizes as well as associated Unit Crests etc would be very useful. Like yourself, I have many of the Airdecal, Combat Decals and Vingtor sheets but would welcome anything that would enable more of the very varied UK military serialled test fleets to be modelled. Mark.
  13. Dennis, The extra work has really paid off here, very nicely done! Mark.
  14. And this is a trick I'm gonna steal! Thanks for sharing, I might even be able to use it at work too. Mark.
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