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  1. Tidy looking Viper, superb work! Not that I want to put temptation in your way, but at least one F-15B involved in the F-15E trials/development process wore something similar to Euro 1....... F-15 71-0291 and fully loaded here Mark.
  2. And your example has perfectly illustrated that point. A really good looking model you've ended up with there. Mark.
  3. Just in case, consider this me signing up again! Mark.
  4. Andy, Any reason in particular you need a profile drawing? I ask as they can be notoriously unreliable in some cases and you might be better off looking at the numerous images of these jets that can be found in the usual places like Air-Britain, Airliners.net and Flickr. Modeldecal sheet 80 has a four view in the instructions that might be a useful alternative to above mentioned publication. Mark.
  5. With apologies to Mr.Harrison, a case of While My Buccaneer Gently Bleeds? Shame this one won't be in the final GB gallery, but look forward to seeing it completed eventually. Mark.
  6. The SAAF Buccs aren't in my area of interest or knowledge, but is there any merit in using the specific parts and decals in that kit on the new tool one? Knowing how much work and/or replacement parts/details are required to bring the older kit up to speed, might be something to consider? Unless you've already invested in the necessary resin etc. it might be the more cost effective option to pursue a more accurate and better detailed model. Since I'd already sunk my cash into various bits of resin and white metal over the years, my 3 old tool kits are slowly being worked on in between other projects. Another area that is 'off' shape wise with the older kit is the canopy, doesn't have enough depth over the pilot's cockpit with a too shallow angled windscreen as a result. I've got two Aeroclub replacements, but they are OOP now. There is one in a Clear Vax canopy set for FAA aircraft, but unless you intend to use the others in that set it is a pricey way to get a replacement. Mark.
  7. Bill, Those are the main two. The intakes aren't quite right when viewed from head on, being a little too 'straight' at the sides for want of a better description. The bullet fairings on the tailplane are also too fat for an S1/S2/S2A/S2C and the wrong length and shape for an S2B/S2D. Mark.
  8. No, nor would I as it's a pointless exercise. The new kit is vastly superior to the old one in every respect and frankly trying something like adding the new kit's cockpit to the old kit is a lot of wasted effort without trying the same with other areas like wheel wells, intakes etc. Given the other shape issues with the old kit, it really is a case of sell it on and put your money towards a new kit. Mark.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it isn't sitting right because it's upside down, the longer 'fins' should be on the top. Mark.
  10. Ouch, nasty! Lucky it missed the decals, hope you can pull this one back as it would be a shame to see your work so far go to waste. Mark.
  11. Clipping the parts is just the cheap way of doing this. If it were, for example say Hasegawa, and the sprues had been gated off to preclude the bomber nose parts would you be getting all hacked off like this? S&M's B2/B6 and T4 kits that I have in my stash have very different sprues, a quick search on the web would have revealed this to you. Although there may have been some initial tie-up between all the producers you mention, there might not be now. I'm not seeing how you've reached the conclusion that somebody's molds have been illegally copied, that is your interpretation of your flawed/incomplete evidence. I really don't see how you can call them out? S&M's earlier kits are substantially different to AMP's T.11 that you have purchased so I'm not following how you think one is somehow responsible for the other? Also you have purchased a T.11 kit and you have all the parts to build a T.11, therefore you have no grounds for complaint under UK consumer law and I would venture that would be the same in most countries. Finally, what do you need to understand about some kits having the bomber nose parts? A company took a decision to remove parts from a product they sell that weren't necessary for the version of the product they were putting in the box. It's certainly not something that should be causing anyone to lose any sleep at night...... This is a hobby for relaxation isn't it? Go fettle some plastic/resin and chill out. Mark.
  12. Looking a bit special already this one! My expectations are now set accordingly high for an absolute stunner (no pressure then!). Mark.
  13. Amos, Thanks for sharing some of the finer points of the TSR2 and how to correct them on the Airfix kit, very much appreciated. I'll certainly be trying to incorporate them on my future build. Mark.
  14. Good to know when I get round to mine (which sadly won't be in this GB now as I'll be getting back to work next week). Mark.
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