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  1. Its an Eager Beaver forklift without the forklift bits on the front. Available from Flightpath in 1/72, possibly Air Graphics now as well also in 1/72. Mark.
  2. That would be my understanding too. Mark.
  3. Al, They are rather rare things. Heritage and Amraam Line both did conversions but neither company is around anymore, so second hand is your best bet here. Alternatively, Hasegawa have done at least two releases of their 1/48 Harrier GR5 kit (last one in 2020 I think), so might still be available if you look or ask around. Mark.
  4. Yes, given how things seem to line up in that image, it does beg the question! Mark.
  5. The 'deep adaptor' is a myth that has sprung up from mis-interpretation of a photo. The photo actually shows the ALQ-101 pod unattached to anything and with the undercarriage door creating the illusion of it being attached to a two foot deep pylon! Mark.
  6. Not entirely (pun may or may not be intended!) true. I will concede that the vast majority of images I have seen of 3 Sqn RAAF Mustangs, both MkIII and IV, where the tyre tread is visible show mostly block treads of either style but there are a vast number out there that no detail can be made out regarding tread patterns. Without understanding the vagaries of the supply chain supporting operations in Italy/Balkans or the decisions made by individual Engineering Officers on squadrons, I'd be wary of describing something as 'definite' that may in actual fact be the result of complete randomness. This image here at the IWM, shows a 260 Sqn aircraft with diamond treads. One of a few images online and in publications of Mediterranean theatre RAF Mustangs where tread pattern is visible and proving the old modelling adage that a picture of your chosen subject is extremely useful to define the details. Mark.
  7. Chris, You've turned out a real cracker there, superb model! Mark.
  8. Harriers generally get dirty with exhaust staining to rear fuselage and oil/fluid leaks to lower fuselage under the engine bay. That said, since the GR3's during the Falklands were ship based for the bulk of the conflict, they may not have been quite as filthy on the underside as usual due to the lack of swirling dust and dirt caught up in the jet efflux during vertical landings on a wet deck. A quick @NG899 or @Dave Fleming might rustle up a response from two of the more Harrier knowledgable members. Mark.
  9. Seems Portland would be right, see images here. Runway is now 03/21. Agreed that the seller's description is a little inaccurate! Mark.
  10. Superb model Chris. Beautiful rendition of a kit that has really been surpassed by the modern tooling from Airfix. Mark.
  11. A modelling 'Tour de Force', really outstanding work here! Mark.
  12. Mark, that really is a superb model. Completely agree with your less is more approach to the weathering, the end result is looking suitably dirty and scruffy without being jarringly so. An absolutely spot on finish. Mark.
  13. Thanks to @Paul821's timely reminder I got my vote in today. @bootneck, I think the polls are open until midnight on the 14th November. Mark.
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