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  1. Can't answer the question re weapons combos off the top of my head, but in 1/72 scale the Revell Hunter FGA9/Mk58 comes with a set of launch rails and AGM-65's. Mark.
  2. Proper silk purses from sows' ears! Superb results from a pretty basic kit. Mark.
  3. Careful now, you'll have someone's eye out with them!
  4. John @canberra kid, in light of CTModellers question elsewhere, any chance you can see if finishing notes 14-30 are lurking around somewhere please? I think they'll hold the answer to his question. Thanks in advance, Mark.
  5. I'm glad someone else isn't convinced they're yellow either. From John's earlier posted notes elsewhere, the painting notes seem to indicate they should be left unpainted. Having now revisited the many images in books and on my hard drive, I'm at the point where I think they might be left unfinished as per the external finishing instructions. Mark. PS, Chris please have a look here. I've a sneaking suspicion you'll soon have an answer to your query!
  6. Canberra Claus? Have to agree with the sentiment, these postings have been incredibly useful. Mark.
  7. Fantastic work and a wonderfully esoteric subject too. It's no wonder you're chuffed with the end result, it is simply superb! Mark.
  8. John, Are the notes 14-30 missing or am I having a senior moment? Mark.
  9. Being in the same boat, I'd agree with that assessment. I'd imagine some of the etch/resin etc recently produced for the Airfix Phantom could be adapted for the Fujimi without too much effort. Certainly something I'll be trying in the near future. Mark.
  10. John, Completely agree with you there! And thanks for posting, much appreciated. Mark. PS, notes 1-13 are duplicated.
  11. John, Are there any pages that explain the numbered stencils/measurements/points of note from the top five diagrams? Mark.
  12. Please Sir, can we have some more! As ever John, these AP extracts are a very useful resource. Mark.
  13. Surely this is a contender for 'Understatement of The Year'? And yes, for those of us who will have to wait until Monday to get our sweaty paws on one, any pics will be welcome! Mark.
  14. Outstandingly good modelling on show here! Properly inspirational stuff. Mark.
  15. An absolute stunner that is! Weathering is spot on, just enough extra details to bring it to life as well. Mark.
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