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  1. Harry Lime

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Joe, Do any of the blues have BS381c 169 listed against them? Been trying to find an equivalent for Traffic Blue amongst the various railway paints available. Thanks, Mark.
  2. Harry Lime

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    A bit late coming back to this, but I only ever use one device to access this site. Only very rarely do I use my phone i.e. when on holiday. However, this seems to be superfluous now as normal service has resumed for 'Since Last Visit' for me.
  3. I shall be having that when it comes out!
  4. Harry Lime

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Same happening for me, right royal PITA! Mark.
  5. Harry Lime

    RAF Thunderbolts Colour Footage

    Whilst trawling the IWM website for other stuff, I happened upon this 8 minute long colour film of 79 Squadron RAF Thunderbolts in theatre. It also shows some aircraft of 42 Squadron. RAF Thunderbolts Seems to show some retained the original US cockpit harness and raises some interesting colour conundrums, especially around the 4:08 mark. Enjoy, Mark.
  6. Harry Lime

    Painting gun barrels

    Geoff, A tip I was given by the figure painters in our model club when we were doing a trench diorama for a local museum was to paint the barrels black and when dry use a soft pencil to impart the metallic finish. Mark.
  7. Harry Lime

    Harrier GR.7/9 colours

    Op Warden GR7's were given an overall Barley Grey ARTF finish over their original two tone green scheme.
  8. Harry Lime

    RCAF aircraft in WW2 photo collection

    I'm also getting the 'Forbidden' message.
  9. Harry Lime

    Manston 70,s ++

    Superb collection, thanks for sharing.
  10. Bit tasty that is! Absolutely cracking.
  11. Harry Lime

    RAM Models F4 decals

    Sadly you probably have. Wise choice to hold off, downright bloody cheeky that the website is still up and active and folk can still be parted with their hard earned with very little to no chance of receiving anything in return! Which is a shame, as the decals are rather good. I was lucky enough to order mine not long after they were released and years before the current issues with RAM cropped up. If you can find a set second hand, snap them up. Just don't buy from RAM's own website! Mark.
  12. Harry Lime

    More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    Dennis, Click here to be able to download the Mil-Std-2161 covering US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft colour schemes etc. Regards, Mark.