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  1. JagRigger, I'm having a D'oh moment here as I completely forgot that option on that decal sheet. Especially since I had it out a few weeks ago to look over in anticipation of the Italeri re-release of their S-55/H-19 kit. Pete, nice image, but I should've said the yellow ones in the SAR role. Mark, much appreciated. From the image I have of XP346 being towed back along the roads to Akrotiri, I'd say it was 'Spades'. Since your records say XD184 was 'Clubs' that would just about confirm it. Thank you very much for the replies so far, all very helpful! Mark.
  2. Can't believe I've missed this until now! Utterly stunning, really superb finish made all the more so by being brush painted. Mark.
  3. Folks, I have run into a bit of a brick wall when trying to find images of 84 Squadron's Westland Whirlwind HAR.10's in Cyprus during 1979 and I'm hoping that someone here on Britmodeller can help me out! The usual image sources (ABPics, Airliners.net, Flickr etc.) haven't got any and the 84 Sqn Association website has a couple of dits but no clear images. I've trawled through my library to no avail as well. Anything that shows the serial number and the playing card symbol would be a great help to completing my 1/72 'Front Line 1979' project. If you'd rather not share images here, please PM me for my email and they will go no further than my hard drive. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer! Mark.
  4. Probably Dark Green as that is what that area of the camo scheme would be painted from the factory. When repainted in Mid Stone for the desert camo, it is the Dark Green areas that are redone. You can see this on some aircraft that have a 'box' around the serial number where it was simply masked over rather than having to re-apply the serial number. Mark.
  5. A really superb effort! The weathering is particularly pleasing to my eye, spot on. Mark.
  6. A superb looking trio of subjects you don't normally see! Fantastic work. Mark.
  7. Simply stunning! The weathering is just perfect. Mark.
  8. It may be the case that there are photos of them, just in company archives rather than in the public domain. @canberra kid might be able to turn something up, he has certainly come up with some cracking images/AP details for other types! The DB Harriers by comparison would be considered the 'shiny new tech' of the day and would be well publicised so would make sense that they are well photographed and that those images are out in the public domain. Mark.
  9. More than happy with this! I have an Airfix one in the stash which I occasionally take out, see how much work is needed to refine it and then promptly return it to the stash. Mark.
  10. Air Britain Royal Air Force Aircraft XA100 to XZ999 doesn't show XM698 with the CFS either, only lists it with the Ministry of Technology. All the XM691 to XM698 serials are listed with various makers and ministries and don't have any unit service listed. XM704 is the first Gnat with CFS according to Air Britain. Mark.
  11. The problem is Xtradecal's research, it has a poor rep these days. Click here for an IWM image of AH893 in flight with two others. Using the zoom function, I'm not seeing anything other than regular straight exhaust pipes, even allowing for the quite heavy shadowing around them. Mark.
  12. @JOHN ELLIS, another 'Thank You' for your efforts here as well! Mark.
  13. One of the best Harrier's I've ever seen on Britmodeller, utterly superb! Mark.
  14. Simply superb! A really tidy looking rendition of an eye-catching scheme. Mark.
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