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  1. 12by12

    Airfix 2019

    Possibly you are not aware of cockney rhyming slang. Or did you mean Hampden?
  2. Well, Minicraft have one but it dates back half a century. Fujimi do a better one. Minicraft itself promises a 'new tool' B-29 but who knows what that entails. Is there any external variation with the Tu-4? I understood there was not.
  3. 12by12

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    We have a decent 1/144 Vulcan from GWH via Pitroad. Intriguingly Pitroad also works with Trumpy on ships. Maybe, if 1/144, it's the same Vulcan again. I'm not near my stash to check it. Although I don't think a reissue was worthy of a mystery facebook post...
  4. 12by12

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Thirty-second, for sure, with legs for a coffee table.
  5. 12by12

    Airfix 2019

    OK, I had forgotten a couple of those, Banbury falling outside my usual circles. I suppose the 60s are not going to come back, nor are the specialist model shops. I am not thinking of the denizens of this site when I wonder where any modern kid at a triggerable age is ever gonna see that box top that screams 'BUY ME!!!'
  6. 12by12

    Airfix 2019

    Right now I don't know where I'd go round here in Oxfordshire to find a stock of Airfix. They are not going to be selling anything to me on the basis of impulse buy because of box art if there is nothing to see in any shop I go into. Not in Hobbycraft any more, not in WH Smith's short-lived modelzone, no model shop for thirty=five miles in any direction AFAIK. I don't know what their marketing strategy is now. (And they don't do the subjects I like in the scales I follow, but that's another problem)
  7. 12by12

    Zvezda 2018 catalogue

    The MiG-15 catalog pic shows the Dragon box art. Convenient placeholder pic or same old kit?
  8. 12by12

    Airfix 2018

    " XII only saw Service with one squadron " 100% out?
  9. 12by12

    Airfix 2018

  10. Isn't that a D in 1/144? By Minicraft?
  11. I wouldn't mind a set to convert the Airfix attempt into a Scout. Preferably a late model SS11 Scout with all the role equipment. Although it may be time for a new kit.
  12. I can never look at this beast, in the best tradition of ugly French bombers, without thinking of the similar-looking and similarly-named NCC-1701.
  13. Now, I am not an artillery expert, but it seems to me that the 8" How only needs new wheels and maybe a barrel to be a 7.2" Howitzer good for all of WW2. Oh, and figures of Gunners Milligan and Secombe.
  14. 12by12

    New from TANMODEL 1/32 Su-33

    Why is this thread sticky?
  15. I'm a 1/144 F-4 modeller. I buy Gashapon kits, F-toys and Platz as well as that awful F-4E that turns up under so many labels. Would you consider making a pack for conversions?   F-4B tailpipes and wings, early radomes.  RF nose. Pylons and missiles, MERs and TERs.  Appropriate decals to go with them.  I can't really do too many Phantoms at £25 but a conversion pack with decals for £10 would go down very nicely.


    Adrian Camp

    1. WhirlybirdModels


      Hi Adrian


      We are looking at RF noses, and missile sets.  We are releasing our first weapons set at SMW which is the Vulcan Cannon pod.  Our next plan is a Spey engined version which will be a complete kit (for obvious reasons!).  Beyond that we are not quite sure what will be next, but keep an eye out.


      Many thanks