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  1. I've just need a few shops have stock but I've seen what could be the most ridiculous thing I must have seen with a model kit for decades Am I right that you have to purchase the stencil data decals separately from the kit. If this is correct then it is the single most moronic thing I've heard of for years. It's not like some lazy manufacturers just not doing the stencil data decals and an aftermarket brand stepping up but it's actually tamiya producing it and asking extra money for it. I hope I'm wrong with this comment
  2. Really smart, I made sure I picked one up with the big ed set once i knew Kitty Hawk had folded. If mine turns out this good i'll be happy
  3. Absolutely beautiful model of my favourite aircraft as you might be able to tell from my avatar. I noticed your based in Plymouth, are you part of one of the clubs there? Would love to see the model in the flesh if the 2022 model show goes ahead
  4. What paints and colours did you use for the build?
  5. They are all back on hannants now but under limited availability. My advise now guys, if you have some disposable income and was thinking about a kitty hawk kit, get it now before they all go
  6. I was quite sad to hear the news. I've built a handful of their kits, the Voodoo and Etendard to name two and have their super sea sprite in the stash, I went out and ordered their Mirage 2000D today as its been on my maybe list but went straight up to the top of the must have pile after the news. Otherwise I may never get one. Kit prices will jump on ebay soon like wingnuts did when they had the same issue. The kits have their issues and I will go out and buy aftermarket decals for all their kits
  7. With Kitty Hawk shutting down I should think everyone that wants one should get one before they all go
  8. Hi everyone Yes you read that right. Catch the Pigeon group build. I wanted to try to grab everyone's attention with a very different group build and something completely different from what we all would usually build, Basically what the group build would be, is to build something through kit bashing, scratch building or any other method of some kind of monstrosity of an aircraft that would not be too dissimilar to the aircraft used by Dick Dastardly, Muttley and his aircrew. Something along these lines. so, come on, who is game?
  9. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful build. I've lost my mojo over the whole Covid19 period, you sir have made me want to start building again so one day I can be this good
  10. Can u ask what paint you used on the nose cone?
  11. I'm still waiting for italeri to issue their 1/48 Merlin from the 2007 catalogue https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-2665-westland-merlin-hm-1-prm-editions--101592
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