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  1. What about water based weathering products like florey models clay washes
  2. I want to revive this old topic as I'm trying to source a good matt varnish that I can use with water based weathering products Can this be sprayed over alclad aqua gloss?
  3. Interesting points there, In my case I looked around for some references, the payload I copied from two other build kit online but thats for point that out as I can change the payload
  4. Hi everyone, now I've sorted out my photo sharing issues I'm pleased to share my build from earlier this year. This is the Trumpeter Su-24M Fencer D in 1/72 scale. Truly a great kit and one of Trumpeters best 1/72 kits. Kit is painted in Tamiya X-2 semi gloss white for the undersides, a 60/40 mix of GSI 308 and 317, Matt white used on radom. Master pitot tube and eduard etched for the interior and undercarriage doors. The was a personal build which found itself in a magazine so needed to keep the photos until the review had been published for a while. I'm still learning to take photos and what backgrounds work best so apologies if photos are a little poor
  5. But on another note that would be a stunning kits and I hope they issue the A-26K Counter Invader use in the Vietnam war. Would be looking at approx 47cm length, 66cm Wingspan. It's a big bird but not B-24/B-17 size.
  6. You've never had the chance to build the Trumpeter 1/32 Dauntless which is quite simply a master piece of kit detail, engineering and accuracy. It is by a far their best kit to date and feedback it is their best kit ever. Trumpeter and Hobby Boss have what I would call an A Team, B Team and C Team. The A Team are by far their best team and have produced some quite marvellous kits. The Dauntless mentioned above, their Me 262 series, Swordfish to name a few The B Team are good but might get a slight issue on one or two details, The A-7E Corsair with the doggy nose but everything else on the money, the A-10 Thunderbolt Then their is Team C who have used a 5 years old's drawing as the CAD design and create a monstrosity of a kit, Vampire springs to mind. They have built some stunning kits but their is some terrible ones too, it is just know which ones.
  7. thepureness

    What kit next

    Hi peeps The ultimate question that always falls on me every time I finish a kit and my current one is at a stage where I'm nearly finished and time has come to chose the next project. I'm one of those modellers that will build one kit to completion before starting something new, unless it is something I've been waiting a very long time for. With a stash of around 100 kits, which is small these days with lots of huge projects but some smaller builds of all types from big Russian military kits to modern jet aircraft of multiple different air forces , tanks and helicopters. How do you guys pick your next projects? especially when you have stashes 10 times bigger than mine
  8. Hi chaps I know ebay is kind of a naughty word but i've found some bargain kits on ebay by the store named Dawn grocery store and i'm curious if any of the members here have used them before. Will so much feedback to trawl through and with people limited to characters I wanted to check if anyone here in the UK has used them and what sort of turn around you have on postage etc.
  9. Hi everyone. I've picked up Revell's boxing or the dragon BF-110C kit that has just been issued. Originally my intention was to build the box are version but the decal for the wasp on the from looks far to fragile to sit over the cannon nose even with a ton of settling solution. So i've looking at aftermarket decals and see there is loads of decals for the C/D. Does anyone know what the main different between the C/D was? Most websites state the D was the long range version of the C but doesn't detail any cosmetic differences
  10. I just purchased the 1/72 Warning star for just £25 brand new, yes the kit is old but it comes with a whole new decal sheet produced by a 3rd party and the decals are stunning along with the stencil data. The 3rd party is called Plus model, so it now comes with the same decals which were in that huge expensive multimedia boxing of the kit by Plus Model
  11. Looks awesome in the box But I did have a concern with someone building the kit on a Facebook group which showed a warped fuselage, which for the price we wouldn't expect
  12. Glorious to see this and possibly a Cornish based aircraft as well on the box art. Mr Shackleton is very happy
  13. I'm obsessed with Russian aircraft and the Frogfoot is one of my favorite looking aircraft. A fantastic piece of work, a masterclass of a build. Legendary Can I ask, where the decals from the box?
  14. I once knew an Irish electrician who worked for the United State Prison Service. He was recently sacked for disposing of all the eletric chairs because he felt they were in his eyes "a death trap".
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