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  1. This is very similar situation for the Avro York and Argosy that it tales a long time for an sprues, reviews or kit part photos to surface. Ultimately this is what would make or break my purchase
  2. There must have been a few of these kits sold but where on earth can we find pictures or reviews for the kit. Searched online and found nothing. It's like the kit has a none disclosure agreement with online photos
  3. Any chance we can see some photos of the kit, want to see the part break down and quality of the parts
  4. The Vulcan is obviously the 2020 flagship release for Airfix, but there couple be a couple more new tools too
  5. Beat me too it and I said on the airfix 2020 post I felt it had to be a Vulcan
  6. The Black Mike Phantom is from the 2019 range and has been know for some time
  7. I've just got mine today. Does every one else has a weird marble effect in the plastic on the elevators?
  8. really nice build I wouldn't call it modern though, the Scooter is older than me
  9. I would love a P-8 and it would fill a big void in modern military surveillance aircraft. But would aircraft be able to get anywhere near one to scan it?
  10. We now know it is a BIG announcement which tell me we are going to have a large aircraft. Be it either in 1/24 1/48 or 1/72. so we are either looking at a small scale large aircraft or a large scale small aircraft Airfix have for the past 6-7 years released what I would call a flagship release for the year. 2019 we had the Hellcat 2018 The Hunter/Blenhiem couldn't confirm the flagship issue for that year 2017 The Phantom 2016 The Victor 2015 The Shackleton 2014 The Typhoon 2013 The Javelin 2012 The Valiant 2020 is going to see another flagship release to bring some huge income to Airfix/Hornby so you really have to think now, what kit will bring in a huge income in a short period of time with impulse purchases off the scale of a standard release, I think there is no coincidence they have pulled the old scale Avro Vulcan off the shelves now and I think 2020 will be the year of the Vulcan. It will be a big bucks £50-60 kit
  11. I've seen the recent re boxing my italeri with a few decal options. looks good, but it is basic by today's standard
  12. When the announcement comes you'll say I was correct 1/24 Lysander
  13. they are not of the hellcat or typhoon standard
  14. Learn something new every day, never knew there was two Lockheed Orion aircraft
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