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  1. Hi everyone Yes you read that right. Catch the Pigeon group build. I wanted to try to grab everyone's attention with a very different group build and something completely different from what we all would usually build, Basically what the group build would be, is to build something through kit bashing, scratch building or any other method of some kind of monstrosity of an aircraft that would not be too dissimilar to the aircraft used by Dick Dastardly, Muttley and his aircrew. Something along these lines. so, come on, who is ga
  2. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful build. I've lost my mojo over the whole Covid19 period, you sir have made me want to start building again so one day I can be this good
  3. Can u ask what paint you used on the nose cone?
  4. I'm still waiting for italeri to issue their 1/48 Merlin from the 2007 catalogue https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-2665-westland-merlin-hm-1-prm-editions--101592
  5. I was told something completely different by the local model shop, he had a zoom call with the revell rep who told him differently. maybe the reps didn't know either
  6. its not, revised tooling of their own kit, plus etched
  7. What an announcement. My first must have of the new kits announced this year
  8. looks great my only worry is getting the right colour paint for the schemes
  9. This makes pure sense, I never really understood why aircraft were in 1/32 and tanks/afv kits in 1/35 This makes them very compatible with all the existing armour kits and figures meaning an aircraft diorama is very easy to produce for everyone
  10. @Dave_R @Hockeyboy76 @HoolioPaulio Congrats on your winning builds and a special mention to little H. I hope she enjoys her starter set and very kind of Russ at Jadlam to provide a starter set as a special mention. It was a pleasure hosting the GB and working with Russ at Jadlam to provide the kits required for the GB. This is the 3rd time me and Russ have worked together on Group Builds on Britmodeller and hopefully we'll try and get another one in the future. Grats on the prizes, I hope to see them all on the work in progress or interceptor GB as you ment
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