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  1. thepureness

    Assistance with photos

    This is the perfect results I'm looking for The downfall of the aircraft I'm photographing is a great deal of the aircraft is white, and should I be using a white background. I'll try and take some shots and come back with results using your tips
  2. thepureness

    Assistance with photos

    Mark I'm looking for just a nice balanced picture with everything in focus. I'm doing magazine reviews but my pictures are just not up to scratch. My builds are to a suitable standard but I'm not getting published as much due to my poor photos
  3. thepureness

    Assistance with photos

    Hi everyone I'm really struggling with getting good photos. My issue is I'm working on a tight budget with a top end camera phone, to the naked eye my builds look get, but my photos are terrible. I'm using different colour backing cards to get the detail to stand out, but it isn't really working. Any advice that can help (I can't go out and buy a camera) I've attached a couple of images
  4. thepureness

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Awesome pictures there, and looks really great. Any chance we can see the underside of the model On another note, I saw someone using this photo on their facebook group, a group called Takadotoki Models. I'm curious if you gave permission to use the images?
  5. thepureness

    Large Banana Located Over UK

    Direct from the BBC website. large banana located over UK
  6. thepureness

    Best kit for a Coastal Command B-17 MkII

    Hi guys I'm looking for options in order to build a coastal command B-17 MKII in 1/72 scale I know Academy produced one from the box, but it is a little rare to find, plus I heard it have big issues with the wings. Next stage is if I can use any of the Revell or Airfix recent kits to build one or any other alternative. Any tips?
  7. thepureness

    Boeing B17F Memphis Belle

    Does anyone know if this includes the fairing to cover the ball turret? I'm looking to build a coastal command aircraft without the turret
  8. They did crawl out from their hole recently so the worrying is over. Took them some time to shut down rumors
  9. Gary Don't take this the wrong way, but many people argue that the Mig-31 is possibly one of the best model kits ever produced. I've got it in my stash and at the moment I'm not brave enough to build it as I want to do it justice. But even looking in the box I'm stunned by the quality.
  10. It's all good saying this, but if a manufacture becomes inactive over a large duration of time it can be worrying. As I commented above, their kits seem to be on auction sites at inflated prices as well. Now it could be that they are closed due to Chinese New Year and will wake up again in March. But there is fear going around.
  11. Another issue now if their kits are neing sold on ebay at inflated prices https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173768188553
  12. Another rumour is the GWH tomcat is the AMK kit
  13. thepureness

    Bobcat 1/48 Yak-28PP "Brewer-E"

    NIce I like the fact you painted yours with vallejo metal colour as this was the paint I was planning to use for mine
  14. There are rumours on social media that this is, in fact, the AMK kit and GWH have bought the project from AMK, AMK's website has disappeared, their Facebook account has had no updates since November and Martin@AMK who is active on the forums with the Tomcat progress has not been online since November, this is worrying