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  1. Legendary in every aspect, Though the pilot looks a little spaced out staring in to nothingness
  2. Just seen this announcement from Takom on their social media page https://www.facebook.com/354803674728188/photos/a.423157824559439/1902455009963039
  3. I got mine today as well. I do agree we have to credit them for honouring the error
  4. That first photo is just perfect and captures the invaders profile so well. It's making me think if I want to keep my first boxing of the kit or grab the counter invader boxing
  5. Nice Hurricane, I'm currently finishing the Sea Hurricane boxing of this kit. Goes together really well and I like your results
  6. I did see somewhere on AMK facebook page that they are still assisting with development of this kit before they work on their next project
  7. I've got this on pre-order with Hannants for £35. I've now noticed that Hannants had the incorrect price but will honour all retail back orders and kit should have been around £50
  8. Their sister company Hobby Boss already do the KA-27 in 1/48. basically the same aircraft.
  9. That's quite interesting. So the OV-10D version of the kit has a slightly more weight to the forward fuselage to prevent tail sitting even without weight added. I've been reading some builds of the OV-10A version and some are plagued with tail sitting even after trying to add weight
  10. @mathy Stunning looking Bronco there. Legendary work, I've been looking as some reviews online and finding quite a few people having issues with the nose weight to prevent tail sitting and the fact there is hardly anywhere to put any counter weight. Can I ask about yours and what you did?
  11. @jenko Really nice Bronco there, I'm thinking about building mine but I'm curious about tail sitting issues. The biggest issue being the nose weight required and no where to put any counter weight in. What did you do with yours?
  12. I've got that on back order but I've seen a few retailers have started their own pre orders for around £50-£55 which is £20 quid more than hannants prices. Someone has a price error somewhere
  13. Hi, Glorious Su-25 Can I ask which GSI paints you used for the camo?
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