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  1. Nice, now the question is, where do you display it?
  2. Amazing build Out of curiosity, how are you going to display it now it's built?
  3. I've been waiting a new tooled Su-25 for ages, but I'm in a moral dilemma in regards to getting the kit and the country of manufacture. I know there might now be foreseeable distribution issues as a result.
  4. Kitty Hawk have ceased trading, so unless the moulds have been sold, I doubt we'll see it again
  5. There does seem to be a large amount of the rear of the fuselage that could be salvaged, but in the middle of a warzone, very unlikely. Its such a symbolic aircraft. I also have to give thoughts to the people of Ukraine. Please stay strong
  6. I used to build for SAMI for about 3/4 years from 2016/17 to 2020. My only issue was some of my builds never got published and some times I worked extremely hard on the builds. I only stopped building for them because of the pandemic and being a front line key worker. I don't recognise any of the names though, have they changed hands in the last two years?
  7. I've just seen on the news that the An-225 has just been destroyed. Keeping politics and everything out, that is a another sad this to see. The aircraft was a masterpiece of modern aviation Please keep any comments about the aircraft only
  8. I was originally interested but I've lost my interest in the kit purely because they put one decal option in of a special scheme. Revell see to have a habit of packing kits with just one decal option, their Eurofighters a prime example. Some people have zero interest in these scheme and would prefer to build options of aircraft in operational schemes. I'm not interested in which aircraft but I'm not interested in purchasing aftermarket decals. Lost one customer here with this kit
  9. I'm speaking as a large 1/48 scale jet in general, not necessarily the subject
  10. My only quibble is the price, in an ever changing and competitive market £60+ for a 1/48 Buccaneer I feel is about £15 over priced. Looking at what some brands like ICM, Revell put out in regarding to 1/48 kits that is my 2 cents. I'm very interested and its a subject I want after just finishing their 1/72 offering.
  11. Well, I was a little surprised but it's a pleasant surprise
  12. Well, that wasn't expected as such. But it's nice to see a later spitfire in 1/24. Tempting, very tempting
  13. So, for today I've been cleaning up and preparing the cockpit parts for painting. Since I'm also using the photo etched set I started removing all the required detail for the etched parts to be placed. I've just dry fitted the cockpit to see how it goes together and then I'm going to start painting this evening.
  14. Hello everyone I'm due to start a new project for the winter. I've had some issues with my stash recently as I've found some of them quite daunting when opening the boxes, wondering what I've got myself into as such. I even started a topic not to long ago regarding confidence in starting some kits in your stash, as if some of those kits intimidated you a little So I felt now, the best thing to do is jump right in to one of those kits which I felt a little intimidated with and provide myself with a project for the winter months, especially as things look like they are picking up with the pandemic and staying indoors might be better for the winter. So with this in mind, I am about to start the Zoukei Mura 1/32 A-1J Skyraider. I've always wanted to build a big Skyraider and was originally going to grab the Trumpeter version until I saw this one 2nd hand and still sealed for £80 and snapped it up before anyone else had the chance to get it. This was the first issue with the weapons sold separately, which I picked up along with the photoetched interior. Its been some time since I had a WIP on Britmodeller as I had a few stop start projects, or some I finished and didn't update on the forums but this one will go all the way, with updates posted regularly when they happen. I'm going to be making a start today, so wish me luck
  15. I think this is very much on the line of my trail of thought and why they intimidate me
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