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  1. IanF

    Cosford show

    I agree that Models for Sale were in a pretty gloomy spot, but I asked them how they were doing and they said sales were fantastic. I'm not surprsed with their prices, Meng King Tigers for £22.00!
  2. IanF

    Fuel economy

    I know the feeling well!
  3. IanF

    Fuel economy

    What's the point of you staying awake? You still have to steer the car!!
  4. IanF

    Not Action man.....

    I don't remember the Fighting Furies figures, but I do remember the Action Jack range. If I remember, they came in a range of outfits such as, Doctor, Commando, Security and US Marshall. I remember them being smaller than Star Wars figures, but that could be my memory playing tricks! Ian
  5. Absolutely, and in no way was I aiming that as a criticism of the forums or it's membership, rather a nod to the collective knowledge on here that highlights these issues. I agree regarding the pricing, it does seem a bit steep. All the best. Ian
  6. I don't think there are many folk on here that would agree that Trumpeter get a pass for abysmal product design!
  7. I don’t think they’re disputing your post, rather the origins of the kits in the boxes.
  8. However Airfix design, manufacture and distribute is still no excuse for putting shoddy product out. If they were to acknowledge this as being an explanation for the faults and they still can't get a grip of the situation, they also need to acknowledge that they made the wrong decision.
  9. Britmodeller does not represent the majority of modellers.
  10. Wow, Just......Wow
  11. Yep, you're right, you could do that, but it doesn't alter the fact, you should not have to!!!!!!!!!
  12. I consider myself a competent modeller, actually a bit more than competent, however what free time I have spare for modelling should not be taken up fixing faults, before I even start building a kit. Its not about being able to fix the fault, it’s the fact that YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO, regardless of modelling ability. It’s clear there are two types of people in this thread, the ones who think Airfix can do no wrong, and the ones who can see that, despite Airfix giving us varied subjects on a frequent release schedule, the kits they release, for the most part are average at best, and not that cheap either.
  13. I don't think the issue is people's personal specification of what the model should be, but more of an expectation that the model, in this case the Sea Fury should be free of faults like the short shot tail. And that's what it is, a fault. Yes, many people will not be bothered and just fix it, but really, should they have to?
  14. IanF

    Britmodellers' X Files

    Some years ago, my girlfriend at the time and her family needed to move to a bigger house, better suited to their needs. The house they bought was sold by the son of the previous owner, who had recently passed away. Not long after moving in, they decided on modernising the property, new decoration throughout, new bathroom and kitchen etc. A few odd little things started happening not long after they moved in, for example, my girlfriend's Mother was in the house alone one day, working upstairs. She noticed an elderly couple outside, walking past the house, smiling and waving to somebody or something downstairs in the living room. This obviously unnerved her and she had to check she was indeed alone in the house. All went quiet for a while until one day the mother and her youngest daughter had been out, they came back to the empty house and walked into the kitchen/dining room. They both saw, plain as day, a little old lady stood at the kitchen sink washing pots. The lady turned to them and said, "What are you looking at?" She then promptly dissapeared! What was even stranger, where the lady was stood washing the pots, was the position the kitchen sink used to be before they fitted a new kitchen and moved it!
  15. IanF

    Britmodellers' X Files

    In 1991 I was working at my first Job as a trainee/apprentice with British Rail. One evening, after finishing an afternoon shift at a colliery sidings, I was walking home, taking a shortcut on a path between a field and the branch line and cutting into the sidings. It was around December and about 7pm, it was freezing cold with a heavy frost on the ground. As I was walking, I became aware of the sound of what I can only describe as a babbling brook immediately to my right on the line side of me, which i'd never noticed before when walking this path. As I continued walking, I then heard the sound of numerous young children having a right old time, laughing, splashing and playing in the water. My first thought was that they must be mad playing in the water with it being so cold and dark! It was only when I got home that I realised how odd this had been. Where I'd heard the sound of the children and water coming from was a thin hedgereow then beyond that a steep cutting with the railway line in, and the location was pretty remote. I walked the same route the next day in daylight on my way to work, I went through the hedgereow and could find no sign of a river or stream or any running water and I certainly couldn't hear any water either. To this day, I'm still puzzled what I heard that night, or where it came from. Needless to say, I stopped walking that route not long after! Merry Christmas all. Ian