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  1. Also, with you talking of thinning the interior and wings, I noticed the plastic is hard and a touch brittle, but when using any form of power tool like a dremmel it melts easily! As for interiors, I've got a few Eduard Spitfires and will use the spare bulkheads they have as a starting point. Same with the landing gear! The Stash
  2. Nice! I'm following this! I've one of these in my stash that needs building, plus a few Seafires! I've built the PR.XIX and almost finished the Mk.XIVe The Stash!
  3. I can't wait for the decals to go on... I'm just about to buy a few sets from Oldmodels, I've yet to try them! I'd love to see how well they go on.
  4. Hi Hayden, you're in NZ too I guess? Locally, if you're up for a bit of basic electronics and soldering, I went to my local Jaycar Electronics shop (https://www.jaycar.co.nz/search?sort=price-asc&q=led%3Arelevance%3Acategory%3A2EA#) they were real helpful. You can find resistance calculators for LED's online too (http://ledcalc.com/) Have fun!
  5. Hey everyone, I've gone mad and decided to build a Bandai Tie Fighter instead of my usual Spitfires, RNZAF WWII and late WWII Luftwaffe, this is normal right? I've been thinking of trying to add a few LED lighting details, does anyone know of a good source of mini LED's, glass fiber wire, and general electrical stuff to do this? Or good priced overseas? Cheers Paul The Stash
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