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  1. Nice update Elgar. That 120 looks a lot lighter than I recall, perhaps I could suggest 'dirtying' it up a bit, although it does help to make things much easier to see detail though the glazing. Excellent work down the back end as well, it looks sufficiently busy down there cheers John
  2. 12jaguar

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    And of course you would all be most welcome It's looking a lot more 'cockpit like' now
  3. 12jaguar

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Another great build mon General of what looks to be a well thought out kit. must drop some hints to Mem Sahb and the sprogs...... John
  4. 12jaguar

    Its a Bomber!!

    Hi Greg try looking at our website http://stirlingproject.co.uk/ or there's: http://sas.raf38group.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=6 John
  5. 12jaguar

    Its a Bomber!!

    what do you need??
  6. What can I say Elger, you're certainly doing the old girl some justice . I'm glad that James and ourselves in the Project have been of use to you, I wish I had your patience in 1/72, doing it in 1/1 is bad enough. Cheers John
  7. 12jaguar

    Airfix 1/72 Short Stirling

    Not strictly true, whilst the flaps and undercarriage were electrically actuated, the flying controls (Rudder, Ailerons and Elevators) were conventional cable operated. Early Stirling engine controls were hydraulically actuated through Exactor units but these were replaced on later aircraft reverting to conventional cables and pulleys John
  8. 12jaguar

    Hello from Dmitrov, Russia

    Welcome Serge
  9. Nice progress Neil Thought something looked off the astrodome hatch should be on the stbd side Will you be going to the MK modelshow? John
  10. Ahem, I know what you can do Neil, so I'm expecting a bit more on the cockpit LOL John
  11. Hi Cees As you say the perspex is very different, but a Wellington FN5 structure is taller. On a stirling and lancaster, the ammo boxes are mounted under the turret ring with the boxes lids level with the base of the cupola. On a Wellington the ammo boxes are mounted above the level of the cupola lower surface, see https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=wellington+fn5&rlz=1C1SQJL_enGB785GB785&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwzM2hzcTZAhWJyKQKHUnSBtsQ_AUICigB&biw=1024&bih=472#imgrc=A5ebmaypfyVKgM: unfortunately I haven't got any photos to hand showing the Lanc/Stirling installation, but it is definitely different John ps Cees, apologies, the radiator gauge didn't come as part of the package we received
  12. Hi Neal I'm sure you know already but a Wellington turret is significantly different from a Stirling one. The cupola is totally different as is the mounting of the twin brownings (about a true 4" higher than the Stirling FN5) John
  13. hi Neil You certainly don't waste any time I heartily suggest that you take a trip down to our workshop to see how we're progressing. It will also give us an opportunity to chat over some of the pitfalls with doing her in a larger scale. I've literally just sent some photos to another modeller who is doing an Italeri one so have a lot f info to hand John