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  1. It should be a 2 part mask on both sides as the lower part is a Direct Vision window that opens inwards on each side so that the pilots can have a clear view forward and below John
  2. Ooo the Stirling is getting closer John
  3. Have to agree with Heather on the bulged windows, window configuration on Stirlings can be quite confusing. As always pick your topic and model to that.
  4. Word to the wise, it's not a great kit, but once you've fought it into submission it does at least look like a Jag 🐵 John
  5. hi, sorry a bit late to the party. A lot of the items in the Italeri kit are quite fanciful, notably the 'galley' installed aft of the Navigators bulkhead, you'd only find that on a Mk V fitted out for passengers. regarding other items, the only thing routinely carried was a case in the centre section for a 'Tropicalisation kit', this also had some survival equipment such as water canisters and heliographs. I expect that on ops where the aircraft had to fly a considerable distance such as the raids on Turin when flying on to north Africa, extra maintenance equipment might have been carried, but knowing the constraints of flying through the Alps en route, I think they'd have been dispensed with to save weight John
  6. Lovely rendition of an early Stirling there Heather and it was a pleasure to assist you. For the purists, early Mk Is had an FN4 rear turret which is a more rouned version than the boxier FN20 found on later Stirlings and Lancasters cheers John
  7. I've seen that video and whilst it's ambitious in its intent I think it unrealistic to compare a 4 engined heavy with a Battle which carried 3 crew and was only used operationally for a short time. Same with the other twins. A more realistic view would be to compare loss rate against number of operational sorties. This would level the field a bit but wouldn't take into account improvements in technology and operational use. At best a Battle is a tactical light bomber as opposed to a 4 engined strategic bomber John
  8. Noting that we're only talking of 1/72 here but the shape and profile of a Stirling FN5 cupola is totally different to a Wellington one. Even the internals are subtly different doh!
  9. Hi Heather Cracking build thus far. Not sure if anyone has responded as yet, but the fuselage interior fwd of the cockpit bulkhead is all cockpit green, with the fuselage aft of that in painted silver/aluminium. For early Mk Is the rear turret is an FN4 as per the Manchester and most definitely not the same as a Lanc. Are you doing a Mk I, srs 1, 2 or 3? John
  10. Regarding short @rsed pilots, the seats have a fairly large amount of adjustment both fore and aft and up and down. The rudder pedals actually come in 3 different patterns; plain, with a detachable platform to make them taller and solid cast with the pedal already taller. The pedals themselves can also be adjusted in the fore and aft plain John
  11. Lovely Jag Only one small issue though... you've got the tail serial the wrong way round, it should read XZ359 cheers John
  12. I may be biased but you can't beat an Italeri Stirling😁
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