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  1. Awesome job, my dad used to overhaul RMs and RMLs at the Aldenham Bus Works before they closed it down. Always wanted to get one of these due to the connection regards John
  2. An absolutely beaeutiful kit. It's quite scarey when I think back to making mine, I was still in the RAF and had to spend some time in Halton Hospital. Thankfully depsite being a military establishment they were very relaxed and as I had plenty of time on my hands I whiled away the hours tinkering with the kit. It's the first and only vacform I've ever made and I was really impressed with how it was so well thought out. When it was finished I placed it on display in the Fenland Aircraft Museum and when I left the RAF moved away and forgot all about it. I had cause to go back a coup
  3. Thanks Guys Guessed that might be the reason take care John
  4. Thanks Aidrian Couldn't find a decent photo of the wing upper surface, so they're a great help cheers John
  5. Morning I'm building the new Airfix Buccaneer S2B straight out of the box. I have a query though on the upper surface wing fold area on an aircraft with the wings extended The instructions have you fit a reinforcing piece (part nos B7 and B8) before fitting the outer upper wings. However this would leave the forward wing hinge joint exposed when ordinarily you'd expect there to be an aerodynamic cover plate. Is this a feature of late Buccs as I've seen on other aircraft I've worked on where there is increased inspection activity that non-critical panels can be omitted t
  6. Hi Tim nice to see a Jag getting some attention. First off the cockpit is all over black, ISTR they mistakenly refer to it in the instructions as being grey but be assured it's as black as a coal hole. The Airbrakes should sit flush with the fuselage sides as they fit into a recess in the Engine doors. There is a tolerance when setting up the closed stops on the airbrakes but it wouldn't be much (The AP is buried in the loft) cheers John
  7. Previous thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234917818-raf-bomb-colours/ regards John
  8. That's a pity, the Italeri MkIV is the best option of their Stirlings. I've painted all my Stirlings using rattle cans with BluTac to mask off the cammo. Halfords matt black in fact gives a very slight satin sheen and is pretty resilient to handling cheers John
  9. I know you haven't got that far yet, but the rear part of the airbrake bay should be the same colour as the external cammo in that area not chromate, and on the Port side very evry dirty due to the APU exhaust John
  10. Hi Tweener where do I start... Nose is more streamlined as you say Rear turret removed and replaced by a truncated observation fairing with twin vertical strakes More fuselage windows Cargo door in Stbd side some aircraft had spinners fitted to the propellers complete with a 'fan' to improve cooling in front of the engine when towing gliders or in tropical areas There are some detail changes to the cockpit There used to be a conversion set by Final Touch available in resin which gave a new nose and tail fairing plus the cargo door, a
  11. I do wonder if a Jag is on their radar as they had a lengthy aerodrome article in the last year. I'm up for a new one
  12. The chap who's made those animations is a long term friend of the Project, he's put a surprising amount of detail into his images and you can do a virtual walk through of a Stirling John
  13. And if you need any help Jeff G, please feel free to ask John
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