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  1. Are you able to post an image of the markings in question? Perhaps someone here can help.
  2. What about ex-military on the civilian register?
  3. I think the next new STGB subject to qualify will fill the vacated slot.
  4. We are hoping there will be plenty of the new Airfix kits available by then but the older kits are all still just as valid
  5. An Albanian MiG-15 you say John? I like the sound of that.
  6. Glad to hear that John as it's the effect I was hoping for
  7. Ladies, gentlemen, other genders, please permit us a slight change of plan if you will. As you will no doubt know by now Airfix have announced a new-tool kit of our subject with a projected release date of September 2019. While this would see the kit arrive in time for this STGB recent history has shown us that, with the best wil in the world, release dates can and will slip. Therefore we're going to move this GB slightly to allow for any unseen eventuallities and delays. This will also give the international market greater time to receive copies of the kit and aftermarket manufacturers time to get those lovely goodies out To this end our Buccaneer STGB will now take place from 2nd May to 2nd August 2020
  8. Col.

    Yugoslav Messerschmitt

    How easy is it to over-commit on GBs here
  9. Col.

    Yugoslav Messerschmitt

    Have to admit I've been tempted to do a couple of 'then and now' subject builds as well. Of course I'm now also tempted to pick up a set of thise decals for an early edition Eduard 109G kit that's lurking in the stash having seen your post
  10. A small point of addition to The Rules if I may gang; while this GB does not allow for What-if subjects I will allow for 'most likely'. Due to the chotic nature of our subject period and the secrecy into which many nations became encloaked it may be difficult to prove the individual identity of a particular subject at a specific place and time. In that case it is perfectly good to show a representation of the type. So if you cannot prove that a particular serial or Bort number was definitely there at the time but it serves as an example of equipment that was then I'm happy to see you join in the fun
  11. Col.

    Yugoslav Messerschmitt

    Cool subject choice Craig This machine certainly carries an interesting history.
  12. Col.

    Meteor FR 9

    Nice choice James. Must confess to not having paid this kit sufficient attention yet so will watch your progress with interest. That 2 Sqn. scheme does look good as does the box art; exciting and historically correct unlike some of the same artist's other work.
  13. Col.

    T-54B, 1/35

    Given that these machines must have been involved in a winter exercise or maneouvers at some point during their service in the 50s I'm happy to see you do it the scheme. Plus it looks cool so all good
  14. Good to see you continuing with this one Cliff
  15. Not Warsaw Pact, nor NATO, but still part of the story Welcome to the GB Werner with an interesting subject.Sounds as if you've quite a range of potential colourschemes to pick from for this one.