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    Who knew Beaufighters were so complicated.
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  1. Col.

    Buccaneer S.2B Airfix 1/72

    Yeouch! That looks serious Laz. Plastic sheet to the rescue perhaps?
  2. Everything looks to be going well for you with this one
  3. These two look to be going well for you Tim. Do you think the threatening presence of that claw hammer on the bench has helped convince the kits to behave?
  4. No stress Alan. This is a hobby and we should be doing it for fun Good luch with your F-15 and hopefully see you for the 60s NATO Vs Warpac GB
  5. Nice work and to read you've had fun doing it makes the task of organising a GB wothwhile
  6. You've a few good options there
  7. Good to see this one is going well for you. As to opening the gun bays; I'd suggest chain drilling then perhaps a razor saw or careful scalpel work to clean up the edges.
  8. Col.

    Yugoslav 1/48 Hawker Fury

    Glad to hear you're on the mend sir.
  9. Col.

    Buccaneer S.2B Airfix 1/72

    Nice work there Laz regardless of the fight it's putting up.
  10. Col.

    1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4

    She really is looking very good
  11. Col.

    Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Sorry gang but life has been a little, how shall we say, busy? That coupled with not being able to log in due to my own stupidity resulted in you lot being left unattended but it doesn't look as if you've burnt the place down so we're doing okay Now if you'll excuse me I really need to catch up with all the good work that's been going on.
  12. I'll not argue with your research as not looked into it myself but will applaud your honesty in the matter as I'd not have know otherwise. The County Class DDG will make a nice change as there's always a shortage of ships in most GBs :)
  13. Along with the rest of the nation