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  1. Lovely kit, surprised nobody took it off you, how much were you looking for it?
  2. Always good to see something less common being considered Cliff Nice selection of options there Tim and some uncommon ones amongst them
  3. Thinking most likely 2024 unless there's a mad rush of interested parties in the intervening month but I'm simply a passenger of circumstance on this journey
  4. There was a time when we didn't think this GB would make it through and we were looking for alternative options to build them. Thankfully this is now not the case
  5. Aah, fair enough, knew you'd be taking a reference from somewhere and I hardly watch any TV
  6. Sure a damp squid is a happy squid. Now squibs, on the other hand...
  7. In my interpretation of quantum physics we'll be alright. If time ceases to exist we'll be able to continue working through our stash for an infinite period but concurrently continue adding to our stash and thus achieving a state of equilibrium
  8. The more attention I pay to that painting guide the more involved I realise the scheme to be. Best of good luck with this one as it'll make a stunning addition to your collection.
  9. Be mindful the T model Hunter used a Mk.4 seat rather than the Mk.3 found in the single seat examples Giorgio.
  10. Another iconic choice Ian and arguably a very different one to your F1 Ferrari
  11. Excellent There hasn't been many chances for F1 cars to get some attention in the GB section apart from the current PRRRBSS MegaGB so it'd be great to get another up and running. V engines have always seemed synonymous with F1 as I can't think of any examples that used another configuration. They certainly could
  12. Your RE8 and Be2/12 are great choices Inverted V certainly count as well. The V8 seems to be almost ubiquitous across American cars Tim and it seems as if you've plenty choice within your stash
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