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  1. That's certainly a colourful subject Johnny and you have something of a personal connection to it as well
  2. Nice start and a great selection of potential schemes there; perhaps you need another two kits to avoid the agony of choice
  3. Good to see you continuing with this one Don. Please keep the progress updates coming
  4. You're number 32 JR and yes it promises to be lots of fun I must take a look at your Matchbox GB project.
  5. This one has come together quickly Dave. Hopefully it's restoring your mojo as well
  6. Taking shape nicely
  7. Test aircraft from the likes of Edwards AFB and Boscombe Down are certainly eligible Craig. No pressure obviously but I've added your name to the provisional list. Cool. Your name is now on the list
  8. Tidy work Tim and nice idea with the sharpie
  9. Best wishes to you Pat. If you need a chat at any time feel free to send me a PM.
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