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  1. Welcome to the party I've heard KittyHawk's heli kits are their better efforts so hopefully this one will go smoothly for you.
  2. Ouch! As reasons for not finishing a kit go you've certainly picked an extreme one Alan
  3. Nice start Glynn. First time I've seen anyone set to this kit so best of good luck.
  4. That was quick! @Enzo Matrix style There's a simple, although potentially expensive, cure for that
  5. Can't imagine there'd be a huge difference in equipment fit between the two forces using the same machine in the same role and even if so it seems unlikely anyone can correct you if interior shots are rare
  6. It must be the resin dust As for your other projects; W.W.E.M.D. Haven't you got models to be building or a house to be moving into or something?
  7. I'd say give the Coal Black a good dry-brushing with matt black then some greys to give wear and highlight effects.
  8. Another one for the pack, always welcome, not a dog of a kit either from what I've seen. Quite a selection of markings on the decal sheet as well.
  9. Nice subject choice I'm interested in how the new and old parts compare and fit together.
  10. I'm another who's never built this kit but it comes from an era when Airfix were producing some great things so will be watching your progress with interest
  11. Nice subject choice Allan and sounds as if you've picked a good kit.
  12. Nice update work. That'll pay off once intalled and looking great
  13. Nice start John and I'm sure that tail parts won't present you with any issues for long I've not been able to partake in the club Zoom events yet but hopefully can join in soon.
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