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  1. Col.

    Sumatran Strike Seafire

    "Wait you fool," I hear you cry, "that profile shows a Seafire III but your kit is a Seafire II! What are you thinking man!?!" Well the main difference between the two kits is a tree of wing parts; the II kit has a plain wing while the III kit features the wingfold lines scribed into it. The II kit was also cheaper at both normal retail and at a model show when I bought the second copy for a bargain 10 pounds I don't think the minor differences in shape to the undercarriage wells and scribing in the wingfold lines are beyond me. Famous last words perhaps? We'll see I also need to source some decals or paint on the majority of the markings to make this one happen. Hopefully this is again within my skill set. So I made a start last night. After cleaning off a little flash I painted the spinner in Humbrol Hu100 enamel as it was the closest match to the red used for the national markings in the decal sheet and while not perfect the only red that will be used from the decal sheet is the fin flash a long way from the spinner so a minor difference shouldn't be obvious. The back-plate was also painted silver with some Hu56 The aforementioned wing got a little attention as well around the undercarriage bay parts. Everything need a little bit of attention to encourage a good fit but nothing too serious. Last task for the evening was to go at the cockpit frame with a small drillbit to open up the lightening holes that are represented only by shallow depressions on the kit part.
  2. A while ago I floated the idea of doing a Supermarine Seafire for this GB and with my entry in the 60s NATO Vs Warpac GB almost finished I got bored waiting for paint to dry and rather than touch any of the many stalled projects littering the peripheries of the workbench decided, aided in no small part by a pile of Seafire references lying close to hand and being glanced through as bedtime reading, to start something new NN460 H6-Z features as a profile in a couple of my books and they seem to agree for the most part with a couple of minor differences in the details. Looks nice doesn't it? Think I'll have a crack at building it with this; With only a month and a half remaining of the GB I'm unlikely to finish it given my slow speed of typical progress but sod it, here we are now, a new challenge
  3. Good to see this one on its feet and heading rapidly for the finish line
  4. This has become the top subject on my wish list of new kits.
  5. Sounds like a solution to me Find any nice surprises in there?
  6. Ah. Damn. Sorry to hear that Good luck finding some suitable decal options. I must confess to knowing next to nothing of Libya's history but it sounds as if you are more familiar with it. Something I'll endeavor to read further into some day hopefully.
  7. Col.

    Yanks Abroad

    What about license build examples Giorgio? I'm thinking specifically the Italian ANA Starfighter but sure there are other examples of items both civilian and military that were produced abroad by US manufacturers or from US designs.
  8. Those are nice markings Giorgio. A pity the aircraft didn't spend at least some time in Europe during the years covered by this GB. Although if anyone can prove they did I'd be happy to include this one. Do still like the sound of your F-86K
  9. Col.

    Yanks Abroad

    Can I play? There's a few US manufactured subjects in my stash that will wear Fleet Air Arm markings and a Corsair for the Aeronavale
  10. Hmm, there's an interesting case, assigned but deployed outwith In this case I'll say no Giorgio. While the aircraft were assigned to Europe if they didn't spend any time operating within our area of interest I'm inclined to say they are outwith the scope of our GB. Sorry.
  11. Col.

    KLU 322 Sqn. F-104G

    Given the title of our GB I think having the wingtip launchers on your Starfighter for the first time is most appropriate Giorgio
  12. Col.

    1/48 Hawker Tempest

    I'm sure a better spinner and cockpit will be available in the Brassin range soon along with various other 'upgrade' parts at a price
  13. Col.

    144th.co.uk Lightnings

    The what now!?! That reads like a website I need to visit while hiding my wallet!
  14. Yes Rich anything floating or flying around the Med is included for this one Hopefully your Panther lands before Santa's sleigh.
  15. Col.

    Vee-engine GB

    Anyone else want to join in the fun with this one?