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  1. Nice to see an Italian F.3 getting some coverage (even if it isn't a JASDF scheme) and hopefully you've enough time remaining to investigate the alternative build methods many have adopted. Welcome along
  2. Nice find @exdraken Looks ready to be lent against the kit of choice. 3D printing seems to be the way forward for our hobby in the near future.
  3. Hope you get the time and conditions conducive to firing up the airbrush Pete as this one looks to be coming together well for you
  4. Wow! Those markings really are bright
  5. You're off to a good solid start Allan and I agree with your decision to fix the flying surfaces in place: the toy-like feature of having them movable only creates issues for construction and clean-up later.
  6. Without any other reference to their scale I'd have said those were much larger so looks as if we're in for a treat
  7. Even small steps are a movement forward and therefore good progress Bosse
  8. That one certainly will keep you occupied for a while @Erwin!
  9. Consider yourself, one of us. Consider yourself, one of the family
  10. Looking great AW, those decals are certainly colourful
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