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    Who knew Beaufighters were so complicated.
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  1. Nice start. Spotted this one lurking in the background of your other thread
  2. Sorry to hear that Peter. Hope everything improves for you soon.
  3. Always room for another nightfighter and particularly one with such great nose art
  4. I'm liking your update due to the canopy cover and saving the model hitting the floor rather than due to the stabbing incident
  5. Canopy cover is a good shout or get some of that 'snow' for dioramas and model it on a winter day.
  6. That looks a little like trying to pass off a bulldog as a wolf.
  7. Remember gang, you are voting for a single subject over all three sections rather than one from each section
  8. Having read what you've already done to produce that complete airframe I'd say that was a materful understatement! Nice work making the former weapons bay into an accurate representation of the RF area.
  9. Hah! Don't for one moment think we'll let you It's looking far too good to become a shelf queen.
  10. Nice to see you back at this one Dave
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