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  1. That looks like weathering to me
  2. Oh I'm quite sure Rich will be giving air to his resin fetish in every other GB he partakes regardless
  3. Hmm, fictional 'Sci-fi' interceptors, why not Not previously given any thought to 'What-if's. If anyone wants to tackle the paper projects that didn't make it off the drawing board and fictional subject from film and TV then that's cool but the same rules apply. Right Enzo, if you build it I'll allow it
  4. Unless they are a modeller, in which case they will simply smile knowingly My daughter loves the Lego 'Friends' sets and we have lots of fun putting them together. Plus there's almost always a set of shiny silver stickers for detail and the spare bits are also ideal for mirrors or lights.
  5. Get her done Alan! Looks too good to langush on the Shame Shelf.
  6. Yes! Nice find Dennis Go on Rich, make it so, you know you want to Sure I've plenty 32nd scale jets in the stash this set could be made to work with Not seen it for far too long. Need to watch it again. Hell yes. That bit where the 'Zero' is fly along and the Tomcat looms up behind it out of the clouds has to be one of the best aerial sequences ever in my opinion.
  7. Oh, you are well on with her Rich, I must have missed several updates. Looking good. Have you had any luck sourcing some figures for the washing diorama?
  8. While I'm slightly disappointed the Hunter sheet isn't first the Phantom sheet sounds rather interesting and tempting.
  9. Ooh! Good shout. Was, however, reading a bit about the production of Final Countdown earlier today and now want to watch it again. Forgot it was made 6 years before Top Gun. While we're on the subject of good films I'd like to offer up two more just for the sake if it; The Right Stuff and Heartbreak Ridge.
  10. Yes they did. Quite a few Royal Navy ships have flown one over the years and at least one Buccaneer flew with one as nose art during Op Granby.
  11. Rather than a Single Type GB how about a single squadron/unit GB? Or a Jolly Roger GB as you say might work as well
  12. Wow! No but tempted to now after reading that. Or maybe I'll just watch Final Countdown instead
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