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  1. Aye, the options for Sabre D decals are rare enough, the situation is fully worse for a K You look to have done great things with the decal set from your kit though
  2. Perhaps they've lost the single seat canopy mold to the carpet monster?
  3. If it happens to feature in the background of your continued progress with the nightfighter I'm sure none of us will object
  4. The reason I started following what turned into the bidding frenzy was to get the sheet as an option for my own two Airfix kits but as you say it's now going for close to the price of two Hasegawa kits Seeing how lovely your Sabre Dog looks with her decals on is encouraging me to stick with the kit decal option for that one now. The other was going to be basis for a conversion to K so will need alternative decals anyway.
  5. Col.

    1/72 Academy F15C

    Found this thread while searching for information on the current selection of F-15J kits in 72nd scale. Am I correct in thinking Hasegawa, Platz, and GWH are the only options? If so which is best at representing the type as used by the JASDF aggressor squadrons?
  6. Oops Glad to hear you recovered it and are progressing forward.
  7. Excellent future subject choice Paul It'll fit well in the Bomber/Strike/Ground Attack GB Erm, hope it's getting delivered to the correct address!?! If it helps send it to me and I can look after it for you
  8. I suppose we could argue that wood and doped fabric were the earlier incarnation of composite construction
  9. Good work on avoiding the intake fit issues Tim. British weather certainly slows our progress when we arrive at the painting stage
  10. More good work Chris so much so that your infectious enthusiasm led to my stalled F.2T getting a dust down yesterday
  11. You're doing this one proud sir and bringing out its beautiful lines in style.
  12. Other than that short section of wingroot everything is looking good on both
  13. More good progress showing on this one Loren
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