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  1. Behold commrades, our hero is headless no more!
  2. Those raised lines on the missile body wouldn't be representing welds by any chance Arnold?
  3. Col.

    Tim's Gutersloh Lightning

    Isn't that the same stuff that SNJ marketed? At a significantly higher price no doubt.
  4. Calling it a Mk.6a will be more correct and avoid the wrath of pedants Remember to attach the airbrake before you commit to paint!
  5. Col.

    Greek Spitfire Mk. IXc, Royal Hellenic AF, 1947...

    Nice work on the Spitfire John and congratulations on giving up the smoking.
  6. Of course you can Stew, delighted to have you aboard, the Eduard MiG-15 is a lovely kit and an ideal subject for this GB
  7. I say, go on, you know it makes sense. What's the point in having kits in the stash if you aren't going to build them Also have to admit I'd no idea Heller did a MiG-19.
  8. Tidy work John and at a rapid pace! This really is a lovely kit so good choice after the MiG-19.
  9. Col.

    mój polski MiG-21 - My Polish MiG-21

    That is quite a gap. Be a bit of a draft getting in if the real machine featured that!
  10. Col.

    Its a Deuce !

    The weapons bay was such an interesting feature of this aircraft and it's younger brother that I'm glad to see you're going for it open and on display.
  11. Col.

    Tim's Gutersloh Lightning

    How can anyone fail to love the shape of a Lightning
  12. The lack of locating pins certainly makes us concentrate on these kits Then again so does the change from 16th scale to 72nd I'd imagine!