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  1. Inventive work to source those markings J-W and well worthwhile
  2. If the canopy is so clear as to display the cockpit detail closed it'll help showcase that and the nice lines of the Mirage F.1 at the same time
  3. Nice job on the paintwork
  4. You're off to a good start with this one
  5. You look to be making good progress on this one Matt.
  6. Almost there and looking well Davey.
  7. Col.

    Rommel's Runabout

    Oh dear. What a shame. Never mind
  8. Progress! Keep the photos coming as I'm certainly not sick of seeing them if you're making headway on this one.
  9. Always a pleasure to have you along Pat They certainly do and you're in Excellent Tim. This GB gives us an opportunity to get the less common subjects coverage otherwise unseen and race cars are always good for a burst of colour to brighten the display cabinet Thank you good sir. Hopefully something for everyone. ...and with that we are now 30 strong with plenty room for more participants.
  10. Col.

    Africa GB chat

    Get a couple of MiG-17 kits and some Alpha Jet decals - problems solved
  11. You're off to a good start with this one and an appropriate beverage for the task
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