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  1. Thought I'd bump this one up the list and see if anyone else wants to join in.
  2. Col.


    Excellent subject choice Bjorn This is another example to illustrate the wide variety of choice available in @trickyrich's GB idea. Having built the Airfix kit a couple of years ago all I can advise you is to do plenty of test fitting and use rough sandpaper to blend any filler and joins into the surrounding surface detail. I also added a tongue to the one with the open mouth to avoid it looking too empty and painted the throat areas dark to hide their emptiness.
  3. Good to see you starting this one Stu
  4. That's looking great Stuart
  5. ...yet Take a part used bottle of extra thin liquid glue and add some chopped up sections of plastic runners from a kit to melt it down into sprue-goo that can then be applied to any areas needing filled. Obviously don't trowel it on too thick otherwise it'll melt everything around it but once set it can be treated like normal plastic kit parts such as sanded and scribed
  6. Sadly I think Revell need to do better that this. Only thing this kit proves, in my opinion, is the need for far better treatment of the early Harrier series in 32nd scale.
  7. Sorry, I was typing faster than thinking, should have wrote there's a few countries under-represented Sounds like my idea of heaven, particularly if you added a bike shop in there, and my wallet's idea of hell
  8. Nice to see your 21 taking shape Bosse. Sure you'll get those steps and gaps sorted soon enough
  9. A pilot in the 'pit and mounted on a stand will make this one look great in my opinion
  10. That's a fair point and something I've been trying to do myself. Far too many kits and no modelling time lately so trying not to add any more to the stash... yet there's so many new kits on the go I'd love to own and hopefully get a chance to work on some day. There is a few countries still not represented yet and remember it doesn't have to be an aircraft
  11. Sure the decals will be fine for a 72nd scale cockpit with canopy closed and make for faster progress Plus you can use those extras on another kit; do you now need another kit to save wasting them?
  12. Those two are quickly becoming Spitfire-shaped Might have to treat yourself to something at the Athens LMS after clearing out so much of your stash in recent GBs
  13. Nice work! The undercarraige bays certainly look to be in the correct place and your printed rocket/pylon parts have certainly turned out well
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