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  1. Go on then, type that into your favourite search engine and show us the results.
  2. A bit of ingenuity required there James but you've created a successful outcome
  3. It appears the fit of those cowl components is the only issue with this kit but you've tided that up nicely Thom
  4. An old kit but a good one nonetheless
  5. Wow! An impressive effort there in every respect Adrian
  6. Nice progress S and the spinner paintwork looks great.
  7. Another interesting scheme and markings on this example Pete
  8. Lovely trio Ray. If you chose to make it a quartet you know we'll all be watching with great interest
  9. Great paintwork Ozzy (I'll resist complimenting you on your pink bits! ) and the pilot figure does indeed add its own measure of extra interest.
  10. Excellent result Craig. Your leap of faith has proved to be a spring (or is it winter? ) forward Now, how's your stash for Hellcat kits?
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