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  1. On the plus side it's a nicely detailed and well fitting kit. Alas the shape and dimensions are not that of the real machine
  2. I'm sure Enzo the Great will do his best to sort us out with a well-spaced calendar At least I hope he does so we can watch you tackle those two cool projects
  3. Other than suitable decals you're pretty much there with the kit The intial F.1 had no cannon blisters or airbrake and indeed the earliest F.4 also had no blisters so you may have cut in the ejector ports depending on your chosen subject and time-frame.
  4. Thank you Diego. I'm keen to get a 72nd scale copy of the sheet to finally finish my Peruvian Hunter but there's so many cool schemes included a few new projects are bound to follow
  5. When are you planning to release the Hunter sheets Diego?
  6. In photos of the real machine the step is not so obvious and pronounced as depicted in the box-art so hopefully the kit is correct.
  7. I'll be surprised if it isn't in the Airfix kit; they have previous form with this squadron in their P-40, P-51, and F-86 kits
  8. Plenty goodies to pack in this one!
  9. Think I did make a start to one or both in a GB but it was so long ago I can't recall which one Could we also extend this GB coverage to include anything with a Bristol aero engine in it?
  10. Add me to the list please. Got two slightly started Tamiya kits in the stash and a virgin Airfix one as well so need to get at least one of them done.
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