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  1. The appliance of science; are you restricting this to weapons of war or are civilian subject also eligible? I'm thinking of early space flight in particular but any early machines could arguably be applicable.
  2. Of course JB and good luck hunting down that Kinetic kit 2 now
  3. Thank you Mark, this is most kind of you, I've sent you a message as well. In the meantime gang we now have an extra incentive for those post-war Asian Air Arm subjects that are in the stash or even add few and, let's be honest, that's always a good thing
  4. Gentlemen, your names are now on the list, welcome in. There are now 22 of us
  5. There's plenty of choice from the long and rich history of the region Steve so I'm sure you'll come up with a few cracking projects
  6. Sadly I can't help you with the R-40 missile details Werner but what you have there looks good. As for an extension; a good idea if it helps populate the gallery
  7. This has become essential viewing for me due to the subject choice and the skill sets being employed to realise it
  8. Yes. NF547 '2D' is indeed a Seafire L.III but your plan to backdate LR734 a couple of months sounds good to me
  9. Those decals do look rather, umm.. 'generous' in their proportions The markings will look better when made from masks and sprayed on though
  10. There's a couple of four-view illustrations in The Aviation Workshop's On Target Profile 5, a IIc LR734 coded 2H during August 1944 without stripes and a L.III NF547 coded 2D with full stripes during June 1944. Both machines have clipped wings and six stub exhausts with the latter, if my memory is correct, featuring in one of the Special Hobby 1/48th scale kits titled "Eyes of The Fleet".
  11. There's a review showing the Vc kit comes with the wide bulges typical of a Seafire IIc and the narrow bulges, more typical of a III, which will let you do an 'interim' IIc. Have you any particular markings in mind V-P?
  12. Hmm, interesting question V-P, let me check to see what cannon bulges come with the Vc kit...
  13. It pleases me greatly to add your name on the list and all the more so if you're bringing an XL to the party
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