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  1. Good look! Airliners modelling was really hit by that conflict. About name, I think it should be unique, so Google search doesn't return funny results. Maybe name of oblast or city you are located could be used? Anyway, if you are going to produce mostly airliners, then my idea is "UAliner" or "UR-liner". PS. I would love to make IL-62m in Ukraine government markings, I hope someone will pick up idea!
  2. At this point I wonder if Eduard will re-release L-39 Albatross in pixel camouflage.
  3. Going by current trends, maybe another Bayraktar? Poland have ordered them too.
  4. HMS Conqueror from MikroMir in 1/350, pictures from Facebook profile. Additional note:
  5. Source: Link (Facebook)
  6. Going by Japanese hint, a new Val is my guess too. First three Japanese aircraft I read about were "Zero, Kate and Val", and first two are pretty well covered. Also Polish connection isn't a important factor any more.
  7. Hellenic air forces used them in combat too, some were sold to Turkey.
  8. And it's already posted on Tamiya blog: Tamiya Featured Releases Early 2022 that would have presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2022 Static Models: Military Models 32601 1/48 British Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 (Desertised) 32603 1/48 German Heavy Tank Tiger I Early Prod. (Eastern Front) 35375 1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-2 35379 1/35 U.S Infantry Scout Set Aircraft 61123 1/48 Lockheed® P-38® J Lightning® Car Models 12033 1/12 Renault RE-20 Turbo (W/PE Parts) Limited Production 12051 1/12 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Street-Custom RE-ISSUE 21172 1/24 McLaren Senna Finished Model (Orange) 21173 1/24 McLaren Senna Finished Model (Gray) 24015 1/24 Nissan Fairlady 280Z with T-Bar Roof RE-ISSUE 24361 1/24 Toyota GR 86 24362 1/24 Subaru BRZ (ZD8)
  9. According to third person message on airlinercafe, owner is aware of problem. https://www.airlinercafe.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=11795
  10. In 1/72 scale it would be over 1 meter long. I rather expect it to be 1/144. There is nice visualisation of this ekranoplan:
  11. Transport aircraft used in civilian use or the other way from 40's would be nice and be closer to your main are of interest, like de Havilland DH.91 Albatross, Avro York (for example LV633 Ascalon, Churchill's personal aircraft.), Vickers VC.1 Viking, Avro Lancastrian. and such.
  12. Is that just a wish, or if not may I ask for source?
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