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  1. In 1/72 scale it would be over 1 meter long. I rather expect it to be 1/144. There is nice visualisation of this ekranoplan:
  2. Transport aircraft used in civilian use or the other way from 40's would be nice and be closer to your main are of interest, like de Havilland DH.91 Albatross, Avro York (for example LV633 Ascalon, Churchill's personal aircraft.), Vickers VC.1 Viking, Avro Lancastrian. and such.
  3. Is that just a wish, or if not may I ask for source?
  4. According to Answer Plastic Kits comment under post about TS-8, if everything goes well kit will be released in May.
  5. For first, It can't be bought, last time Revell released A330 in 2013, according to scalemates.
  6. Source: https://www.facebook.com/BlueRiderPublishing/posts/10157736939666190 Latvian Air Force 1918-1940 (BR267): https://blueriderpublishing.com/shop/p/latvian-aviation-1918-1940?fbclid=IwAR1CtCDdNAhAL8VMv4P4j9DBZTKH_7uWBIQJWd6_LpIZXqtY_MGgjbCiAII Latvian National Guard Aviation (Aizsargu Aviacija) 1931-1936 (BR424): https://blueriderpublishing.com/shop/p/latvian-national-guard-aviation-aizsargu-aviacija-1931-1936?fbclid=IwAR2uObd2LGzM5AIPC2dej75F0Zhxscuz3qJuZXjqqZpO19EpeTwnPDeeKnU Early Swedish Aviation 1920-1921 (BR425): https://blueriderpublishing.com/s
  7. So Martinet is from Smer, C-47is from Airfix
  8. I'm bit disappointed by kits chosen to be released in 1/144 scale. I hoped some older kits with no other kits in mentioned scale would appear, like Fokker 100, which are hard to obtain and have to be search as second-hand.
  9. From this message alone I can not deduce that Carrera Bought Revell, It could otherwise or both are owned by he same entity?
  10. It's not a type, same is written in Polish. I assume aside new tool kit some new scheme variants of older kits will be announced too. And Indian air force. Too bad nobody made aftermarket decals for those. I'm I remember correctly, in the past those were in plans.
  11. There is even built video on Youtube: Building the New Tamiya T34-85 (1/48th scale ) I hope for Renault FT-17 in 1/48.
  12. So I think Roden is ruled out and so I bet on Amodel.
  13. I found out HaHen - Harald Hensel also have some interesting decals. for some time. Convair CV 440 from German Executive Transport Wing and Convair CV 440 from Lufthansa.
  14. Ok. I did not expected that. Project 22220 nuclear icebreaker in 1/350 scale.
  15. According to Hannants those are Stransky Models forms link
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