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  1. I can't imagine making whole beans out of grounded coffee. A bit too much.
  2. Going back to speculating, is there any fairly recent Airfix kit, which could be re-released with markings from Russo-Ukrainian War? Old Soviet jets are, well, quite old. I was thinking about operation Herrick 1/48 vehicles range, but quick search did not confirmed anything from it was sent to Ukraine, still maybe some Land Rovers or quads ended up in Ukraine.
  3. So this but in 1/350 scale?
  4. So a new tool Alpha Jet announced a few years ago is gone for good I assume?
  5. A bit late, but I wonder, did anyone suggested a HMS Spitfire (1912)? A Spitfire, which rammed a German battleship and survived it. That would be a surprising headline.
  6. I think you are explaining opportunity cost here.
  7. For my wallet and conscience what would be a relief.
  8. I still hope Tamiya starts with WWI, downsized Mk. IV tank would be nice.
  9. Good look! Airliners modelling was really hit by that conflict. About name, I think it should be unique, so Google search doesn't return funny results. Maybe name of oblast or city you are located could be used? Anyway, if you are going to produce mostly airliners, then my idea is "UAliner" or "UR-liner". PS. I would love to make IL-62m in Ukraine government markings, I hope someone will pick up idea!
  10. At this point I wonder if Eduard will re-release L-39 Albatross in pixel camouflage.
  11. Going by current trends, maybe another Bayraktar? Poland have ordered them too.
  12. HMS Conqueror from MikroMir in 1/350, pictures from Facebook profile. Additional note:
  13. Source: Link (Facebook)
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