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  1. I specifically did not used Zvezda as a example, because, well, that's a special case. For sure it is possible, and that's really great some companies do both once, but I just not take it as given.
  2. I think I can be called as somebody from that generation, and I think your assessment is not bad. That obvious that model were originally toys to be built by yourself, but hobby over years evolved and branched into something completely different. I mentioned earlier in Airfix 2020 thread, that trying to make kits for both: toy shops, where parts should be tough and simple, and for "rivet counters", who want a lot of small and delicate parts, must be a real headache. That's a reason I have quite high hope for "Beginners" kit, with those made specially for first mentioned target audience, may Airfix for example tone down with size of panel lines in "normal" kits. Still, I'm not sure that "Beginners" is a good name, such kits and also toys should be their own thing, not just prelude for "serious" modellers. Anyway, the facts is that Airfix kind of attracted such harsh judgment of their kits by its own PR strategy. Quick built kits or for example simple Hobby Boss kits are not a target of criticism, because it is obvious forum dwellers are not their main customers. From the other hand, Airfix made a big deal and was basically bragging about about their LIDAR usage, clearly aiming at "rivet counters" too, so no wonder those were a bit ... perplexed, when Airfix did not delivered such high accuracy.
  3. This is not exactly correct. First option is hypothetical and isn't a "what-if". That's a prototype which was used in combat in 1939, his pilot was credited with two He-111 bombers. Unfortunately, no photo of it is known, so scheme was reconstructed based on eyewitness account. More details can be found here: Other schemes indeed are pure "what-if's".
  4. Tiger is probably the most known tank in history, so no wonder everybody want to have one in their catalogue, and I guess still everybody gets profits of it. It was one of my first models I ever got. Old Airfix Tiger is, well, old, in basically death scale and its track assembly isn't especially friendly to beginners. I wasn't surprised at all Airfix decided to retool it. Still, that shovel on the front of Tiger is awful, good it is easy to remove.
  5. 1/350 and 1/700 are dominating market and 1/400 and 1/600 seems to be irreversibly abandoned. Still, for me 1/350 seems too big, especially for carriers and battleships, and 1/700 oo small, I would to have some scale between both to became a norm too.
  6. I found out, that there is more renders and camouflage schemes posted today on Airfix site. For example Hawk 100 It wasn't there yesterday.
  7. I looked close to both "Beginners" and normal kits of Firefly and Tiger - I assume some parts/sprues, like hull, and turret, are common, regular kits have more additional parts, like tools, ropes, etc. , and "Beginners" may have simplified suspension.
  8. Revell made a slide show with this month kits.
  9. I agree with this. When every Workbench had to possibility to reveal something completely new, it was exiting. Now it is sometimes so full of corporate-style hyping it is funny. And if Airfix had a cash to hire a bunch of lawyers to harass their customers forum for blowing up their PR stunt (which I highly doubt because Hornby is not a "old big mouse"), instead of making better models, it would hilarious. I mean, one big announcement event is a bit of fun, but by no means it can be so important for their sales, that having list posted a few days earlier costs then any revenue. Maybe some manager will get a hit to his ego that his "great plan" failed, but that's it. I could understand some very early leak, resulting in Chinese company rushing their kit to hit shops earlier, but It is not such case. Seriously, it's a digital era, get up and move to XXI century, not just put some important news into magazine and try to coordinate it with website. More detailed informations, more background, some nice additions like small frame and decals to make another variant, there is many ways to make a profit from dedicated collectors and fans, but not this. Somehow Eduard or Arma Hobby etc. manage to release their informations when they want. Anyway, aren't we supposedly, ,a forum dwellers, a small minority of their customers, so why Airfix care about a leak here? Ok, enough bashing, time for some praise. "Beginners kit" - if this is a step forward kits for both advanced modellers and regulars ones, that's great. Seriously, making kits with many small fiddle parts, PE, etc. for and kits good for kids and toy shops must be a real nightmare for designers.
  10. Renders of sprues were from the start on Arma Hobby's webshop page
  11. Expert set will have one FAA scheme. Also, Techmod have set no 72026 - General Motors Wildcat VI, maybe now more aftermarket decals for Wildcat VI will appear. I am going to put FAA all Dark Blue Wildcat VI from Pacific on my ever growing wishlist.
  12. I guess some could be find, like American pilot with Polish roots, Janusz ┼╗urakowski testing them in Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment, or maybe some Polish pilots making ferry flight, but that is so far fetched that anything goes now. Also IBG have picked up many Polish planes alrready.
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