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  1. Love the sea base - what technique did you use out of interest?
  2. Having seen quite a few “simple” displays of ships/submarines resting on keel blocks I’d be interested in finding out out what people have used in respective scales - 1/700 and 1/350. Is it plastic stock painted to look like wood or small wood strips such as matchsticks varnished? Many thanks.
  3. If I may recommend this link; http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Aerospatiale SA330 Puma Walkaround XW222 RAF UAS 2017/content/Aerospatiale SA330 Puma XW222 RAF UAS 2017 024 GraemeMolineux_large.html You might find some handy pictures for reference here. Regards
  4. Does this picture help answer your query? Regards Benbow
  5. Definitely pulling a seat up to follow this if you don't mind. I, like you, saw and bought the catapult from the Neomega stand at Telford as I thought it was a cracking way to display the Hurricane. Great progress so far!
  6. Great finish and great photography to match. Very well done!
  7. Out of interest what size belt rivets do you use for your pedestals and do you cut the heads off?
  8. Hi rogue, probably passed you at some point around as I work at the same place! Always handy for being able to go to Telford every year.
  9. Glad to see this revived from the shelf of doom. Watching with interest just surprised that there's never been an aftermarket conversion for this as I'd I've thought it'd be quite popular!
  10. TQ split, check NR, safe single engine speed, climbing away if I recall from 20 odd years ago. Remember practicing the double computer freeze in the old sims at CU.
  11. Ian, in response to your April question try http://www.just-bases.co.uk/- I think that's who you're after. Ben
  12. As, like many others, I have a stash that'll last me a lifetime I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good source of styrene cement? Whilst I have quite a few bottles of Tamiya Extra Thin I was wondering if it is possible to purchase a larger bulk quantity of equivalent cement and decant it as and when required into the smaller bottles? Suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated. Benjy.
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