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  1. A link to the WIP would be great - many thanks
  2. Would love to see more as I’ve one of these on the go and any reference material is great to have.
  3. Benbow

    Copying decals

    How straightforward is it to copy decals? I have one kit with the decals I want but another kit that is better in accuracy and would like to build that and use the decals from the other kit. I would however like to keep the original decals with the other kit and sell it on as a “complete” package. Is it just a case of scanning and removing the “blue” background with software and print on clear decal paper. Would the “copy” be comparable in quality to the originals?
  4. Well done on the finish Steve, glad you managed to finish it. Will use your wip as inspiration to get round to finally finishing mine. Ben
  5. Went to BRNC end of ‘89 - we may have crossed paths at some point.
  6. Any use Speedy? https://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/Aerospatiale-Westland-SA-330E-Puma-HC1/518508
  7. Watching with interest Chewy as went on HMS Jaguar as a kid with my dad in the early 70’s carrying out firing trials off Nab Tower. Got one of these in the stash to make one day.
  8. Speedy, FWIW on my effort I cut out where the mesh was and scratchbuilt a tray with a rod running through to then put the mesh over an give an illusion of the transmission. Note, for the tail rotor gearbox I found the kit effort less than ideal. My solution was scratchbuilt with the end of a biro cap. Still watching with interest as I must pull my finger out to get mine done.
  9. Best bet Speedy is to go to www.airliners.net and do a search there. All you’ll see is the drive shaft and, as you say, I think it helps cooling. Also note the 3 holes as well on the tail. Got all these pictures as I’ve been building one on& off over the last 10 years - must get it finished one day!
  10. Hopefully added some more photos. Yes, the flash was a little strong in a dark hangar. https://www.flickr.com/gp/188081536@N05/D48zH2
  11. Is this the sort of thing you’re after?
  12. From one Ben to another absolutely fantastic work. Been watching with interest but never anticipated that you’d actually produce one for us mere mortals! I’d be interested in ordering a Floats Version (FAA) 1/48 so will pm you separately. Benbow
  13. Love the sea base - what technique did you use out of interest?
  14. Having seen quite a few “simple” displays of ships/submarines resting on keel blocks I’d be interested in finding out out what people have used in respective scales - 1/700 and 1/350. Is it plastic stock painted to look like wood or small wood strips such as matchsticks varnished? Many thanks.
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