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  1. Benbow

    Hello from Shropshire

    Hi rogue, probably passed you at some point around as I work at the same place! Always handy for being able to go to Telford every year.
  2. Benbow

    Fisher Models

    My thoughts go out to Paul Fisher (as in Fisher Models) and his family/staff with the news of the wildfires in California. I note that Paul is located in Paradise CA which has been pretty much destroyed and I'm sure the modelling fraternity hope all is well. Might be the end of his business but his wellbeing is paramount. Appreciate if Britmodeller could pass on their support.
  3. Benbow

    Telford 2018

    Anyone know if there are plans for better signage to differentiate between IPMS and non members approaching the entrance of the TIC from the outside? For some reason it was all a bit of a muddle last year as compared to previous years and traders/competitors also getting stuck. I'd estimate it delayed my entry by about half an hour.
  4. Glad to see this revived from the shelf of doom. Watching with interest just surprised that there's never been an aftermarket conversion for this as I'd I've thought it'd be quite popular!
  5. TQ split, check NR, safe single engine speed, climbing away if I recall from 20 odd years ago. Remember practicing the double computer freeze in the old sims at CU.
  6. Ian, in response to your April question try http://www.just-bases.co.uk/- I think that's who you're after. Ben
  7. Think it was"TKS" glycol anti-icing fluid.
  8. Benbow

    Bulk styrene cement

    As, like many others, I have a stash that'll last me a lifetime I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good source of styrene cement? Whilst I have quite a few bottles of Tamiya Extra Thin I was wondering if it is possible to purchase a larger bulk quantity of equivalent cement and decant it as and when required into the smaller bottles? Suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated. Benjy.
  9. Benbow

    Jasmine Model 1/48 F6F Hellcat

    Wow, you certainly have patience to make that. Muchos kudos!!!
  10. As ever Pappy very, very nice piece of work. Love your finishing and I think that the weathering is spot on!
  11. The "strakes" are pretty much similar to a wing as in they create a pressure differential either side of the tail boom. As more power is "pulled" in there is a greater downdraft from the main rotor. This torque has to be countered by the tail rotor which too is demanding power from the engines. With the strakes providing an aerodynamic effect this reduces the amount of power required for the tail rotor and thereby increases efficiency, fuel consumption and allows for greater lift - well that's the theory sort of.... Hope this helps. Benbow http://blog.aopa.org/helicopter/?p=309
  12. Benbow

    Photo Apps

    Wondering if anyone could please recommend an App/Apps, preferably free, for the iPad to add frames, text and arrows/lines to pictures. Have seen some posts where people have presented their work really nicely and, as I do most stuff on the iPad it would be really handy. Thanks.
  13. Benbow

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire wing spar

    Does this help?? http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234963155-airfix-124-spitfire-vb-finished/
  14. Benbow

    Fleet Air Arm in Battle of Britain- Forgotten?

    As one who has given speeches at Mess BoB dinners I find it still "grates" ever so slightly whenever "The Few" toast is given. If one actually goes through the whole Churchill speech http://www.winstonchurchill.org/resources/speeches/1940-the-finest-hour/the-fewthen I find it hard how an entire Service manages to appear to predicate it's whole existence down to "The Few" when the actual speech is far more comprehensive and pays respect to the multitude of contributions that the nation had made as a whole up to that point in the war and that Churchill was fortifying and preparing the country for what was still to come. The RAF have singled out and effectively used this to excellent effect ever since but, to my minds eye, this has led to many issues internally within the RAF with those who trace their lineage back to "The Few" having maintained a superiority complex for many years (no different to the RN having issues with the battleship mentality many years back). The PR machine is brilliant with the Spitfire, the roundel and "The Few" all intertwined into the national psyche such that if anyone sees an aircraft overhead then it must be RAF or,if they see a military person in combats, then it must be Army; the fact that either of these could be FAA or Marines would not even register with many. The RN sucks with its PR as, when a ship is operational, carrying out the international policing role covering the areas that represents the greater surface of the earth then, as soon as it is over the horizon the general populace pretty much forget that the RN exist at all (unless they happen to live in a RN port town).
  15. Benbow

    1/32 Westland Puma SA330

    You should be ok as the Revell Puma contains the same sprues as the Matchbox kit with an "extra" sprue for the filters/seats/cargo hook. Revell would be able to provide you with spares if requested.