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  1. As you now know, it's finicky but builds up nice. nice job.
  2. Monogram gave me a seat and joy stick. Out comes the sheet styrene. Looking at the WnW's instruction pics online I cobbled together the seat, floor and instrument panel. I'm still experimenting with the Vallejo paints and they still haven't disappointed. I scratched numbers on the dials and coated with Future, belts from yogurt cup lid. The Lewis drums I pinched from an old SMER DHII worked perfect. I again used the WnW directions and painted the interior sides of the fuselage. All closed up, I can do some more detailing around the engine covers and panels. Probably more furnace tape. I am so, so GLAD I got those rudder pedals in there......
  3. Weeks does have an Abatros but not from any movie. His is from the Jackson guys in NZ. Sucks to be him.... The Pfalz's I think are both in NZ, at least they were a few years ago. Aircraft above was there 2015 "One of the original replicas used in the movie Blue Max restored and taxing in after display at Classic Fighters Marlborough 2007. The other replica is on static display at the Aviation Heritage Centre at this airport." "Above is the Hampshire Aeroplane (now PPS) Pfalz DIII Replica ZK-FLZ2 (c/n PPS/Pfalz-1) It was built in the UK back in the mid 1960's for the movie "Blue Max". It went to the USA in the 1980's and came to NZ to become ZK-FLZ with the Omaka Collection Ltd on 05-01-2007 and transferred to The Vintage Aviator on 01-07-2007." HTH....
  4. Bravo your Pfalz Adrian, nice looking, you're right about those WnW instructions, very helpful on my SE.5. Very timely your exhaust creation, I'm looking at a Tiggy converted to a movie Rumpler and will have to do the same exhaust, thanks !!
  5. So I've been poking at this 1/48 WW1 subject for several months now over on the "WW1 Forum". As a child, I had all the old Aurora, SMER, etc. kits spinning from my ceiling. These were some of my first models I built as a child and I've wanted to revisit those for years with my Adult Modeling Skills (AMS). Adult Modeling Skills should not be confused with the much more serious underlying condition of Advanced Modelers Syndrome. Since I haven't done anything like a serious build on a biplane in 50 or so years, I thought it would be best to dip my toes in with something not-to-expensive that I would regret screwing up. To that end, a small pile of cheap, old WW1 kits has been amassed, many the same ones that were hanging from my ceiling. I built the old Monogram DVII on a lark as Stachel's aircraft in the book. This is the build that's pushed me down this present rabbit hole. This looked like the best candidate to figure out and learn painting ribs, rigging, weathering and such to look like the real thing. The decals look like toast, a shame as I like the blue they used. A friend is sending me some extra Roden decals but after reading about them, I'm not sure if he's really doing me a favor. Armed with this Squadron Signal I jumped in and noticed the dihedral was a bit shallow. I made some cuts on the bottom at the wing joint and fixed it to match the drawings. While all this cutting and bending was going on I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with the bottom and then realized a large vent was missing so out came the grinder. About now I'm going from Adult Modeling Skills to Advanced Modelers Syndrome as I could have just painted the hole black. The struts are the biggest eye sore, I found some replacement candidates in an old SMER DH.2. I will scratch the cabane struts. While there, I pinched some Lewis drums for the coming scratch cockpit. I filled the slots with kit parts and cut flush. I busied up the top wing to look more like the real deal by sanding away the molded detail and replaced with my "go-to" furnace tape and wire to get some interest going on. I will scratch a cockpit together and hopefully stop trying to turn this into a 1/48 scale WnW's kit and get onto some painting.
  6. Thanks Zac, I was only interested in bringing to light the specially built aircraft. I have several "Holly Wood Aircraft" models to do from this Movie. I also just discovered the Tiggys in "Lawrence of Arabia" as Rumplers I want to do. Thanks for contributing !
  7. So...this mornings rabbit hole...... This list I've compiled seems to agree with most of the "average truth" I found around out there about the aircraft that flew in the "Blue Max" movie. 2 -SE.5 replicas. -Both built by Miles Marine and Structural Plastics Ltd, G-ATGV and G-ATGW. Aircraft seem to be built as full scale. - Both aircraft destroyed in crashes in 1970. However, both the Miles Marine and Slingsby T56's can be seen used together in the movie "Zepplin". -Subsequent SE.5's seen in other movies are technically Slingsby T56s, 7/8-scale replicas built on converted Currie Wot biplane kits and not the same aircraft. 2-Pfalz DIII replicas. -Pfalz D.III G-ATIJ, built by Hampshire Aeroplane Club, Ltd., serial number PT16, N905AC. Built from scratch to match a DIII. -Pfalz D.III N906AC, built by Personal Plane Services Ltd., serial number PPS/PFLZ/1, former EI-ARC. Built using converted Tiger Moth airframe parts. 3-Fokker DVII replicas. - All three Fokker D.VII-65 replicas built by Rousseau Aviation of Dinard, France. -Full scale, accurate replicas except for the engines. 2-Fokker Dr.1 triplanes. -Both Fokker DR.1 triplanes built by Bitz Flugzeugbau GmbH of Augsburg, West Germany. -Full scale, accurate replicas except for the engines. IIRC, all aircraft were painted with the german camouflage and used as background filler then British planes were repainted in washable green for those flying seances. More good stuff here: http://donhollway.com/bluemax/ HTH....
  8. Thanks all, some one came through for me.
  9. I need Frank Mitchell's article on fixing the Revell Fokker DVII. It appeared in Fine Scale Modeler January 1999 Vol 17 # 1 I bought a back issue but is now lost in the mail, stuck in NJ for 12 days now. Can anyone scan this for me? Just need the one article but will buy the issue if someone here wants to sell it. Thanks you guys....
  10. Hey Master... I went and searched and turned up nuttin. Any way you can send me a link? Thanks
  11. This post may have a better place but my thinking is you guys would know. I did a search here but found nothing. This mornings rabbit hole brought me to pics of the Triplane built and used in the movie. It has had a long a storied existence and last I knew, was found and going to be restored. And now the www yields nothing I can find. Does anyone know anything about this classic today? Curious minds want to know......
  12. I read and passed on two books about Australian SE5's. In the two books, there were descriptions written by the pilots themselves. Two of the descriptions mentioned "brown" and another that mentioned "chocolate brown". So that's where I'm leaning.
  13. Thanks Paul, As a trusted long time contributor to this forum, I value your learned tutelage. I've seen the SE5 improved to look acceptable, I'm thinking of hunting up a Lindberg Curtis Jenny.
  14. Sorry, all i have is what you see. I do have an Airfix in1/72 scale but that's all.
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