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  1. @Alan P, Those Revell Mossies are a very cost effective way to get some big 1/32 scale birds on the shelf. I have 3 planed, the B-IV, NF-MkII, BXVI. All with lots of resin of course...
  2. Lovely job on that, your mate is lucky. The Tamiya builds up nicely with some TLC. Would like to see what you do with the new tool Airfix BXVI.
  3. Great stuff everyone !! The Tamiya kits are beautiful, I have one, (maybe 2?) in 1/72 scale and they are little jewels. I wish I could do 1/48 but I just don't have the space. If nothing else at all comes from this series of posts, it proves beyond a doubt that you guys can build the maligned Airfix 1/48 scale kit into a beautiful, rugged looking Mossie !!! I was jokingly told on another website if I did this conversion, I would be banned from the forum..... Wonderful Mossies everyone, keep 'em coming.
  4. Real nice job, as was said, it looks 1/48 scale.
  5. Sweet, keep 'em coming !! Canberraman, I agree, the Tamiya offering I feel is the high-water mark for 1/72 scale. Great to see a Tintin in the mix, hoping for more. Robin, you're right on the FROG nacelles, a bit anemic and the canopy really would look much more at home on a Ju88 or something. Way to go Ratch ! I mentioned my childhood recollection and the all black Mossie is it. Funnily enough I don't have one in the collection but will fix that Dec.1st. I'm heading up a "Twins Group Build" over on Hyperscale, (you're all welcome of course..) and expect to fill several missing Mossie spots during that GB. The all black will be filled by DD750 and because it's from my early childhood, proper modeling etiquette dictates it can only be filled by the old Airfix FBVI. Thanks everyone, I'm sure you all are enjoying this as much as I am. KEEP POSTING !!!!
  6. Thanks for this build. A friend of mine in the UK sent me a kit and it's on the short list of builds. Since I have dragged around an old Mattell vac-form machine since the 70's and vac forming my own canopies for decades, the glazing is not an issue for me. Can you post your Tamiya build for us?
  7. Wonderful job on a wonderful aircraft. If I could have one single aircraft for my own personal use it would be this and/or a Ryan ST. Thanks.
  8. Absolutely stunning. I love your execution on all levels, most especially the choice of gloss sea blue to show off the amazing stressed skin Airfix incorporated on this kit. You have done a really amazing job on this build. Take a bow.....
  9. We're lookin at you Tony O`Toole and all you others, you know who you are...... POST....
  10. Yup, these new Airfix kits are a joy to build. You've done a wonderful job on that.
  11. Like so many of you, the Mosquito in all it's various iterations of color and equipment has been THE favorite since my early childhood. With all the excitement about the new Airfix Mosquito, I thought it would be fun to show what our new Airfix build will be joining on the shelf. I hope everyone follows on and posts their Mosquito collection as there are so many of you that are as passionate about this aircraft as I am and we'd love to see your builds. My son's build of the old Monogram 1/48. Conversion I did for my Dad years ago, Monogram 1/48. Airfix conversion for my "Holly Wood Air Force", "633 Squadron" 1/48. FROG 1/72. Matchbox 1/72. Old Airfix 1/72. Airfix Lancengine 1/72. Tamiya conversion 1/72. I wonder how many different Mossies we can get on one thread........
  12. Not sure what your issues are with your build but it looks most excellent from here !!!
  13. Cheers Tony, beautiful job on that one. Your conversion to 2-stage looks flawless. She looks resplendent in PRU blue !!! Like you I have have at least six Mossies done and many, many more to do. The box below is filled with nothing but resin Mosquito conversions for 1/72 scale and 2 for some old Revells in 1/32 scale. Your group build has me thinking about doing a side by side with the new Airfix and the Tamiya. I'm leading a "Twins GB", (anything with 2 engines), over on Hyperscale starting Dec. 1st and first up is definitely the new Airfix Mossie. Can't Wait !!!
  14. You have done a splendid job on making a typically ugly french airplane look beautiful, nice work.
  15. Looking good Tony. Love the SEAC with the blue stripes. Your silver finishes really shows off to great effect the new tooling efforts Airfix has invested. I'm gone for the week pursuing another hobby, no doubt these will be finished when I return, can't wait to see 'em !!!
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