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  1. I've fallen down another rabbit hole, rebuilding the kits of my childhood with my adult skills. To that end... The Rodan and WnW's I inherited from my dad after he passed several years ago and forgot I had them.
  2. HA!! Thanks so much Paul, you're exactly right. After I posted my question, I went back and found an easier section to see and counted five. Now I need to figure out how much Aviattic decal sheets I need to buy..... Thanks again !
  3. I am going to build the olde Revell 1/28 scale kit in Carlson's markings. I will straighten the wing but not bother fixing the taper on the fuselage. My question is: Are these markings from an ace I can not find from WW1, or are these his own markings? He also states he used 5 color lozenge top and bottom but I'm struggling to count five and not four. A wonderful article and interview here: https://vintageaviationecho.com/fokker-d-vii/ Carlson yanking and banking, turn up the volume and enjoy for a few minutes: Thanks all for your help, I figured if you guys don't know, NOBODY does.....
  4. I built that years ago and have another in the stash. Great job on reworking that olde plastic.
  5. Excellent, looks you could get in and drive away....
  6. Nice work, you nailed that color and the tires look like they have had a couple of heat cycles, Bravo....
  7. As some of you know, I have a passion for race cars. I race my own '71 Lola T202 with the FFCS (Formula Ford Challenge Series) group here in the USA. This gives me many opportunities to see real race cars up close for details you don't get from photos. This has been around for years. I have never built it as I build in 1/24 scale but figured I would give it a go. To get a real true sense of just how special this car is, take a look at the vid below from people who know... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhQZmlrRuRY Engine went together well with just careful painting. Interior was detailed with extra framing. Seats painted with liquid glue and textured with stiff brush. Nasty tires sanded down to correct profile. Chrome wheels were coated with dull-coat to replicate polished aluminum. My own tire lettering. Everything assembled and all fit perfectly. The Matchbox decals for this car are about 20% too small and some graphics are missing entirely. I bought aftermarket but those were just copies of the kits. I didn't realize this until after I was done decaling. The woefully undersized markings gave the kit an inaccurate, toy like appearance so off they all came. While at the "Indycals" website looking for something else, I found this beautiful sheet with everything almost perfectly sized. A gazillion times better. So now it's finished for the second and last time. This is my first ever 1/32 scale car and NOT to be my last. I already have the 935 and Indycal Martini decals newly added to the stash. Thanks for following along this far, get these Matchboxs off evilbay while you can, highly recommended.
  8. One of my favorite cars in one of my favorite liveries.
  9. Nice. I like your choice of not dead flat, looks much more life like with a sheen to it.
  10. Nice build, thanks for the beautiful photography as well.
  11. Actually...............it is. This is a re-cap of what is generally known out there on the www.... "According to this video..... from Andy's Hobby HQ Meng is the group that built some of WNW's molds and the only reason they released this Fokker Dr. I was because WNW's was having them make the mold when they went out of business so Meng took the mold as payment and produced it themselves. It is still uncertain if Meng was simply their mold maker or if they actually retained the molds and were doing the injections for the kits as well. Or if someone else has bought the molds as one of WNW's assets. We only know about that one kit as this point."
  12. Nice work. The 6yr old just needs something to fly around the room.
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