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    • Mike

      PhotoBucket are no longer permitting 3rd party hosting   01/07/17

      As most of you are now painfully aware, Photobucket (PB) are stopping/have stopped allowing their members to link their accumulated years of photos into forums and the like, which they call 3rd party linking.  You can give them a non-refundable $399 a year to allow links, but I doubt that many will be rushing to take them up on that offer.  If you've previously paid them for the Pro account, it looks like you've got until your renewal to find another place to host your files, but you too will be subject to this ban unless you fork over a lot of cash.   PB seem to be making a concerted move to another type of customer, having been the butt of much displeasure over the years of a constantly worsening user interface, sloth and advertising pop-ups, with the result that they clearly don't give a hoot about the free members anymore.  If you don't have web space included in your internet package, you need to start looking for another photo host, but choose carefully, as some may follow suit and ditch their "free" members at some point.  The lesson there is keep local backups on your hard drive of everything you upload, so you can walk away if the same thing happens.   There's a thread on the subject here, so please use that to curse them, look for solutions or generall grouse about their mental capacity.   Not a nice situation for the forum users that hosted all their photos there, and there will now be a host of useless threads that relied heavily on photos from PB, but as there's not much we can do other than petition for a more equitable solution, I suggest we make the best of what we have and move on.  One thing is for certain.  It won't win them any friends, but they may not care at this point.    Mike.

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  2. I'll second that! Needs more Will power!
  3. Chicken Walker and chips please. Hold the mayo. Excellent stuff.
  4. Cool! The repaints are nice and the scene is excellent. Nice one Andy
  5. Today
  6. I might just do that. I've got Ripley(combat), Spunkmeyer, Vasquez (not sure which one - it's hidden in the stash!) and Drake so between us a good selection. I have a feeling that there is Gorman in my bag-of-bits and possibly Newt (have her body I think) as well as Bishop (there is a laptop in the bag). I'm surprised that there is so little info out there regarding these. Hutch
  7. If you are careful you can prise open the staples that attach the card to the zip-lock bag. You can then re-staple through the same holes when you want to reseal it. I had to do this recently when I was reselling some of the figures so I could open the instructions to see which figure it was as the sticky label on the backing card had fallen off some years before. The figure I had that was labelled Drake was in fact another Vasquez with smart weapon which I already had When I get home I'll see which figures I've got - I know I've got Vasqueze (smart wpn version), Hicks and Hudson, I may still have an Apone, Dietrich and Gorman
  8. Hi Kallisti I'm not sure as my bag of bits had about 25 sets of legs, 40+ arms and a whole load of other 'parts' (but no torsos or heads). I also have a few unopened figures in my stash but don't really want to open them in case I eventually sell them in a few decades time. I was just wondering if there was somewhere in internet-land that had scans of the set of instructions. Hutch
  9. I've got several of these figures in the stash - any particular figure(s) you are looking for?
  10. Yes I can now, lovely looking work.
  11. Looking Good! Great colour combo.
  12. I thought is was about time this got another bump in an attempt for you to start work on it again.
  13. Not sure were to post this so I will stick it here: Not actually revived it at the yet but wanted to give you a heads up, I phoned ( and acutely spoke to a human) WWS about some ABS STYRENE PLASTIC rods and tubes they have on there web site, I wasn't after a large pack of one type that they have advertised on the web sit, so they are putting together a variety pack for me (2 of each they have in stock). Just really nice bloke and happy to help, I would give them a ring if your in need of some styrene rod before they put the price up..... http://www.war-world.co.uk/index.php/scenery-abs_styrene_plastic_range/?k=33624:58:::39 They also have a half decent range of Vallejo paints etc at a good price as well.
  14. That looks killer! The greys yellow and metalics work so well together.
  15. Hi Kirk, I knew that you only were kidding me, your smiley unmasked you. But now back to the stressful gutters with their tiny supports, Source: Raumcon (eumel) which I want to scratch today.
  16. Didn't mean to cause you pain Manfred. I'm just one of those people who suspects that Michael (brilliant as he was on a driver) is flattered a little too much by the record books. For much as I remember that amazing race (I think it was Spain 1994) where he came second in the race in the wet with only 5th gear, I also remember Adelaide 94 and Jerez 97 and Monaco 06 and so on - incidents which were not fitting of a man with his talents. Lewis is the chap who is going to win the F1 driver's championship this year. Enough of this diversion though - keep building!! Kirk
  17. Had time to do some assembling and finishing after painting the brake discs: Some of the fit was quite tight - I scraped away paint and used glue for the tail and other armour pieces, but the grey parts and caps are press-fit. I did sand out the insides of various holes to ease things a bit, no apparent damage so far! The roll bar thing doesn't fit incredibly well (it doesn't seem possible to get the arms dead square) but it's good enough. And you can just (just!) see the red brake caliper in the second shot so it wasn't a total waste of time Very happy with how the colours have come out, I hope the fourth grey (on the weapons) isn't a bridge too far! Cheers, Will
  18. I'm always mindful of the Apollo 11 "dates". I expect the media will notice these again in 2019.
  19. Andy I don't know how you paint these things! You make it look 4 feet tall! Brilliant!
  20. Really a great job!
  21. I took some better pictures of progress. Here's the frame, which has had a few fasteners touched in silver, and a burnish with graphite to tone down the gold a little: And the two sets of armour that wrap it top and bottom: I think the yellow has ended up a bit "great big digger" but I like how it looks, and the damage is all quite fine so you don't see it until you get closer. I also finished up the cockpit. It didn't close cleanly so I've sawn the peg off the top of the glazing. That fits into the headlamp thing and provides the glass for that, but now they don't need to work together and I can just glue the canopy in place - it fits nicely apart from the hinge issues. I also domed the two displays (search and track radar!) with X-22 clear and added a little less to the three blue lamp cluster things. The kit includes an okay-ish prepainted pilot, who I can either repaint or leave out. I won't be able to change my mind later either... I should probably add a harness either way. The legs look quite good now - cleaning up the thighs was the worst bit and I've left them a bit lumpy, but they're so matt it's hard to see There are also these grey bits which form the roll bar and add attachment points to the frame. There's a bit of decal silvering evident (which isn't surprising) so I might need to poke some holes and very carefully add some Extra-Thin to kill that now that it's under the varnish. I have one detail to hand-paint - the little calipers on the brake discs - and then I can open the holes and put some things together. I've also finished some decent looking engine bells but they're so hard to photograph when they aren't attached to anything, so I didn't! Cheers, Will
  22. Yesterday
  23. 'What a piece of junk!' (Not really of course, just playing the game - I assume you have seen the film in question. 😜)
  24. Four A4 sheets of Games Workshop decals I found at a good price. Half Tau, half Adeptus Mechanicus. The former are useful for generic sci-fi, the latter will be great for 40K as they have loads of greek letters, gothic numbers etc. Cheers, Will
  25. I love those, especially the massive beam cannon thing on the tiny wolf (fox?) The gatlings don't look super-aerodynamic. The kit provides some little launchers for the chest which I really like, and a couple of AA missiles on a mount above the wings which I'm not sure about - they would appear to hit the Zoid in the back of the head on launching! That's aside from the giant beam cannons, six-missile racks, and bomb-filled legs which I've already put to one side as "ludicrous" Will
  26. Mike, i think I've got away with this, I'll know better when the varnish has dried (unless I've messed that up too), if all does go wrong then I'll dig out the fairy powerspray and start again.
  27. Thanks Kirk, but sorry, are you pulling my legs? That hurts ... If you speak in riddles about Michael Schumacher, then I would have to ask, who is Lewis?
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