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  2. That's a really impressive kit bash Si, and the result works brilliantly. Looks incredibly sinister in those dark shots. Andy
  3. Hat tip to edge10 on More AT-AT detail pics! All this detail and opening hatches on a tiny 1/144, I love Bandai.
  4. This is a project that has been around for about 20 years, probably a record for me... it's the 1990's reissue of the Monogram 1/32 Apollo CSM, which I built in a hurry, then ripped apart with the intention of doing it better some day. I restarted it briefly a few years ago when I rebuilt most of the SM interior, then left it again. So a few weeks ago, with the benefit of a New Ware etch interior set and the Rick Stenbach decal sheet, plus the Space in Miniature book on the Apollo CSM, which themselves I bought about ten years ago, I resumed the task... Most irksome job had always been the chrome surface of the CM. the original is GOLD chromed, which is wrong. This is probably why I more or less abandoned the job a while back... but then in a flash of inspiration, and after attempting to apply various foils to it (argh), I remembered there was such thing as this stuff above... the surface it is on is not pefect because of various peelings-off of stuff, but it's the best I can do now... This is the New Ware etch interior. I'm not that happy working with etch but it seems to work in this case. Detail is impressive. The original kit represented the instruments with green vinyl stickers which make it look like a dodgy toy. Some painting going on. The seats and interior support structure were a steely colour - I used a very old bottle of Citadel "chainmail". Other paint you see here is the "not silver" enamel Humbrol 11, which makes a great matt aluminium, and silver from an old paint pen on the handholds there. The thing in the foreground is the docking tunnel/landing parachute section. The etch docking tunnel interior. I rolled this round a "suitable former" before gluing it in with the substances shown... you can see the remains of the wrong interior green colour I used on my first build. I actully put the tunnel in the wrong way round but it's scarcely noticeable once assembled... The interior should be a very light grey. Individual panels will be painted darker grey. The copper probably isn't quite right but it's dramatic! The inside of the heat shield is apparently foil lined. This is as far as I've got. The SM interior was rebuilt according to photographs. The larger tank is too short, so I extended it with a tube of sheet. Finish is various metallics, kitchen foil and Bare Metal foil. I've sprayed white (Revell matt mixed with light grey) over the radiator panels ready to mask them before spraying the SM body, which should be matt alu. I'm going to use the transparent sections to show the interiors of both modules. I filled the stand slot and as you can see the craft is going to be displayed on its main engine nozzle. The stand is from an old anime figure which was supported on a steel rod, very useful as I just had to drill through the top end of the engine nozzle to accept the rod - once it's actually fixed it will make a stable support. More later once I get round to it! In memory of Eugene A Cernan.
  5. I plan on modeling Rey's AT-AT house, there is an extra Rey and also BB-8 in the 1/144 Falcon kit. For Hoth the 1/144 diorama's will be so cool. But im still holding out for a 1/48 AT-AT, to go with 3x 1/48 Speeders, the scale and details will be amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing what others do too, fun times ahead.
  6. Wow.....That turned out really well! I was a bit skeptical when I read your initial musings on the idea, but I'm really impressed with what you have made.....It looks just right.
  7. Reckon you should probably lose that panel line Andy.....Suspect it'll only bug you if you don't.
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  9. Id have had it for £3,078.00 .. but the extra 67p .. well thats just ridiculous!
  10. Well the AT AT appears to have the slot base to allow it to be joined to others so its possible we may see a snow speeder pack and possibly Rebel ground defences in 1/144. I probably wouldn't say no if they decided to do the elements from the Battle of Hoth in 1/144, AT-AT, AT-ST and snowtroopers against Rebel ground troops and Snow speeders, It would allow a table top battle scene, something that would take up a room in 72nd plus they do the Rebel spacecraft in 1/144 to do the Hanger.
  11. Hat tip to Robiwon on Bandai YODA 1/6 & 1/12 He looks great, i will get the 1/6 11cm tall for sure! Figures with faces, how cool, Thank you Bandai! Edit: Beat me to it lol
  12. Another release announcement from Bandai is a 1:6 Yoda due in March!
  13. Hi Poodles and welcome to BM. Great job on the Cylon, although it took a while to find your pics. Have a look at Mechanised Dwarf's link to posting pics. Then they will show up on the page without having to go to photobucket to see them. Rearguards, Badder
  14. I tried to use some 1mm fibre guide but there's is not much room in the head, opted for a couple of 0403 LEDs mounted horizontally in the eye holes then painted the rest of the clear part black. Obviously left the front lenses clear! Will try try and get a decent photo to show. That is looking good Andy, keep it up' Are you at the Bolton Show on Sunday by any chance, will have the K-2SO lights there. Cheers, Warren
  15. Si, you're a talented bloke as they say in the North ! WHOA! that is AWESOME. SUPERB build . IT ROCKS!
  16. NOICE
  17. An architectural masterpiece. AMAZING build.
  18. The Zero engine looks lush and the blue nose is a nice change. What about purple and lilacs for the Elysion, I have the impulse to paint some sort of space ship purple just not brave enough to try yet, maybe you could give a go..........
  19. Danny.. EXQUISITE work. I like your FLAWLESSLY NEAT Black painting. STUNNING.
  20. Me too, particularly the heat discolouration on the engine parts. Andy
  21. Nice work on the feet and the killer horned slug thing sounds fantastic, could be very dramatic.
  22. Thanks guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a hectic week, but I've finally managed to get some more work done on him. I'm looking forward to seeing one lit. Painting the back of the lens works okay, and Mike's suggestion of putting foil at the back would work well too, but the effect tends to be lessened by the ribs moulded on the front of the eyes, which have a kind of fresnel effect that diffuse the sharpness of the painted eyeball. I imagine a lit one will probably look sharper as well as being brighter. Thanks for the link. He's actually got more weathering than you initially think, but a lot of it doesn't show up that well against the dark colouring. I'll have to be a little careful how I go about it, as I don't want to cover up the chipping with to much weathering. I'll probably stick to a few grimy filters and some oil runs and streaks. So, as I said at the top, I've got a little more done. I'd kept the waist section separate as there are two little grills that needed painting in a polished finish. I used the AK polished aluminium for them, masked them off then gave the rest of the part a coat of pale grey for the chipping. After a couple of coats of hairspray, it got the same darkened Gunze Panzer grey top coat as used previously, then some light chipping with a small brush and a knife blade, after which the masking for the two grills was removed and the previously painted side panels were clipped into place With that all done I could fit the hip panels and leg joints, and this section, bar the weathering, is done The torso is also now painted and chipped. As with the head, there was a half-hearted attempt to match the chipping to the real droid, and for the most part, the chips are roughly in the same place. I even added some of the darker scratches that show up on his shoulders by scratching through the metallic base coat to the black plastic underneath. I'd intended to mask and spray the polished ring around the neck, but I managed to rub the paint off the ring to reveal the base coat. It will need a bit of cleaning up, but it's saved me another masking job. What I didn't do, but really should have, is fill the join across the top of the torso. For some reason, when I was putting it together, I didn't think it would show that much. Oh well, I'll just pretend there's a meant to be a panel line there. Real K2 for comparison So he's currently looking like this... There's some detail painting and/or decals to add, and I need to make the neck so I can add his head. I've also started on his legs, and I'll upload shots of those later. Andy
  23. Oh god yeah they were horrible, my wife cant watch that bit!
  24. Well done, my all time favourite Mig. What a great finish. All the best Chris
  25. Sounds awesome, they were really horrible to behold
  26. Yeah thats a really good shout, in fact yeah reading my description again thats exactly what it sounds like! Though yeah as a thing rather than a pit. Had a thought more about this after reading your post and now I'm thinking about making it kind of like the giant slug things from Peter Jacksons King Kong. That way I can have a big mouth (lots of wet meat to paint!) and the extended neck tube can be coming up and twisting about making it a bit more dramatic, what do you think?
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