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  2. I've just built on of these, but the only paint I used was for the buttons. Still contemplating whether to weather or not. Lucky save with the eye lenses!
  3. Lovely jubbly! Aldi in Newark today had a Revell version of this with a fiver off at 9.99. probably not as good as the Bandai though.
  4. Fab work Andy - superb weathering as usual. Sorry to be contrary but I actually think the bent transparent rod works better ? It's more dynamic. Hear you about Vallejo (though I'll still give it a go) I've loved watching this build Rob
  5. Thanks Rob. Yes. levelling thinner works great with AMMO paints and primers. I'd be cautious about using it with Vallejo though. It will thin it, if you add a lot of thinner to the paint, but it can be hard to clean up from the AB. I usually use plain tap water with Vallejo, with a little flow aid added if I'm spraying a large quantity. Okay, the last bits of detail painting and weathering have been done on the Striker. The cockpit glazing frame was sprayed in Vallejo Black Grey, followed by a very light dry brush with a lighter grey. Some of the smaller details were picked out in different grey shades too. I gave all the detail areas a pin wash with AK neutral wash (dark grey), then I blended some AMMO engine grime around some of the raised details, to give it it bit more shading The same weathering was applied to the wings. I painted the engine grime wash between some of the layers of the solar panel frames to help define them a bit more I've also added some paint chipping on the wings and fuselage. I didn't want anything too strong, so I just went with a light grey, which stands out just enough over the weathering That finished the weathering off, so I could pull the masking off the glazing, clip the wings in place, and that's one finished Cylon Raider TIE Striker (it does look like one of the reboot raiders though) The last thing to sort out was the base. I'd bought a 4" wooden circle and I was intending to fit a 3mm clear acrylic rod to it to support the TIE It came with the hole already drilled, which was larger than 3mm, so I had to add some plastic tube spacers to hold the rod. The base was stained black, then had an Imperial logo sticker applied Only problem is the hole for the stand on the base of the TIE is right at the back and, with the long wings, it's very front heavy, so this was the result... I had to substitute an aluminium tube in place of the acrylic rod, which was strong enough to hold the TIE level So, with that last mini drama cleared up, I'm going to call this one done. I'll get some shots up in RFI later. Thanks to everyone for following along. Andy
  6. Evening chaps. I'm stuck at work at the moment, but managed to find time in my dinnertime to get access to this..... A nice bridgeport miller. Wish I had this in my man cave! Using this nice setup I've managed to mill my 4 blocks square and true. Also milled them all to the same length. A right time saving bit of kit. Got enough styrene now to start rebuilding the first upper leg. Just need to work out how to put the slots in them now.
  7. Today
  8. Looking so awesome!
  9. little progress
  10. I do like that - great job Will I personally can't see the chipping but I am also using a phone, so the pictures aren't as great as on a PC, but I will have another look later Its great to see some more SBY subjects here
  11. Sorry for the huge gap, but I finally got psyched up to continue today - I've been on holiday as of Monday but have been avoiding modelling "work" in favour of videogames and sitting around. Plus I managed another faceplant while running and am now lacking skin on one knee However, I did do some varnish and chipping and finishing up work on the Cosmo Zero. Still needs drop tanks and probably some tweaking (and likely a better permanent stand) but it's close to done: I tried a silver pencil for the chips, which looked good but the pigment tended to flake all over so I removed it with blu-tak and went back to paint. I'm trying to set up a better, more consistent photo environment, of which this photo does not take advantage, but hopefully you get the idea. Cheers, Will
  12. She looks great! Always liked the Excelsior. Enterprise-A should have been an Excelsior!
  13. Yesterday
  14. It is Mike, well in fact is the one that Hirako Sulu Captains in Undiscovered Country after the "trans warp' experiments failed.
  15. Great tip on the therapy putty, you may have just saved my kids from me stealing their "memory putty". £4 for a thimble full bit pricy for masking material
  16. I picked one up at the local models shop on Saturday. So they have been released. Jim
  17. Really nice progress again, what about a seam line on the tight parts? Maybe i look at to many mecha suits but they just look like they should be in 2 parts.
  18. LOVE the pink! It's fresh and unique.
  19. Got some more sculpt time today on my lunch break, so I've begun te groundwork for his helmet collar. Started by marking out the helmet edge, then cut a deep incision and began removing excess sculpey. Then i just tried it on to check the size was good. Then although i had the soft padded look, now its a bigger hole I'll do something a bit more interesting than just simply making a huge area of padding, so I've roughed it up with a ball stylus then smoothed it over. Next up I'll build up the collar shape and add some detail to the enlarged neck hole. Thanks for looking, more soon
  20. Very very happy to get my hand on the Gonk.
  21. Same here... although I'm fitting mine with 20 fairy lights and trying out some fibre optics. It might not be very advanced as a model kit but looks good under a coat or two of paint and all in for £25 or so. I'll have a nice shelf sized Star Destroyer!
  22. theres a model shop in bham , Ian Allan books and models , down by New St station..I asked a guy there if IA had thought about buying the MZ name..he said no..because IA would have to buy MZs debts too...i also go to Mike`s Models Brockwell Rd Kingstanding Birmingham ...thats out of the way a bit ,,but its a good shop...see their web site
  23. i said to the supervisor..didnt Smiths see this coming ...i could have told her months ago..that MZ would go bust soon... its badly promoted by mention of MZ on Smiths mention of it on any of their FB pages/...its like MZ never existed
  24. the only good thing is that in the bham branch there is a buy one get one free on the revell stuff...but theres not much revell stuff might get some revell paint before it all goes
  25. i said too the supervisor that the Falcon model was £60 but had recently gone up to £72...i told her that in reality it was only worth £20 or so....£72 for a model full of errors ..even more errors than the previous Revell Falcon , was MZ taking the piddle
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