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  1. Yesterday
  2. The other point of interest is that the FM and PG kits represent two different versions of the Falcon. The FM kit is of the Empire Strikes Back version, with the five sets of landing gear, while the PG kit is of A New Hope, with the three landing gear.
  3. LOL! That's my new policy - 1 in for 1 out and avoid multiples to try and stop me from being buried in kit boxes. I think the worst thing is that the PG Falcon is likely to end up gathering dust with the rest of my stash until my retirement given my build rate. In fact I'll probably find that just as I'm gearing up to build it someone will probably announce an even better one in 1/48 or something causing me to do another swapsies.
  4. HG Zaku High Mobility The Origin kit

    Cheers i just need to sort pictures and move it to RFI.
  5. 1/100 │ MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom │ Bandai

    Nice paint job!
  6. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    Back to Mister Bones now the Zaku is finished, not much more to report before the weekend i have started the yellow under coat that was recommend so giving that a go and first impressions are good. You can just about see the red on the left arm and once the other arm is under coated i will pin and glue the arms inplace before figuring out what to do to the legs. I have orded a 12" hasbro first order trooper, as i still might use his gun but i will be using the troopers head for the base.
  7. LOL This from Nocoolname! As much as i would like the PG falcon , the FM kit is my all time favourite kit. I have lost count of how many of the FM/Revell ones i have built. This one will be straight from the box with no extras at all. Maybe in the new year a PG one will join it!
  8. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    I'm still trying to fathom why Round2 are not selling the standard passenger and the cargo pods as standalone add-on kits and for that matter why they don't sell a naked Eagle.
  9. Here's a shot of the box contents. I also tried to take a shot of some of the detail but my camera just won't go for it so I've added a link to a page which has some good pictures of the detail to help give an idea. To be honest though even these don't do it justice. It really is ont of those that you have to take a look at up close to really believe. https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=279210&page=8
  10. It was expensive but only marginally more than I had to pay for the FM Falcon plus accessories when it was re-released a few years back and this kit includes its own PE and LED lighting kit. I'll try and upload some images of the parts though I'm struggling to get my camera phone to do them any justice. The detail on the parts is absolute bonkers. It is off the charts. It's resin quality and my camera is struggling to capture the sharpness. It beats the FM Falcon hands down and is a larger kit too in much the same way that the other Ban Dai 1/72 Star Wars kits were noticeably larger than their FM counterparts. I think I'll have to study necromancy in order to ressurect Da Vinci in order to any justice to this kit when it comes to the paint.
  11. looks expensive - whats it like inside the packaging
  12. Aoshima Gigant

    looks amazing - stunning metallic work
  13. just followed the article down and wow! That's awesome.
  14. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    loving this build 100%
  15. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    Actually I was surprised that the lab pod was not the second release. Would be nice if they also do the extra thrusters.
  16. It's big Paul....BIG ! 1/96 scale at about 1ft high and around 2.5ft long...... BIG ! just like the professor (benny Hill) from the original Italian Job... I Like 'em BIG !!
  17. wow! Grail kit indeed, what happened to Halcyon? I've built a couple (Predator 2, very fiddly dreads! also the large mature alien, which to be honest I wasn't impressed with) still got the Narcissuss in the stash. Never seen this big boy assembled and painted, will follow with interest!
  18. That looks awesome! Love the colours
  19. Yeah, but nice that.... Graham
  20. 1/72 scale NASA Crawler

    Congratulations on the successful completion of this ambitious and epic project! A great result!
  21. Last week
  22. Gone full blown James Whale Lee! Looks fantastic,I especially like the screen accurate embrasures,great touch.
  23. Cracking Power loader Meteors,looks about ready to go into Battle!
  24. Nice paint job! It looks like a cross of an H and H-8 scheme.
  25. Film help

    Now you mention green, yep, it does look like it. Chris.
  26. Film help

    Looks green to me, but yes that is Bernard Bresslaw he was a A 100% Hubbard’s hench man. Catherine Schell was in the cast too. Thomo.
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