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  2. Thanks! Orks are apparently really into triangles and checks, but only triangles are easy to paint I chipped the green paint on the dome and tank - I was able to remove most of the overspray this way, but then had to rinse the foamy paint residue off under the tap so it was a bit fragile until it dried again. When I came to chip the panels I had to be super careful, but it was possible to see what would happen by looking for relief in the paint. The big tank got a couple of extra big chips on the rim/cap when I picked it up with what I thought was excessive care! I'll leave it 24h before carrying on and be careful with the wetter layers! Cheers, Will
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  4. Just bored watching tele & did another search for the Raptor. Hannants are doing a future release listing. And for the armament set. Wayne
  5. Thanks. Interesting. I was wondering if you'd be able to work something out or not. Looks like its as tricky as I thought. I think I'll pursue the dazzle scheme route but with different patterns and colour combinations. And I'll keep chipping away at a digital scheme, you never know............................ Yeah that Berlin scheme looks like it'll work well in a city setting. Cheers Andy!
  6. From a couple of things I have read Dragon may be having issues involving more than just with the proposed Star Wars kits. IIRC they have skipped a few exhibition shows which they have regularly attended for many years- from reserving space and not showing up to not reserving a space at all. I hope it's not true- the more players the better the motivation for all companies to up their game.
  7. Something that made us all excited was Dragon's announcement and 3D printed tests of their Star Wars kits.. But they've gone worryingly dark on any updates. Am I right in thinking they've got licensing issues?
  8. As stated here a couple of weeks ago (well, after I got it wrong first time!) Peggy Whitson has broken the record for total time in space by a US astronaut. On three separate missions she has been in space for more than 534 days, and is due to remain in orbit until the beginning of September.
  9. I don't do it on a regular basis, only when there's a significant anniversary. But if people enjoy reading it I'd be happy to post something more often.
  10. wow - this is different - neat work. I did not know this kit existed up to your usual high standards as per the norm Andrew
  11. beats any Eduard "Weekend Edition" by far ! Nice work for just 2 days - reminds me of polaroid film still shot
  12. This Day in Space History Hi Gordon, I haven't been on here long so I don't know how long you have been providing history. It is new to me so I want to just tell you I enjoy it and find it informative. Thanks, Greg
  13. My weekend results. I was taking a break from another project (which will be coming soon) and dashed off this. The soldiers are 1/35 Tamiya Iraqi War figures (their brothers are central to the other project) with some green-stuff added to bring them into the future, and the display is made of sheet styrene and spare parts (mostly parts of tanks and old cars). I also wired up a green LED for the inside of the airlock, but it isn't showing in the photos. Probably about seven hours work of work on this over two days, with maybe an hour of that just rifling through my spares drawer. The only thing I would've done differently is to take some work-in-progress shots just to illustrate what I used.
  14. And with 4 light sabres!! Will we get a 1/12 Obi Won and giant gecko next!!
  15. General Grievous was just announced today – to be released in July:
  16. Those hands look spot on. Maybe if you thin the white plate out, on the back, or contour the edges to blend into the rest, it might help remove some of the "chunkiness" of them. Matt
  17. Great paint on the orc Will, i really like the white detail on the gun
  18. Thats a damn good shout Andy i forgot about the face test, I'll do that when im back at the bench Cheers BrotherMole! Yeah chunky gloves but i think what may help is if i trim some material off the back of the hand or something. Hmm thanks for the opinions guys, I'll do the face test and see if i can get away with using them as gloved hands. Back soon with some torso detailing.
  19. I painted an Ork! But more importantly I put some base coats on more scenery. This time I tried adding Alclad Steel to the recessed areas and using can hairspray for that flowery smell. Then applied Tamiya Cockpit Green and a similar yellow mix to the blower thingy: The hairspray is a lot more "active" than the chipping fluid and I had some crazing where the paint went on a bit wet. I think for this kind of thing that's all fine but for a tank or similar it'd not be a great result. I was able to do the thing I was planning where I washed off most of the overspray by activating the hairspray, but because it foams I had to rinse it off and now I have to wait an age for the water to dry up properly so I can chip the green panels. It's all ultra fragile until that happens obviously. But you don't want to see that, you want to see the Ork right? I wasn't sure how well it was going as it's a bit neat and un-Orky, but then I added the white dagz and the flames and it made more sense. It probably didn't help that the head was done separately and stuck on at the end. Anyway, I'm happy now and will try and go with variations on this for the other models. For (my) reference, the skin is a heavy wash of Athonian Camoshade, two glazes of Waywatcher green and one of Lamenters Yellow. This looks OK as-is, but once I'd done the face I wanted to take it a bit further. I added highlights from Skarsnik Green mixed with Waywatcher Green, extreme higlights with Gauss Blaster Green and Flayed One Flesh mixes, glazed again with Waywatcher green and washed Biel-Tan green into the recesses between the muscles. I'm still not entirely sure how to highlight muscles but I think he looks OK. Then I went to look at the last Orks I painted (which I was pleased with at the time) and I reckon I'm making some legitimate progress! Cheers, Will
  20. Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Vladimir Komarov, the first spaceman to die in an in-flight accident. He was killed when his Soyuz 1 spacecraft crashed on landing after both main and reserve parachutes failed to open properly. And yet the incident could have been much worse. The original flight plan was for three cosmonauts to be launched in Soyuz 2 and for the two craft to dock; two cosmonauts would then make an EVA transfer (that version of Soyuz had docking facilities but no internal tunnel) to join Komarov and the three would return together. (This plan was eventually carried out on Soyuz 4/5.) However one of Komarov's solar panels failed to deploy and various other minor problems cropped up so the decision was taken to cancel the Soyuz 2 flight and bring Komarov down. Unfortunately his main parachute failed to open and when he attempted to deploy the backup 'chute it became entangled with the first one. The capsule crashed and exploded. When the Soyuz 2 craft was examined it was found to have the same parachute fault as Komarov's capsule, so had the original flight plan been carried out four men would have been lost instead of just one. Nobody can know what thoughts went through Komarov's mind in the last terrifying moments of his plunge to Earth (stories that he cursed his superiors all the way down are just myth) but his courage is beyond question. As the first man to orbit the Earth twice, his place in space history is assured. Покойся с миром, товарищ
  21. Very good. I really like all the scratch built parts - really sets the scene. Nice paint and weathering too.
  22. 'Better to burn out than fade away'. Was down at Winchester Science Centre last week and the scientific community is getting quite excited about Enceladus, they've certainly got a lot of information from Cassini
  23. Thanks very much Mike The uniformed (unflared trouser versions) figures are 1/48 resin spitfire pilots I got off ebay......under a fiver each......I just needed to carve off their goggles & flight caps John
  24. Awesome illustrations Andy. Looking forward to the wip.
  25. Wonderful. The paint work is ace.
  26. The whole sculpt looks fantastic. As for the hands, maybe slightly large but as they'll be in gloves (I assume) they're probably spot on. Really enjoying seeing your progress.
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