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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello Thom; Did'nt even know that such a kit was existing, seem fun ! you can choose the colors or is this coming from mangas or so ?, Sorry for such a stupid question, but I know about Nothing in this field of kits. Nice job whatever, glad to follow you on this one. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  3. Thanks for the info,wheels are starting to turn!:)
  4. Brilliant model, still don't know how they got in to it๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. IIRC the 1:144 Jedi Fighter also includes the Hyperspace Ring. I have the Finemolds 1:72 kit of the same subject- that fighter is super tiny even at that scale...
  6. is it me, or does that shot of the crew sat on the bit of sprue look a lot like this?
  7. Thanks Mark for coming back, I have missed you already. The time will come soon, promised! Free according to the Stones Oldie: I see a white SSWS and I want it painted gray ...
  8. A great job on an Anderson classic Kallisti, very fresh in memory as got season 2 to watch having done season 1 recently, All the best Chris
  9. Just catching up... I have been travelling. It looks just amazing in place in all its glory. Simply magnificent work. Can't wait to see it painted now!
  10. Yep, a quick build and a great result.
  11. That looks great. BTW I had a couple of places to go to in Bedfordshire today on the way back from deliveries in London. The Black Horse in Leighton Buzzard and the Wellington Arms in Bedford.
  12. Great stuff! Now I have the theme tune in my head, which IMHO was the best theme tune of all time.
  13. I have always been a big fan of Gerry Anderson's work, especially UFO, his first live action series. Having seen Kallisti's excellent build of the UFO, I dug out my old one made by SHED. It was built a long time ago, it is vac form & white metal, and half the size of the Kits For Cash one. I spruced it up and took some pictures: windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot I then took it outside for a picture up against the sky: windows screenshot Thanks for looking
  14. Star Wars films have defined the Double Dip- except they go way beyond that with special editions and repackaging with new features. I have actually lost count on how many editions they have of those movies
  15. Yeah those lights are far too bright and unnecessary, most of those clear parts should be opaque anyway, it offends the purist in me I'm sure Mad Monk could come up with something far more subtle and attractive The base Andromeda hull does seem to have been used for conversions, one of the ships in the series was called Arizona and was essentially an American built Yamato. Sort of a kitbash of Andromeda and Yamato parts. Seems like in addition to the mass produced standard ships each nation also built their own customised flagship, Yamato naturally, this Arizona, there was also a Bismark and Prince of Wales if I recall. So there is definitely some precedent for kitbashing an Andromeda into something more classic battleship like
  16. Thanks, it was a fun build
  17. After watching this video, I can not in good consciousness (or taste) bring myself to use the sounds board on this kit: It's almost as bad as the Revell Lights and Sounds Star Destroyer Here are the engines:
  18. Hello. all the kits parts of the underside of the hull are mounted and the holes for all the LED lamps drilled inside the hull. I have installed the wiring and the LED for testing .... lot of wires (without the LEDs for the engine). Next I will make the base and the stand which will include the wires then. ... and lights on for testing ... Some nice small figures are included with the kit, it is even possible to recognize the persons.... I will install Han Solo the captain, Chewbacca and on the seats behind C3P0 and Luke Skywalker. Cheers Micha
  19. hahahaha - yeah me too. I thought I was being very restrained but after my Google searching last night for images of the new show I got so inspired that I caved and bought one today. No one else has refitted the bridge because everyone wants to stay true to the show - which is fine -but I just can't accept that bridge design - no matter how hard I try I will begin it later on this year once I have finished the QM2 and I will most likely be calling on Warren to sort me out with a new lighting board for it. The kit one just won't do and it looks to toy like for my tastes The engine nozzle will also need to be reworked as it looks a little bit too basic. And some extra body panels to boot ..... I have issues
  20. It's definitely an addiction mate But at least it's entertaining and informative for the rest of us! greatly look forward to seeing this refit.
  21. Hi Pete, Got your order, thanks, will be posted out today so if RM do their job it should be with you tomorrow. Madhatter's advice is spot on. To make it slightly easier you can buy battery boxes with switches built in. If its a single LED you could use a 2 x AA battery box with a 180 Ohm resistor.. If you look on eBay there are prewired LEDs that will save you having to invest in a soldering iron until you get the hang of it. Shops like Maplins will stock all the bits you want but you will pay through the nose! Just shout if you need any help, advise or just a couple of bits to play with! Cheers, Warren
  22. Blimey you got a lot of detail in for such a small model Will, lovely paint! And the base looks very cool
  23. Well that came out great! Nice one
  24. Thanks Andy! Its sculpey firm which is an oven bake clay. Glad to hear your tempted, its a really fun thing to try, I would say all you need (apart from tools & clay! Lol) is determination and a desire to do it. All sculpting is, is a looong process of refinements and dont be put off by the look of the early stages. Its important to accept it will look crap when you start because thats the start point (sheesh look where this started!) then you refine it into how you want it to be and the best thing is if you really aren't happy just smooth it over and try again. Sorry to waffle on, I'm just having a total blast doing this and would love to see more people try it; I'm not an expert in any way shape or form, and genuinely believe anyone can get great results if they stick with it.
  25. I don't know what's wrong with me - I must have some kind of plastic addiction but I just bought the Andromeda with a view to changing the bridge and adding some surface detail to it. I need my Paypal account striped away from me before I go broke.....
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