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  2. Me too,it's always been a favorite sci fi ship for as long as i can remember usually watching it as a kid of the holiday periods.
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  4. UNCF Nautilus

    A little more work done on the Nauty. Not much, but some... The spacers are in space for the bow stretch. They are just scrap pieces from another kit. The bow deck is going to be changed. I'm either going to do a smooth deck, filling in those lines, or use clapboard styrene with far finer and thinner lines for a more scale look. The box in the middle is the battery box, which I won't be using because it won't be lit. But it makes it easy to slide the two halves together, which makes it easier for the rear stretch as well. And the distance for that was dictated by the tamper proof ring from a juice bottle that I'll be using. It'll bend nicely around the side engine nacelle. And that's it do far. Have a good night. Model on!
  5. Actually Geoff I've completely changed my mind on the antenna and am going for something else that looks way better and will, I hope, add that extra bit of 'wow' factor to the build, plus ties in to the short story that will go with it once completed. Stay tuned......................................
  6. TIE Striker and friends

    The amount of detail you got into the tank weathering and the commander is mind boggling to me. Here's some inspiration on that diorama front: I know I've seen at least one more Jedha diorama in 1:144th scale with the tanks and walker, but haven't been able to find it again...
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  8. Ive seen that movie countless times and i think your kit looks great.
  9. Yes it's got much more presence than the tichy Pegasus effort and the profile looks more accurate to my mind anyway.
  10. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Thanks a lot! I like having the comparison there for my own future reference too. I'm definitely going to add more drifted sand -- I'd initially built some of that up, but went overboard and it didn't look realistic. Patience is.....not my strong suit :). So now I'm going to add it back in small bits until I'm happy with it.
  11. Bandai snow speeder and a couple more.

    Thank you Andy!
  12. They all look great. Very nice chipping on the Snowspeeder. Andy
  13. TIE Striker and friends

    That would certainly be a way around it The AT-ST would make a great accompaniment for the tanks, or the partisan black/white X-Wing Andy
  14. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Thanks for taking the time to do the comparison test. They all look very usable, but I really like the Tamiya sand and snow pastes. I can see myself picking up both of those. The rock formation/beggar's canyon base looks great. Only thing I'd add is some drifted sand around the base of the rocks. Andy
  15. TIE Striker and friends

    Cheers Andy I'd like to base them but I've run out of the little square wooden coasters I was using, I've got other things but I've rather fallen for the look of the coasters. They've been put on clearance by a big chain and almost dried up - there's a shop an hour away that seems to have some but I haven't had time to get out there yet. The most appropriate setting would be Jedha and I'd quite like to do the buildings but not really all the people! I watched the movie again and there's a scout walker in the Jedha battle scene as well which would be fun. Maybe I can do a bit of street and put some Aurebesh up that says "curfew" as a cheat... Will
  16. 1/9 Spiderman by Horizon

    Right! Time to stop procrastinating and get on with spidey, I've been stalling because the two sections dont fit together as well as I'd like (typical its the only join that doesn't!) but I've decided I'll just get the basic colours down and then just fill it after and touch up the paint. But anyway, I re-sanded the hip joins and after checking with primer it just needed more filler so I smeared some over. 20170905_132607 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170905_132831 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170905_133632 by Nick Frost, on Flickr The sanded the hell out of it again and sprayed more primer, I'm using white now so I can keep my colours strong. 20170906_134349 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170906_134652 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then just to make painting easier I drilled some holes for thick gauge wire and after stuffing it with milliput I rammed it in with copious amounts of super glue 20170913_133448 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then gave both halves a good blast of white primer 20170914_134744 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170914_134749 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And then today in my lunch break I made a start getting the red down, didn't get it all done because my airbrush had a bit of a blockage and it took a bit of time to sort out, but I'll get it sorted tomorrow. I really want this build done by the end of the month so I'm trying to get a wriggle on! 20170919_134915 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170919_134919 by Nick Frost, on Flickr So next up its finishing the red and then when its dry it'll be masking out and laying down the blue. Thanks for looking, more soon
  17. Trying some of the Bandai kits out before I take on the Slave 1! These kits have a great fit but the plastic is so brittle!
  18. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    Nothing more I could say. But really fantastic!
  19. The drums and other bits of kit really make this ping! Not sure on the antenna, it looks cool, but feels like there needs to be something at the base maybe? Something to tie them together? Course that could just be me, don't forget I suggested a camo net over some of this paintwork! Geoff
  20. TIE Striker and friends

    Knowing how small these 1/144 figures are from the AT-AT, I think you've done an amazing job with the commander. I'd leave him as he is. Like you say, I think chipping could look over done in this scale. Are the tanks heading for a scenic base, like the Striker? Andy
  21. TIE Striker and friends

    I think the tanks are pretty cool-looking and they're used quite well in the movie, but they're seriously impractical both as a tank design and as a lorry! I added more layers of weathering using mostly the same things as above, plus some MIG Rust Effects and Citadel paints for a few details. I also went back with the MIG Dark Wash and re-instated some panel lines that were full of dust. The container ends I blacked in with the Tamiya panel liner (the mesh should really be painted black but I didn't fancy that) and the seams with Dark Wash, maybe I should've got the Brown to reduce the impact of the seams a little? I also did some drybrushing with pale orange (Lugganuth Orange) and pale yellow (Dorn Yellow) from Citadel, I wanted these to look plasticky rather than metal. Lastly I touched in the guns with black and painted the commander and his hatch. That was a bit fiddly - there's not really enough detail to delineate the armour plates with a straight wash and I ended up using cream, then a sepia wash for a dirty base and painted in the lines and undersuit with dark grey and black, then finally went over the armour panels with white and at the same time thinned the lines a bit. I sort of think he needs some weathering (in the movie his suit is absolutely knackered) but I think it might just look messy if I add chips? NB: The containers and the cupola aren't pressed home yet, the hatch in particular seats much better when properly in place. Cheers, Will
  22. Looking great Lee, looks massive as well.
  23. 1/100 │ MS-06K Zaku Cannon

    Thats looking great.
  24. I didn't think I was doing that. I was asking for help because I'm interested in this stuff. I've always enjoyed SF, my favourite film remains Blade Runner despite a lot of competition, and I've just watched yet another episode of Voyager on Channel 70. But you have to admit, it is made up, even Star Wars, and a lot of the physics is pretty unlikely. That's why it seems strange, to me at least, to produce kits with an eye on scale fidelity of something that doesn't and couldn't exist. Sorry if you found that uncomplimentary, but it wasn't my intention.
  25. Macross: help & advice appreciated

    Thanks for that. To me they are all mobile suits, but I'd have to look further into it to see the difference. I have gathered a few together in the stash over time. I'll have to dig them out and seek guidance on here as to what is what. One day I may build one or two. I suppose it's like confusing Star Wars & Star Trek ships.
  26. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Well, I seem to have failed to take *any* in-progress photos of painting the "rock" formations. There were a lot of steps - mostly just applying various washes and heavy drybrushing in a random fashion, over a ruddy base. Here's the current state, with some of both soil effect paints, and mostly the light sand, after drying overnight. This is actually my second attempt at the sand -- I'd made some formations for drifting sand with Milliput, but once I'd done it all and coated it with texture paint it looked too lumpy and not properly in scale, so I removed it all. The current state of the sand is slightly too far in the other direction, so I'll build it up bit by bit in a few places. Go slow, better less than more in the first step. And how about the Millennium Falcon hovering over both snow an sand simultaneously?
  27. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    According to the designer, it's supposed to be a development to counter the originals venerabliity against tow cables. That and, it's supposed to hunker down to shoot the giant gun on its back. IMHO it is weird looking.
  28. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Yup -- while you'd have lots more control and color options with pigments and fixers, with a little finesse these get nice results with a minimum of effort. Here's the samples dry -- as you can see, the little plastic granules become much more visible as the medium dries, although that's exaggerated somewhat by the magnification of the photo -- these samples are approximately 1cm across.
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