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  1. To było dość trudne... / This was rader hard....
  2. This is my Northrop Delta build OOB. It is rader hard to build. A lots of putty used. I've done position lights and underwing lights, and small rivetting. Hope you like it.
  3. This is Arma Hobby 1/72 OOB (+ resin drop tanks). F-6C-5-NT Mustang, Maj. E.O. McComas, 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group, Chengkung, China, 1944.
  4. It is done now. More photos in the gallery.
  5. Sorry but I don't remember what is company name. But they came from USA.
  6. Works are going on. I'll use resin fuel tanks, as they are special design and where used in CBI. And now the decals are in place. Propeller is painted but here placed only for photo purposes. (it is still movable). I will have next day of putting stencils decals.
  7. As far as I know it is not CL-215 but HU-16 ALBATROS, and it is a kit with this decals available: https://ua-hobby.com/products/1-72-sa-16a-albatross-sova-m-svm-72024
  8. Not really. I filled the panel lines on the wings only.
  9. Wings are filled in. As you can see I filled the Hasegawa's one too. So I slowly begin the works with my K version 8-)
  10. The seat is 3D printed resin. The rest is out of the box
  11. I will close the fuselage today and it is time for the wings.....
  12. My previous Mustangs... (all are in 1/72 scale) Airfix: Arma Hobby: Revell: Tamiya: Academy/Revell kitbash: Arma Hobby:
  13. And this is my second entry. I will build this after my first one is done. This will be plane from the box or little different but thesame unit.
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