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  1. Started to paint things.... Some engine and propeller works Gloss varnish and wheels on.... I made a wings lights
  2. India and Pakistan used Seaking helicopters to.
  3. Some progress made....
  4. It is very sad, but not to much to show from me.... High temperature is preventing me from modeling... The deadline is so close.... but I will building it to the end. Now the resine kockpit parts from Pavla. Don't think they are much better than the box ones. Maybe the seats...
  5. Hi, maybe you could find some helpfull ideas here: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2021/06/11/f4f-4-wildcat-fighting-squadron-three-vf-3-and-jimmy-thach-in-the-battle-of-midway/
  6. Hannants has full offer..... is it sommething easier?
  7. Ok, I will start it and do my best to finish it on time.... But I can't promise it..... It will be an SNJ-4 from Marine Air Group MAG-11. Espritu Santo.... this one: And here is my entry with Academy model plus some extras....
  8. Yes, I saw it. I'm working on it. And hope that it will be a galery at the end.
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