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  1. I'm in. More than 50% of my stash is suitable here....
  2. This is my second entry. I was wondering why no one has entered with this yet...? Very good model, easy to build.... hmm, strange.... So I will fill this gap. I started yesterday and this is what I build.... Begun with undersides.... I use the photo etched parts from an expert box. Becouse it is the variant which you should put the main gear on place before gluing the wing together, I manage to paint the underside of the wing before gluing. I think it could be a good idea not to fight with masking weel bays with prot
  3. Thanks Wez. Thinking about joining the group.... but it is possible in May maybe....
  4. Anybody knows if SNJ-4 had a rear gun? Did Marines use such a gun in their SNJ?
  5. I painted 3-4 layers of clear varnish over decals before.... still not enough .... This is how it looks on wheels.... Think next photos will be in the gallery....
  6. I've expirienced some problem with masking tape..... but this was resolved more less.... I,m going to wash things and make some exploatations....
  7. Revell kit seems to have different canopy than Nicaraguan example. Do you have some vac replacements or you going to make it in the other way?
  8. OK, filler is glanced and I made the blanking cover for interior of the cocpit rear windows...
  9. Nothing special here.... but special hobby 8-)
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