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  1. Thank you Gents for your kind words. They are very much appreciated @BKirwan and @Orion, The decals I used came from a generic set of numbers and insignias FACH. I`ve got MaxDecals for a couple of helicopters I`ve got in the queue, they are very nice. The colour scheme and detail pictures/drawing came from a great little dossier published by "Ediciones Multimodel" It really is a gem it does not only give you pictures but also detail drawing and colours used in FS. @Pagey you are so right on the Red Arrows look a like, you cracked me up!
  2. Keep them coming Paul. Don`t know how you do it but they just keep getting better and better. Big fan of your work mate. Adrian
  3. Morning Gals and Lads: Here comes the first one of this year (hopefully not the last). The good old Matchbox tooling of the Twin Otter depicting a Chilean machine operating from Antarctica circa 1985. I added the antennas, air scoop, wind screen wipers plus some safety ropes and struts for the skis. I leave you a few pictures: I hope you like it. Cheers Adrian
  4. It`s hard to believe you had any problems with it. Looks awesome mate. Adrian
  5. That is truly awesome. Never seen a kit of this kind of vehicles before. For the scale, the details it shows is outstanding. Adrian
  6. Awesome work mathy. Outstanding weathering and photography. Adrian
  7. WOW! That an awesome looking kit. I got mine no long ago and seen this picture just makes me want to get it started. Looks great. Adrian
  8. Top modelling there Paul... as always. I can see all the work you put in the front landing gear and the access ladder. The result is just stunning. Adrian
  9. Hi Graeme: I got the two seater at about 95%. Hoping to get some pictures in here in the next couple of weeks. Look forward to see your builds in here as well. Cheers Adrian
  10. Thank you Chaps for all your kind words. I agree, there are no enough decals to cover all the Mirage III/5/50 variants. Regards Adrian
  11. Morning Lads and Gals: I`ve finally finished something... Mirage Pantera, 1/72 from High Planes Models, painted with Akan and Vallejo. RBF eduard, Griffing bombs AMK, Python 3 Trumpeter, ladder and chocks L`arsenal. The High Plane Models Mirage IIIE family is extraordinary... there is so much Mirage in each box that the hardest part is to choose what to build. I have build both Panteras, single and two seater and they are both superb. High quality and accurate resins, quality decals, PE set, withe metal bits... and the best thing is that you find
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