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  1. Thank you, again! It's pretty straightforward kit to build. A little bit of putty was needed on the inside of the intakes, but as they are so narrow, you'll have a hard time seeing that seam anyway. And the fit of the nose wasn't best, but a tiny bit of putty solved that as well...
  2. A quick little OOB build to regain modelling mojo.
  3. Real life is interfering with my modelling so I am not progressing as fast as I would like to. Luckily, the kit is not fighting me back and here she is - for the first time the plastic pieces joined into a beautiful Flanker shape.
  4. Anyway, finished with exams and I managed to more or less finish the cockpits,
  5. During studying for the exams, (this old head of mine doesn't suck knowledge in as it used to and has to be constantly beat into submission :D) I managed to do a few relaxation modelling sessions and here's the result so far. Aft cockpit mostly painted up. Front cockpit painted and washed. And side by side comparison.
  6. Thank you! You will definitely enjoy it! I've got a bunch of learning to do for my upcoming ATC exams so not much time for modelling, unfortunately. I managed to finish the main wheel wells though.
  7. I haven't posted anything in this section for a while but I've decided that this is about to change. Brand new GWH kit of the Su-27UB in 1:48 and from my initial inspection, I am quite certain you can make it into outstanding looking model without use of any aftermarket products. Progress is slow as I have a bunch of exams at work in the near future and parenting and other hobbies take a toll, but still, I am gaining momentum with this build nevertheless. First completed piece is front gear well - I am doing an early version of the UB so I've chosen the open bay with all the piping and structure visible but GWH provides a closed well for later versions as well.
  8. Thank you very much, guys! I've used Tempmodels Khibyini-M pods and they include the covers. Adds a little bit of contrast to the blue-grey colours.
  9. The aircraft I had a pleasure of photographing at MAKS 2019.
  10. Thank you very much, everyone! Linden Hill Those sound like equally interesting options! You are correct - freehand airbrushing - I've used Mr.Paint paints and Harder&Steenback airbrush with 0.15mm nozzle. You can check my youtube videos - just click on the banner in my signature.
  11. New addition to my display cabinet! And in video for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/embed/cPJ14amMNAI https://www.youtube.com/embed/pkZkmmtt6jE
  12. Thank you everybody! The pilots were a challenge as I have little to none experience in figure painting. Have you tried installing it at the end of the build? I decided not to risk anything and installed it before closing the canopy into the fuselage halves. Indeed the feet sit on top of the pedals, but I don't recall having any issues with sitting position. But you could actually cut away the whole boots and you wouldn't notice on a finished build. Mr.Paint lacquers - blackbasing, painting, oil weathering and MrPaint matt lacquer as final sealing coat. Yeah, I work almost only in 1:72 so dealing with 1:32 was quite a challenge... stopped counting at some time, how many times I hit a wing into the desk or desktop lamps Nothing major really. I know it has some inaccuracies for Mk.II version but the construction was rather nice. Maybe some work on the lower wing to fuselage join.
  13. I don’t normally build ww2 era planes and even rarer you can find 1:32 subject on my desk. But having Revell release this kit about 6 months before my good friend’s birthday, who is (surprise surprise) a huge Maiden fan, the ever present “what to buy for birthday” question was solved then and there. I am happy how she turned out and the Spit brought the new proud owner to the brink of tears and a huge bear hug Anyhow, Up the Irons!
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