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  1. Thank you everybody! The pilots were a challenge as I have little to none experience in figure painting. Have you tried installing it at the end of the build? I decided not to risk anything and installed it before closing the canopy into the fuselage halves. Indeed the feet sit on top of the pedals, but I don't recall having any issues with sitting position. But you could actually cut away the whole boots and you wouldn't notice on a finished build. Mr.Paint lacquers - blackbasing, painting, oil weathering and MrPaint matt lacquer as final sealing coat. Yeah, I work almost only in 1:72 so dealing with 1:32 was quite a challenge... stopped counting at some time, how many times I hit a wing into the desk or desktop lamps Nothing major really. I know it has some inaccuracies for Mk.II version but the construction was rather nice. Maybe some work on the lower wing to fuselage join.
  2. I don’t normally build ww2 era planes and even rarer you can find 1:32 subject on my desk. But having Revell release this kit about 6 months before my good friend’s birthday, who is (surprise surprise) a huge Maiden fan, the ever present “what to buy for birthday” question was solved then and there. I am happy how she turned out and the Spit brought the new proud owner to the brink of tears and a huge bear hug Anyhow, Up the Irons!
  3. My first 2020 project finished. The model itself was finished in the last days of 2019 as you might have already seen in the forums but I needed a bit more time with accessories and the base. Some photos for the flavor :)
  4. excellent fit if making it open like I did. Not sure about the fit of the panels if closed down.
  5. Thank you, guys! We'll see. Looking forward to GWH kit as well. If there's a single fault with Finemolds kit, it's probably trying to build it with closed panels - I have a feeling the fit isn't as stellar as the rest of the model. On the other hand, GWH will have deployed flaps, slats and spoilers and I wonder, how those will fit in the closed position... Time will tell, but I have great hopes for it. Thank you, Julien. I do apologize for this slip, by not removing the link. As this is my only "guilt" as I do not sell my models or use my site for any kind of profit gaining. Will try to be more careful next time and just make a small banner according to forum rules instead.
  6. A break from aircraft models - Flyhawks excellent 1:700 HMS Aurora built on friend's suggestion, as my daughter's name is Aurora as well. Since this was my second ship ever, I was stunned by this kit and would recommend it to anyone looking into foray into shipbuilding. Perfect fit through out the build and PE fret that covers most of the tiny details but I also added Flyhawk's wooden deck and brass gun barrels and Northstar models sailors.
  7. Once again, thank you! Glad you like her!
  8. Thank you guys! Unfortunately it does - the open display at Paris museum doesn't do it much justice.
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